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Recycling is BS Update: Even aluminum recycling is a mess

Our recycling system is broken, and we can't fix it without changing the way we live.
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Addictive personalities may have an upside

Our ancestors evolved to seek out thrills.
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Climate change is wiping out coffee

Most wild coffee species are at risk for extinction.
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AP-NORC Poll: Disasters influence thinking on climate change

WASHINGTON (AP) — When it comes to their views on climate change, Americans are looking at natural disasters and their local weather, according to a new poll. Lately, that means record deadly wildfires in California, rainfall by the foot in Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit and the dome of smog over Salt Lake City that […]
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Striking super blood wolf moon eclipse photos

Missed the eclipse? We've got you covered.
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Armed with affection, octogenarian is an ‘octopus whisperer’

BOSTON (AP) — Wilson Menashi palmed a squid in his left hand and extended his arm into an aquarium tank, watching as a giant Pacific octopus stretched out tentacles to greet him like a friend. Freya latched some of her 2,240 suction cups onto Menashi’s arm, using their powers of taste and smell to gather […]
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China probe faults scientist for gene-edited babies work

A Chinese investigation into reports of the world’s first gene-edited babies seems to have confirmed their existence, and investigators say the scientist responsible acted on his own and will be punished for any violations of law. China’s official news agency said Monday that investigators in Guangdong province determined that the scientist, He Jiankui (HUH JEEN-qway), […]
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Europeans contemplating moon mission by 2025

PARIS (AP) — The ArianeGroup wants to send a scientific mission to the moon before 2025. Nearly 50 years after Neil Armstrong walked on the Earth’s satellite, the Paris-based company said on Monday it has signed a one-year contract with the European Space agency to study the possibility of preparing a mission, with the aim […]
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California teen collects 50,000 rotting golf balls from coastal waters

Alex Weber, 18, has just published a study that analyzes how these balls enter and degrade in the water.
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China says doctor behind gene edited babies acted on his own

BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese investigation says the doctor behind the reported birth of two babies whose genes had been edited in hopes of making them resistant to the AIDS virus acted on his own and will be punished for any violations of the law. The official Xinhua News Agency said Monday that investigators in […]
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Iraq says goodbye to its beloved archaeologist al-Gailani

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq is mourning the loss of a beloved archaeologist who helped rebuild her country’s leading museum in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion in 2003. Lamia al-Gailani, who died on Friday at the age of 80, was one of Iraq’s first women to excavate the country’s rich archaeological heritage. Friends, colleagues, and […]
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Curtain rising Sunday night on total lunar eclipse

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The celestial curtain will be rising soon on a lunar extravaganza. Sunday night, the Earth will slide directly between the moon and the sun, creating a total lunar eclipse. There won’t be another until 2021. It will also be the year’s first supermoon, when a full moon appears a little […]
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US spy satellite launched into orbit from California

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) — A U.S. spy satellite has been launched into orbit from California. A powerful Delta 4 Heavy rocket carrying the National Reconnaissance Office satellite blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base at 11:10 a.m. Pacific time Saturday. As is customary with classified payloads, United Launch Alliance webcast the liftoff […]
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Anxiety in Alaska as endless aftershocks rattle residents

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Seven weeks after a massive earthquake rocked Alaska, aftershocks are still shattering 7-year-old Connor Cartwright’s sense of safety. They shake the earth far less than the 7.0 magnitude quake that sent a mirror, TV and dishes crashing to the ground in the Anchorage home where Connor lives with his mother, father […]
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Artificial intelligence found a new species of hominids that bred with humans

High tech, meet ancient history.
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Seeds on the moon started to sprout for the first time but quickly died

China has taken a major step toward long-term space exploration. Earlier this month, the Chinese moon probe Chang’e 4 carried a container with cotton, mustard and potato seeds, yeast and fruit fly eggs to the moon’s far side (facing away from Earth), and early this week, the China National Space Administration said that those seeds started to sprout. Unfortunately, temperatures dropped and killed the plants. According to the BBC, the project was designed by 28 Chinese universities, and the expe...
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New Yorker article about marijuana strikes nerve with pot researchers

In the article, Malcolm Gladwell drew connections between Washington's legal marijuana and rates of violent crime in the state. Gladwell was also criticized for implying pot use could cause schizophrenia, a conclusion counter to the research he cited. The debate raises broader questions about cannabis research.
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Students in Germany, Switzerland protest climate change

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of students are holding rallies across Germany and Switzerland to protest lack of action against climate change. The demonstrations taking place in dozens of cities Friday were inspired by a Swedish student’s weekly “school strike.” In Berlin, protesters focused on an upcoming political decision on when to end the use of […]
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That first plant grown on the moon? Already dead.

On Monday, we reported that for the first time, a plant seed had germinated on the moon, an early experiment to test whether food could someday be grown on the moon to feed residents of a lunar base. The cotton sprout was inside a canister on China's Chang’e 4 lander that touched down on the far side of the moon earlier this month. Now, word that the first lunar plant has died. The little seedling froze to death during the lunar night. From GBTimes: Liu Hanlong, head of the experiment at Ch...
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Total lunar eclipse Sunday January 20 will be 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

Starting Sunday evening, Jan. 20, 2019, North and South America will have a chance at seeing 2019's only total lunar eclipse, from start to finish. Our Earth, Moon and Sun line up on Sunday night for the only total lunar eclipse of of the year. Catch it if you can. And especially because it's a “supermoon.” That's when the moon is closer to Earth, and therefore looks larger and more bright than it normally does. Weather in much of the United States during the eclipse is expected to make fo...
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Asteroids are smacking Earth twice as often as before

WASHINGTON (AP) — Giant rocks from space are falling from the sky more than they used to, but don’t worry. For the past 290 million years, large asteroids have been crashing into Earth more than twice as often as they did in the previous 700 million years, according to a new study in Thursday’s journal […]
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Scientists: Saturn spent billions of years without its rings

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A new study suggests Saturn flew solo for billions of years — almost its entire existence — before getting its stunning set of rings. An Italian-led team reported Thursday in the journal Science that Saturn’s primary rings appear to be 10 million to 100 million years old. Saturn, on the […]
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Earth was probably purple billions of years ago, says NASA

Our blue-green Earth might have actually been a different color, thanks to this molecule.
Tags: Science, News, Nasa, Earth

Total lunar eclipse meets supermoon Sunday night

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Here comes a total lunar eclipse and supermoon, all wrapped into one. The moon, Earth and sun will line up this weekend for the only total lunar eclipse this year and next. At the same time, the moon will be ever so closer to Earth and appear slightly bigger and […]
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Hubble Telescope camera back in action after 1-week shutdown

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The Hubble Space Telescope’s premier camera is back in action, after a shutdown of just over a week. The Space Telescope Science Institute says the camera resumed observations Thursday. It stopped working Jan. 8. The wide field camera shut itself down, sensing a problem with voltage levels. It turns out […]
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Get ready for the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” … or not

There is, however, a legitimately interesting lunar event coming: a total eclipse.
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Government shutdown taking toll on wildfire preparations

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Just two months after a wildfire wiped out Paradise, California, officials are gearing up for this year’s fire season and fear the government shutdown could make it even more difficult than one of the worst in history. The winter months are critical for wildfire managers who use the break from the […]
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China just grew the first plant on the moon

That's one small leaf for the moon, one giant leap for moon colonies.
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Cool beans? Far from it: Global warming is helping to wipe out coffee in the wild

More than half of the world's coffee species are at risk of vanishing in the wild because of climate change and deforestation, new research has found.
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Robot recreates the walk of a 290-million-year-old creature

WASHINGTON (AP) — How did the earliest land animals move? Scientists have used a nearly 300-million-year old fossil skeleton and preserved ancient footprints to create a moving robot model of prehistoric life. Evolutionary biologist John Nyakatura at Humboldt University in Berlin has spent years studying a 290-million-year-old fossil dug up in central Germany’s Bromacker quarry […]
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