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Qatar revamps investment strategy after Kushner building bailout

LONDON/NEW YORK/DUBAI (Reuters) - When news emerged that Qatar may have unwittingly helped bail out a New York skyscraper owned by the family of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law, eyebrows were raised in Doha. Kushner, a senior White House adviser, was a close ally of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - a key architect of a regional boycott against Qatar, which Riyadh accuses of sponsoring terrorism. Brookfield, a global property investor in which the Qatari government has placed i...
Tags: New York, Science, London, White House, Qatar, Manhattan, Brookfield, Riyadh, Mohammed bin Salman, Kushner, Jared Kushner Donald Trump, NEW YORK DUBAI Reuters, Doha Kushner, Kushner Companies 666 Fifth Avenue

China calls for harmony as it welcomes Qatar emir amid Gulf dispute

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic, trade and transport ties with Qatar in June 2017. Qatar, which denies the charge, says the boycott seeks to curtail its sovereignty, while the row has defied mediation efforts by Kuwait and the United States which sees Gulf unity as essential to containing Iran. Qatar has been bolstering ties with its supporters, such as Turkey, with trade between those two expected to have risen by more than half in 2018.
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, Turkey, United States, Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates Bahrain, Iran Qatar

Qatar to pay aid into Gaza, with Hamas approval

The move was widely seen as a compromise between Qatar, which appears intent on increasing its regional influence, and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which controls Gaza. Qatar’s point-man for Gaza relief efforts, Mohammed Al-Emadi, said in Gaza: "It was agreed to allocate the Qatari financial grant to pay for humanitarian projects with full cooperation and coordination with the United Nations." He said the first agreement with the U.N. would be signed on Monday next week, setting up a ...
Tags: Science, Qatar, Gaza, United Nations, Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, Gaza Qatar, Mohammed al Emadi

Qatari emir hosts Bashir, backs 'unity' in restive Sudan

The ruler of Qatar offered support for Sudan's "unity and stability" on Wednesday at a meeting with President Omar al-Bashir on his first foreign visit in more than a month of protests against him, a statement said. The tiny but wealthy Gulf state vies with regional rivals for influence in Sudan, strategic in part for its access to the Red Sea, and last year agreed a $4 billion deal to jointly develop Suakin port. Bashir arrived in Qatar on Tuesday as protests raged at home.
Tags: Science, Qatar, Sudan, Gulf, Red Sea, Bashir, Omar al Bashir, Suakin

Qatar emir to attend Beirut's Arab economic summit

Qatar's emir will visit Beirut on Sunday for an Arab economic summit which has been marred by regional rifts and internal Lebanese disputes even before it began. Lebanese President Michel Aoun's office said on Saturday Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani had informed it he would come to lead the Qatari delegation. Rifts among Arab states over Syria and its ally Iran, on top of divisions inside Lebanon, have overshadowed the summit, with several leaders pulling out.
Tags: Science, Qatar, Iran, Syria, Beirut, Lebanon, Michel Aoun, Hamad al Thani

Too much salt: water desalination plants harm environment: U.N.

Desalination plants pump out 142 million cubic meters (5 billion cubic feet) of salty brine every day, 50 percent more than previous estimates, to produce 95 million cubic meters of fresh water, the study said. About 55 percent of the brine is produced in desalination plants processing seawater in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, according to the study by the U.N. University's Canadian-based Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH). Brine, water comprising about...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

Urging Gulf states to heal rift, U.S.'s Pompeo lands in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and non-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member Egypt cut diplomatic, transport and trade ties with Qatar in June 2017, accusing it of supporting terrorism and their regional foe Shi'ite Muslim Iran - something Doha denies. The United States, an ally of the six-nation Sunni Muslim GCC, sees the rift as a threat to efforts to contain Iran and has pushed for a united Gulf front. "When we have a common challenge, disputes between countries with shared...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, United States, Egypt, Middle East, Doha, Gulf, Riyadh, Shi, Gulf Cooperation Council GCC, United Arab Emirates Bahrain, Pompeo, Sunni Muslim GCC

Secretary of State Pompeo urges Gulf states to heal rift

DUBAI (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that a rift between Qatar and its Arab Gulf neighbors had gone on for too long. "We are all more powerful when we are working together and disputes are limited. When we have a common challenge, disputes between countries with shared objectives are never helpful," he said at a press conference in Qatar. (Reporting by Eric Knecht; Writing by Asma Alsharif; Editing by Kirsten Donovan)
Tags: Science, Qatar, Dubai, Gulf, Reuters, State, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo, Eric Knecht, Asma Alsharif

Qatar Fund Building Venture Capital Unit for U.S. Startups

The Qatar Investment Authority, created to handle the windfall from the country’s gas and oil exports, has invested in companies including Foursquare Labs Inc., biotech firm Rubius Therapeutics Inc., Homology Medicines Inc., Thoughtspot Inc. and Grail Inc., said the people, asking not to be identified because the deals are private.
Tags: Science, Qatar, Qatar Investment Authority, GRAIL Inc, Foursquare Labs Inc

Qatar says Gulf Arab bloc needs reform to give it teeth

Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said Qatar was still counting on Kuwait and other regional powers to help solve the row that has seen Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and non-GCC member Egypt impose a political and economic boycott on Doha since June 2017. "They have mechanisms in place and never trigger them (to hold people accountable) because some countries believe they are non-binding, so we need to make sure all the rules we are submitting to are bi...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, GCC, Kuwait, Doha, United Arab Emirates Bahrain, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani, Iran Doha, Gulf Arab bloc

OPEC exit frees Qatar from U.S. legal concerns

DUBAI/DOHA (Reuters) - Even before taking over Qatar's energy policy in a government reshuffle last month, Qatar Petroleum (QP) CEO Saad al-Kaabi had long wanted the Gulf state to leave OPEC. Kaabi was concerned OPEC membership could be a stumbling block for QP's ambitions in the United States, where it has one of the world's biggest LNG terminals, and a distraction as Doha doubles down on gas production, three industry sources said. Proposed U.S. legislation known as NOPEC (No Oil Producing a...
Tags: Science, Opec, Qatar, United States, Dubai, Doha, Gulf, DOHA Reuters, Kaabi, NOPEC, Qatar Petroleum QP CEO Saad al Kaabi

SpaceX launches Qatar’s Es’hail-2 telecom satellite, and then lands Falcon 9 booster

SpaceX sent the Es’hail-2 telecommunications satellite into orbit today, then brought the Falcon 9 rocket’s first-stage booster back down for an at-sea landing. The Falcon 9 lifted off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center after a trouble-free countdown. The only break from SpaceX’s recent routine was the fact that the launch came during daylight hours, at 3:46 p.m. ET (12:46 p.m. PT). Minutes after launch, the Falcon 9’s second stage separated from the first stage and continued...
Tags: Spacex, Science, Qatar, Nasa, Falcon, Kennedy Space Center

Watch SpaceX go for its record-tying 18th launch of the year

SpaceX is attempting to put a large communications satellite in orbit for Qatar-based Es'hailSat. This mission is SpaceX's 18th of the year. SpaceX is ready to launch a Falcon 9 rocket from Florida on Thursday as it tries to put a large communications satellite in orbit for Qatar-based Es'hailSat.
Tags: Spacex, Florida, Science, Qatar, Falcon

ESMO advocacy for patient-centred care takes on global dimension

Supportive and palliative care should be an integral part of cancer treatment (ESMO Position Paper, 2017). To maintain the spotlight on the topic, on Friday, 19 October, a special session at the ESMO 2018 Congress will be dedicated to this subject and followed on Sunday by the formal recognition of 20 newly-accredited Designated Centres of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care. For the first time, institutions from Japan, Denmark, Estonia and Qatar feature among the laureates.
Tags: Science, Congress, Qatar, ESMO, Designated Centres of Integrated Oncology, Japan Denmark Estonia

Qatar World Cup workers given 'cooling vests' to combat heat

Thousands of World Cup stadium workers in Qatar have been handed "cooling vests" to help them cope with building tournament venues in the desert country's extreme temperatures. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar's World Cup organisers, said the "state-of-the-art" vests can reduce the wearer's body temperatures by up to 15 degrees Celsius. "The cooling vest has the potential to transform the lives of our workers," said Mahmoud Qutub, a workers' welfare executive with the commi...
Tags: Science, Qatar, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy Qatar, Mahmoud Qutub

U.S. Says New Tariffs on Turkey to Stay as Qatar Comes to President Erdogan's Aid

Washington said tariffs will stay regardless of whether an American pastor detained in Turkey is freed
Tags: Science, Washington, Qatar, Turkey, Erdogan

U.S. Says New Tariffs on Turkey to Stay as Qatar Comes to President Erdogan's Aid

The U.S. and Turkey remained locked in a stalemate that has jolted global markets, as the White House said new tariffs on Turkish goods would remain and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received a financial lifeline from Qatar that should buy him time.
Tags: Science, White House, Qatar, Turkey, Erdogan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Whale sharks feeding in the western Indian Ocean - in pictures

The world’s largest fish roams less than previously thought, new research has found. Using a ‘biological passport’, results show that whale sharks in the western Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf rarely swim more than a few hundred kilometres from their feeding grounds, making local action vital to their conservation Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Biology, Animals, Africa, Environment, Qatar, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Wildlife, Conservation, Marine Life, Oceans, Animal behaviour, Fishing, Tanzania, Mozambique

Mixed feelings for Belgium as they are feted by fans

By Mark Gleeson MOSCOW (Reuters) - Belgium will be acclaimed at celebrations in Brussels on Sunday with thousands expected to hail the team but they will carry mixed feelings about their achievement at the World Cup. The so-called 'golden generation' had sights firmly set on winning the World Cup and were well on course after proving their mental fortitude in a dramatic come-from-behind win over Japan and then going toe-to-toe with Brazil and beating them in the quarter-final. "I think if we ...
Tags: Japan, Science, Qatar, Vincent Kompany, Moscow, Belgium, Brazil, Brussels, Mark Gleeson, Reuters Belgium

Only 9 countries on track to eliminate hepatitis C

New data on hepatitis C released by the Polaris Observatory, and presented today at the World Hepatitis Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil, shows that nine countries -- Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Japan, the Netherlands and Qatar -- are on course to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030.
Tags: Science, Qatar, Netherlands, Sao Paulo Brazil, Polaris Observatory

Land of milk and money: Qatar looks to farms to beat the Gulf boycott

Emirate’s drive for food security is symbolic of its determination to make efforts to isolate it ‘a blessing inside a calamity’John Dore is off to Doha’s vast and luxurious Hamad International airport to greet the 8pm flight from Los Angeles via Liège, Belgium.Wearing a straw hat with a small metal shamrock badge in homage to his Irish roots, his imminent visitors are neither family nor friends. Nor are they human at all, but rather a herd of 120 cows. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Environment, Los Angeles, Qatar, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Farming, Agriculture, Doha, Gulf, Emirate, Farm Animals, Liège Belgium

Israel Will Ban Al Jazeera and Censor Its Cable and Satellite Transmissions, Comms Ministry Says

Israel’s communications minister, Ayoub Kara, is moving forward with a plan to ban Qatari state-funded broadcaster Al Jazeera throughout the country.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Censorship, Israel, Qatar, Benjamin Netanyahu, Al Jazeera, Israel Will Ban Al Jazeera, Satellite Transmissions Comms Ministry Says, Ayoub Kara

When you crash a Lambo in Qatar, these are the ‘doctors’ that fly out to fix it

Most body shops aren't qualified to repair carbon fiber, so Lamborghini took matters into its own hands. We step behind the scenes to find out what happens when a car needs to be mended in a faraway corner of the globe.
Tags: Science, Qatar, Lamborghini

Weekly Roundup, Friday 31 March, 2017

Is it a man? Is it a bird? No – it is ‘Super Building’. See last item. Good morning After several weeks of pressing distractions, I’m back this week with the probably final (fifth) part of my series on the future of transportation. This week, it is time to look at the nonsense and hype surrounding flying cars.  While the abstract concept of a dual purpose vehicle has enormous appeal, the reality is completely different. However, to close on a positive note, I also look at a more viable approach...
Tags: Travel, Google, Amazon, Europe, UK, New York, Science, India, Miscellaneous, US, Newsletter, Siri, Tech, Eu, Qatar, Beijing

Weekly Roundup, Friday 10 March, 2017

Three years on, and the questions multiply, while the answers remain as missing as the plane itself. Good morning My extended ‘future of transportation’ series took another slight detour this week.  Uber has been going through some gyrations of late, managing to offend just about everyone on the planet in the process. Although it is only seven or so months since I last wrote about Uber, it seemed appropriate to update the Uber story to reflect on its revealed 2016 loss (thought to be in excess ...
Tags: Travel, Elon Musk, Science, California, Mexico, Germany, India, Israel, Miscellaneous, Newsletter, Qatar, Fbi, Canada, Atlantic, Current Affairs, Chile

Weekly Roundup, Friday 10 February, 2017

Even if you know where this is, it probably won’t help you guess the air route with the most first class seats – see article below. Good morning Does President Trump read The Travel Insider? He met with airline CEO’s on Thursday – although American’s CEO, Doug Parker, was notably absent due to a ‘scheduling conflict’.  One has to wonder – what sort of scheduling conflict would take priority over meeting with the President?  Maybe he was busy meeting with Nordstroms? Mr Trump seems to have take...
Tags: Travel, Google, Amazon, Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, UK, New York, Science, London, Obama, China, Singapore, India, Miscellaneous, US

[Feature] Qatar's genome effort slowly gears up

Like neighboring Saudi Arabia, the small, oil- and gas-rich country of Qatar has ambitious plans to sequence the DNA of many thousands of its citizens, hoping ultimately to provide them with better health care. The Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) announced in late 2013 set a controversial goal of sequencing the complete genomes of all 300,000 native Qataris. QGP collaborators have now sequenced the full genomes of 3000 generally healthy citizens for a pilot project. Local and expat researchers from...
Tags: Science, Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Sequencing of environmental DNA offers information on whale shark populations

(—A team of researchers with members from Denmark, the U.K. and Qatar was able to calculate whale shark populations in the Persian Gulf using only environmental DNA (eDNA) found in seawater samples. In their paper published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, the team describes their analyses of sea water samples, what it revealed and the ways in which such information can be useful.
Tags: Science, Qatar, Denmark, Ecology, Persian Gulf

New desalination method from Qatar recycles waste brine and excess CO2 at the same time

Desalination now supplies the majority of clean drinking water in areas surrounding the Persian Gulf, but it’s no easy task and can actually make the seawater saltier. Meanwhile, as the oil and natural gas industries have grown in the region, so too has the carbon dioxide saturating the atmosphere. A chemical engineer at Qatar University has been working to solve both problems simultaneously, and an efficient solution has emerged that could change everything.
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