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Assessment of disparities in COVID-19 testing, infection across language groups in Seattle

Researchers evaluated the proportion of patients who completed COVID-19 testing and the proportion of positive cases using language as a surrogate for immigrant status.
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Fauci: We'll likely be wearing masks for most of 2021, even after a vaccine rolls out

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci watches as Vice President Mike Pence speaks after leading a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing at the Department of Health and Human Services on June 26, 2020 in Washington, DC. Joshua Roberts/Getty Images Dr. Anthony Fauci says a vaccine alone is not going to "get us to the point where we want to be, by the end of 2021." We'll need to vaccinate, social distance, continue hand hygiene, and use ...
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Lessons from coronavirus surveillance testing in Seattle-area homeless shelters

A coronavirus surveillance study undertaken at Seattle-area homeless shelters, starting as the pandemic emerged, provides possible community-based strategies for detecting SARS-CoV-2 infections and protecting homeless populations, as well as others in close-living quarters such as prisons, refugee camps and evacuation centers.
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Black scientists call out racism in the field and counter it

University of Washington ecologist Christopher Schell is studying how coronavirus shutdowns have affected wildlife in Seattle and other cities. “I wear the nerdiest glasses I have and often a jacket that has my college logo, so that people don’t mistake me for what they think is a thug or hooligan,” said Schell, who is African American. Tanisha Williams, a botanist at Bucknell University, knows exactly which plants she's looking for.
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Technical glitches have disrupted learning for students all across the country as they navigate online classes during the pandemic

Helina Thorp, right, 14, expresses frustration while unsuccessfully trying to log in to her school distance-learning classes while her mother, Virginia Thorp, attempts to call school officials from a Pacific Gas & Electric community resource center at the El Dorado Fairgrounds during a Public Safety Power Shutoff in Placerville, Calif., on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020. Daniel Kim/The Sacramento Bee via AP As many students went back to school online on Tuesday, they were met with technical glitch...
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Coronavirus live news: Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial put on hold; England bans gatherings of more than six

China’s leaders stage triumphant celebration of beating coronavirus; UK government to announce additional restrictions; AstraZeneca Plc and Oxford pause major vaccine trial for second time. Follow the latest updates‘Not a game’: Europe pleads with young people to halt Covid spreadGatherings of more than six to be banned in EnglandBrazil’s ex-president Lula condemns Bolsonaro over CovidUS: death rate among African Americans and Latinos rising sharply 12.59am BST Peter Walker and Simon Murphy ...
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Terms in Seattle-area rental ads reinforce neighborhood segregation

A new University of Washington study of Seattle-area rental ads shows how certain words and phrases are common to different neighborhoods, helping to reinforce residential segregation.
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Neutralizing antibodies appear to protect humans from coronavirus infection

A Seattle fishing vessel that departed port in May returned 18 days later with an unusual haul: the first human evidence that neutralizing antibodies provide protection from reinfection by SARS-CoV-2. The research is published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, a publication of the American Society for Microbiology.
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Many 'Flu' Cases in Seattle This Winter Were Actually Covid-19, Study Finds

The start of the covid-19 pandemic in the U.S. may have been earlier and far larger than official records indicate, according to a new study. Researchers found that a substantial portion of people, including children, in Seattle who were suspected of having the flu this past winter likely had covid-19 instead. It also…Read more...
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Will automated vehicles cut parking revenue?

Benjamin Clark and Anne Brown of the University of Oregon used Seattle as a case study to find the association between TNC trips and on-street parking occupancy. They found that up to a certain point, more Uber trips meant more parking occupancy. But model predictions show that once TNC trips reach about three times what they were in 2016, parking revenues will likely decline. The final report offers policy options to help cities plan accordingly.
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Spaceflight Inc. debuts new orbital transfer vehicle for satellite rideshare rocket launches

Seattle-based space ride share service provider Spaceflight Inc. revealed its next-generation orbital transfer vehicle today, the Sherpa-FX. The new spacecraft acts as a deployment spacecraft for combined payloads on rideshare rocket launches – essentially providing last-mile transportation from the point at which the launch vehicle deploys the combined payload, to the actual desired target deployment orbit of each satellite sharing the ride to space. The Sherpa-FX will fly its debut mission on ...
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First COVID-19 vaccine tested in U.S. poised for final testing

By LAURAN NEERGAARD The first COVID-19 vaccine tested in the U.S. revved up people’s immune systems just the way scientists had hoped, researchers reported Tuesday — as the shots are poised to begin key final testing. “No matter how you slice this, this is good news,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert, told The Associated Press. The experimental vaccine, developed by Fauci’s colleagues at the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc., will start its most...
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Clinical characteristics, symptoms of patients with COVID-19 receiving emergency medical services

Clinical characteristics and symptoms of patients with COVID-19 in Seattle and greater King County, Washington, who required 911 emergency medical services response are described in this study.
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Tax Amazon's Successor Passed Seattle's City Council, and You Can Already Guess What It Does

Unemployment in the US is still over 11%, and yet during this economic crisis, Jeff Bezos has added an astonishing $56.7 billion to his already colossal fortune. If ever there was a time to redistribute some of that wealth, it’s now, and it seems that experiment in equity will begin in Seattle. Read more...
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Instacart Sues Seattle Over Hazard Pay for Delivery Workers

After the proposal received unanimous support from the city council, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan last Friday signed in local ordinance 119799, the seemingly unimpeachable purpose of which was to impose “premium pay” for gig workers delivering groceries during the ongoing pandemic. Not even a week later, the city is…Read more...
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18 Names for Amazon’s ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ That Would’ve Made More Sense

So we’re really doing this, huh?
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Fox News Tries to Make Seattle Protests Seem Scarier With Crappy Photoshopping

After failing to find photos sufficiently terrifying enough to support its fearmongering narrative about ongoing protests, Fox News apparently made its own.Read more...
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Trump Uses Stock Photo to Accuse Americans of Being Antifa 'Terrorists' on Facebook

President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign is using Antifa as the new boogeyman to terrify Republicans on Facebook. But the campaign’s latest scaremongering about the decentralized anti-fascist movement might be their most irresponsible yet. Trump is now using an old stock photo to call random protesters—people…Read more...
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U.S. Hits 2 Million Coronavirus Cases As Trump Ignores Pandemic to Threaten 'Ugly Anarchists'

The U.S. has officially identified over 2 million coronavirus cases, the highest number in the world, according to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracker. The country has at least 112,924 deaths, also the highest in the world, and things are expected to get even worse in the coming…Read more...
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Analysis of Seattle EMS and hospital data indicates low COVID infection risk from bystander CPR

Analysis of Seattle emergency medical services (EMS) and hospital data from Jan. 1 to April 15, 2020, indicates bystander CPR is a lifesaving endeavor whose benefits outweigh the risks of COVID-19 infection, according to a new article published yesterday in the American Heart Association's flagship journal Circulation.
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Your Lock Screen is Protected Under The Fourth Amendment, Court Rules

Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling from 2018, most of the evidence that might be hidden on a suspect’s phone is only accessible with some sort of warrant. Now, a Seattle judge is extending these protections even further. Read more...
Tags: Science, Hardware, Supreme Court, Digital Privacy, Law Enforcement, Seattle

Seattle Announces Permanent Street Closures to Give People Space to Exercise

During a time when more people are sheltering at home and practicing social distancing, Seattle is making the closure of some streets permanent to allow residents and families to use them for outdoor health and exercise at a safe distance.Read more...
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Coronavirus live news: Trump suspends WHO funding as global deaths pass 125,000

US to investigate World Health Organization’s response to crisis; cases worldwide pass 1.97m; France summons Chinese envoy. Follow the latest updates Trump halts WHO funding over coronavirus ‘failure’Australia coronavirus – live Coronavirus latest: at a glanceSee all our coronavirus coverage 1.08am BST Here is everything we know so far about US president Donald Trumps’ decision to suspend funding for the World Health Organization: Donald Trump has announced he is halting funding to the World...
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How can coronavirus models get it so wrong?

Analysis depends on data – so predictions for Italy and Spain, where peak has passed, are more reliable than for UKUK will have Europe’s worst death tollCoronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverageThe Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, based at the University of Washington, is the best organisation in the world at collecting data on diseases and mapping out why we fall ill.Its Global Burden of Disease study is a massive collaborative effort that is valued and...
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Coronavirus Vaccine: Where are we and what's next? (video)

You might have heard that COVID-19 vaccine trials are underway in Seattle. What exactly is being tested? How much longer will these tests take? And when can we expect a vaccine against the novel coronavirus? We chat with Benjamin Neuman, Ph.D., one of the world's experts on coronavirus, and Daniel Wrapp, one of the scientists who mapped the structure of the protein that the coronavirus uses to infect your cells, to help us answer these questions:
Tags: Science, Seattle, Benjamin Neuman, Daniel Wrapp

International borders continue to hinder cross-border cooperation

Cross-border regions have great potential for cooperation, yet very few border regions are integrated, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows. In the border region of Cascadia that connects Seattle in the US with Vancouver in Canada, economic cooperation has been modest despite local decision-makers' high regard of it.
Tags: Science, US, Canada, Vancouver, Seattle, University of Eastern Finland, Cascadia

Xplore’s Xcraft space probe lands in Xtronaut 2.0 board game — and STEM students are the winners

Seattle-based Xplore isn't due to launch its first Xcraft space probe until late 2021, but it's already landed in an educational board game. Xtronaut 2.0, a multiplayer game devised by planetary scientist Dante Lauretta and Xtronaut Enterprises CEO Michael Lyon, will feature Xcraft as one of the deck's playing cards. Players can combine the cards to create their own game-board missions to deep space. The arrangement is part of a sponsorship deal for Xtronaut 2.0's Kickstarter cro...
Tags: Science, Seattle, Michael Lyon, Dante Lauretta, Xplore, Xtronaut Enterprises, Xcraft, Xtronaut

How are you doing during the COVID-19 crisis? Scientists want to hear your story

Researchers at the University of Washington are launching a study aimed at answering the question that's on a lot of people's minds as the coronavirus epidemic spreads through the Seattle area: How are you holding up? The King County COVID-19 Community Study, a.k.a. KC3S, is recruiting King County residents to tell their stories. The study is scheduled to collect data through April 19. “We want to start collecting this information now — as the COVID-19 pandemic is unfolding — about how f...
Tags: Science, Seattle, University of Washington, Nicole Errett

UN: 85% of new infections, deaths coming from Europe and US

By DAVID RISING and CHRIS BLAKE BERLIN — Infections and deaths globally from the coronavirus are expected to increase “considerably” when global figures are published later Tuesday, the World Health Organization said. Overnight reporting showed 85% of the new cases are being reported in Europe and the United States, said Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman. On Monday, WHO counted more than 334,000 total cases globally. Harris said “but in fact the outbreak is accelerating very rapidly and the...
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UN: 85% of new infections, deaths coming from Europe and U.S.

By DAVID RISING and CHRIS BLAKE BERLIN — Infections and deaths globally from the coronavirus are expected to increase “considerably” when global figures are published later Tuesday, the World Health Organization said. Overnight reporting showed 85% of the new cases are being reported in Europe and the United States, said Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman. On Monday, WHO counted more than 334,000 total cases globally. Harris said “but in fact the outbreak is accelerating very rapidly and the...
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