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We're probably not going to hit the world's most important climate goal

2 degrees Celsius.  It's one of the most widely-publicized numbers in the world. In 2015, world leaders convened in Paris and agreed to limit the planet's warming this century to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Revolution temperatures — and possibly even cap Earth's warming at an ambitious 1.5 degrees Celsius (or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit).  To get there, leaders proposed rapidly slashing heat-trapping carbon emissions from power plants, cars, and industry. But it wasn&a...
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It's time for nations to unite around an International Green New Deal

Several countries have proposed their own versions of a Green New Deal, but climate change knows no borders. We need a global response ‘The stakes of the international Green New Deal are not merely environmental.’ Photograph: Craig Easton/Getty Images/Cultura RF In times of crisis and catastrophe, children are often forced to grow up quickly. We are now witnessing this premature call to action on a planetary scale. As the adults in government accelerate their consumption of fossil fuels, chil...
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$5-tn fuel exploration plans 'incompatible' with climate goals

Plans by oil and gas majors to spend $4.9 trillion on fuel exploration are "poles apart" from the goal of the Paris climate deal to limit the global temperature rise, a new analysis showed Tuesday. As greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb annually, a string of warnings from the world's top climate scientists have questioned mankind's ability to prevent the worst effects of global warming while sticking with an economy geared around fossil fuels. In October, the UN's climate change panel (...
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New studies highlight challenge of meeting Paris Agreement climate goals

New research highlights the 'incredible challenge' of reaching the Paris Agreement without intense action and details the extreme temperatures parts of the planet will suffer if countries fail to reduce emissions.
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Trump issues Earth Day message without mentioning climate change

President praised the benefits of a ‘strong market economy’ but did not echo warnings from scientists on rising temperatures Donald Trump: described by the executive director of the Sierra Club as ‘the worst president for the environment our nation has ever had’. Photograph: Pablo Martínez Monsiváis/APDonald Trump issued on Monday an Earth Day proclamation that omitted any mention of climate change or the cavalcade of environmental threats posed by deforestation, species loss and plastic polluti...
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Since the first Earth Day, the planet’s CO2 levels have gone off the rails

When Americans celebrated the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, the planet's atmosphere was markedly different than it is today. Nearly 50 years ago, scientists measured Earth's levels of carbon dioxide — the planet's most important greenhouse gas — at around 325 parts per million, or ppm.  Now, almost five decades later, that number has shot up to around 412 ppm, nearly 90 ppm higher. It's a change atmospheric researchers, geologists, and climate scientists call unparallele...
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Notre Dame fire: UK ready to share conservation expertise

Stonemasons, archaeologists and craftspeople standing by to go to Paris to aid restorationFrance will need an army of specialists to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral and the UK is on standby to send over architects and archaeologists, conservators and craftspeople.Stonemasons and carpenters, as well as authorities on stained glass and drying out saturated buildings, are ready to cross the Channel to share their expertise on conservation and salvage.
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French climate activists in sit-in to denounce 'republic of polluters'

Hundreds of French activists on Friday staged a sit-in outside top energy companies in Paris, describing France as the "republic of polluters", as part of a international civil disobedience campaign on climate change. Some two thousand environmental activists in total assembled at the La Defense business district in a bid to block access to to the headquarters of energy giant Total, electricity firm EDF as well as bank Societe Generale and France's Ministry for Ecological Transition.
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Drunk on smoke: Notre Dame’s bees survive cathedral blaze

PARIS (AP) — Hunkered down in their hives and drunk on smoke, Notre Dame’s smallest official residents — some 180,000 bees — somehow managed to survive the inferno that consumed the cathedral’s ancient wooden roof. Confounding officials who thought they had perished, the bees clung to life, protecting their queen. “It’s a big day. I […]
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Weekly Roundup, Good Friday 19 April 2019

The evolution of the Qantas logo.  One of our favorite airlines and logos.  See article below on “changing the paint job”. Good morningI hope your Good Friday is off to a good start, and your Easter Weekend will be spent most pleasantly, including, for the Christians among our readers, some extra time pondering and being thankful for our salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.If this was New Zealand, we’d all be on holiday today (and also Monday), but, alas, here in the US, most of us are prob...
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A robot that kind of looks like Wall-E’s big brother helped save Notre Dame

Notre Dame was reportedly only about 15 to 30 minutes away from a fire completely destroying the historic cathedral earlier this week when Paris firefighters decided to play their last hand. Commander Jean-Claude Gallet knew it was time to send their very best firefighter into the heart of the blaze in a last-ditch effort to save the building.Needless to say, a lot was riding on Colossus, an 1,100-pound tank of a robot that can spray more than 660 gallons of water a minute, as he rumbled toward ...
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Bee-wildering! Hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

Some 200,000 bees inhabiting hives in Notre-Dame cathedral survived the inferno that engulfed the heritage landmark in a miraculous escape, their beekeeper said Thursday. Until this morning, I had had no news," said beekeeper Nicolas Geant who looks after the hives which are kept on top of a sacristry that adjoins the cathedral. It has become increasingly customary in the French capital for bee hives to be introduced at seemingly unlikely locations, including also at the Paris Opera.
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May the shopping be with you: French supermarket tests robot delivery

Stepping up the race for automated deliveries with online retailers such as Amazon, Casino's Franprix chain will test the delivery robots on the streets of Paris's 13th arrondissement for a year. In the French capital, where Amazon has been running its Amazon Prime Now express delivery service since 2016, the speedy and convenient delivery of food has become a battleground among retailers. This is what builds the relationship with customers," Franprix Managing Director Jean-Pierre Mochet said ...
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Meet Colossus: The French Firefighting Robot That Helped Save Notre-Dame

Containing the Notre-Dame Cathedral conflagration in Paris was a heroic effort by dozens of people. While invaluable parts of the 856-year-old cathedral were destroyed yesterday, it was thankfully not a complete loss, and something of a miracle nobody died. Part of the credit goes to Colossus—an 1,100-pound…Read more...
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YouTube on Notre Dame Fire: Did You Know 9/11 Was Real?

As a fire raged inside the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Monday, people across the world turned to livestreams to watch flames destroy the 850-year-old structure. Read more...
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Airborne plastic particles blanket remote mountains: study

A secluded mountain region thought to be free of plastic pollution is in fact blanketed by airborne microplastics on a scale comparable to a major city such as Paris, alarmed researchers reported Monday. "It is astounding and worrying that so many particles were found in the Pyrenees field site," said lead author Steve Allen, a doctoral student at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. "We would never have anticipated that this study would reveal such high levels of microplastic deposits,"...
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On climate change, a shift towards civil disobedience

Playing the role of a riot cop dispersing a peaceful but illegal sit-in on the steps of France's National Assembly, Axel struggled to dislodge a woman whose arms and legs were enmeshed in a Gordian knot of activists. Welcome to Non-Violent Civil Disobedience 101, a one-day basic training for people who have decided they may need to break the law to further a good cause. For most of the 55 people attending a course in Paris on Saturday, the driving concern was climate change and the gathering p...
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French court finds Bayer's Monsanto liable for farmer's sickness

PARIS/LYON (Reuters) - A French appeals court ruled on Thursday that Bayer's Monsanto business was liable for the health problems of a farmer who had inhaled a weedkiller product. The ruling in favor of farmer Paul Francois was announced in a statement by a plaintiffs group. A Bayer spokeswoman in France also confirmed the ruling.
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Pentagon Officials Are Preparing for an All-Out Space War

Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/GettyThe United States is under siege in space, and we better get ready for an all-out space war.At least, that’s the alarming scenario that a host of Trump administration officials posited on Tuesday and Wednesday at a major space conference in Colorado Springs, where Pentagon officials warned of increasingly sophisticated Russian and Chinese weapons threatening America's hundreds of satellites and the GPS, phone calls, and internet-browsing...
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Inner electrons behave differently in aromatic hydrocarbons

In an international research collaboration between Tsinghua University in Beijing and Sorbonne University in Paris, scientists found that four hydrocarbon molecules, known for their internal ring structure, have a lower threshold for the release of excess energy than molecules without a similar ring structure, because one of their electrons decays from a higher to a lower energy level, a phenomenon called the Auger effect.
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Astronomers unveil the first image of a black hole

Paris (AFP) - Astronomers on Wednesday unveiled the first photo of a black hole, one of the star-devouring monsters scattered across the Universe and obscured by impenetrable shields of gravity.
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Paris orders 800 new electric buses to fight smog

Paris' public transport operator on Tuesday said it had ordered up to 800 electric buses to take to the streets of the French capital to replace diesel versions and fight smog in the build up to the 2024 Olympics. Three French engineering firms -- Heuliez Bus, Bollore and Alstom -- won the tender to supply the buses in deals worth up to 400 million euros ($450 million), the RATP transport operator said. RATP will buy an equal number of buses from each supplier, it added, describing the tender ...
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Macron's Great Debate shows need to cut taxes faster, says French PM

In an act of political theater on Monday, Philippe was presenting the findings from two million online contributions and 10,000 hours of town hall debates that President Emmanuel Macron must now digest and respond to with policy moves. Four broad needs emerged, the prime minister said: renewing ties between Paris and the regions, making the political process more relevant for citizens, responding better to climate change, and easing the tax burden. "The debate clearly shows us in which directi...
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Shell Activist Investor Withdraws Climate Resolution for 2019

In backing down, investor-group Follow This is signaling Shell has made positive strides. The Anglo-Dutch oil major recently set concrete targets to cut its carbon footprint and said it will take responsibility for reducing its customers’ emissions. The decision to pull back on the resolution, which asked Shell to align its business with the Paris climate accord, was made after “intensive discussions with the investors who have voted for our resolution in the past,” said Mark van Baal, founder...
Tags: Science, Paris, Shell, Mark van Baal

Shell hit with Dutch climate lawsuit

Climate campaigners marched to Shell's headquarters in the Netherlands on Friday and handed the oil giant a lawsuit aimed at forcing it to meet targets in the Paris accord. Dozens of chanting activists went to the Anglo-Dutch firm's base in The Hague, where they delivered a legal summons with a court date set for April 17. "We are taking Shell to court because it's not keeping to the aims of the Paris climate agreements.
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Yankees Suck Slightly Less After Joining the Paris Climate Agreement

When it comes to the New York Yankees, it’s simple: You either love ‘em or, like certain Gizmodo editors and Earther writers, you hate ‘em. Or you’re me and you just don’t care because, ugh, sports. Read more...
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Will the sluggish U.S. ever make aggressive carbon cuts to rival Europe's?

With a rocket launcher strapped to his back, President Ronald Reagan rode fearlessly upon a long-extinct Velociraptor while brandishing a machine gun: This is the imagery — presented on poster board and carried to the floor of the Senate Chamber on March 26 — that Republican Senator Mike Lee used to mock the Green New Deal, a proposal to rapidly transform the U.S. energy infrastructure and slash the nation's ample emissions of carbon dioxide.  The Green New Deal, argued Lee, is not a seriou...
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Will the sluggish U.S. ever make aggressive carbon cuts to rival Europe's?

With a rocket launcher strapped to his back, President Ronald Reagan rode fearlessly upon a long-extinct Velociraptor while brandishing a machine gun: This is the imagery -- presented on poster board and carried to the floor of the Senate Chamber on March 26 -- that Republican Senator Mike Lee used to mock the Green New Deal, a proposal to rapidly transform the U.S. energy infrastructure and slash the nation's ample emissions of carbon dioxide. The Green New Deal, argued Lee, is not a seriou...
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Citing climate differences, Shell walks away from U.S. refining lobby

Royal Dutch Shell Plc on Tuesday became the first major oil and gas company to announce plans to leave a leading U.S. refining lobby due to disagreement on climate policies. In its first review of its association with 19 key industry groups, the company said it had found "material misalignment" over climate policy with the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) and would quit the body in 2020. The review is part of Shell's drive to increase transparency and show investors it is in...
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Supermodel Pat Cleveland Has Been Diagnosed With Colon Cancer

The model was diagnosed after walking during Paris Fashion Week.
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