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Excavating the role of Africans in the creation of the modern world

Europe would have been a marginal player in world history without the continent’s natural resources and centuries of cheap African labour The post Excavating the role of Africans in the creation of the modern world appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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US ‘very concerned’ despite China denials over hypersonic missile

Disarmament ambassador casts doubt on ability to defend against technology after reports of test The United States is “very concerned” about China’s development of hypersonic technology, US disarmament ambassador Robert Wood has said, after reports that Beijing had recently launched a hypersonic missile with a nuclear capacity.“We are very concerned by what China has been doing on the hypersonic front,” Robert Wood told reporters in Geneva. Continue reading...
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China denies report claiming it launched hypersonic missile

Beijing says FT report was inaccurate and that exercise was merely a test of reusable technologyChina has denied a report that claimed it had recently launched a hypersonic missile, saying its launch of a new spacecraft was merely a test to see whether the vehicle could be reused.The Financial Times reported on Saturday that Beijing had launched a nuclear-capable missile in August that circled the Earth at low orbit before narrowly missing its target. Citing multiple sources, the FT claimed the ...
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How did Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin fail to dominate the billionaire space race?

The company employs the world’s top engineers and has access to unlimited money but is plagued by safety concerns and toxic workplace cultureThe billionaire space race is only a race by name. In actuality, there is SpaceX – and everyone else.Only the company founded by Elon Musk nearly two decades ago has sent a rocket booster into orbit and landed it safely again. Only SpaceX has landed a rocket the size of a 15-storey building on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean. Only SpaceX has carried...
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William Shatner in tears after historic space flight: ‘I’m so filled with emotion’

Star Trek actor, 90, says ‘I hope I never recover from this’ after becoming oldest human in space on Jeff Bezos rocket New ShepardThe Star Trek actor William Shatner declared himself “overwhelmed” at becoming the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, broke ...
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William Shatner completes flight on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space

Star Trek actor, 90, made a real-life leap into the stars, as Amazon owner Bezos aims to dominate space tourism industryThe Star Trek actor William Shatner has become the oldest human in space, at the age of 90, during a brief but successful second crewed flight on Wednesday of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket ship from the west Texas desert.The Canadian, who for four decades played Captain James Kirk, the fearless commander of the USS Enterprise, was invited by the private space company’s found...
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William Shatner to blast off on Bezos rocket to become oldest person in space

Famed Star Trek actor, 90, set for real-life leap into the starsAmazon owner Bezos bids to dominate space tourism industryWilliam Shatner, the veteran actor who spent four decades playing the fearless commander of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, is set for a real-life leap into the stars early on Wednesday on the next stage of billionaire Jeff Bezos’s quest to dominate the fledgling space tourism industry.The successful completion of the 11-minute flight alongside three civilian crew mates, with lif...
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A Brilliant Demonstration of Magnets & the Promise of Levitating Trains (1975)

For a brief time in the 1980s, it seemed like trains powered by maglev — magnetic levitation — might just solve transportation problems everywhere, maybe even replacing air travel, thereby eliminating one of the most vexing sources of carbon emissions. Maglev trains don’t use fuel; they don’t require very much power by comparison with other sources of high speed travel; they don’t produce emissions; they’re quiet, require less maintenance than other trains, and can travel at speeds of 30...
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Scientist Recruitment in Ministry of Earth Sciences 2021

Scientist Vacancy Recruitment in Ministry of Earth Sciences 2021  Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) invites online applications in the prescribed format from eligible candidates for the recruitment of the following various 12 Sarkari Naukri Vacancy for Scientists on direct recruitment basis in its organisations. (Advt. No. MoES/A-12024/1/2021-Estt). MoES Scientist Recruitment 2021 Vacancies  Scientist - 'C' : 09 vacancies, Pay Scale: Pay Level-11... Please Click on the Title to Read Full ...
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Father of the Cyborgs review – the Indiana Jones of neuroscience

This film exploring the ideas of Dr Phil Kennedy, who had an electrode implanted in his brain, throws up interesting prospects for the human futureDr Phil Kennedy is regarded by many as the Indiana Jones of neuroscience: a Limerick-born doctor who became a bioengineering trailblazer, making people excited – and then nervous – by the way he worked outside the system. Then finally, sensationally, he experimented on himself by having an electrode implanted inside his brain in a Belize clinic that s...
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Amazon prominently touts work by anti-vaxxers and COVID conspiracy theorists, even after other platforms cut them off

A sample of four books on the first page of a search for "COVID" on's bookstore. Amazon/Insider Anti-vaxx and COVID-19 conspiracist books loom large in Amazon search rankings. As social media companies increasingly shun anti-vaxxer material, Amazon has done little. Experts and campaigners told Insider this is having a real-world impact on people's health. See more stories on Insider's business page. Books pushing COVID-19 and anti-vaxxer misinformation are displayed...
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William Shatner confirms he will go into space on Blue Origin rocket

90-year-old actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek will become the oldest person to reach spaceWilliam Shatner, who played Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek, has confirmed that he will go to space this month at the age of 90, thereby becoming the oldest person ever to escape the confines of Earth.Shatner will take a seat on Blue Origin’s second launch from west Texas on 12 October, the space flight company owned by Jeff Bezos said. Continue reading...
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Robots: stealing our jobs or solving labour shortages?

From fast food to farming, Covid-19 has accelerated the rise of the worker robots. This in turn will put more jobs at risk and makes the need to reframe society ever more urgentAs the coronavirus pandemic enveloped the world last year, businesses increasingly turned to automation in order to address rapidly changing conditions. Floor-cleaning and microbe-zapping disinfecting robots were introduced in hospitals, supermarkets and other environments. Some enterprises found that, given the new empha...
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Jeff Bezos’s space flight firm ‘rife with sexism’, employees’ letter claims

Open letter by current and ex-staffers alleges ‘consistently inappropriate’ behaviour by Blue Origin leadersA group of current and former employees at Blue Origin, the space flight company owned by the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has accused the business of operating a work environment that is “rife with sexism” and prefers “breakneck speed” to safety.An open letter written by Alexandra Abrams, the former head of employee communications at Blue Origin and 20 other current and former workers, say...
Tags: Amazon, Space, Science, Technology, World news, Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, Alexandra Abrams

New Zealand kea can use touchscreens but can’t distinguish between real and virtual worlds

Study finds the intelligent endangered alpine parrot can be trained to use electronic devices with their tonguesVote now in the Guardian/BirdLife Australia 2021 bird of the year pollThe kea, an endangered New Zealand parrot, is clever enough to use touchscreens but doesn’t appear to be able to tell the difference between the real and virtual worlds, according to a new study.Researchers taught six kea at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch to operate touchscreens. The birds were prese...
Tags: Science, Technology, Australia, Animals, Environment, Birds, Asia Pacific, Wildlife, Animal behaviour, New Zealand, Christchurch, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

A virtual reality 'empathy machine' to stop domestic abusers from reoffending to begin trials, report says

A stock image shows a man using a virtual reality headset. Getty Images France will trial "empathy machines," which use virtual reality technology, from October, per rfi. 30 male volunteers - all convicted of domestic violence - will take part in the experiment. The experiment is part of an effort to stop domestic abusers from re-offending, rfi reported. See more stories on Insider's business page. France is trialing a virtual reality "empathy machine" as part of an effort to deter men...
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The smart toilet era is here! Are you ready to share your analprint with big tech?

Loo design has barely changed in 150 years – until now. Will people trade their privacy for the chance to find out exactly what is in their waste?For the past 10 years, Sonia Grego has been thinking about toilets – and more specifically what we deposit into them. “We are laser-focused on the analysis of stool,” says the Duke University research professor, with all the unselfconsciousness of someone used to talking about bodily functions. “We think there is an incredible untapped opportunity for ...
Tags: Internet Of Things, Science, Design, Technology, Biology, Life and style, Architecture, Art and design, Smart Homes, Duke University, Grego, Sonia Grego, Coprata Grego

Elon Musk welcomes SpaceX crew home with $50m donation to charity

Four-person crew asked for the public’s help in reaching fundraising target of $200m for the children’s charity St JudeElon Musk surprised his first all-private crew of space tourists with a welcome home gift after their trailblazing trip to orbit ended on Saturday night: a $50m donation to the children’s charity St Jude. Related: ‘The point is ambition’: are we ready to follow Netflix into space? Continue reading...
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Tesla Dojo, Supercomputers and AI

The more compute you put into a neural network then the better result you can get. There does not seem to be a limit for neural nets to utilize more resources to get better and faster results. Tesla... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Energy, Science, Technology, Tesla, World, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Supercomputer, Computer Architecture

Rules on GM farming and cars to be top of UK bonfire of EU laws

Minister reveals plans to change laws inherited from EU, with rules on medical devices also in crosshairsRules on genetically modified farming, medical devices and vehicle standards will be top of a bonfire of laws inherited from the EU as the government seeks to change legislation automatically transferred to the UK post-Brexit.Thousands of laws and regulations would be reviewed, modified or repealed under a new programme aimed at cementing the UK’s independence and “Brexit opportunities”, Davi...
Tags: Europe, Business, Politics, UK, Science, Technology, Law, Environment, David Cameron, Eu, European Union, Conservatives, UK News, Medical Research, Farming, Gm

Scientists identify key conditions to set up a creative ‘hot streak’

Researchers use AI to reveal runs of artistic success are commonly preceded by an experimental phaseWhether it is the director Marta Meszaros, or the artist Jackson Pollock, those in creative careers often experience a particular burst of success.Now researchers have used artificial intelligence to reveal such “hot streaks” are commonly preceded by an experimental phase followed by a focus on one particular approach once the winning period has begun. Continue reading...
Tags: Art, Books, Science, Technology, Film, Culture, Art and design, Computing, Hilary Mantel, Peter Jackson, Jackson Pollock, Artificial intelligence (AI, Márta Mészáros

Facebook's Smart Glasses Give People a Good Reason Not to Trust Your Ray-Bans

Facebook’s smart glasses are here. They’re made by Ray-Ban, which means they look stylish, and as far as features go, they’re on par with many “smart glasses” currently on the market, with built-in cameras and speakers. Facebook is the biggest name to attempt smart glasses for consumers in years, and they probably…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Uber, Mark Zuckerberg, Glasses, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Articles, Eyewear, Computing, Google Glass, Augmented Reality, Magic Leap, Ray, Bans

Twitter’s New Reactions Are Too Friendly for Twitter

In yet another example of Twitter cribbing features from its direct competitors, the company announced it would be trying out emoji reactions for users across Turkey over the coming weeks with a possible wider rollout if all goes well. Per the company, the new emoji roster is meant to help people “quickly express…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Technology, Linkedin, Turkey, Software, Internet Slang, Computing, Emoji, Internet Culture, Online Chat, Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji, Japanese Writing System, Emoji Domain

An Unbelievable Space Mystery Sets Up Sci-Fi Thriller Braking Day

We love a space mystery—and Braking Day, from debut novelist Adam Oyebanji, sounds like an exceptionally juicy one. It begins as a man working on the generation ship where he’s spent his entire life sees something unbelievable: a woman floating in space without a helmet. How... and who? io9 has an exclusive first look…Read more...
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Sony's Cheaper Dolby Atmos Soundbar Is Made for Small Spaces

Hot off the heels of the incredibly beefy HT-A7000, Sony’s back with yet another Dolby Atmos soundbar. And while the specs on these two speakers are pretty similar, the Sony AT-5000 is meant for smaller rooms and spaces. Oh, and it’s $400 cheaper.Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Spotify, Science, Technology, Sony, Sonos, Vizio, Hdmi, Surround Sound, Soundbar, Dolby Atmos, Atmos, Dolby Laboratories, Information and Communications Technology, Loudspeakers

Amazon Makes TVs Now

Amazon debuted an all-new line of Fire TV devices on Thursday, a lineup which now includes the company’s first-ever branded TVs in the U.S.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Technology, Samsung, Netflix, Computing, Sony, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Alexa, Internet Television, Max, Information and Communications Technology, Now, Daniel Rausch, Digital Television

Facebook's Ray-Ban Glasses Leaked and They Look Awfully Familiar

After years of murmurs, Facebook was all set to formally announce its first pair of “smart” sunglasses today. Ray-Ban, Facebook’s partner on this project, even put up a splashy site teasing the announcement two days ago. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even posted video clips supposedly taken with the device. And then…Read more...
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Twitter’s New Communities Feature Gives Laser-Eyed Bitcoin Bros and Dog Lovers a Space to Talk Among Themselves

Furthering its quest to suddenly become every other app, Twitter is now introducing Facebook Group/Reddit subreddit-like groups called Communities that revolve around shared interests.Read more...
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Whoop's Weird Recovery Tracker Is Getting Smarter and More 'Wearable'

Among fitness trackers, Whoop has always been an odd duck. To start, there’s no screen. It’s also one of the few bands that focuses on recovery. The hardware itself is free, but you pay a monthly subscription for the app, which caters to the type of fitness nerd that loves analyzing charts. And today, the company is…Read more...
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DJI Turned Its Smartphone Stabilizer Into a Steady Telescoping Selfie Stick

Today DJI revealed the fifth iteration of its affordable smartphone stabilizers that help turn the device in your pocket into a surprisingly capable filmmaking tool. Although the DJI OM 5 now includes a telescoping arm that makes capturing group shot selfies and low-angle shots easier, the improvements come with a…Read more...
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