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Whale Sharks Have Eyeballs Covered in Tiny Teeth

Marine biologists from Japan say whale sharks have eyeballs coated in tiny teeth, in a discovery unique to this hulking but gentle aquatic species.Read more...
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Ranking the Shark Smarts of Horror’s Most Pernicious Predators

Sharks have been terrorizing big screen beaches for decades—way more than they do in real life, actually. But in Hollywood, you have to be more than just a regular old shark to get a fin up on the humans. Sometimes, being a movie shark means you’re a smarter predator. Other times, it leads you to make very bad shark…Read more...
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Jaws at 45: The Scenes, the Sounds, the Shark

Going in the water hasn’t been comfortable for 45 years. That’s how long it’s been since director Steven Spielberg first released his film Jaws and subsequently changed everything. The summer blockbuster season was born. A new wunderkind director emerged. A little-known composer instantly became a legend. And…Read more...
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Jaw of 330-Million-Year-Old Shark Found in Kentucky Cave

Sharks typically don’t come to mind when you think about landlocked Kentucky, but as fossil evidence from the state’s Mammoth Cave National Park shows, this place was once chock-full of the carnivorous fishes.Read more...
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'Walking Sharks' Confirmed as the Newest Addition to the Shark Family Tree

Sharks have been around for a long time, emerging over 400 million years ago. New research shows that tropical ‘walking sharks’ appeared just 9 million years ago, making them the most recently evolved shark on the planet. Read more...
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Fish Hooks Are Injuring a Shocking Number of Sharks

Observations of sharks swimming off the coast of Tahiti show the alarming degree to which fishing hooks remain attached to these marine predators.Read more...
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Dead Alligators Dropped to the Bottom of the Sea Make for a Rare and Delicious Meal

An experiment to see how deep-sea creatures might react to the presence of an uncommon food source—alligator carcasses—has resulted in some fascinating new science.Read more...
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Shark and ray vision comes into focus

Until now, little has been known about the evolution of vision in cartilaginous fishes, particularly sharks and their genetic cousins, the rays. In a new study, it has been shown that all cartilaginous fishes, similar to the marine mammals, have lost the SWS1 and SWS2 opsin genes. Sharks and rays do contain both rod and cone photoreceptors; however rays possess two cone opsin genes whereas sharks have only one cone. Sharks therefore were found to have lost the ability to see colors.
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'It’s Pathetic:' World Fails to Protect One of the Most Eaten Sharks

Disbelief and disappointment are some of the more PG-rated reactions coming from the ocean conservation community on Tuesday in response to a decision not to protect mako sharks. A closely-watched measure to protect IUCN Red List Endangered fish  failed to pass at an international meeting that ended Monday due to…Read more...
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How Are Doves and Sparrows Ending Up Inside Baby Sharks?

Back in 2010, scientists were monitoring a shark population on the Mississippi-Alabama border. They had hauled up a small tiger shark to tag when something strange happened: It puked up feathers. A DNA analysis revealed that the shark had eaten a brown thrasher, a speckled migratory songbird related to the…Read more...
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Atlantic Shipwreck Graveyard May Be Key Habitat for Imperiled Sharks

Photographs taken by citizen scientist scuba divers show that female sand tiger sharks develop an affinity to certain shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina—a finding that could prove useful to conservation efforts. Read more...
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A Rare White Whale Has Been Filmed Off the Coast of Mexico

A whale-watching guide struck white gold last month when he encountered a rare, albino gray whale breaching off the west coast of Baja California, Mexico.Footage of the whale, which tour guide and scuba instructor Manuel Gonzalez posted to Facebook in March, has drawn comparisons to Moby Dick, the white whale of literary legend described by Herman Melville in 1851. Unlike Moby, who was a gargantuan sperm whale with an appetite for New England mariner limbs, the gray whale recorded here was proba...
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Shark's-Eye-View Video Captures Epic Seal Chase Through Kelp Forest

Stunning new video footage shows great white sharks hunting seals -- all from the huge predator's perspective. The sharks were fitted with video cameras that recorded some surprising behaviors.The footage revealed that some great white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) spent part of their days swimming through kelp forests, where cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) hung out. This finding, scientists say, is unexpected on two fronts.For starters, previous studies showed that great whites us...
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Great White Sharks Appear Perfectly Healthy Despite Lead, Arsenic, and Mercury Coursing Through Their Veins

Great white sharks aren’t the unstoppable killing machines of Hollywood’s imagination, but studies have continuously shown that they’re definitely badasses of evolution. A new paper out this week adds to that resume, finding that great whites can easily withstand levels of heavy metals that would kill most other…Read more...
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Look at this majestic school of hammerhead sharks ready to mate

An astonishing school of hammerhead sharks surprises divers at Darwin's Arch in the Galápagos Islands in this majestic video from the BBC's Mission Galápagos series. In an article at a href="">Wanderlust, the Mission Galápagos series host, animal biologist and presenter Liz Bonnin, lists this adventure as one of her "most amazing wildlife experiences": The hammerheads come from all different directions and gather, s...
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We Need More Games That Let You Play As Animals

Over the last weekend, I finally played some Ape Out. That game has some style. Though as I played it I realized something. Sadly, we don’t seem to get a lot of games anymore that give you control over an animal. That’s a shame, I love these games.Read more...
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Newly Decoded Great White Shark Genome Hints at Why They're So Indestructible

The great white shark is impressively terrifying (though not actually much of a threat to humans). But a new study shows that the animal is also an impressive feat of evolution. For the first time, scientists say they’ve fully unspooled the genome of the great white, a discovery that will help us better understand why…Read more...
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Can sharks teach us how to cure cancer? Scientists think so

We humans like to flatter ourselves and imagine that we have what it takes to survive here on planet Earth, but our reign pales in comparison to that of sharks. Sharks like the great white have been dominating the seas for millions of years, and they didn't reach the pinnacle by chance.Sharks have incredible biological abilities that give them an edge over many other species, including humans. Now, new research into shark DNA could potentially hold the key to cures for human diseases like ca...
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Death metal attracts sharks as it mimics "struggling fish"

TIL: Sharks are attracted to the sound of death metal. Apparently, the "dense tones" of it mimics the "low frequencies of struggling fish." (Damn.) In 2015, a Discovery Channel crew -- hoping to attract a large great white named "Joan of Shark" -- dropped a speaker underwater and played some. Independent: Desperate to feature the 16-foot, 1.6 tonne shark in their documentary, they submerged a speaker to see if the shark would react. Unfortunately they didn't manage to attract Joan, but did c...
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Ancient Shark With Spaceship-Shaped Teeth Named After Vintage Video Game

A newly described freshwater shark from the Cretaceous Period had teeth that resembled the iconic Galaga video game spacefighter. Remarkably, the remains of this shark were found in the same pile of debris that contained Sue the T. rex—the largest and most complete fossil of the species ever found.Read more...
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Giant 21ft great white shark named Deep Blue spotted off coast of Hawaii

It was the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance for a team of divers to photograph themselves alongside Deep Blue, the notorious great white shark.  But, in the words of one commentator, the resulting headline could easily have read: "stupid human dies chasing a 20ft shark".  The female, one of the largest sharks ever recorded, was photographed feasting on a dead sperm whale nine miles off the coast of Oahu, a Hawaiian island.  It is only the third ever sighting of Deep Blue, who was last spott...
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Mysterious Shark Species Discovered in Museum Collection May Already Be Extinct

It’s a new year, and the world has its first new species of shark in 2019. Meet Carcharhinus obsolerus! Though, it’d be wise to temper your expectations if you hope to see the newly-described species in the wild. The unique shark—described based on a few specimens caught many decades ago—may actually be extinct, gone…Read more...
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The wilderness has returned to idyllic Cape Cod. That means great white sharks.

On Sept. 14, Wendy Dockray strolled down to Newcomb Hollow Beach, on the shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The waves were mighty that day, so she went to watch the surf pound the shore.  The waves also attracted surfers. "I actually thought, 'Aren't they worried?'" Dockray, whose family has owned a house on the cape for 60 years, said in an interview. The next afternoon, a shark — suspected to be a great white — sunk its teeth into 26-year-old boogie-boarder Arthur Medici. The tra...
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Mysterious "shark lair" turns out to be epic buffet

Great Whites travel months to visit what The San Francsico Chronicle describes as a "shark lair" in the Pacific Ocean. Mystified scientists took a deeper look. The sharks’ annual pilgrimage to the mid-Pacific region from the coasts of California and Mexico has baffled scientists for years, not just because it is so far away — it takes a month for the sharks to get there — but because it seemed, on the surface, to be lacking the kind of prey or habitat that the toothy carnivores prefer. But the...
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Scientists Have Discovered the First Known Omnivorous Shark

Sharks are virtually synonymous with carnivorousness, but the bonnethead shark, as new research suggests, is a true flexitarian, capable of switching between meat and plant-based diets.Read more...
Tags: Science, Biology, Fish, Animal Behavior, Sharks, Carnivores, Bonnethead Sharks, Omnivores

First known omnivorous shark species identified

60% of the bonnethead shark’s diet is made up of seagrass, which they happily graze upon as well as eating fish, crabs, snails and shrimpIt is one of the most radical rebrandings in history: contrary to their bloodthirsty image, some sharks are not irrepressible meat eaters, but are happy to munch on vegetation too.According to US researchers, one of the most common sharks in the world, a relative of the hammerhead which patrols the shores of the Americas, is the first variety of shark to be out...
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The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Jumbled Shark Evolution

More than 500 different shark species roam Earth’s oceans: from zippy little cookie-cutter sharks, to the iconic great white, to nightmarish goblin sharks, to 25-foot-long, filter-feeding basking sharks. And it seems that the current equilibrium of shark species we see today arose after the Cretaceous–Paleogene mass…Read more...
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Incompetent Thieves Steal Shark From San Antonio Aquarium By Disguising It as a Baby

Security footage caught three people stealing a gray horn shark from the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas in a plot that would be comically stupid were it not likely to result in harm to the animal, with police taking into custody one person of interest and expecting to charge two others, according to the San Antonio…Read more...
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It's Always Shark Week At The New York Aquarium

When you first step inside the New York Aquarium’s new shark exhibit, Ocean Wonders: Sharks!, the only thing separating you from the toothy predators is about six inches of acrylic. The exhibit walls arch overhead, fully immersing you in an underwater world of zebra sharks and black-tipped reef sharks gliding amongst…Read more...
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Jaws, too: Fans pack open house for Cal State Long Beach’s Shark Lab

Dozens of science lovers and curious locals crowded the halls of the Cal State Long Beach science building at an open house of the university’s Shark Lab on Saturday, July 21. Steven Holguin checks out the shark skins and teeth at the Cal State Long Beach Shark Lab event Saturday, July 21, 2018 in Long Beach. (Photo by Tracey Roman, Contributing Photographer) Miles Nelson, right, along with some other guest check out a small shark in the tank at the Cal State Long Beach Shark Lab event Sa...
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