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Greta Thunberg Didn't Win the Nobel Peace Prize. Good.

On Friday, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. He won for helping de-escalating long-simmering tensions with neighboring Eritrea.Read more...
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Creators of modern rechargeable batteries share Nobel prize

If you had to slip a couple AAs into your smartphone every morning to check your email, browse Instagram, and text your friends, chances are the mobile revolution would not have been quite so revolutionary. Fortunately the rechargeable lithium-ion battery was invented — a decades-long task for which three men have just been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The prize this year honors M. Stanley Whittingham, John Goodenough, and Akira Yoshino, all of whom contributed to the development of wha...
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Chemistry Nobel Prize Goes to Lithium-Ion Batteries, Even If They Explode Sometimes

The Nobel Foundation has awarded scientists John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work developing lithium-ion batteries. Read more...
Tags: Science, Chemistry, Lithium Ion Batteries, Lithium Ion, John B Goodenough, Nobel Prize, Nobel Foundation, Akira Yoshino, Stanley Whittingham

3 Scientists Share Nobel Prize in Chemistry For Their Work With Lithium-Ion Batteries

The committee said lithium-ion batteries 'have revolutionized our lives'
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How a Nobel Prize winner moves from data to discovery

In 2018, Dr. Jim Allison was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering an effective way to attack cancer through immunology. In pursuing this discovery, he recruited other scientists who were curious, who cared about and were committed to science. "You have to put up with a lot of failure, 'cause if you're not, you're probably doing boring stuff," Allison says. Breakthrough Movie, Scientific Cancer Film, Woody Harrelson Breakthrough Movie, S...
Tags: Science, Cancer, Data, Discovery, Medical Research, Innovation, Disease, Woody Harrelson, Allison, Jim Allison, Nobel Prize, Human body

2019 Nobel Prizes: What you can learn from this year's winners

Each year, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards six Nobel Prizes.The categories are: literature, physics, chemistry, peace, economics, and physiology & medicine.The Nobel prizes will be announced each business-day until October 14. Nobel Peace Prize Ethio­pian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali won the Nobel Peace on Friday for helping to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.Eritrea and Ethiopia, two of the world's poorest nations, fought a war against each other from 1998 t...
Tags: Isis, Science, Economics, Earth, Physics, United States, Innovation, United Nations, Serbia, Poland, Ethiopia, Literature, Eritrea, Albert Einstein, Cambridge University, Princeton

Objective reality may not exist, European researchers say

In 1961, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Eugene Wigner proposed a thought experiment by which the reality of two observers can diverge by measuring a single photon. Researchers recently tested Wigner's thought experiment and concluded that realities can be made irreconcilable. Do these results put the entire scientific method at risk? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. None Objective reality cannot be known. It's the kind of statement you expect to hear from a sophomore postmodernist or nihilists a...
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Co-Inventor of the World's First Handheld Electronic Calculator Dies at 86

Jerry Merryman, one of three people at Texas Instruments credited with inventing the world’s first handheld electronic calculator in the 1960s, died at a Dallas hospital on February 27. Merryman was 86 years old.Read more...
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Real-Life Expanding Brain Technique Is Blowing Some Minds

It’s now possible to image an entire fly brain in just a few days, according to a new study—this might sound like a long time, but is in fact an incredible accomplishment, when you consider that the process would otherwise take weeks.Read more...
Tags: Science, Chemistry, Neurology, Brains, Microscopy, Nobel Prize

Yuri Orlov – The Cornell physicist who was arrested by the KGB and exiled to Siberia

Physicist Yuri Orlov fought for human rights during the Cold War.He was arrested by the KGB and exiled to Siberia.Orlov's story can inspire scientists to fight for their beliefs. None The midterm elections saw 9 new scientists elected to Congress, a positive trend in the anti-science climate supported by the White House. Scientists are prepared to fight. They can take some inspiration from Yuri Orlov.An accelerator physicist suddenly acquired viral fame as a tweet about him highlighted a very un...
Tags: Science, Activism, Congress, Democracy, Government, Russia, Reagan, History, Peace, Physics, United States, Innovation, Protests, Nuclear Weapons, Amnesty International, Armenia

How to Get Nominated for a Nobel Prize

The final Nobel winner of 2018 has been announced, and it’s not you. How do you get your own Nobel (which includes a million bucks and a medal)? Well, for that you’d have to significantly contribute to the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, or economics; reach a high point in an impressive literary career; or…Read more...
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Better biofuels and quantum biology: Here’s who won the 2018 Nobel Prizes in Science and why

Thanks to the achievements of this year's winners of the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and medicine, we can better fight caner, probe quantum biology, and manufacture greener chemicals. One winner also includes the first female recipient in physics in 55 years. The post Better biofuels and quantum biology: Here’s who won the 2018 Nobel Prizes in Science and why appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Here’s who won the 2018 Nobel Prizes in Science and why

Thanks to the achievements of this year's winners of the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and medicine, we can better fight caner, probe quantum biology, and manufacture greener chemicals. One winner also includes the first female recipient in physics in 55 years. The post Here’s who won the 2018 Nobel Prizes in Science and why appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Science, News, Medicine, Trends, Chemistry, Physics, Emerging Tech, Nobel Prize

Physicist Who Coined the 'God Particle' and Sold His Nobel Prize to Pay Medical Bills Dies at 96

Leon Lederman, the former head of the Fermi National Accelerator Lab and winner of the the Nobel Prize in physics in 1988, died at a nursing home in Idaho on October 3rd. He was 96.Read more...
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Physicist Donna Strickland on Her ‘Surreal’ Nobel Prize Win and the Challenges for Women in Science

She is only the third woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics
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Nobel Prize goes to laser-wrangling physicists, including first woman to be honored in 55 years

The 2018 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to a trio of researchers whose work in lasers enabled all kinds of new experiments and treatments. Arthur Ashkin is the primary recipient, sharing the prize with Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland; notably, the latter is the first woman to receive the prize since 1963, and only the third in history. “This year’s prize is about tools made from light,” the Swedish foundation said in its announcement of the prize. ” The work that won the award stretc...
Tags: Science, Tech, Physics, Lasers, Bell Labs, Marie Curie, Strickland, Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prize, Maria Goeppert Mayer, Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou, Donna Strickland, Mourou, Ashkin, NPR Strickland

Science, where are we going? From intellectual passion to a market-driven system

With over 10 million active researchers, more than 2 million scientific articles published each year, and an uncontrolled spread of bibliometric indicators, contemporary science is undergoing a profound change that is modifying consolidated procedures, ethical principles that were deemed inalienable and traditional mechanisms for the validation of scientific outputs that have worked successfully for the last century. To give an idea of what I am talking about, just look at the picture of the fam...
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Jocelyn Bell Burnell Wins $3 Million Breakthrough Prize for Discovering Pulsars

Accomplished astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell has won a $3 million Special Breakthrough Prize for her discovery of pulsars 50 years ago and continued leadership in science.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Space, Science, Awards, Pulsars, Astrophysics, Nobel Prize, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Jocelyn Bell Burnell Wins

Here’s Why Stephen Hawking Never Won the Nobel Prize in Physics

The answer — unlike quantum mechanics — is relatively straightforward
Tags: Science, News, Uncategorized, Physics, Stephen Hawking, Black Holes, Nobel, Einstein, Nobel Prize, Onetime

Google Doodle Honors Nobel Laureate Max Born, the Famed German Quantum Physicist

The Nobel laureate transformed the way scientists make predictions
Tags: Google, Science, News, Internet, Uncategorized, Physics, Newsfeed, Google Doodle, Quantum Physics, Nobel Prize, Overnight, Max Born, Onetime

This Nobel Laureate Is Worried U.S. Politics Could Endanger Scientific Research

A budget proposed by President Trump calls for major cuts to science funding
Tags: Politics, Science, Budget, News, Immigration, Uncategorized, United States, Donald Trump, Federal Budget, Trump, Nobel Prize, Overnight, Onetime, Micharl Rosbash

Here are the names and achievements behind this year’s Nobel Prizes in Science

The Nobel Prizes in Science are among the greatest awards a scientist can get. The 2017 winners helped unravel gravitational waves, circadian rhythms, and biological molecules. The post Here are the names and achievements behind this year’s Nobel Prizes in Science appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Science, Medicine, Trends, Features, Chemistry, Physics, Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, Emerging Tech, Circadian Rhythm, Nobel Prize

Here Are Some Incredible Images Made Possible By This Year's Chemistry Nobel Prize

Science, at its core, is a process. New advances in technology are as important as new discoveries they lead to. How can you understand a molecule, for example, if you can’t see it?Read more...
Tags: Science, Dna, Viruses, Nobel Prize, Chromosomes, Electron Microscopes, Cryopreservations, Nobel Prize 2017

Huge Gravitational Waves Discovery Gets the Nobel Prize It Deserves

The Nobel Prizes are important and all. But if you’ve been paying attention to physics for the past two years, this year’s prize is akin to saying “my beautiful dog has won the Good Boy prize.” We’re very excited, but we aren’t surprised.Read more...
Tags: Astronomy, Science, Physics, Gravitational Waves, Virgo, Astrophysics, Ligo, Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize 2017

Watch Nobel Winner Kip Thorne Talk Gravity Waves, ‘Interstellar,’ And More

Insights from the leader of the century-long hunt for gravitational waves
Tags: Interstellar, Science, News, Uncategorized, Physics, Kip Thorne, Gravitational Waves, Nobel Prize, Onetime

Here's How The Body Keeps Time, Thanks to This Year's Nobel Winning Science

The human body is like a computer in a whole lot of ways. It’s got a processor, it’s got memory, it needs energy to run, it can solve problems, and, uh, it sees its fair share of porn. But it also has a clock—one whose mechanics have only been delved into fairly recently.Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Medicine, Biological Clock, Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize 2017

Inside Four Decades of Breakthroughs at IBM Research

American industry has a rich heritage of top-notch corporate labs. Bell Labs created not only the transistor, but also other fundamental breakthroughs, such as the laser and information theory. PARC, developed much of the technology we associate with modern computers, such as the mouse and the graphical user interface. Both labs have attained mythical status ...
Tags: Video, Science, Technology, Disruption, Research, Innovation, Collaboration, Ibm, Nanotechnology, R&D, Bell Labs, Cognitive Computing, Quantum Computing, Molecular Biology, PARC, Nobel Prize

It’s Time for the Nobel Committee to Honor Climate Research

The best way to prove the scientific solidarity behind the fact the climate is changing is to award those who study it. The post It's Time for the Nobel Committee to Honor Climate Research appeared first on WIRED.
Tags: Science, Tech, Climate Science, Nobel Committee, Nobel Prize

How Does the Nobel Peace Prize Work?

So how does somebody even win a Nobel Peace Prize? Ted-Ed delves into the history of the award (how it is one of the five prizes created by Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite), the nomination process (a bunch of people can nominate somebody including past laureates, university professors, member of governments, and others), and the standards they use to judge the nominees: disarmament, peace congresses, brotherhood between nations, human rights, and peace negotiations.Read more...
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