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Planet Ceres is an 'ocean world' with sea water beneath surface, mission finds

Dwarf planet, believed to be a barren space rock, has an ‘extensive reservoir’ of brine beneath its surface, images showThe dwarf planet Ceres – long believed to be a barren space rock – is an ocean world with reservoirs of sea water beneath its surface, the results of a major exploration mission showed Monday.Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and has its own gravity, enabling the Nasa Dawn spacecraft to capture high-resolution images of its surface. Conti...
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How to View the Perseid Meteor Shower This Week

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking this week, so now is the time to plan your escape to a dark spot under open sky.Read more...
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Nasa to change 'harmful' and insensitive' planet and galaxy nicknames

Space agency says ‘certain cosmic nicknames are insensitive’ and vows to drop any reference to themNasa has signaled it is joining the social justice movement by changing unofficial and potentially contentious names used by the scientific community for distant cosmic objects and systems such as planets, galaxies and nebulae.In a statement last week, the space agency said that as the “community works to identify and address systemic discrimination and inequality in all aspects of the field, it ha...
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SpaceX successfully flies its Starship prototype to a height of around 500 feet

SpaceX has been developing Starship, its next-generation spacecraft, at its site in Boca Chica, Texas. The company has built a number of different Starship prototypes to date, include one prior version called the Starhopper that was essentially just the bottom portion of the rocket. Today, the company flew its first full-scale prototype (minus the domed cap that will appear on the final version, and without the control fins that will appear lower down on its sides), achieving an initial fligh...
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Scientists: What if black holes had a safe zone where little planets could live? Let’s call them blanets

Every once in a while the scientific community comes up with a discovery so important that it immediately changes the course of human evolution. I’m talking of course about the invention of the word blanet. I think we can all agree that it is the cutest word science has ever created. However, if you’re like me, you’ll be disappointed to know that a blanet is in fact not a tiny little planet covered in soft comfy blankets – it would have had a pillow moon as well. Blanets are actually a theoretic...
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Rocket Lab boosts Electron rocket’s lift capacity by 660 lbs

Rocket Lab has managed to engineer a significant payload capacity bump into its existing Electron space launch vehicle, the company revealed today. Electron can now fly as much as 300 kg (660 lbs) to low Earth orbit (or around 440 lbs to a higher, sun synchronous orbit), and that’s mostly due to battery technology advances, according to Rocket Lab. Electron is not battery-powered, of course – but the electric pumps that help feed its Rutherford engines are. That’s where they’re getting the...
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Rocket Lab boosts Electron rocket’s lift capacity to 660 lbs

Rocket Lab has managed to engineer a significant payload capacity bump into its existing Electron space launch vehicle, the company revealed today. Electron can now fly as much as 300 kg (660 lbs) to low Earth orbit (or around 440 lbs to a higher, sun synchronous orbit), and that’s mostly due to battery technology advances, according to Rocket Lab. Electron is not battery-powered, of course — but the electric pumps that help feed its Rutherford engines are. That’s where they’re getting the bo...
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How interplanetary migration could impact human evolution

The future of human evolution in space will be driven by challenges both similar — and different — to those that have guided our development for countless generations. Since our species, Homo sapiens, first evolved in Africa roughly 315,000 years ago, we haven’t changed much when it comes to physical characteristics. Globally, our species seen a decrease in the overall body size and brain size, together with reductions in the proportions of our jaws and teeth. Regional populations also show diff...
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Virgin Galactic debuts design of future Mach 3 high-speed aircraft, signs deal with Rolls-Royce

Virgin Galactic is making strides towards its goal of creating high-speed commercial aircraft that operates a little closer to Earth than its existing passenger spacecraft. The company revealed the initial design of the commercial passenger airplane it’s creating that’s designed to fly at speeds in excess of Mach 3 – faster than the average cruising speed of around Mach 2 that the original Concorde achieved. This concept design comes alongside a new partnership for Virgin Galactic, by way ...
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The Perseverance rover is our best bet for finding life on Mars

Next spring is going to be a busy time for Mars. In close succession, three spacecraft will arrive at the planet, joining the dozen or so craft already circling Mars. Two of the spacecraft were launched in the past couple of weeks by newcomers to martian exploration: the United Arab Emirates’ Al-Amal (meaning Hope) and China’s Tianwen-1 (which means Question to Heaven). The third vessel will be NASA’s Mars 2020, containing the Perseverance rover, which just took off successfully from Florida. Wh...
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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico shortly before 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, marking the successful completion of both the first astronaut trip to orbit by a private company and NASA’s first water landing in 45 years. You can check out a clip of the historic moment in a tweet by…Read more...
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SpaceX and NASA successfully return Crew Dragon spacecraft to Earth with astronauts on board

SpaceX and NASA have made history once again, successfully completing the crucial final phase of their Demo-2 mission for the Crew Dragon spacecraft, SpaceX’s first spacecraft made for human flight. This marks the end of this last demonstration mission, which flew NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station on May 30, where they remained for two months prior to making the return trip on Sunday. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon appears to have performed exactly as int...
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Watch SpaceX’s Crew Dragon splash down in the Atlantic Ocean live as astronauts return to Earth

SpaceX and NASA are getting ready to complete their most important joint mission to date – Crew Dragon Demo-2, which is the culmination of the partners’ work on their Commercial Crew program designed to certify a SpaceX spacecraft for regular human spaceflight operations. NASA astronauts are already on board Crew Dragon making their way back to Earth during a multi-hour descent, and later on Sunday will be splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. Behnken and Hurley un...
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Astronauts successfully depart the ISS aboard SpaceX Dragon, starting their trip home

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have successfully undocked from the International Space Station, which is the first crucial stage of their return to Earth. Next, they’ll travel on a coast phase that will take them on a descent course back through the atmosphere from space, shedding speed as they prepare to deploy the parachutes of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft and drop into the Atlantic Ocean for recovery. The undocking, coast and splashdown phase are all meant to be perfor...
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Mariprofundis R'lyehianum

Just in case extracting the DNA of the ancestor of bubonic plague from the teeth of neolithic skulls doesn't trigger the final boss fight of 2020 A.D., scientists are also feeding nutrients to dormant hundred-million-year-old bacteria from the benthic mud of the abyssal plains of the ocean to wake them up and see what happens.via GIPHYThere is no way that HLV2514 is going to get here in time. . [Author: Tam]
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Watch live as SpaceX brings NASA astronauts back from the Space Station aboard Crew Dragon

SpaceX and NASA are now in the final stages of preparation for the conclusion of its Demo-2 Crew Dragon mission, which will see astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley depart the International Space Station and return to Earth. Behnken and Hurley launched aboard the Crew Dragon, SpaceX’s first human spacecraft, on May 30 and have been working as part of the Station’s crew since then. The Crew Dragon is set to depart from the ISS at 7:34 PM EDT (4:34 PM PDT) tonight, but NASA is planning a day ...
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Inside the genius of Albert Einstein

The word genius is often used to describe Albert Einstein, but what exactly earned the German-born theoretical physicist that descriptor? We have his ideas to thank for many facets of the modern world, but it turns out not everyone thought he was that brilliant."Everybody knows who Einstein is and people understand that he was a very famous scientist," says NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller. "But I think that people often don't grasp the true depth and the profound nature of the things that Einst...
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FCC Approves Amazon's Bid to Launch a Constellation of More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

The Federal Communications Commission gave Amazon the go-ahead Thursday for its ambitious Project Kuiper, which would put 3,236 broadband satellites into orbit to beam internet coverage down to Earth. With this regulatory milestone secured, Amazon’s posed to join SpaceX in the race to be the first…Read more...
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Starship SN5 completes engine test – short, low-altitude flight test to follow ‘soon’ says Elon Musk

The sixth full-scale testing prototype of SpaceX’s Starship has successfully completed a key static fire test of its Raptor engines, according to SpaceX founders and CEO Elon Musk . The so-called ‘SN5’ Starship prototype is now ready to move on to a 150m (nearly 500 feet) short duration flight test, which would mark the furthest yet that one of these testing spacecraft has made it through SpaceX’s planned development program. SpaceX has been building and testing Starship prototypes (whic...
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Rocket launch startup Astra readies for orbital test flight as early as Sunday

Rocket launch startup Astra is readying for its first orbital flight test, set to take place either this weekend or next week, weather permitting. The company will launch its ‘Rocket 3.1’ from Kodiak, Alaska – and while these are technically classified as orbital test flights, the company was quick to caution journalists on a press call on Thursday that it doesn’t necessarily believe each the three initial launches it has planned will make it all the way to orbit proper. “We don’t intend to get ...
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Nasa launches Mars mission in search of evidence of ancient life

Perseverance rover will also trial technologies for future expeditions including oxygen productionNasa’s new car-sized robotic spacecraft is on its way to Mars in a mission to search for evidence of ancient life.The Perseverance rover successfully blasted off from the Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida on Thursday at 12.50pm UK time, aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. Continue reading...
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ispace reveals the final design of its lunar lander ahead of its first mission to the Moon in 2022

Japanese new space startup ispace has revealed the final design of its HAKUTO-R lunar lander, a spacecraft set to make its first touchdown on the Moon in 2022 if all goes to the updated plan (it had been set to fly in October 2021 until today). ispace is part of a team led by Draper selected by NASA for its Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program to deliver various payloads to the Moon ahead of NASA planned human mission to the lunar surface in 2024. The lander is just a bit taller than...
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Watch NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover launch live

NASA is set to launch its newest rover to Mars later this morning. The liftoff is set for 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 AM PDT), with a broadcast beginning at 7:00 AM EDT (4:00 AM PDT). This mission will launch a ULA Atlas V rocket to carry the Perseverance rover to Mars with a trip that will last several months, arriving in February 2021. The 2,260-lb rover is equipped with a range of sensors to help it search for signs of past micro organic life on Mars, as well as study the planet’s amtospheric and...
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NASA successfully launches its Mars 2020 Perseverance rover using an Atlas V rocket

NASA has launched one of its most crucial science missions to date, the Mars 2020 mission that carries its Perseverance robotic rover. This rover, a successor to the Curiosity robotic explorer, is equipped with sensors specifically designed to help it hopefully fund evidence of ancient, microbiotic life on Mars. Mars 2020 departed from Cape Canaveral in Florida at 7:50 AM EDT (4:50 PM PDT). Perseverance was loaded atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket, which had a good liftoff an...
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WATCH: Virgin Galactic spaceship new cabin design reveal

I'd totally go. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic unveiled a new cabin design today, and streamed the launch event live. Watch the replay here, and sign up for a trip if you've got plenty of cash and don't mind waiting.
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NASA reveals the astronauts who will fly on SpaceX’s second operational Crew Dragon spacecraft mission

NASA and SpaceX are looking to finish up the final demonstration mission of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft at the end of this week, but it’s already looking ahead to Crew-2 – the second operational flight of Crew Dragon, currently set for sometime next spring. The agency revealed the four people that will fly aboard that launch, including two NASA astronauts, as well as one from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and one from the European Space Agency (ESA). NASA astr...
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Here’s what would happen if a wormhole fought a black hole

Singularities – also known as black holes – are so powerful that even light cannot escape their grasp. But what happens when a black hole meets something even stronger, like a wormhole? We know a black hole would win in a fight against Godzilla, Earth’s yellow sun, and even the entire Milky Way. But a wormhole? That’s a tall order. Sure, wormholes are only hypothetical so they’re at a disadvantage against black holes – which we’ve actually observed. However that might be the black hole’s only ad...
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Look, human, it’s the first photo of planets orbiting a sun 300 light years away

The planetary system TYC 8998–760–1, sitting 300 light years from Earth, shows a pair of massive worlds orbiting a star much like our own Sun. The team of astronomers took a pair of images of the system showing movement of the planets around their star. Images of solar systems showing more than one planet have been recorded twice before in recent years. However, this image marks the first time a pair of giant planets have been seen orbiting around a young, star-like star. “This discovery is a sn...
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Scientists are homing in on understanding just how sensitive our climate is to CO2

At the dawn of the industrial revolution, the Earth’s atmosphere contained 278 parts of CO₂ per million. Today, after more than two and a half centuries of fossil fuel use, that figure is around 414 parts per million (ppm). If the build-up of CO₂ continues at current rates, by 2060 it will have passed 560 ppm – more than double the level of pre-industrial times. Exactly how the climate will respond to all this extra CO₂ is one of the central questions in climate science. Just how much will the c...
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The UAE’s Mars mission shows how space exploration can benefit small nations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) successfully launched its Mars mission dubbed “Al Amal,” or “Hope,” from the Tanegashima Space Centre in southern Japan on July 20. This is the first space mission by the UAE, and the first Arab mission to Mars – making the world’s first launch countdown in Arabic a moment for the history books. The mission’s journey to its launch date has arguably been at least as remarkable as the launch itself. With no previous domestic space exploration experience, planetary sc...
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