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Lawmakers Are Finally Asking the FCC to Redefine High-Speed Broadband

In a Thursday morning, several senators called for the federal agency to redefine the current minimum speeds that internet service providers can call “high-speed” broadband from 25/3 Mbps to 100/100 Mbps. That’s not only four times higher than the minimum download speed, but senators are also calling…Read more...
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5G Conspiracy Theories Are Fueling an Entire Economy of Scammy Gadgets

It’s an unfortunate truth that snake oil salesmen lurk behind every corner of the internet, waiting for the next conspiracy or wellness fad so they can swoop in with cure-all wares and rob people of their hard-earned cash. It’s also true that people generally fear the unknown—and new technology slots neatly into that…Read more...
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Cloud Gaming's Missing Piece Is 5G

When my brother and I were kids, our family took a lot of road trips. We loved the end destinations, but getting there was a major drag. We had Game Boy Colors and other handhelds, but we had already played the games we owned way too many times. Consoles and desktop PCs aren’t exactly portable, so we often got bored…Read more...
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Verizon Tells Consumers to Turn Off 5G to Preserve Battery Life Then Instantly Regrets It

In an effort to be helpful, Verizon accidentally stuck its foot in its mouth on Sunday, and then furiously backtracked. Read more...
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Astra awarded NASA launch contract for storm observation satellites

Astra, the Alameda-based space launch startup that recently announced its intent to go public via a SPAC merger, has secured a contract to deliver six cube satellites to space on behalf of NASA. Astra stands to be paid $7.95 million by the agency for fulfilment of the contract. This will be a key test of Astra’s responsive rocket capabilities, with a planned three-launch mission profile spanning up to four months, currently targeting sometime between January 8 and July 31 of 2022. The satellites...
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The FCC Just Authorized a $3.2 Billion Dollar Program Meant To Bring Low-Income Americans Online

The Federal Communications Commission unanimously voted late Thursday to adopt the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program—a $3.2 billion dollar initiative meant to lower the cost of internet services for the tens of millions of families struggling with connectivity during the ongoing pandemic.Read more...
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How Deep-Sea Fiber Optic Cables Could ‘Transform’ Our Detection of Earthquakes

Many miles off the western coast of the Americas, an undersea cable connects Los Angeles, California to Valparaiso, Chile. Stretched end-to-end, it’s equal to four-fifths of the Earth’s diameter. The cable is fiber optic; it’s a lifeline for data transmitted between the two continents. But according to new research,…Read more...
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Nothing Is Teaming Up with Teenage Engineering for Future Product Design

So far, it’s been much ado about nothing as One Plus co-founder Carl Pei’s new company has yet to release a single product. But today, Nothing is making a splash by announcing a founding partnership with Teenage Engineering that will put the Swedish design group in charge of Nothing’s future product design.Read more...
Tags: Science, Telecommunications, Oneplus, Bloggers, Casey Neistat, Teenage Engineering, Carl Pei, Business Finance, Industry Economics, Technology Internet

Fossil's First Cellular Smartwatch Fails to Live Up to Its Promise

Samsung and Apple have been making cellular smartwatches for years. But this isn’t about them. This is about how Fossil, the biggest Wear OS wearables maker, has finally, finally released its first cellular smartwatch.Read more...
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Oppo Demonstrates Its Own Wireless Charging Tech, but Don't Expect to Walk Away From the Charger

The tantalizing promise of true wireless charging—not just plopping your phone down on a charging pad—feels even more real as companies like Xiaomi, and now Oppo, demonstrate prototypes of their respective approaches to the technology. Although if Oppo’s wireless charging ever reaches consumers, your phone might still…Read more...
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Dish Expects to Launch Its 5G Network This Year

Dish Network is doubling down on its intention to launch its 5G network in major cities by September, The Verge reports. Since Dish acquired Boost Mobile last year, that puts the company in a unique position to compete with existing mobile carriers, and Ergen said during the company’s earnings call today that Dish can…Read more...
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T-Mobile Has the First Good 5G Plan With Truly Unlimited Data

Throttling is the not-so-secret way traditional “unlimited” cellular data plans keep you from tapping into all that data. T-Mobile’s new Magenta Max Plan, which is designed to maximize the potential of faster 5G speeds, is promising to make unlimited data truly unlimited for the first time in a long time.Read more...
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Comcast Graciously Drops Data Caps, but Only for Northeast Customers, Until 2022

Comcast has once again decided to cut some of its customers a break with their data caps, Ars Technica reports. Facing ever-increasing pressure from customers and lawmakers, the internet service provider has decided to not enforce data cap overage fees on its Northeast customers until 2022.Read more...
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House Republicans Wasted No Time Introducing the Dumbest Internet Bill of 2021

If you thought the GOP couldn’t mess with our already broken internet infrastructure more than they already have, well, they’re just full of surprises. According to Ars Technica, House Republicans introduced a new bill on Tuesday that would ban municipal broadband networks nationwide. Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers…Read more...
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Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

Being a teacher is rough. Being a teacher trying to teach a class of more than 20 students virtually in the middle of a pandemic is even rougher. Not only do you have to come up with clever ways to teach the same material and keep your class engaged, but you often find yourself troubleshooting your students’ tech…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Life, Avatar, Telecommunications, Computing, Virtual Reality, Pandemic, Bramble, Virtual World, Videotelephony, Vladic Ravich

Apple's Already Starting Work on 6G Before 6G Is Even a Thing

Apple’s first 5G phones arrived mere months ago, but the company is already exploring the future of cellular connectivity. Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Internet Of Things, Science, Technology, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Data Centers, Mobile telecommunications, 5g, Apple Inc, 6G, Technology Internet, Technology Forecasting

Starlink vs. 5G: Which Could Be the Better Home Internet Service?

Reports indicate that Americans are clearly interested in both SpaceX’s Starlink and 5G broadband as potential home internet services. But so far it’s unclear which option has more appeal compared to traditional cable broadband. Some reports show Americans are more interested in Starlink, while others indicate most…Read more...
Tags: Internet Of Things, Spacex, Science, Technology, Broadband, Telecommunications, Internet Access, Verizon Communications, Mobile telecommunications, 5g, StarLink, T Mobile US, Satellite Internet Access, Technology Internet, Better Home Internet Service

Want AT&T to Fix Your Internet? Try Taking Out a $10,000 Newspaper Ad

Last week, 90-year-old Aaron Epstein took out a quarter-page ad in the Wall Street Journal hoping to convince AT&T to upgrade his slow-as-molasses DSL internet to fiber. It allegedly cost Epstein $10,000 to take out that ad, but apparently it worked. The North Hollywood, Calif., resident is getting ultra-fast speeds…Read more...
Tags: Science, Telecommunications, Internet Access, Att, Wall Street Journal, Epstein, North Hollywood Calif, Information and Communications Technology, Digital Technology, Modems, Aaron Epstein, Technology Internet, Att U Verse, Digital Subscriber Line, Fiber Optic Communication

How 5G Could Replace Your Home Broadband Connection

5G networks are slowly but steadily blanketing the world, and though the lightning-fast speeds we’ve been promised are a little tough to find, you can expect to see some changes. One of those changes could be serious disruptions to your home internet. Could 5G one day replace your home broadband connection and keep…Read more...
Tags: Internet Of Things, Science, Technology, Broadband, Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom, 4G, Science and Technology, Mobile telecommunications, 5g, T Mobile US, EIR, Technology Internet, Technology Forecasting

Qualcomm's 10-Gigabit 5G Modem Is Here, but You'll Have to Hang Tight for Those Speeds

As we continue to transition from LTE to 5G, Qualcomm just announced the world’s first 5G modem capable of reaching data speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.Read more...
Tags: Internet Of Things, Science, Technology, Telecommunications, Qualcomm, Science and Technology, Mobile telecommunications, 5g, Qualcomm Snapdragon, System On A Chip, Technology Internet, Technology Forecasting, Qualcomm Snapdragon Lte Modem

Days After Blocking Facebook, Myanmar’s Military Government Has Now Blocked Instagram and Twitter

Myanmar’s new military-led government has blocked Instagram and Twitter in the country in an attempt to squash citizen resistance to the coup it staged earlier this week that ousted the country’s democratically elected government.Read more...
Tags: Politics, Science, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Myanmar, Telenor, Facebook Myanmar, NetBlocks, Internet In Myanmar, Technology Internet, Military Government Has Now Blocked Instagram

Xiaomi's Latest Concept Phone Has Quadruple Waterfall Edges, but No Ports

Xiaomi’s no stranger to far-out concept phones. In a new teaser, the Chinese phone maker is pushing things to the extreme with a concept handset that features waterfall edges that wrap around all four sides of the device.Read more...
Tags: Science, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi 5, Technology Internet, Xiaomi Mi 11

A Smart Flipboard Sign at Home Is Incredibly Pretentious, but It Has That Wonderful Sound

Once a staple of train stations and airports around the world, animated flipboard signs, perpetually updated with arrival and departure times, have slowly been replaced with giant TV screens. Nostalgia’s a powerful marketing tool, however, so there’s now a smart flipboard display designed to fill your home with those …Read more...
Tags: Science, Sms, Telecommunications, Asmr, Mobile telecommunications, Flipboard, Service Industries, Technology_internet, Flap

Regional ISPs Are Skeptical That SpaceX's Starlink Can Deliver On Its Internet Promises

Some regional internet service providers are urging the FCC to reexamine the recent rural broadband auction process that awarded unproven companies like SpaceX’s Starlink hundreds of millions of dollars to provide reliable broadband access to people in rural areas of the U.S.Read more...
Tags: Spacex, Science, Fcc, Internet Service Providers, Broadband, Telecommunications, Internet Access, Information and Communications Technology, StarLink, Business Finance, Satellite Internet Access, Technology Internet

Myanmar's New Government Blocks Facebook After Military Coup

Myanmar’s new government has ordered internet providers in the country to block Facebook in an attempt to quell dissent following a successful military coup earlier this week, according to internet-monitoring service NetBlocks and internet company Telenor Myanmar.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Politics, Science, Telecommunications, Myanmar, Telenor, Ministry of Transport and Communications, NetBlocks, Technology_internet, Telenor Myanmar, Internet In Myanmar, Ooredoo Myanmar, Telenor Myanmar Read

Wow, Comcast Actually Did Something

Comcast will hold off on charging its customers in the Northeast for going over their data caps until July 2021, Attorney General of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro announced today. This covers customers in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Net Neutrality, Companies, Broadband, Pennsylvania, Comcast, Telecommunications, Xfinity, Josh Shapiro, Information and Communications Technology, Data Transmission, Data Cap, Data Plan, Technology_internet, Business_finance, Criticism Of Comcast

If Comcast Can Increase the Speed of Its Internet Plans, It Can Get Rid of Data Caps

Comcast is increasing the speed of its Internet Essentials package from 25/3 Mbps to 50/5 Mbps starting March 1, 2020 at no additional cost. The change is part of what the ISP says is a long-term commitment to digital equity, and that offering low-income households speeds above the FCC-defined minimum will help to…Read more...
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