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Biden wants 45% of US electricity to come from solar power by 2050. An energy tech expert breaks down what it would take.

President Biden said investing in clean energy will help combat climate change and create new jobs. Brian Snyder/Reuters President Biden announced a new plan to reduce carbon emissions by investing in clean energy. The White House report says solar power could provide almost half of the US electricity supply by 2050. Energy technology expert Joshua D. Rhodes says this goal would require massive changes at US energy companies. See more stories on Insider's business page. President Joe B...
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SpaceX is launching its first all-civilian space mission tomorrow - here's what the flight means for the future of space tourism

The four members of the Inspiration4 crew will orbit around Earth for three days. Netflix On September 15, SpaceX will launch Inspiration4, it's first all-civilian mission to space. The crew of four has spent months in rigorous training to prepare for the flight. While space tourism isn't accessible for everyone yet, this all-civilian trip marks an important milestone in space travel. See more stories on Insider's business page. On Sept. 15, 2021, the next batch of space tour...
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Scientists want to cure elephant herpes so woolly mammoths can stop climate change

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! Welcome to Middle Pleistocene Park! Okay, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Jurassic Park, but Hollywood’s a bit looser when it comes to era accuracy than we are. A serial entrepreneur and a Harvard geneticist today announced plans to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth. If that’s not exciting eno...
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So you want to live on Mars eh? Good luck. You’ll probably die a horrific death

Did you know Neural is taking the stage this fall? Together with an amazing line-up of experts, we will explore the future of AI during TNW Conference 2021. Secure your online ticket now! The US government and Silicon Valley don’t agree on everything, but when it comes to dominating the modern space race they’re perfectly aligned. Uncle Sam’s going to put American boots on Martian soil and Elon Musk’s building the spaceship that’ll get them there. No matter your notions on nations, there’s somet...
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Laser-initiated fusion leads the way to safe, affordable clean energy

Siegfried Glenzer Contributor Siegfried Glenzer, a recipient of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, is a professor and high-energy-density division director at Stanford’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and a science adviser for nuclear fusion company Marvel Fusion. The quest to make fusion power a reality recently took a massive step forward. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced the results of an experimen...
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A global immune system that spots new diseases and curbs their spread could stop the next pandemic - here's how

There are signs a pandemic is coming before anyone even gets sick. John Lamparski / Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images There are often warning signs before a pandemic, like an increase in the price of garlic in China. Author David Bray says these signs can be used to build a system to spot diseases faster and curb their spread sooner. This 'immune system for the planet' would search for signs of new infections and identify potential therapies. See more stories on Insider&#...
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Google’s ‘time crystals’ could be the greatest scientific achievement of our lifetimes

Eureka! A research team featuring dozens of scientists working in partnership with Google‘s quantum computing labs may have created the world’s first time crystal inside a quantum computer. This is the kind of news that makes me want to jump up and do a happy dance. These scientists may have produced an entirely new phase of matter. I’m going to do my best to explain what that means and why I personally believe this is the most important scientific breakthrough in our lifetimes. However, for the...
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GPT-3’s ability to ‘write disinformation’ is being wildly overstated by the media

GPT-3, the highly-touted text generator built by OpenAI, can do a lot of things. For example, Microsoft today announced a new AI-powered “autocomplete” system for coding that uses GPT-3 to build out code solutions for people without requiring them to do any developing. But one thing the technology can not do is “dupe humans” with its ability to write misinformation. Yet, you wouldn’t know that if you were solely judging by the headlines in your news feed. Wired recently ran an article with the t...
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Mushrooms on Mars is a hoax — stop believing hack ‘scientists’

There is no evidence that mushrooms or any other form of life exists on Mars. The Mars rover did not take a picture of fungi growing on the planet. And so-called ‘scientists’ did not explain the existence of fungi on Mars in a research paper. If there are mushrooms on Mars, the people on our planet have yet to uncover any evidence of their existence. But what about the headlines? Simply put: they’re bunk. As far as we can tell, all of the recent articles discussing the “discovery of fungi” on Ma...
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A scientist created emotion recognition AI for animals

A researcher at Wageningen University & Research recently published a pre-print article detailing a system by which facial recognition AI could be used to identify and measure the emotional state of farm animals. If you’re imagining a machine that tells you if your pigs are joyous or your cows are grumpy… you’re spot on. Up front: There’s little evidence to believe that so-called ’emotion recognition’ systems actually work. In the sense that humans and other creatures can often accurately recogn...
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How to encourage skeptical family members to get the COVID vaccine, according to a brain science expert

Everyone has been trying to make everyone else see the world from their perspective, writes Moran Cerf. lechatnoir/Getty Images Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience and business. He regularly answers questions about psychology, business, and behavior via email from people who attend his talks. In this column, he shares different ways to encourage skeptical family members to get the COVID vaccine. See more stories on Insider's business page. Q: We live in Florida and visit my paren...
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INTERVIEW: BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin on developing the BioNTech-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the future of fighting cancer, and whether people can live to 200

BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin spoke with Axel Springer CEO Matthias Döpfner about their COVID-19 vaccine, how they plan to tackle cancer, and more. WELT The various COVID-19 vaccines have been a game-changer for international pandemic. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in particular was the first one to be approved for use in many countries. Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner talks to BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin about their vaccine's impact. See more stories ...
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No one should be as rich as Elon Musk

The reactions to Elon Musk’s billionaire status are evidence that far too many South Africans have not fully grasped the destructive consequences of inequality. Entrepreneur Musk was recently crowned the richest man in the world. The founder and chief of Tesla Motors sits on a total net worth of $195-billion. The rapid swelling of Musk’s […] The post No one should be as rich as Elon Musk appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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GPT-3 is the world’s most powerful bigotry generator. What should we do about it?

GPT-3 is, arguably, the world’s most advanced text generator. It costs billions of dollars to develop, has a massive carbon footprint, and was trained by some of the world’s leading AI experts using one of the largest datasets ever curated. And, in spite of all that, it’s also inherently bigoted. A recent study conducted by researchers from Stanford and McMaster universities found that GPT-3 generates novel statements of bigotry. In other words: GPT-3 can generate completely fresh bigotry statem...
Tags: Startups, Science, Opinion, Stanford, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, McMaster, GPT, Neural, Thomas Macaulay

Stanford team behind BS gaydar AI says facial recognition can expose political orientation

Stanford researcher Michael Kosinski, the PhD behind the infamous “Gaydar” AI, is back with another phrenology-adjacent (his team swears it’s not phrenology) bit of pseudo-scientific ridiculousness. This time, they’ve published a paper indicating that a simple facial recognition algorithm can tell a person’s political affiliation. First things first: The paper is called “Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images.” You can read it here. Here’s ...
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One of Belgium's top virologists offered his family 4 tips for surviving the long COVID-19 winter — read the full letter he wrote them

Guido Vanham and his son Peter Vanham. Peter Vanham Guido Vanham is a virologist, a microbiologist who studies the rapid spreading of viruses, who's been sending letters to his three children throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The text of his most recent letter is printed below with permission from his son, Peter Vanham. In it, Guido Vanham writes that he's optimistic about the latest major vaccine trial updates but warns that if history and previous viruses are any guide, the toughest t...
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Pfizer vaccine trial participant reveals what it's like to be injected with the first effective vaccine for COVID-19

Jenny Hamilton said she didn't think twice about getting involved in the trial. Jenny Hamilton Jenny Hamilton, 57, is a former police officer who now works in location security for the film industry and lives in Atlanta. She's a participant in the Pfizer vaccine trial, which recently developed the world's first effective coronavirus vaccine in record time.  After receiving the first two injections, Hamilton says she experienced what felt like a cold — low-grade fevers, fatigue, and mus...
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I was excited for Neuralink. Then I watched Elon Musk’s stupid demo

Last week Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a startup working on creating a brain computer interface (BCI) for consumers, held a “tech demo” to show off the company’s progress over the last year. Let me sum it up for you: Musk and Neuralink have figured out how to do basic brain surgery. What’s that you say? Humans have been doing basic brain surgery for hundreds of years? Yeah, that’s my point. Musk got me again. I should have known better. After all, I once believed Tesla would reach level five autonomy ...
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Trump's socialist moment(s)

Hello, everyone! Thanks for reading. A brief note to say that this will be our last edition of "Insider Today" for a while.Our intrepid leader, David Plotz, has concluded his six-month break from entrepreneuring and has settled on his next adventure, which will be launching a cool new podcast company (Details from him soon!). David will continue to host the "Political Gabfest" each week, so you can keep up with his commentary there. Our op-ed columnists Linette Lopez and Anthony Fisher will cont...
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Private space industrialization is here

Mikhail Kokorich Contributor Share on Twitter Mikhail Kokorich is CEO of Momentus, the first company providing in-space transportation services for satellites. The universal glee that surrounded the launch of the crewed Dragon spacecraft made it easy to overlook that the Falcon rocket’s red glare marked the advent of a new era — that of private space industrialization. For the first time in human history, we are not merely ...
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Here are a few ways GPT-3 can go wrong

Liz O'Sullivan Contributor Share on Twitter Liz O’Sullivan is a co-founder and VP of Commercial at Arthur, an AI monitoring and explainability company. She is also Technology Director of STOP, the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, where she fights the ever-growing threat of technology-enabled surveillance. John P. Dickerson Contributor Share on Twitter ...
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Scientists put penis rings on bisexual men to prove they exist

A team of researchers recently published a study on bisexual men that, surprisingly, indicates they exist. This comes as a shock because the lead researcher, Professor J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University, previously determined that bisexual men were, more-or-less, just confused gays or straights. I’m paraphrasing, what that paper, published in 2005, really said was: Male bisexuality appears primarily to represent a style of interpreting or reporting sexual arousal rather than a distinct...
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Covid-19: Free the evidence

Governments need to provide the modelling and data informing the strategy to control the spread of the novel coronavirus The post Covid-19: Free the evidence appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: South Korea, Science, Tobacco, Climate Change, Opinion, Germany, Hiv, New Zealand, Iceland, Western Cape, University of Cape Town, Top Six, South African Government, Coronavirus, South Africa (country, COVID-19

Using ‘personalized AI’ to end coronavirus lockdown is a stupid, cruel idea

A trio of AI and business experts from INSEAD, a prestigious business school, recently penned a lengthy article in the Harvard Business Review extolling the virtues of “personalized AI” prediction models to end the coronavirus lockdown. It’s the kind of piece that politicians, academics, and pundits refer to when discussing how technology can aid in the world’s pandemic response. It’s also a gift to politicians who think we should ignore medical professionals and prioritize the economy over huma...
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A quantum physics explanation for polyamory, BDSM, and queer people

Quantum physics! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about sex. Cultural norms would have us believe that human sexuality is divided up into a series of categories. We’re all supposedly somewhere between totally heterosexual and entirely homosexual on the Kinsey Scale, and everyone’s either male, female, in-between, both, or neither. From a quantum mechanics perspective, none of this makes any sense. It’s not that anyone is necessarily “wrong” about human sexuality, it’s that we simply do...
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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon is having trouble — and that’s okay

We may be poised on the precipice of a new era of spaceflight, but leaping prematurely off it would be a costly mistake — which is why the delays and failures of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, the new spacecraft that will likely be soonest to take humans to space, are a matter for concern but not worry. In space, you expect the unexpected. The sudden explosion of a Crew Dragon test capsule is frightening and frankly embarrassing to a company so heavily focused on an image of futurity and reliability. ...
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Elon says Tesla will field 1M fully autonomous robo-taxis by 2020 – AI experts call BS

Elon Musk, the PT Barnum of tech, is currently getting a ration of ridicule from some of the world’s foremost leading AI experts over his ridiculous claim that Tesla will field a million fully autonomous cars by 2020. If there are a million Tesla robo-taxis functioning on the road in 2020, I will eat them. Perhaps @rodneyabrooks will eat half with me? — Kai-Fu Lee (@kaifulee) May 8, 2019 Musk, as his oddly sycophantic followers are prone to point out every time he’s criti...
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Apple sells wireless charging AirPods, cancels charger days later

“Works with AirPower mat”. Apparently not. Looks like Apple doesn’t treat customers with the same “high standard” of care it apparently reserves for its hardware quality. 9 days after launching its $199 wireless charging AirPods headphones touting compatibility with the forthcoming Apple AirPower inductive charger mat, Apple has just scrapped AirPower entirely. It’s an uncharacteristically sloppy move for the “it just works” company. This time it didn’t. Apple clearly knew AirPower was borked be...
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Does Einstein’s First Wife Deserve Some Credit for His Work? That’s the Wrong Question to Ask

Little was known about her or his children with her — and there was little interest in finding out — until the discovery in 1986 of her correspondence with Einstein
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The 12 Best Video Games Of 2018

2018 has come and gone. As we do every year, Kotaku’s staff came together to play, consider, and debate the games that stood out to us. Here, in alphabetical order, are our top 12 video games of 2018.Read more...
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