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An Amazing Spider-Man 2 Star Would Be Up for Reprising Their Character in Sony's Marvel Universe 

Another of Greg Rucka’s comic books is getting the adaptation treatment. Lindsay Lohan is a werewolf or something. Arrow’s Birds of Prey-inspired episode gets a familiar guest star and a behind-the-scenes look at Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene. Plus what’s coming up on The Flash, Supernatural, and more. Spoilers…Read more...
Tags: Science, Halo, Gotham, Sony, Supernatural, Hellboy, The Flash, Arrow, Lindsay Lohan, Supergirl, Riverdale, Greg Rucka, Black Cat and Silver Sable, Cipher, The Wheel Of Time, Agents Of Sheild

More Hints at the Identity of Jude Law's Captain Marvel Character

Get a look at Creepshow’s spooktacular host. There might be more Doctor Who on the way this year, just not in the way you’d expect it. Melissa Rosenberg is already promising big things for Jessica Jones’ final season. Plus, meet a few more of Detective Pikachu’s horrifyingly adorable Pokémon pals, and a new Toy Story 4…Read more...
Tags: Science, Evil, Doctor Who, Gotham, Pokemon, Supergirl, Shazam, Siren, Jessica Jones, Riverdale, Pikachu, Melissa Rosenberg, Captain Marvel, Sadako, Toy Story 4, Bond 25

New Rumors About Lando's Role in Star Wars: Episode IX

There are more rumors about a potential Shazam! cameo for one of DC’s finest. Meet Doom Patrol’s big villain. Ernie Hudson says he’s had talks about the next Ghostbusters film. Riverdale casts a cult leader, as it is wont to do. Plus, Zachary Quinto with a vague Star Trek 4 update, and a Walking Dead sneak peek. Punch…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Lamb, Shazam, Mile 81, Siren, Lando, Zachary Quinto, Riverdale, Ernie Hudson, EC Comics, Captain Marvel, The Terror, Pet Sematary, Star Trek 4, Star Wars Episode Ix

Saturday Night Live Put Out a Strange, Goofy Riverdale Sketch

Saturday Night Live, as it is wont to do, set its parodic sights on the CW’s Riverdale. And while it didn’t hit the mark I was expecting, it certainly hit… uh, something. Read more...
Tags: Science, Nbc, Saturday Night Live, Cw, Riverdale, Jughead Jones

There Are Odd Rumors About the Wild Length of Avengers: Endgame

Early rumors tease that the fifth Mad Max might finally be getting started. An Olympian joins the cast of American Horror Story’s ninth season. Boom Studio’s Talent might be coming to TV. Plus, new pictures from The Walking Dead’s return, meet the heroes of Doom Patrol, and say hello to Birds of Prey’s Black Canary.…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Sesame Street, US, Birds Of Prey, Talent, American Horror Story, Riverdale, Captain Marvel, Monster Hunter, Existence, Mad Max 5, Alita Battle Angel, Doom Patrol, I Am Mother, Halloween 2

Brian Michael Bendis Says His Kitty Pryde Movie Is Still Happening

Taiki Waititi torpedoes those Guardians of the Galaxy 3 rumors. Stargirl casts some intriguing villains. The Riverdale spinoff is already adding some supporting stars from its sister series. Ryan Murphy is pondering a potential return to Scream Queens. Plus, even more Birds of Prey set pictures. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Childs Play, Birds Of Prey, Ryan Murphy, Scream Queens, Arrow, The Prodigy, Brian Michael Bendis, Riverdale, Dumbo, Captain Marvel, Kitty Pryde, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Star Trek Discovery, Black Lightning

The CW Is Already Teasing Its Plans for Crisis on Infinite Earths

Tony Todd is still angling for a place in the new Candyman. Get a look at the final episodes of Shadowhunters. Now it’s Tim Allen’s turn to wrap on Toy Story 4. Plus, what’s coming on The Orville, how the new Riverdale spinoff will stand apart from its sister show, and what’s next on Gotham. Spoilers get!Read more...
Tags: Science, Gotham, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Tim Allen, Cw, Shadowhunters, Candyman, Orville, Riverdale, Tony Todd, Star Trek Discovery, Toy Story 4, Star Blazers, Gemini Man, The Orville, Legend of the Demon Cat

New Merchandise Might Give Us an Intriguing Glimpse at Avengers: Endgame

Spider-Man: Far From Home casts a new friend for Peter Parker. A Bumblebee sequel is already in the works. Netflix wants to revive Unsolved Mysteries. Arrow wants to do its own take on the Birds of Prey. Plus, a new look at Men in Black: International, and what’s to come on Supergirl and Gotham. We’re in the spoilgame…Read more...
Tags: Science, Gotham, Netflix, Supergirl, Men In Black, Unsolved Mysteries, Riverdale, Peter Parker, Crawl, New Mutants, The First, Alita Battle Angel, Spider Man Far From Home, John Wick 3 Parabellum, Avengers Endgame, Bumblebee 2

Riverdale Is Doing a Musical Episode of Heathers

We love that Riverdale is so regularly bonkers that at any point, the show can just up and do a musical episode. Last year, it was Carrie. This year, we now know it’s Heathers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Musicals, The Cw, Heathers, Riverdale, Archie Comics

Our First Look at Supernatural's Big Winchester Family Reunion

Disney’s live-action Pinocchio remake has hit a snag. Netflix and Steve Carrell are working on a comedy lampooning President Trump’s Space Force. Catherine Tate wouldn’t mind one more trip in the TARDIS. Plus, previews of what’s to come on the DC/CW shows when they return. To me, my Spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Disney, Gotham, Happy, Netflix, Supernatural, Catherine Tate, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Trump, Roswell, Riverdale, Steve Carrell, Pinocchio

Marvel's Hopes for the X-Men's Future and Updates From Star Trek: Discovery

DC lines up big names for its next Justice League animated movie. Tony Todd ponders why there’s not been a new Final Destination for a while. Ethan Peck teases where Spock’s at coming into Discovery season two. Plus, more familiar faces for Supernatural’s 300th episode. Spoilers now!Read more...
Tags: Science, Glass, Spock, Justice League, The Flash, Supergirl, Polar, Replicas, Outlander, Hanna, Riverdale, Tony Todd, Young Justice, Ethan Peck, X Men, Star Trek Discovery

Rob Liefeld Has Hopes for Another Attempt at an Animated Deadpool Series

The Jacob’s Ladder remake has lost its release date. Alex Kurtzman talks the psyche of Spock. Robin Lord Taylor hopes for a monstrous end with Gotham’s Penguin. Plus, new stills from Captain Marvel, what’s to come on Riverdale and The Flash, and new footage from The Kid Who Would Be King. Spoilers now!Read more...
Tags: Science, Kingdom, Gotham, Deadpool, The Flash, The Prodigy, Jacob, Riverdale, Alex Kurtzman, Captain Marvel, Rob Liefeld, Star Trek Discovery, Bitter, The Kid Who Would Be King, Jacobs Ladder, Deadpool The Animated Series

The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2018

Every year we think there couldn’t be any more television, and again we are surprised. Before we reveal our best and worst shows of the year (those’ll come in a separate list), we want to take some time to honor the unique moments that made TV great, interesting, or baffling—and sometimes a bit unpleasant. Get ready…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, The Magicians, Westworld, The Expanse, Daredevil, Year In Review, Star Wars Rebels, Legends Of Tomorrow, Luke Cage, Steven Universe, The X Files, Legion, Iron Fist, Riverdale

Jason Momoa Has Even More to Say About Henry Cavill's Superman Future

Colin Trevorrow discusses his approach to Dinos roaming among us in the third Jurassic World movie. Nic Cage hypes up his next wild supernatural role. Stargirl recruits two more classic DC heroes. Plus, Jennifer Pierce suits up on Black Lightning, another Aquaman clip, and a first look at Playmobil: The Movie.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Gotham, Jj Abrams, Henry Cavill, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Aquaman, Jason Momoa, The Twilight Zone, Playmobil, Colin Trevorrow, Riverdale, The Hunt, DCEU, Mary Poppins Returns, Black Lightning, Jennifer Pierce

The Latest Deadly Class Trailer Makes the Show Seem Like a Slightly More Murderous Riverdale

Judging from what we’ve seen of the Russo Brothers’ upcoming adaptation of Image’s Deadly Class for Syfy, the series is going to be fairly in-line with the comics’ ultra violent tone. But the latest trailer for the show suggests that the creative team understands the importance of keeping things at least a little …Read more...
Tags: Science, Syfy, Russo brothers, Riverdale, Deadly Class

John Krasinski Drops Some Hints About His A Quiet Place Sequel Plans

Jeremy Renner thinks we’ll be getting a look at Avengers 4 soon. Get a look at Jughead Jones’ mom on Riverdale. John Carpenter is already thinking about a sequel to the latest Halloween. Plus, Carol Danvers shines bright in a new Captain Marvel poster, and a look at Doctor Who’s season finale. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Charmed, Z Nation, Glass, Avengers, Jeremy Renner, John Krasinski, John Carpenter, Carol Danvers, Van Helsing, Riverdale, Fantasy Island, Captain Marvel, Jughead Jones, Doctor Sleep

Looks Like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Will Be Back This Spring

Hail magic Satan! Looks like we know when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back, and it’s a lot sooner than expected. Read more...
Tags: Science, Netflix, Riverdale, Sabrina, Archie Comics, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chloe Bennet Offers a Sneak Peek at Daisy's Look in Agents of SHIELD Season 6

R.L. Stine promises a trilogy of Fear Street movies. Ezra Miller has high praise for the still-happening Flash movie. Get a look at Alexander Skarsgård in action for Godzilla vs. Kong. Plus, Gotham set pictures, what’s to come on Supergirl and Doctor Who, and a snippet from The Walking Dead’s midseason finale.…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Agents Of Shield, Doctor Who, Gotham, Supernatural, Daredevil, The Flash, Science Fair, Ezra Miller, Titans, Riverdale, Alexander Skarsgard, Stine, Chloe Bennet, Swamp Thing

A Major Familiar Face Confirms Their Return to Arrow

There are more rumors about who could appear in The Mandalorian. Get a closer look at Mary Poppins Returns’ animated sequences. The midnight club convenes in new Riverdale pictures. Plus, what’s to come on Doctor Who, a new clip from Ralph Breaks the Internet, and a look at Jason Todd in action on Titans. Spoilers,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Charmed, Supernatural, Arrow, Legacies, Legends Of Tomorrow, Outlander, Ralph, Mary Poppins, Titans, Riverdale, Lego Jurassic World, Jason Todd, Bumblebee

Updates From the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Black Widow, and More

Scooby Doo is offering a bizarre follow up to a 30-year-old mystery. Get another brief snippet from Bumblebee. A new clip from The Good Place teases big things for Eleanor. Meet Caitlin’s dad in new pictures from the next episode of The Flash. Plus, a 4400 reboot could be in the works. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, Supernatural, Super Mario Bros, Black Widow, The Flash, Riverdale, Scooby Doo, Bumblebee, Swamp Thing, The Gifted, Nightflyers, The Good Place, Avenue 5, The 4400, Scooby Doo And The Curse Of The 13th Ghost, Eleanor Meet Caitlin

Updates From The Eternals, Terminator 6, and More

There’s early plans to resurrect an unused Night of the Living Dead sequel script from George Romero. The Purge TV show is getting a second season. Plus, Riverdale casts an intriguing new character with ties to Hiram, and a new look at Anna and the Apocalypse. Spoilers now!Read more...
Tags: Science, Zoo, Anna, George Romero, Shazam, Lucifer, Veronica Mars, Riverdale, Hiram, Willy Wonka, Living Dead, The Purge, Green Knight, The Gifted, Reverie, Terminator 6

The 12 Coolest Horror References We Spotted in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a bewitching series based on a popular comic book, but it also pays homage to the horror genre as a whole. Here are a few of the best horror references we came across during the first season, as well as a few special Easter eggs from behind the scenes.Read more...
Tags: Science, Horror, Netflix, George Romero, Riverdale, Sabrina, Suspiria, Night of the Living Dead, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Nightmare On Elm Street

New Avengers 4 Rumors Tease the Return of a Familiar Foe

The long-in-limbo Labyrinth sequel has a script. Alexander Skarsgård joins the monster mashup madness of Godzilla vs Kong. Milla Jovovich shows off behind the scenes on the Monster Hunter movie. Plus, John Barrowman still wants in on Doctor Who, and what’s to come in the DC/CW universe. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harley Quinn, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Riverdale, John Barrowman, Alexander Skarsgard, The Kitchen, Monster Hunter, Nightwatch, Spawn, New Avengers

Updates From the Nightwing Movie, Legends of Tomorrow, and More

The Phantom Tollbooth’s adaptation has a new director. The fifth Purge movie could be the last in the franchise. Stephen Amell’s got more behind-the-scenes pics from the big DC/CW crossover, Elseworlds. Plus, a new Star Wars Resistance clip, and see the Riverdale kids play their parents for a new flashback episode.…Read more...
Tags: Science, American Horror Story, Aquaman, Legends Of Tomorrow, Shazam, Stephen Amell, Riverdale, Nightwing, The Gifted, Dc Cw, Dc Cw Verse, Elseworlds, The Phantom Tollbooth, Ari Aster, The Spongebob Movie Its A Wonderful Sponge, The Purge 5

More Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Pictures Give Us Another Look at the New Costume

A surprising star joins the Cats movie. John Carpenter hopes for a They Live sequel. Pennyworth finds a few more of Alfred’s security team. Gotham might have dropped a sneaky hint at its take on Bane. Plus, new footage from Aquaman, and The Flash teases a grim fate for one member of the team. Spoilers now!Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, Gotham, Childs Play, Game Of Thrones, The Flash, Aquaman, Alfred, Grimm, John Carpenter, Riverdale, American Gods, The Gifted, The Reckoning, Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald, Annabelle 3

Our First Look at the Watchmen TV Show Gives Us a Whole New Mystery to Solve

Warner Bros. is going all in on another cinematic universe. Simon Kinberg talks up the Gambit movie. Elisabeth Olsen promises more doom and gloom for Wanda and the Vision in Avengers 4. Plus, new details on what’s coming on Doctor Who, Sonequa Martin-Green on Discovery’s Spock, and what’s to come on Arrow. Spoilers,…Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, Doctor Who, Spock, Warner Bros, Wanda, Arrow, Supergirl, Gambit, Riverdale, Simon Kinberg, Hanna Barbera, Suspiria, Watchmen, American Gods, Avengers 4

More Intriguing Rumors About The Mandalorian

Zoe Saldana offers some cryptic Avengers 4 clues. The Rock is teaming up with his Jumanji director for a wild new fantasy film on Netflix. Mädchen Amick offers a detailed take on Alice Cooper’s headspace going into Riverdale’s return. Plus, Richard Wenk on his script for the Kraven movie. Put Captain Spoilers in the…Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Charmed, Gotham, The Little Mermaid, Avengers, The Flash, Zoe Saldana, Alice Cooper, Riverdale, Suspiria, The Purge, Richard Wenk, Pet Sematary, Holmes Watson, Avengers 4

Gotham Confirms Another Major Batman Villain for Its Final Season

Janelle Monae joins Disney’s Lady and the Tramp remake. Barbara Broccoli now doesn’t see a female Bond in the future of the franchise. Production on the Monster Hunter movie has begun. Plus, more good Star Trek: Discovery news, what’s to come on Doctor Who, and new pictures from The 100's return. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Disney, Z Nation, Gotham, Happy, James Bond, Barbara Broccoli, The Last Ship, The Flash, Janelle Monae, The 100, Riverdale, Suspiria

The Speculation About Avengers 4's Real Title Rages On

Who among The Mandalorian’s list of directors could direct which episodes? Vincent D’Onofrio once again stokes the flames of his desire to bring Wilson Fisk to the Marvel movies. Get your first look at the Pet Sematary remake. Plus, what’s to come on the CW’s returning genre shows. Spoilers, assemble!Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, Supernatural, Cw, The Flash, Arrow, Aquaman, Supergirl, Siren, Riverdale, Wilson Fisk, New York Comic Con, Recursion, Pet Sematary, Vincent D'onofrio, Avengers 4

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