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IMDB Launches Free Movie and TV Streaming Service Called Freedive

IMDB has launched a free streaming service called Freedive that features dozens of movies and TV shows. And while it doesn’t have new releases, the selection isn’t half bad, with movies like Drive, Adaptation, Gattaca, True Romance, Last Action Hero, Legends of the Fall, and Panic Room as well as TV shows like Fringe,…Read more...
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LG Has 20X65 Foot Curved TV Waterfall Display at CES

LG Electronics has an immersive exhibit of flexible commercial displays at CES® 2019. The “LG OLED Falls” display features 260 LG OLED digital signage screens, in curved and flat configurations. It... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science, Technology, Television, Electronics, Entertainment, Future, World, Innovation, Lg, Gadget, LG Electronics

Hello 2019 – what are you likely to bring?

Politics, science, technology, TV, books … here’s what to expect in the year aheadA year is much more than just 365 days, or one orbit of the Earth around the sun. One year produces so many events and human stories that in 2018 alone, the Guardian published more than 73,000 news articles.Much of what happens is unpredictable. But with 2019 only hours old, there are a few things that can confidently be foretold. Continue reading...
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Professor names beetle species after ‘Game of Thrones’

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska entomologist has named three of his eight newest beetle discoveries after the dragons from the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and George R.R. Martin book series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Brett Ratcliffe named the new scarab beetle species drogoni, rhaegali and viserioni, The […]
Tags: Hbo, Science, Television, News, Ap, Nation, Nebraska, Lincoln Neb, George R R Martin, Fire University of Nebraska Lincoln, Brett Ratcliffe

Tribune Media May Sell Out to Rival Nexstar, Creating TV Station-Owning Behemoth

Earlier this year, broadcasting giant Sinclair—the media group that at its stations to parroting Donald Trump’s narrative on “fake news”—was stopped by regulators from acquiring rival Tribune Media Co. in a shady $3.9 billion deal that would have amounted to a wholesale takeover…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Television, Media, Fcc, Donald Trump, Tribune Media, Nexstar, Sinclair, Local TV, Broadcast TV, Tribune Media Co

BBC to reboot Tomorrow's World for one-off live special

Exclusive: much-loved technology show returns, updated for modern viewersThe BBC is reviving its science and technology show Tomorrow’s World, 15 years after it was axed.The popular series is making a comeback, with two of its original presenters Maggie Philbin and Howard Stableford, for a live special this month, which Philbin said was timely given “technology is moving faster than ever”. Continue reading...
Tags: Science, Technology, Television, Media, UK News, Bbc, Culture, Television & radio, Television industry, Children's Tv, Bbc Four, Philbin, Maggie Philbin, Howard Stableford

This 'Television Monocle' From 1938 Was Silly and Wonderful

Back in 1938, TV wasn’t really a thing yet. But that didn’t stop people from already dreaming about the wild future of tiny, personalized TV sets. One perfect example is this bizarre contraption from a British company, dubbed the “Television Monocle.”Read more...
Tags: TV, Science, Television, Tv history

Magic Leap, BDSM-Bots, and Star Trek: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

If you’re receiving this message, please be advised that Site Gamma-Iota-Zeta has been compromised. Repeat, Site Gamma-Iota-Zeta has been compromised. This is not a drill. Containment failures detected for the following Class V entities: Magic Leap. A toilet paper roll with a Fitbit on it. BDSM-Bot. The witches from …Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Facebook, TV, Science, Technology, Television, Fcc, Climate Change, Horror, Doctor Who, Climate, Minimum Wage, Nasa, Star Trek, Netflix, Robots

Bioweapons, Viagra, Wind Farms, and the Apocalypse: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Halloween may still be most of a month away, but the scares have already begun. Urine-craved vampires. Genetically engineered insects that do their masters’ bidding. Algal monstrosities. Dark magicks. iPhone XS bugs.Read more...
Tags: Iphone, Health, Amazon, Gadgets, Comics, Florida, TV, Science, Technology, Television, Movies, Net Neutrality, Biology, California, Horror, Animals

Amazon Is Reportedly Partnering With IMDb to Create a Free, Ad-Supported Fire TV Channel

Amazon and its subsidiary company IMDb are preparing to launch a free, ad-supported service for its Fire TV digital media player “similar to The Roku Channel or some parts of Hulu,” CNBC reported on Monday, citing sources knowledgeable about the project.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, TV, Science, Technology, Television, Movies, Streaming, Fire TV, Hulu, Imdb, Cnbc, Digital Advertising

Apple's Upcoming Streaming Service Is Reportedly So Bland Staff Are Calling It 'Expensive NBC'

Apple’s new streaming service reportedly has a $1 billion budget, but apparently it can’t buy some nerve. The company has long censored its walled-garden offerings on platforms like the App Store, and per a report in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, Apple is still aiming to keep its content offerings squeaky…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, TV, Science, Technology, Television, Nbc, Netflix, Streaming, Hulu, Wall Street Journal

The Observer’s ultimate guide to autumn culture

A musical Twelfth Night, Michelle Obama’s memoirs and the last ever gig by Ennio Morricone: our critics preview the new season• Jay Rayner on the best of autumn food• Morwenna Ferrier on five key seasonal fashion trends• Andrew Rawnsley on what to expect from politics Bodyguard (BBC One, 9pm) has autumn’s new TV off to a roaring start. Jed Mercurio’s new series about an autocratic home secretary (Keeley Hawes) and the man charged with protecting her (Richard Madden), is a twisty political thrill...
Tags: Food, Art, Books, Fashion, Music, Politics, Comedy, Science, Technology, Television, Podcasts, Film, Theatre, Sport, Culture, Architecture

Disney Reportedly Wants the Star Wars Broadcast Rights Back for Its New Streaming Service

Basically, Disney wants to alter the deal. And it’s hoping that TBS and TNT are praying it doesn’t want to alter it any further.Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Television, Disney, Streaming, Tbs, TNT, Lucasfilm, Turner Broadcasting

Watch the Original TV Coverage of the Historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing: Recorded on July 20, 1969

During a recent dinner a few friends and I found ourselves reminiscing about formative moments in our collective youth. The conversation took a decidedly downbeat turn when a nationally televised moment we all remembered all too well came up: the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. Like millions of other schoolkids at the time we had been glued to the live broadcast, and became witnesses to horror. “It was NASA’s darkest tragedy,” writes Elizabeth Howell at, an acci...
Tags: Google, Science, Television, College, History, Nasa, Earth, Stanley Kubrick, Cbs, Houston, Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, Buzz, Jason Kottke, Facebook Twitter, Michael Collins

Some Senators Want to Know if Smart TVs are Spying on Us

Two US senators have some suspicions about smart TVs, and they’re asking the Federal Trade Commission to look into the data collection practices employed by TV manufacturers to see if the internet-connected devices are quietly sucking up information from unwitting consumers.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, US, Smart Tvs, Personal Data, Smart TV, Data Privacy, Federal Trade Commission, Ftc

AT&T's WatchTV Is the Very Cheapest Way to Stream Live TV, But Is It Worth It? 

AT&T, despite owning DirecTV and thus the live TV streaming service DirecTV Now, just launched another: AT&T WatchTV. Like DirecTV Now, it streams live TV to nearly every kind of mobile device and set-top box. Like DirecTV Now, it has an easy-to-navigate interface. Unlike DirecTV Now, AT&T WatchTV is the cheapest way…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Science, Television, Net Neutrality, Att, Streaming, Cord Cutting, DirecTV, DirecTV Now, Watchtv, Att Watchtv Review, DirecTV Now AT T WatchTV

Harlan Ellison has died. He wrote some Classic Trek and was involved in Babylon 5 and Terminator

Science Fiction giant Harlan Ellison has died at the age of 84. He wrote the best Classic Star Trek episode – City on the Edge of Forever. He also wrote an Outer Limits episode “The... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Science Fiction, Space, Science, Technology, Television, Movies, World, Military, Innovation, Harlan Ellison

Being human: how realistic do we want robots to be?

With Google’s AI assistant able to make phone calls and androids populating households in games and films, the line between machine and man is getting scarily blurredAs our dependence on technology builds and the privacy-destroying, brain-hacking consequences of that start to come to light, we are seeing the return of a science-fiction trope: the rise of the robots. A new wave of television shows, films and video games is grappling with the question of what will happen if we develop the technolo...
Tags: Psychology, Google, Games, Science, Technology, Television, Film, Culture, Robots, Computing, Consciousness, Detroit, Artificial intelligence (AI, Science fiction and fantasy films, Science fiction TV

TCL Made Its Terrifically Cheap 4K TV Even Better

It seemed unbelievable last year, when a handful of TV companies started selling 4K TVs with HDR and Dolby Vision for around $600. TCL’s Roku-powered P-Series was the best of them, and this year, the company is selling an even better version called the 6-Series. The best part? Same price, more features.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Roku, Tvs, Hdr, Televisions, Tcl, 4k Tvs, Tcl 6 Series Review, Tcl 6 Series, Cheap 4k TV

Bobcat Goldthwait's New TV Series, Misfits & Monsters, Looks Absolutely Bonkers

Bobcat Goldthwait is one of the most twisted filmmakers out there—and now, he’s bringing that dark, funny, off-the-wall sensibility to TV, complete with live-action and animated characters, werewolves, Satan, demons, mermaids, and more.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Michael Ian Black, Seth Green, Melissa Joan Hart, TruTV, Bridget Everett, David Koechner, Dave Foley, Bobcat Goldthwait, Danny Pudi, Bobcat Goldthwaits Misfits Monsters

Pro-Trump Media Dude Reportedly Has an Offer Even Roseanne Could Refuse

Roseanne Barr, far-right conspiracy theorist and eponymous star of ABC’s Roseanne, imploded in an entirely predictable fashion this week when she sent out a racist tweet about former President Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and later blamed Ambien. In the space of less than a day, ABC terminated the rebooted…Read more...
Tags: TV, Science, Technology, Television, Abc, Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, Crypto, Streaming, Roseanne Barr, Roseanne, Bondpm

Hulu Scrambles to Pull All Reruns of Roseanne After Star's Racist Tweet

The torturous situation caused by TV star and far-right conspiracy theorist Roseanne Barr, whose 90s-era show Roseanne was revived for 2018 in some kind of horribly misguided effort to appeal to Donald Trump supporters, culminated in a predictable implosion this week. Barr—who has been tweeting for months about the …Read more...
Tags: Twitter, TV, Science, Technology, Television, Social Media, Streaming, Hulu, Donald Trump, Roseanne Barr, Barr, Roseanne

The Trailer for Dark Rising Promises a Diverse, Moody Superhero Epic (UPDATED)

UPDATE 2:25PM EST 5/27: It’s been brought to my attention by our commenters that one of these creators, Souvid Datta, has been accused of plagiarism for photography work in the past, which he later admitted to. Details about those accusations and Datta’s response can be found here.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Superheroes, Souvid Datta, Datta, Dark Rising

The Trailer for Dark Rising Promises a Diverse, Moody Superhero Epic

A compelling superhero show with African protagonists and a diverse worldwide cast? And it’s dark, atmospheric, and mysterious? Where do we sign up? Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Superheroes, Dark Rising

The Expanse Has Been Revived by Amazon for a Fourth Season

Thank Jeff Bezos and the desiccated capitalist husk of our entertainment economy, because sometimes good things do still happen. Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Television, Jeff Bezos, The Expanse, Expanse

The Expanse Just Recharged All Its Storylines, and Now It's Better Than Ever

After a very soul-wrenching period in which The Expanse appeared doomed by cancellation, Amazon stepped in to make sure the scifi standout would return. But there’s still a good chunk of season three left to go on Syfy—although so much changed in last night’s thrilling “Delta-V” that the show practically exploded.Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Television, Syfy, Delta, Scifi, The Expanse, TV Recap

Syfy Says This Season of The Expanse Will Be the Last One on the Network

The Expanse will need to find a new home, because Syfy has chosen to end its relationship with what’s widely regarded as one of the best science-fiction shows on television.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Syfy, The Expanse

This Futuristic Color TV Set Concept From 1922 Was Way Ahead of Its Time

This TV set was the futuristic vision of illustrator Frank R. Paul in 1922. And I absolutely love it.Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Science And Invention, Hugo Gernsback, Radio History, Science And Invention Magazine, Tv history, Television History, Doctor Hackensaw, Frank R Paul

You'll be Paying for AT&T's Purchase of Time Warner Through Your Cable Bill

The Department of Justice unleashed its harshest condemnation yet of the proposed purchase of Time Warner by AT&T when the agency revealed Wednesday that the $85 billion merger would cost consumers more than half a billion dollars per year in additional cable costs.Read more...
Tags: TV, Science, Television, Time Warner, Att, Bill, Department Of Justice, Doj, AT T, Att Time Warner Merger

If You Aren't Watching The Expanse, the Best Scifi Show on TV, Here's What You Need to Know to Start Tonight

It’s been a year since The Expanse’s tense season two finale, and we are deliriously excited for the season three premiere tonight on Syfy. You should be, too. The scifi series is strong on every front: a thrilling story equally packed with political intrigue and tons of space action; fascinating and well-written…Read more...
Tags: Science, Television, Syfy, The Expanse, James Sa Corey

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