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AT&T's Bogus '5G E' Service Loses in Speed Tests Against Other Networks

When AT&T rebranded part of its 4G cell service as 5G E, or 5G Evolution, it wasn’t fooling anyone. That’s because, despite claims that 5G E was the first step to a true 5G network, the phones were the same, the speeds were the same, the only thing that had changed was the little icon in the corner of the screen. And…Read more...
Tags: 5ge Is Bullshit, 5g, 5 Ge, Att 5ge, Carriers, Wireless Carriers, Smartphones, Consumer Tech

Kapersky Labs Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple in Russia Over App Store Policies

Russian cybersecurity firm Kapersky Labs has filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in Russia, claiming that latter firm used its monopoly over the App Store to force the company to remove app control and Safari browser blocking from the iOS version of its Kapersky Safe Kids app, ZDnet reported on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Science, Technology, Russia, Monopoly, Smartphones, Cybersecurity, Antitrust, App Store, Parental Controls, Screen Time, Kapersky Labs

Qualcomm Owes Apple $1 Billion, Judge Rules—but It's Not That Simple

While the two-year legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm is far from over, we’re starting to inch toward some kind of resolution.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Science, Smartphones, Chips, Qualcomm, Legal Battles, Modems, Apple V Qualcomm

15 New Features We've Already Spotted in the Android Q Beta

Android Q is here—in an early, beta form—and if you’ve got any generation of Pixel phone on hand then you can give it a test run. We’ve been playing around with the beta edition, and these are the most significant changes we’ve spotted, alongside the new features Google has been trailing.Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, Science, Smartphones, Android Q

Researchers Found a Way to Extract Detailed Slo-Mo Videos From a Single Blurry Photo

The Phantom high-speed cameras used by YouTube channels like The Slow Mo Guys to capture mesmerizing slow-motion footage are obscenely expensive. But soon, thanks to a new technique that can extract slo-mo videos from a single photo, the smartphone in your pocket could outperform even a high-speed camera that costs…Read more...
Tags: Photography, Science, Research, Smartphones, Harvard, Slow Motion, High Speed Photography, EPFL, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Slo Mo, Virtual Frame Technique

These Scientists Ground an iPhone to Dust to Figure Out What's Inside

You probably don’t spend a lot of time pondering what your smartphone is made of. But maybe you should, because the average phone is a dizzyingly complex compendium of metals and minerals sourced from all over the Earth.Read more...
Tags: Science, Electronics, Sustainability, Smartphones, Chemistry, Mining, Earth Read

Teens and Young Adults Are More Depressed Now Than in the Mid-2000s

Teens and young adults are in the midst of a unique mental health crisis, suggests a new study out Thursday. It found that rates of depressive episodes and serious psychological distress have dramatically risen among these age groups in recent years, while hardly budging or even declining for older age groups.Read more...
Tags: Science, Teens, Smartphones, Mental Health, Depression

Smartphone Stops Arrow When Absurdly Lucky Man Tries to Photograph Attacker

Apple likes to tout its smartwatch’s heart-tracking features as being able to potentially save a user’s life one day. But a man in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia, may owe his life to his smartphone, which stopped an arrow fired by an assailant while he was trying to snap a photo.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Australia, Smartphones, Arrows, Lifesaving, Nimbin New South Wales Australia

Uh Oh, Looks Like Google's Hardware Team Might Be in Trouble

Over the past few years, Google has been pushing deeper into the hardware business with products like the Pixelbook, Pixel Slate, multiple Google Homes, and of course, Pixel phones, with the latter getting a big boost thanks to Google’s $1.1 billion acquisition of tech and personnel from HTC last year.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Smartphones, Htc, Tablets, Laptops, Pixel, Consumer Tech, Google Homes, Pixelbook, Google Hardware, Pixel Slate, Troubles In Hardware Land For Google, Pixelbook Pixel Slate

Motorola's 5G Mod Reveals Some Fresh Hints About the Early Days of 5G

Despite getting announced last fall, we are only now finally getting some concrete info about Motorola’s 5G mod attachment for the Moto Z3, and with it comes some interesting insight on the early days of 5G as a whole.Read more...
Tags: Motorola, Science, Smartphones, 5g, Consumer Tech, Moto Mods, Moto Z3, They Put 5g In A Mod

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Cheaper, Smaller, Just Right

It wasn’t long ago when premium smartphones cost around $700. But after suffering through several release cycles littered with $1,000 flagships, it’s clear those days aren’t coming back. To fill in the gap, phone makers have started putting out streamlined, slightly more affordable versions of the flagship devices,…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Consumer Tech, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S10e Review

The Durable Glass Bendy Phones Need Could Be Years Away

I’ve loved the idea of folding gadgets ever since Arthur C. Clarke talked about flexible “SoftScreens” in books like, The Light of Other Days. A device that can be folded and crumpled without breaking? That’s my idea of the perfect gadget, and while the bendy Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X seem like they bring…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Samsung, Tech, Smartphones, Arthur C Clarke, Huawei, Consumer Tech, Corning, Gorilla Glass, Willow Glass, Royole, Royole Flexpai, Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Mate X

Hey OnePlus, Are You Sure About This?

When whispers started swirling that OnePlus was going for a fully bezel-less design on its next major phone, the immediate question became: How would the company do it?Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Selfies, Smartphones, Leaks, Consumer Tech, Rumor Mill, OnePlus 7, You Sure About This

The Race to Foldable Phone Perfection Is On, and It's Going to Be a Blast

Less than two weeks ago, the idea of a high-quality bendable phone seemed like a farce. After all, the first foldable handset—the Royole FlexPai—was ambitious, but also a piece of junk. It was clunky, hard to open, and looked like something that needed months, if not years, of refinement.Read more...
Tags: Science, Design, Smartphones, MWC, Consumer Tech, Flexible Displays, Saturday Riff, Bendable Phones, Mwc 2019, Galaxy Fold, Mate X, The Flexible Phone Wars Have Just Begun

The Five Biggest Takeaways from the Most Important MWC in Recent History

Even though Samsung pre-empted the next generation of new phones when it launched the Galaxy S10 just days before it officially kicked off, this year’s Mobile World Congress still felt special compared to previous shows. There was a frantic energy in the run-up to the show propelled by rumors of groundbreaking new…Read more...
Tags: Science, Congress, Samsung, Smartphones, MWC, 5g, Bendable Phones, MWC2019, Mwc 2019 Wrap Up, Hololoens

The '90s Version of Me Would've Loved This Imaginary '90s Version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Before the iPhone came along, it was not uncommon for me to upgrade my cellphone every few months. It was an addiction, I’ll fully admit it, but it was also a fun time when mobile phones didn’t all look like a feature-less slab of glass. Companies tried every hardware gimmick imaginable to make their devices stand…Read more...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Cellphones, Parodies, Squirrel Monkey, Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Huawei Mate X Is Even More Exciting Than You Think

By now, anyone even remotely interested in tech has probably heard about the Mate X—Huawei’s fantastically expensive bendable phone that despite launching second, somehow managed to steal the spotlight from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Huawei, MWC, Flexible Displays, Bendable Phones, Mwc 2019, Mate X, Huawei Mate X Hands On

The Huawei Mate X Is Even More Exciting Than You Think It Is

By now, anyone even remotely interested in tech has probably heard about the Mate X—Huawei’s fantastically expensive bendable phone that despite launching second, somehow managed to steal the spotlight from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Huawei, MWC, Flexible Displays, Bendable Phones, Mwc 2019, Mate X, Huawei Mate X Hands On

This Bendy Smartphone-Watch Hybrid Actually Isn't as Silly as It Looks

By now, it’s clear MWC 2019 turned into a breakout celebration for all sorts of bendy-screen devices. So after the appearance of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, I went on the hunt for more gadgets with flex displays. That’s when I remembered that Nubia—makers of weird devices like this dual-screen phone…Read more...
Tags: Wearables, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Huawei, MWC, Nubia, Consumer Tech, Flexible Displays, Bendy Screens, Mwc 2019, Is It A Watch Or A Phone, Nubia A, Bendy Smartphone Watch Hybrid

Energizer's Extra Juicy Phone Is Dumb Thick

Every year, the battery life of phones gets just a little bit longer, but somehow there’s always a handful of people who still want more. So as is if to end battery life anxiety once and for all, this simply massive Energizer phone popped up at MWC to really prove that a phone really can have too much juice.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Batteries, MWC, Consumer Tech, Energizer, Mwc 2019, The Juice Daddy Is Here

5G Is Going to Be an Incredibly Tough Sell in 2019

While the avalanche of announcements may have made it seem otherwise, today officially marks the first day of Mobile World Congress 2019, and aside from all the ambitious, weird, and sophisticated new handsets on display at the show, without a doubt the other big topic for the show is 5G.Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Wireless, Carriers, Lte, 5g, 4GLTE, 5g In 2019

Samsung's Doing Everything It Can to Make the Galaxy Fold's Crease Invisible

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold flexible smartphone-slash-tablet isn’t without tradeoffs. For one, it might be way thicker when folded than virtually any other modern smartphone—potentially as thick as a Nintendo Switch—while the way it folds is pretty awkward. And like its competitor the Huawei Mate X, it has a big…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Technology, Samsung, Smartphones, Nintendo, Foldable, Mwc 2019, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X

Sony Made Some Tallboy Phones and They're Kinda Awesome

Phones are getting weird again and in just the past couple days, we’ve seen a wildly expensive bendable phone, a phone that can read your palm, and a bug-eyed phone with five cameras on its back. And while Sony’s latest batch of Xperia phones aren’t quite that strange, there’s something undeniably intriguing about…Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Sony, Phones, Xperia, Andriod, MWC, Consumer Tech, Mwc 2019, Long Long Man, Xperia 1, Xperia 10, Xperia 10 Plus, Sony Made Some Tallboy Phones

LG’s First 5G Phone Can Turn Into a Dual Screen Sandwich

LG is not one to be outdone by its South Korean rival, so following the launch of the Galaxy S10 5G, LG naturally had to follow suit with its own 5G phone announcement in the form of the new V50 ThinQ 5G.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Sprint, Lg, MWC, 5g, Consumer Tech, MWC 2018, LG V50, More 5g Phones Are On The Way, Lg V50 5g, Thingq

The LG G8 Will Make You Feel Like a Magician, Sort of

LG’s G series phones have been in a weird spot for a little while. Take the G7 for example. It’s a solid phone, but it’s not quite techy or beautiful enough to keep up with Samsung or Huawei’s flagships. It’s also a bit too expensive to really compete with mid-range handsets like the OnePlus 6 or 6T. So for the G8, LG…Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Lg, Huawei, MWC, Consumer Tech, LG G8, Mwc 2019, Lg G8 Hands On, Time Of Flight

The 5-Camera Nokia 9 PureView Speaks to the Photographer's Soul

Rumors have been swirling about a mysterious Nokia phone featuring a bug-eyed multi-lens camera setup on its back for more than six months. Some thought it would get announced at CES, or during the slow time for phones in early Q1, but finally at MWC 2019, the long wait is over.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Nokia, Smartphones, Hmd, MWC, Consumer Tech, Mwc 2019, So Many Lenses, Nokia 9 Hands On, Camera Nokia

Huawei Brings Its Own Bendy Screen With the Bendy Mate X

In case you thought Samsung’s $2,000 Galaxy Fold was a singular shot at making a flexible phone, check this out. At MWC 2019, the Huawei Mate X shows how serious the bendy screen movement really is. Featuring what Huawei calls a falcon wing hinge and a flexible exterior screen, the Mate X’s design is almost the exact…Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Huawei, MWC, Consumer Tech, Flexible Screens, Mwc 2019, Bendy Phones, The Bendy Phone Blitz Is Here, Huawei Mate X

Thank God Phones Are Getting Weird Again

Smartphones have been boring for years. They’re just glass rectangles that connect to the internet and take photos. When you rub on the screen, you can do other stuff like text your friends or play music. New smartphones are increasingly bigger and slicker than their predecessors, but really, they all do the same…Read more...
Tags: Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Xiaomi, Lg, Huawei, Futurism, ZTE

Samsung Is Flexing on the Competition With the Galaxy Fold

The first bendable phone was bold and innovative, but ultimately, it’s a piece of junk. But the new Samsung Galaxy Fold seems like an entirely different kind of a beast.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Samsung, Smartphones, Flexible Displays, Galaxy F, Infinity Flex Display, Bendy Phones, The Galaxy Fold Is Real, Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy S10 Is the Aggressively Tech-Loaded Phone Samsung Needs

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was undoubtedly a great phone, but thanks to its iterative design and relatively niche new features like a variable aperture camera and AR emoji, it lacked a bit of excitement.Read more...
Tags: Android, Science, Smartphones, Consumer Tech, Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Hands On

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