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The new Electron-Ion Collider could solve the mystery of how matter holds together

When the Nobel Prize-winning US physicist Robert Hofstadter and his team fired highly energetic electrons at a small vial of hydrogen at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in 1956, they opened the door to a new era of physics. Until then, it was thought that protons and neutrons, which make up an atom’s nucleus, were the most fundamental particles in nature. They were considered to be “dots” in space, lacking physical dimensions. Now it suddenly became clear that these particles were not fun...
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Scientists may have discovered a way to make us forget bad memories

Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered a protein in the brain of mice that may act as a biomarker for malleable memories. In other words, they may be able to determine which memories we can erase and which we are, for whatever reason, stuck with. Up front: The researchers conditioned laboratory mice by simultaneously shocking them and making a clicking noise. The mice naturally associated the sound with the shock and, thus, developed a fear response. Because the mice remembered bein...
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Classical physics make time travel impossible. But what about ‘timeless’ travel?

A pair of scientists from the UK recently published a pre-print research paper discussing the theory of a universe with no beginning. Imagine it: our universe has always existed. The Big Bang either never happened or it was simply another event in the infinite history of… itself. On the surface it sounds counter-intuitive. According to the researchers, a quantum physics paradigm called a “causal set” structure makes it possible for the universe to exist beyond its perceived origin. Per the duo’s...
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What happens if quantum physicists can prove reality isn’t real?

You’re probably not reading this right now. That’s not a philosophical statement about the number of non-readers a given news article has. It’s a declaration of the literal. This article might not exist. You, me, TNW’s Neural vertical for artificial intelligence news and analysis, our offices in Amsterdam, your favorite T-shirt: it’s quite possible that none of these things actually exist. Or that they all exist but the reality they exist in doesn’t. It’s complicated. But it’s not as counter-int...
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Biology nerds have made proteins play Chopin-esque tunes

With the right computer program, proteins become pleasant music. There are many surprising analogies between proteins, the basic building blocks of life, and musical notation. These analogies can be used not only to help advance research but also to make the complexity of proteins accessible to the public. We’re computational biologists who believe that hearing the sound of life at the molecular level could help inspire people to learn more about biology and the computational sciences. While cre...
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Researchers use AI to determine which animal diseases will infect humans next

Did you know Neural is taking the stage on Sept 30 and Oct 1? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your ticket now! A team of researchers from the University of Glasgow in the UK have created an AI-powered system for identifying which diseases will make the leap from the animal kingdom to causing human infections. This could go a long way towards preparing us for the next pandemic. COVID-19 and dozens of other viruses th...
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Scientists find the molecules necessary for life swirling newborn planets

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! A team of researchers at the University of Leeds recently made the startling discovery that many observable protoplanets are surrounded by the raw molecules necessary for life. Planets such as Earth are formed when the gravitational pull of a star captures swirling clouds of dust and gas. Over time, the clouds ...
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Physicists think we’ve detected the dark energy ripping our universe apart

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! A team of researchers led by physicists at the University of Cambridge may have accidentally stumbled upon the biggest (as in, size-wise) discovery in the history of physics: dark energy. And not a moment too soon, as many scientists believe this mysterious force is literally ripping the universe apart. Up fron...
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Scientists want to cure elephant herpes so woolly mammoths can stop climate change

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! Welcome to Middle Pleistocene Park! Okay, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Jurassic Park, but Hollywood’s a bit looser when it comes to era accuracy than we are. A serial entrepreneur and a Harvard geneticist today announced plans to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth. If that’s not exciting eno...
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Scientists discover mysterious ‘quantum pressure’ emanating from a black hole

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! Scientists from the University of Sussex recently stumbled upon a startling discovery: black holes emit quantum pressure. What’s quantum pressure? Nobody’s quite sure, but it’s very exciting! Up front: To put this discovery into perspective, the last time someone discovered a new mechanical facet of black holes...
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So you want to live on Mars eh? Good luck. You’ll probably die a horrific death

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! The US government and Silicon Valley don’t agree on everything, but when it comes to dominating the modern space race they’re perfectly aligned. Uncle Sam’s going to put American boots on Martian soil and Elon Musk’s building the spaceship that’ll get them there. No matter your notions on nations, there’s somet...
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Scientist says viruses may be the key to colonizing other planets

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your ticket now! If you let NASA tell the story, some of the people walking around on this planet right now may end up taking a stroll on the surface of Mars during their lifetimes. People such as Elon Musk believe we’ll colonize the red planet entirely and become a two-planet species. And this could be one of humankind’s most importa...
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China’s planning a mile-long spaceship and Space Force doesn’t seem so silly now

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! China’s researchers are looking into the problem of building a giant spaceship to advance the nation’s scientific, military, and economic endeavors. And by giant, we’re talking GIANT. According to Live Science, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC) is proposing a craft that would be nearly a ...
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WTF is Science Corp? Neuralink co-founder creates secretive brain-hacking company

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! It’s tough out there for a supervillain. All the best talent goes to Google and Amazon, Elon Musk‘s hogging the spotlight, and everyone’s focused on modern evil stuff like cryptocurrency and NFTs – nobody cares about the classics anymore. Well, Science Corp is here to change that with some good old-fashioned br...
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Killer robots? Get real. It’ll be easier for AI to just erase our minds and steal our bodies

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! The future has a way of taking your biggest fears and making them seem incredibly short-sighted. Remember when everyone was scared of clowns for an entire summer? Seems kind of trivial now in the wake of COVID-19. The current death count is 4.4 million. It’ll be the same with AI. Right now the general public’s ...
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Theoretical physicists think humans are screwing up the universe’s plan

The universe started with a Big Bang. Everything that was ever going to be anything was compacted into a tiny ball of whatever-ness and then it exploded outward and the universe begin expanding. At least, that’s one way of looking at it. But emergent new theories and ages-old philosophical assertions are beginning to find a foothold in cutting-edge quantum physics research. And it’s beginning to look more and more like we might actually be the center of the universe after all. That’s not to say ...
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Don’t be scared: Scientists figured out how fear works

A team of scientists in Beijing have discovered novel inferences concerning the learned fear response in humans. Relax, this is a good thing. Learned fear is a condition that scientists don’t know a whole lot about. The human brain is mysterious and the fear response is believed to occur in parts of if that are incredibly difficult to scan with non-invasive measuring devices. Up front: You can’t just slap an EEG helmet on someone’s head and measure their brainwaves to determine how they respond ...
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If AI only had a brain: Is the human mind the best model to copy?

The Holy Grail of AI research is called “general artificial intelligence,” or GAI. A machine imbued with general intelligence would be capable of performing just about any task a typical adult human could. The opposite of general AI is narrow AI – the kind we have today. For example, you can ask Alexa to do all sorts of stuff but when you try to get it to do something it’s not specifically designed for it fails. A general AI, on the other hand, wouldn’t necessarily need to know how to do somethi...
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An optimist’s guide to the future: How quantum AI could make Earth a paradise

It’s hard to believe it now, but just four short years ago articles on quantum computing were a bit of a dud when it came to catching the attention of mainstream news consumers. Oh what a difference a few years can make. You can’t open the science section on Google or Apple News nowadays without seeing a near-equal split between space and quantum physics stories. The world’s fallen in love with speculative science again thanks to quantum computing and artificial intelligence, and I couldn’t be h...
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Researchers fooled AI into ignoring stop signs using a cheap projector

A trio of researchers at Purdue today published pre-print research demonstrating a novel adversarial attack against computer vision systems that can make an AI see – or not see – whatever the attacker wants. It’s something that could potentially affect self-driving vehicles, such as Tesla’s, that rely on cameras to navigate and identify objects. Up front: The researchers wanted to confront the problem of digital manipulation in the physical world. It’s easy enough to hack a computer or fool an A...
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What the latest ‘code red’ climate change warning means for us

Humans are unequivocally warming the planet, and that’s triggering rapid changes in the atmosphere, oceans, and polar regions, and increasingly extreme weather around the world, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns in a new report. The IPCC released the first part of its much anticipated Sixth Assessment Report on Aug. 9, 2021. In it, 234 scientists from around the globe summarized the current climate research on how the Earth is changing as temperatures rise and what those change...
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How nature has inspired scientists’ most powerful technologies

Watson and Crick, Schrödinger and Einstein all made theoretical breakthroughs that have changed the world’s understanding of science. Today big, game-changing ideas are less common. New and improved techniques are the driving force behind modern scientific research and discoveries. They allow scientists – including chemists like me – to do our experiments faster than before, and they shine light on areas of science hidden from our predecessors. Three cutting-edge techniques – the gene-editing to...
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We must include more women in physics — it’d benefit all of humanity

All around the world, there is an extreme gender imbalance in physics, in both academia and industry. Examples are all too easy to find. In Burkina Faso’s largest university, the University of Ouagadougou, 99% of physics students are men. In Germany, women comprise only 24% of physics PhD graduates — creeping up from 21% in 2017. No women graduated in physical sciences at the University of El Salvador between 2017 and 2020. Australia fares little better. Australian National University Professor ...
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Google’s ‘time crystals’ could be the greatest scientific achievement of our lifetimes

Eureka! A research team featuring dozens of scientists working in partnership with Google‘s quantum computing labs may have created the world’s first time crystal inside a quantum computer. This is the kind of news that makes me want to jump up and do a happy dance. These scientists may have produced an entirely new phase of matter. I’m going to do my best to explain what that means and why I personally believe this is the most important scientific breakthrough in our lifetimes. However, for the...
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Immortality or spaghetti? Why parking your spaceship inside a black hole is a huge gamble

Has this ever happened to you? You’re cavorting through deep space at near the speed of light without a care of the world when, suddenly, you realize you forgot to replace the toner cartridge in your office printer back on Earth before you left. Rather than face your disappointed co-workers after such an unforgivable oversight, you decide it would be best if you just stopped time and waited for them all to die before you return to work. So, like any space traveler hip to the works of Albert Eins...
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DeepMind’s protein-mapping breakthrough is awesome, but it sure as heck isn’t free

DeepMind, the UK-based, Google sister-company, has released a groundbreaking map of human protein structures developed with its breakthrough AI systems. That’s right, the company that taught AI to defeat humanity’s greatest chess and Go masters has turned its attentions to the greater good. And scientifically speaking, this is really good. What is protein-mapping and what do board games have to do with any of this? It’s really complex, but here’s the gist: proteins are the worker bees inside liv...
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Try not to gag: Researchers say you’re breathing animal DNA

A team of researchers from the Queen Mary University of London and the Hamerton Zoo Park recently demonstrated they could identify and collect the DNA of dozens of different species of animal by simply extracting it from the air we breathe. Side note: According to Guinness, the longest anyone’s held their breath on record is just shy of 25 minutes. Up front: Yuck. But also, wow! We’ve long known that scientists could detect environmental DNA, or eDNA as it’s called. But this study puts into pers...
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Billionaire ‘cashtronauts’ should force flat-Earthers on their ego trips

While 99% of you are stuck here on Earth like a herd of disgusting millionaires – or worse, actual poor people – a bunch of billionaires have spent their summer preparing for jaunts into the inky black beyond. Honest question: who cares? I love space as much as the next person. And I think it’s amazing that humans have managed to ascend beyond the clouds and into the very stars we’ve gazed upon from the moment our ancestors slithered out of the primordial ooze and began developing the iPhone. It...
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5 reasons why living in space is way harder than solving climate change

You can hardly blame Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and all their rich buddies for ditching planet Earth to have a hot billionaire summer in space. After all, even rich people were stuck inside for a year while the COVID-19 pandemic raged its way around the globe. Who among us couldn’t use an out-of-this-world vacation? But it can be difficult not to feel a little salty over the fact that us regular poor folk can only dream of leaving atmosphere. Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s out there plannin...
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Neural’s Mind Blowers: How quantum bird brains could give us superpowers

Welcome to Neural’s series on speculative science. Here, we throw caution to the wind and see how far we can push the limits of possibility and imagination as we explore the future of technology. “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.” – Arthur C Clarke. An exciting new study conducted by a huge, international team of researchers indicates some species of ...
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