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Rice lab's bright idea is pure gold

Rice University physicists discover that plasmonic metals can be prompted to produce "hot carriers" that in turn emit unexpectedly bright light in nanoscale gaps between electrodes. The phenomenon could be useful for photocatalysis, quantum optics and optoelectronics.
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Laser-welded sugar: Sweet way to 3D-print blood vessels

Rice University bioengineers have shown they can keep densely packed cells alive in lab-grown tissues by creating complex networks of branching blood vessels from templates of 3D-printed sugar.
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Cartwheeling light reveals new optical phenomenon

Researchers at Rice University have discovered details about a novel type of polarized-light matter interaction with light that literally turns end over end as it propagates from a source.
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Fluorocarbon bonds are no match for light-powered nanocatalyst

Rice University engineers have created a light-powered catalyst that can break the strong chemical bonds in fluorocarbons, a group of synthetic materials that includes persistent environmental pollutants.
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'Relaxed' T cells critical to immune response

Rice University researchers model the role of relaxation time as T cells bind to invaders or imposters, and how their ability to differentiate between the two triggers the body's immune system.
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Excitons form superfluid in certain 2D combos

Mixing and matching computational models of 2D materials led scientists at Rice University to the realization that excitons can be manipulated in new and useful ways.
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Rice engineers offer smart, timely ideas for AI bottlenecks

Rice University researchers have demonstrated methods for both designing data-centric computing hardware and co-designing hardware with machine-learning algorithms that together can improve energy efficiency in artificial intelligence hardware by as much as two orders of magnitude.
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Lab makes 4D printing more practical

Soft robots and biomedical implants that reconfigure themselves upon demand are closer to reality with a method developed at Rice University to print shapeshifting materials.
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New tool helps nanorods stand out

Rice University scientists introduce an open-source method to simplify nanoparticle analysis using scanning electron microscope images.
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Rice team makes tiny, magnetically powered neural stimulator

Rice University neuroengineers have created a tiny surgical implant that can electrically stimulate the brain and nervous system without using a battery or wired power supply.
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Exotic nanotubes move in less-mysterious ways

Rice University researchers capture the first video of boron nitride nanotubes in motion to prove their potential for materials and medical applications.
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Ocean virus hijacks carbon-storing bacteria

Rice University scientists are analyzing the role of ferredoxin proteins produced when viral phages alter electron transfer in ocean-dwelling, photosynthetic bacteria that produce oxygen and store carbon.
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Can COVID-19 spread through fecal matter?

Early studies show evidence of COVID-19 genetic material in fecal matter, but more work is needed to determine if the virus can be spread through stool, according to a new review paper from a Rice University epidemiologist.
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2D oxide flakes pick up surprise electrical properties

Rice University researchers find evidence of piezoelectricity in lab-grown, two-dimensional flakes of molybdenum dioxide.
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Water-splitting module a source of perpetual energy

Rice University researchers have integrated high-efficiency solar cells and electrode catalysts into an efficient, low-cost device that splits water to produce hydrogen fuel.
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Hidden symmetry found in chemical kinetic equations

Rice University researchers have discovered a hidden symmetry in the chemical kinetic equations scientists have long used to model and study many of the chemical processes essential for life.
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Rice engineers: Make wastewater drinkable again

Delivering water to city dwellers can become far more efficient, according to Rice University researchers who say it should involve a healthy level of recycled wastewater.
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Tight spaces tip presence of petrochemicals

Rice University engineers put to rest a long-held theory about the use of nuclear magnetic resonance to detect oil and gas deposits in the nanoscale pores of shale formations.
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Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages

Rice University theorists find that flexoelectric effects in double-walled carbon nanotubes could be highly useful for photovoltaic applications.
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Coral tells own tale about El Niño's past

Rice University and Georgia Tech scientists use data from ancient coral to build a record of temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean over the last millennium. The data question previous links between volcanic eruptions and El Niño events.
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Analyzing patients shortly after stroke can help link brain regions to speech functions

New research from Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine shows analyzing the brains of stroke victims just days after the stroke allows researchers to link various speech functions to different parts of the brain, an important breakthrough that may lead to better treatment and recovery.
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New nano strategy fights superbugs

Rice University researchers imprint carbon nitride nanosheets to catch and kill free-floating antibiotic resistant genes found in secondary effluent produced by wastewater treatment plants. The strategy would prevent the DNA molecules from making downstream bacteria more resistant to drugs.
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Strong signals show how proteins come and go

Rice University bioscientists develop a versatile gene signal amplifier that can not only do a better job of detecting the expression of chromosomal genes than current methods but can potentially be used to detect any cellular gene.
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Tissue-digging nanodrills do just enough damage

Scientists show light-activated molecular drills effectively kill cells in whole eukaryotic organisms. The drills developed at Rice University, designed to target drug-resistant bacteria, cancer and other disease-causing cells, can now be used to kill whole organisms and drill into skin for therapeutic treatment.
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Scientists create model to predict multipathogen epidemics

In one of the first studies of its kind, bioscientists from Rice University and the University of Michigan have shown how to use the interactions between pathogens in individual hosts to predict the severity of multipathogen epidemics.
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Rice scientists simplify access to drug building block

Rice University chemists further simplify their process to make essential precursor molecules for drug discovery and manufacture. The method to modify unactivated olefins for use as building blocks could save the pharmaceutical industry millions.
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Magnet-controlled bioelectronic implant could relieve pain

A Rice University electrical and computer engineer has introduced the first neural implant that can be programmed and charged remotely with a magnetic field.
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Rice boosts 'internet of things' security -- again

Rice University engineers develop a new type of security system for the 'internet of things.' The system leverages on-chip power management to greatly complicate breaching a device to break into a network.
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Diversity on city councils increases noninfrastructure spending -- for better or worse

When city councils are elected by district rather than at large, spending on noninfrastructure projects increases, and the impact is not necessarily good, according to new research from a Rice University economist.
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Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells

Using an advanced form of deep learning, Rice University researchers created a computer system that learned how to accurately predict extreme weather events, like heat waves, up to five days in advance using minimal information about current weather conditions. Ironically, the self-learning 'capsule neural network' uses a method reminiscent of 'analog' weather forecasting, which was made obsolete by computers in the 1950s.
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