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This Robotic Backpack Takes the Load Off

As we enter the fall hiking season, we may find ourselves carrying the bare necessities in a heavy backpack: a sleeping bag, a can of bug spray, a small stove, or even a case of White Claw. Until now, you and your muscles would have to lug all this junk through the woods. Now a robot can help.Read more...
Tags: Science, Backpack, Backpacks, Robots, Pack It In

Tokusatsu Nights Are Alright for Fighting

Giant robots are cool. Giant superheroes, too. Giant monsters? Also cool. But you know what makes them cooler? Fighting. At night.Read more...
Tags: Science, Robots, Pacific Rim, Vfx, Practical Effects, Kaiju, Ultraman, Tokusatsu, Ultraman Z

I was excited for Neuralink. Then I watched Elon Musk’s stupid demo

Last week Elon Musk’s Neuralink, a startup working on creating a brain computer interface (BCI) for consumers, held a “tech demo” to show off the company’s progress over the last year. Let me sum it up for you: Musk and Neuralink have figured out how to do basic brain surgery. What’s that you say? Humans have been doing basic brain surgery for hundreds of years? Yeah, that’s my point. Musk got me again. I should have known better. After all, I once believed Tesla would reach level five autonomy ...
Tags: Startups, Elon Musk, Science, Opinion, Tech, Tesla, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Musk, Neural, Neuralink

New microscopic robots could one day be injected into human bodies

Scientists have created microscopic robots that could one day be injected into human bodies to perform surgery. They’re the first microscopic robots made of semiconductor components, according to their creators from Cornell University. This means they can be made to walk using standard electronic signals. Each robot has four legs comprised of tiny actuators, which are connected to patches of solar cells on the device’s chassis. When laser beams are shined on these patches, the legs bend to make ...
Tags: Startups, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Cornell University, Neural

This Tiny Robo-Beetle Is Powered by Booze

Screw batteries and charging cables—2020 has been such a rough year that even the robots are turning to drink.Read more...
Tags: Science, Robots, Beetles, Robotics, Beep Boop Beep

How Intel helped give the ‘world’s first’ cyborg a voice

On a cold November day in 2016, Dr Peter Scott-Morgan was having a long, hot soak in the bath. After stepping out of the tub, he gave his foot a shake to get the water off. But his foot wouldn’t move. Peter was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND), the same incurable illness that killed Stephen Hawking. The disease degenerates the nerve cells that enable us to move, speak, breathe, and swallow. In time, it can render a person physically paralyzed while their brain remains alert, locked int...
Tags: Startups, Science, Intel, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Stephen Hawking, Peter, Mnd, Neural, Peter Scott Morgan

Beyond batteries: Beetle bots

A tiny robot is vaping methanol to power up its artificial muscles and punch above its weight The post Beyond batteries: Beetle bots appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
Tags: Science, Robots, Robotics, Openaccess, Sci-tech, Methanol, Top Six, Science Robotics, Shuguang Li, Microrobot, RoBeetle, Ryan Truby, Xiufeng Yang

This Lightning Fast Robotic Tongue Ensures You'll Snatch the Last Container of Clorox Wipes

Watch any kid play with a tape measure and you’ll understand where researchers from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology found the inspiration for their new chameleon-like robot that can snag objects with its artificial tongue over 30 inches away in less than 600 milliseconds.Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Robots, Chameleons, Tongues, Clorox Wipes, Snatcher

This Case Gives Your Phone Robotic Legs So It Can Crawl to a Wireless Charging Pad

By now our brains are all wired with smartphone battery anxiety, and panic starts to set in when power drops below 50%. In one of the more bizarre ways to keep those stresses at bay, a team of researchers have developed a new smartphone case with a set of tiny robotic legs that allow a phone to crawl to a wireless…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Research, Smartphones, Cases, Robots, Seoul National University, Casecrawler

This Little AI-Powered Robot Pet Is So Cute It Hurts

I’m not sure if Moflin is supposed to be a robotic hamster, guinea pig, baby bunny, or some alternate take on a Tribble, but goddamn this robo-pet is cute.Read more...
Tags: Science, Robots, Kickstarter, Consumer Tech, Moe Robots, Moflin, Ai Pets

Researchers use neuromorphic chips and electronic ‘skin’ to give robots a sense of touch

We take our sense of touch for granted. Simple tasks like opening a jar or tying our shoelaces would be a whole lot more complex if we couldn’t feel the object with our hands. Robots typically struggle to replicate this sense, restricting their ability to manipulate objects. But researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) might have found a solution: pairing artificial skin with a neuromorphic “brain.”  The system was developed by a team led by Assistant Professors Benjamin Tee, ...
Tags: Startups, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, National University of Singapore NUS, Neural, Benjamin Tee, Harold Soh

The Chip That Can Smell Can Now Help Robots Feel Touch

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have created an artificial robot skin that can process touch 1,000 times faster than humans can, according to Engadget. The skin is powered by Intel’s neuromorphic research chip, Loihi, which Cornell University researchers were able to program to recognize…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Intel, Robots, Cornell University, National University Of Singapore, Engadget, National University of Singapore NUS, Loihi

A beginner’s guide to the AI apocalypse: Humanity joins the hivemind

Welcome to the latest article in TNW’s guide to the AI apocalypse. In this series we’ll examine some of the most popular doomsday scenarios prognosticated by modern AI experts.  It’s pretty easy to think up new ways for robots to destroy us. We’re pretty squishy. But what if AI doesn’t want us dead? Maybe our future overlords will see our weaknesses and, in their infinite benevolence, choose to upgrade us. Perhaps humanity goes extinct through evolution instead of extermination. Welcome to the h...
Tags: Startups, Facebook, Science, Insights, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, TNW, Neural, Coronavirus

Here’s why AI didn’t save us from COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic began we were all so full of hope. We assumed our technology would save us from a disease that could be stymied by such modest steps as washing our hands and wearing face masks. We were so sure that artificial intelligence would become our champion in a trial by combat with the coronavirus that we abandoned any pretense of fear the moment the curve appeared to flatten in April and May. We let our guard down. Pundits and experts back in January and February very careful...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Neural, Coronavirus, COVID

Take a Brief Vacation From Reality With These 6 Short Sci-Fi and Horror Films

Dreaming of other planets, other realities, or other timelines? So far, 2020 has us wishing we could be literally anywhere else. Here’s a temporary escape hatch: these awesome new short films, all of which share glimpses of a future where so much more has gone wrong. At least we aren’t there... yet?Read more...
Tags: Space, Science, Horror, Artificial Intelligence, Animation, Robots, Sci Fi, Short Films, John Panton, Short Sci Fi

Teaching Robots There Are No Toilets in the Kitchen Makes Them Better at Navigating a House

If you’re visiting a friend and find yourself sleepily stumbling through their house in the middle of the night, basic common sense tells you that if you see a fridge, you’re probably in their kitchen. But a toilet? More than likely you’re in a bathroom. It’s a common sense approach to navigation that robots are…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Research, House, Robots, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Carnegie Mellon University

Researchers Created Tiny Camera Backpacks for Beetles

Every year, companies like GoPro manage to pack more and more functionality into smaller and smaller action cameras that are less obtrusive to wear. But a team of researchers from the University of Washington has managed to build a live-streaming wireless camera that’s so small even an insect can wear it.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Photography, Science, Cameras, Robots, Insects, Action Cameras, University of Washington

Grant Imahara, Mythbusters Host and Star Wars Roboticist, Dies at 49

Grant Imahara, cohost of the wildly popular TV show Mythbusters, died on Monday at the age of 49, according to a report from the Hollywood Reporter. The cause of death was reportedly a sudden brain aneurysm.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Hollywood, Science, Design, Obituaries, Robots, Rip, Obituary, Adam Savage, Usc, Comic Con, Mythbusters, Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, Industrial Light And Magic

Artificial Feathers Let This Robotic Bird Fly With Incredible Agility

Over the years, Festo, a German automation company with a penchant for robots, has designed countless Mother Nature-inspired automatons that swim, hop, and fly like their real-world counterparts. That includes robotic birds, which have now been upgraded with fake feathers that allow the robots to soar through the air…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Birds, Robots, Innovation, Robotics, Festo, BionicSwift

Festo’s latest biomimetic robots are a flying feathered bird and ball-bottomed helper arm

You could be excused for thinking that German robotics company Festo does nothing but put together fabulous prototype robots built to resemble kangaroos, jellyfish, and other living things. They do in fact actually make real industrial robots, but it’s hard not to marvel at their biomimetic experiments; Case in point, the feathered BionicSwift and absurd BionicMobileAssistant motile arm. Festo already has a flying bird robot — I wrote about it almost 10 years ago. They even made a flying bat as ...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Hardware, Tech, Robots, Robotics, Festo, Biomimetic, BionicSwift

How an AI learned to stitch up patients by studying surgical videos

You probably wouldn’t want a surgeon to stitch you up if they’d learned their craft by studying YouTube videos. But what about a robot? The prospect might not be as fanciful as it sounds. Researchers from UC Berkeley, Intel, and Google Brain recently taught an AI model to operate by imitating videos of eight human surgeons at work. The algorithm — known as Motion2Vec — was trained on footage of medics using da Vinci surgical robots to perform suturing tasks such as needle-passing and knot-tying....
Tags: Startups, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, James Bond, Google Brain, Neural, UC Berkeley Intel

How quantum computers could make future humans immortal

As best we can guess, life started on planet Earth about 3.5 billion years ago. Unfortunately, so did death. And the reaper remains undefeated. About 99 percent of all species that ever lived are now extinct. There’s almost no scientific reason to believe humans won’t join them in a relatively insignificant amount of time. I say almost because, if we try really hard, we can conceive of a theoretical, science-based intervention for death. Let’s call it a “quantum respawn.” We’re not the first gen...
Tags: Startups, Science, Insights, Tech, Earth, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Neural

You Can Finally Buy Boston Dynamics' Spot, But You Can't Use It For Evil

Last September, after debuting several years prior, Boston Dynamics’ impressively agile robotic dog Spot was made available to a select number of companies as an experiment to see how the robot would perform outside of the company’s R&D labs. A year later, Spot is now officially available for sale, although not…Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Robots, Robotics, Boston Dynamics, Spot

You Will Never Beat This Sharpshooting Robot at Table Hockey

Over the years we’ve seen quite a few successful attempts to create robotic air hockey opponents, but Andrew Khorkin has dedicated himself to a much harder task. He’s managed to build a robot that can not only play table hockey—a more onerous task than playing air hockey—but one that can slap the puck into the net…Read more...
Tags: Games, Science, Sports, Hacks, Robots, Table Hockey, Andrew Khorkin

AI gladiators fight thousands of duels so we can learn how weaponry evolves in nature

Naturally occurring violence in the animal kingdom has fascinated scientists, military strategists, and stoned people watching the National Geographic channel for as long as humans have been observing it. Understanding these systems – how and why animals fight – helps us to work out theories about the evolution of species. On the grand scale, it’s fairly easy to theorize that big critters, such as great white sharks and lions, eat little critters that can’t get away. But our theories become less...
Tags: Startups, Gaming, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, National Geographic, Neural

Study: Artificial brains need rest too

AI is still a long way from matching human intelligence, but one way it might already mirror mere mortals is in its need for sleep. Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory made the discovery while developing neural networks that learn in a similar way as a human brain.  They found that the artificial brains became unstable after continuous periods of unsupervised dictionary training. This technique involves classifying objects without comparing them to existing examples, which I’d find p...
Tags: Startups, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Neural

This Wall-Smashing Wearable Robot Arm Is Also the Perfect Social Distancing Tool

Before autonomous robots completely replace humans in the workplace, we’re going to see a hybrid approach where workers augmented with extra robotic limbs will work safer, easier, and faster. In the case of this robotic third arm that can smash through walls, these upgrades will potentially also be an effective way to …Read more...
Tags: Science, Research, Robots, Université de Sherbrooke

Microsoft's Switching Out MSN's Contract Journalists for AI

Dozens of contract journalists at Microsoft’s MSN and Microsoft News organizations are being phased out in favor of artificial intelligence, according to multiple reports this week.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Microsoft, Journalism, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Machine Learning, Ai, Reporter, Msn, Did A Bot Write This

Microsoft Is Switching Out MSN's Contract Journalists for AI

Dozens of contract journalists at Microsoft’s MSN and Microsoft News organizations are being phased out in favor of artificial intelligence, according to multiple reports this week.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Microsoft, Journalism, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Machine Learning, Ai, Reporter, Msn, Did A Bot Write This

How to watch the historic SpaceX/NASA launch today!

Today, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule is scheduled to shuttle two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. This will be the first time humans will launch to space from the United States since 2011 and the first time a private company will take humans offworld. Intrepid science journalist Nadia Drake is at the launchpad reporting on the mission for National Geographic and ABC News. Tune in above for Nadia's live reporting. Liftoff is set for 4:33pm ET, weather and t...
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