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Borderlands 3 bridges the gap between citizen science and blockbuster games

The Borderlands series has long-offered players a chaotic loot scramble of explosive cel-shaded cartoon violence and intricately-tuned shooting that leaves anything that isn’t the fun part on the cutting room floor. It’s like the gaming equivalent of a very large, very rich dessert—and what if, by eating dessert, you could also make the world better? Imagine. Borderlands 3 publisher 2K and developer Gearbox Software is elevating the series’ latest game to lofty new ideals with a new in-game expe...
Tags: TC, Gaming, Science, Tech, Research, UC San Diego School of Medicine, Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Software, Borderlands, Borderlands Science, McGill University the Microsetta Initiative

These are the two COVID-19 data sites I incessantly check

Even tho they are only updated once a day (at most) I check, check and re-check 91-divoc and the IHME COVID-19 Projections. The linear scale graphs on 91-divoc have given me the best picture of 'is the curve flattening' for the regions I watch. Tribalism runs rampant during Trump's Pandemic and I am naturally more focused on the regions where my loved ones live. IHME's projections give me an idea about what to expect based on data and models they've explained and I can trust. What comes ...
Tags: Health, Post, Science, News, Research, US news, Data, Trump, Pandemic, Stay Informed, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Data Over Propaganda, Death Count

Mice have a range of facial expressions, researchers find

The findings offer researchers new ways to measure the intensity of emotional responses Whether it is screwing up your face when sucking a lemon, or smiling while sitting in the sun, humans have a range of facial expressions that reflect how they feel.Now, researchers say, they have found mice do too. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Animals, Research, UK News, University of Cambridge

Help Researchers Track COVID-19 Spread With This App

How are you feeling today? Healthy, if a little more anxious than usual? Run-down? Feverish? A team of physicians and researchers are hoping you’ll take 10 seconds every day to self-report your symptoms (or lack thereof) to a new COVID Symptom Tracker app. Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Healthcare, Lifehacks, Coronavirus

Help Researchers Track the Coronavirus Spread With This App

How are you feeling today? Healthy, if a little more anxious than usual? Run-down? Feverish? A team of physicians and researchers are hoping you’ll take 10 seconds every day to self-report your symptoms (or lack thereof) to a new COVID Symptom Tracker app. Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Healthcare, Lifehacks, Coronavirus

Hop to it: Researchers pinpoint why Belgian beers don't keep

Study finds fashionable hoppy brews lose their characteristic taste while sitting on the shelfIt will be music to the ears of Belgian beer enthusiasts: drink up.Scientists studying how well the fashionable hoppy-tasting beers of today keep in the cupboard have highlighted the particular propensity for them to lose their flavour over time. Continue reading...
Tags: Food, Science, Research, Beer, Food Science

Frontiers launches a portal to help connect coronavirus and COVID-19 research with funding

Open science platform and publisher Frontiers wants to make sure that efforts by researchers to pursue science-based solutions to the global coronavirus pandemic, and learn more about the virus and the COVID-19 disease it causes, find the funding they need. They launched a new portal to do just that, which is updated daily, and lists open funding calls, including the grant type, deadline, organization behind it, and specific area it supports. Sources include governments, non-profits, and commerc...
Tags: Health, TC, Science, Tech, Research, Biotech, Viruses, Frontiers, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID

Thrown Rocks Are No Threat to These Drones That Have Mastered Dodgeball

The days of knocking an annoying drone out of the air with a precisely thrown rock might soon be over. Researchers at the University of Zurich have upgraded a drone with a special camera that can quickly spot approaching obstacles, allowing the craft to avoid them with reaction times as fast as 3.5 milliseconds.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Cameras, Drones, Dodgeball, University of Zurich

3D Printing Foods With Complex Designs Can Trick Diners Into Eating Less While Still Feeling Full

The killer app for 3D printers might have nothing to do with quickly churning out complex parts to speed up manufacturing. 3D-printed food is promising to revolutionize the culinary experience, and by making tweaks to a meal’s printed structure, researchers have found ways to make diners feel more full while they eat …Read more...
Tags: Health, Food, Science, Research, Mit, 3d Printing, Csail

10 Covid-busting designs: spray drones, fever helmets, anti-virus snoods

Companies the world over are directing their ingenuity at the fight against the coronavirus. Here are the front-runners, from sanitising robots to a 3D-printed hospital wardDesigners, engineers and programmers have heard the klaxon call. The last few weeks have seen a wave of ingenuity unleashed, with both garden-shed tinkerers and high-tech manufacturers scrambling to develop things that will combat the spread of Covid-19.Many of their innovations raise as many questions as they answer, though....
Tags: Apps, South Korea, Science, Design, Technology, Education, China, Research, UK News, World news, Culture, Architecture, Asia Pacific, Infectious Diseases, Art and design, Research and development

Student Scientists Worry About Their Futures as Universities Shut Down Over Covid-19

Research institutions around the United States and abroad are reacting to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by moving classes online, sending students and researchers home, and in some cases, closing labs. Among these various responses, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are cutting off experiments midway,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, United States, Graduate School, Graduate Students, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Wearing This New Infrared Camouflage Will Keep You Hidden From a Predator's Thermal Vision

You can cover yourself from head to toe in fatigues or dark clothing, but it’s nearly impossible to hide from a thermal camera that can see the invisible infrared radiation your body emits. Or is it? Researchers from the University of San Diego have created a new kind of thermal camouflage that can make the wearer…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Thermal Imaging, University of San Diego, Thermal Cameras, Camouflage, Jacobs School of Engineering, Phase Change Materials

Great, Even the Table Your Phone Is Sitting On Can Now Be Used to Hack It

There’s an ever-growing list of ways mobile devices can be hacked, which means we have to be increasingly vigilant about security. But now even something as innocuous-seeming as leaving your phone sitting on a table can result in a hack. Researchers just demonstrated that someone can gain access to your phone by…Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Research, Smartphones, Hacks, Mobiledevices, Surfingattack

Study finds parrots weigh up probabilities to make decisions

Researchers say it is the first time such skill has been shown outside of humans and great apesSome parrots weigh up probabilities to help them make choices, researchers have found, in a study that provides the first evidence of this skill outside great apes.Among previous studies, African grey parrots have been found to selflessly help their peers complete tasks and seem able to identify colours and count. Cockatoos meanwhile can keep track of an object’s location – even when it is hidden – and...
Tags: Science, Animals, Environment, Research, Asia Pacific, Wildlife, New Zealand

Can YouTube Quiet Its Conspiracy Theorists?

Climate change is a hoax, the Bible predicted President Donald Trump's election and Elon Musk is a devil worshipper trying to take over the world.All of these fictions have found life on YouTube, the world's largest video site, in part because YouTube's own recommendations steered people their way.For years, it has been a highly effective megaphone for conspiracy theorists, and YouTube, owned and run by Google, has admitted as much. In January 2019, YouTube said it would limit the sp...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Elon Musk, Science, Youtube, Wikipedia, Research, Earth, Fbi, Noah, Frankfurt, New York Times, George Bush, Antarctica, Silicon Valley, Mars

Watch Researchers Giggle While They Electrocute a Lifelike Robot Child

It seems we’ve learned absolutely nothing from cautionary tales like the Terminator films, because researchers in Japan have upgraded a robot that looks like a human child with the ability to feel the pain from an electrical charge applied to its skin and wince in pain.Read more...
Tags: Japan, Science, Research, Robots, Robotics, Pain, Osaka University, Affetto

A Quarter of All Climate Tweets Come From Bots—and They're More Likely to Peddle Denial

The bots are taking over, man. Researchers have found that bots are largely fueling climate denial propaganda on Twitter. Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Research, Bots, Climate Denial

The Studs on This Punk Bracelet Are Actually Microphone-Jamming Ultrasonic Speakers

You can prevent facial recognition cameras from identifying you by wearing face paint, masks, or sometimes just a pair of oversized sunglasses. Keeping conversations private from an ever-growing number of microphone-equipped devices isn’t quite as easy, but researchers have created what could be the first wearable…Read more...
Tags: Science, Privacy, Research, University Of Chicago, Microphones, Smart Assistants, Jammers

3D Printers Are Finally Starting to Work More Like Star Trek's Replicators

Transporters? Spaceships that can travel at the speed of light? Star Trek introduced us to many fantastical technologies that have us looking forward to the 23rd century. But we might not have to wait that long for all the tech Captain Kirk had to play with, as 3D printing has taken another big step toward making…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Star Trek, 3d Printing, 3d Printers, Kirk, EPFL, Replicators

Scientists Turned McDonald's Fryer Oil Into Plastic Resin For 3D Printed Models That Probably Smell Amazing

There are lots of reasons not to eat greasy deep-fried fast food, the least of which being the challenges involved with disposing of used cooking oil (clogged sewers). But researchers at the University of Toronto found a way to turn oil from a deep fryer into a light-sensitive plastic for 3D printers.Read more...
Tags: Food, Science, Research, 3d Printing, Recycling, 3d Printers, University of Toronto, McDonald, Stereolithography

This Rooftop Microphone Alerts Drivers to Emergency Sirens Long Before They Can Hear Them

In many parts of the country pulling over and making room for an approaching emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens on is the law, but that’s assuming you can hear or see it coming, which isn’t always easy when you’re behind the wheel. A new device promises to not only listen for emergency vehicles, but also let…Read more...
Tags: Science, Safety, Research, Automotive, Microphones, Fraunhofer Institute

Dead Sea Dates Successfully Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seeds

Using 2,000-year-old seeds originally unearthed from a fortress in the Middle East and caves at the mouth of the Dead Sea, researchers at the Hadassah Medical Center have successfully grown new date palms. After soaking them in an activating solution, 34 seeds were plotted in precise, research-specific potting soil and then watched as they grew. Six seeds sprouted and each plant was carefully assessed. Research …
Tags: Food, Science, Design, Research, History, Culture, Middle East, Plants, Dates, Seeds, Linkaboutit, Varietals, Dead Sea, Hadassah Medical Center, Food Research, Judean Dates

Scientists Figured Out the Perfect Recipe For Making Gigantic Soap Bubbles

Now that most of the world’s major problems have been resolved, science is turning its attention to the less pressing issues plaguing humanity, including how to mix up the perfect soapy solution for making gigantic bubbles that don’t immediately pop.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Physics, Bubbles, Emory University

Study finds vaping prevention program significantly reduces use in middle school students

In response to the youth vaping crisis, experts at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) developed CATCH My Breath, a program to prevent electronic cigarette use among fifth - 12th grade students. Research published in Public Health Reports reveals the program significantly reduces the likelihood of e-cigarette use among students who complete the curriculum.
Tags: Science, Research, Houston, University of Texas Health Science Center, Public Health Reports

One Dose of Psilocybin May Offer Longterm Relief From Anxiety and Depression

Some five years after initial reports from their study, scientists at NYU Langone Health have found that one dose of psilocybin—which is found in magic mushrooms—can provide cancer patients with long-lasting relief from anxiety and depression. In 2016, 29 patients took part in the study (which also involved nine psychotherapy sessions), with many reporting after six months to have a more positive and less fearful …
Tags: Health, Wellness, Science, Design, Medicine, Drugs, Research, Culture, Mushrooms, Linkaboutit, Nyu, NYU Langone, Psilocybin, Magic Mushrooms, NYU Langone Health

Smaller detection device effective for nuclear treaty verification, archaeology digs

Most nuclear data measurements are performed at accelerators large enough to occupy a geologic formation a kilometer wide. But a portable device that can reveal the composition of materials quickly on-site would greatly benefit cases such as in archaeology and nuclear arms treaty verification. Research published this week used computational simulations to show that with the right geometric adjustments, it is possible to perform neutron resonance transmission analysis in a device just 5 meters lo...
Tags: Science, Research

Our Cosmos is a Spacecraft Graveyard

While it’s common to think of the universe as dark, mysterious and infinite, it’s less often that we consider all the human-made space junk floating around nearby. The cosmos is a graveyard of spacecraft—each with its own story. These defunct vessels “glide silently in Earth’s vicinity” with “their mission to chronicle the wonders of the universe long ended.” The Kepler, for instance, trails our planet since running …
Tags: Space, Science, Design, Tech, Research, Nasa, Earth, Space Exploration, Kepler, Spacecraft, Linkaboutit

Using Force-Like Powers This Robotic Gripper Can Grab Things Without Touching Them

Engineers have developed robots that are capable of picking up objects as delicate as eggs or grapes without damaging them, but soon they could handle even the smallest and most fragile components using a new gripper design that can lift and manipulate objects without actually touching them.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Robots, Eth Zurich, Acoustic Levitation, Marcel Schuck

Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots

Researchers foresee myriad benefits for humanity, but also acknowledge ethical issues Be warned. If the rise of the robots comes to pass, the apocalypse may be a more squelchy affair than science fiction writers have prepared us for.Researchers in the US have created the first living machines by assembling cells from African clawed frogs into tiny robots that move around under their own steam. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Technology, Education, Biology, US, Research, World news, Chemistry, Robots, Biochemistry and molecular biology

Testing for 3D Vision in Cuttlefish

Though octopuses and squids are not capable of seeing in 3D, cuttlefish do boast depth-perception, recent research studies at the University of Minnesota confirmed. When donning 3D glasses, the cuttlefish could not only detect a shrimp (which comprised of projected images in two different colors and at two different distances), but also actively position itself for an attack. After identifying the shrimp, the fish backed …
Tags: Science, Design, Animals, Research, Fish, Culture, Ocean, 3D, Octopus, Squid, Linkaboutit, University of Minnesota, Cuttlefish, Depth Perception, 3D glasses, Oceanic Research

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