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Even More Updates on The Invisible Man, Bond 25, and More

There could be a very interesting addition to Bond 25's scriptwriting team. Fullmetal Alchemist’s Yasuhiro Irie is helping to make a new anime for Netflix. Get a look at iZombie’s final return. Plus, what to expect on Doom Patrol and the next episode of Game of Thrones, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters introduces us…Read more...
Tags: Science, Charmed, Netflix, Game Of Thrones, The Flash, Arrow, The Twilight Zone, Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Eden, The 100, iZombie, The Invisible Man, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Beast, Bond 25

Twitter Doesn't Want You Sharing This Link About TV Piracy

Twitter is home to some of the vilest neo-Nazis, racists, and homophobes on the planet. But don’t even think about discussing the one topic that’s apparently taboo on the platform: Piracy of TV shows.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, TV, Science, Copyright, Eff, Starz, TV Shows, Dmca, Piracy, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Torrentfreak, The 100, Television Shows, American Gods, Knightfall, Bless This Mess

Does Alleged Star Wars: Episode IX Art Give Us an Intriguing Look at New Characters?

The cast of Mouse Guard continues to grow. Morbius set pictures give us a tiny glimpse of Jared Leto and Matt Smith in action. Supernatural wraps its now-penultimate season. Get another look at Hellboy in new footage and new pictures. Plus, what’s to come on Riverdale. May the spoilers be with you, always!Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Jared Leto, Snowpiercer, Hellboy, Matt Smith, Siren, The 100, Riverdale, Morbius, Tom Jerry, Star Wars Episode Ix, Toy Story 4, Fear Street

Another Familiar Face Is Confirmed for Bill & Ted 3

Candyman director Nia DaCosta offers an intriguing hint about the film’s new star. Michael B. Jordan’s next action role is downright biblical. Morbius set pictures hint at a sneaky Spidey in-joke. Plus, new Spider-Man: Far From Home posters, more looks at Stranger Things’ third season, and Idris Elba with a…Read more...
Tags: Science, Charmed, Ted, Idris Elba, Bill, Hellboy, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Shazam, Shadowhunters, The 100, Michael B Jordan, Candyman, Spidey, Methuselah

Updates From Alien's Anniversary Shorts, the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and More

The cast and crew of Pet Sematary discuss Stephen King’s beloved book. More of The 100 might be on the way. Plus, new posters for Shazam and The Curse of La Llorona, what’s to come on Deadly Class and Supernatural, and more. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Stephen King, Charmed, Supernatural, Alien, Jay, Legacies, Supergirl, Shazam, The 100, Riverdale, Pet Sematary, La Llorona, Bob Reboot, Jay Silent Bob Reboot

No Foolin', Legends of Tomorrow Returns April 1

A perfect return date for a perfect TV show, frankly. Plus, the CW has revealed a few others...Read more...
Tags: Science, Cw, Arrow, DC Entertainment, Legends Of Tomorrow, The 100, iZombie

Gotham Confirms Another Major Batman Villain for Its Final Season

Janelle Monae joins Disney’s Lady and the Tramp remake. Barbara Broccoli now doesn’t see a female Bond in the future of the franchise. Production on the Monster Hunter movie has begun. Plus, more good Star Trek: Discovery news, what’s to come on Doctor Who, and new pictures from The 100's return. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Disney, Z Nation, Gotham, Happy, James Bond, Barbara Broccoli, The Last Ship, The Flash, Janelle Monae, The 100, Riverdale, Suspiria

More Joker Set Pictures Tease the Rise of a New Clown Prince of Crime 

Zendaya talks about those Little Mermaid rumors. The third Kingsman movie could be dropping next year. Matt and Foggy host an uneasy reunion in the first pictures from Daredevil’s third season. Plus, what’s to come on Riverdale, Halloween goes documental, and the world of Instagram teases who’s back for Avengers 4.…Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, Gotham, Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid, Avengers, Daredevil, The Last Ship, Arrow, Joker, The 100, Kingsman, Iron Fist, Fear The Walking Dead, Matt, Riverdale

Updates From New Mutants, Swamp Thing, and More

Anya Taylor-Joy talks New Mutants reshoots. Writer Gary Dauberman discusses bringing a peculiar ritual to It: Chapter 2, and looks like we’re getting an R-Rated Swamp Thing. Plus, Felicity gets a truly, truly outrageous look in Arrow, and a new look at Supergirl’s space-y new costume for Kara. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, Warning, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Daredevil, Arrow, Supergirl, Killjoys, The 100, Mara, The Cove, Swamp Thing, Gary Dauberman, New Mutants, Anya Taylor, The Conjuring 3

A Batman Villain Could Become the Main Antagonist of Birds of Prey 

There are more rumors about just what the live action Star Wars TV show could be based on. The Meg director Jon Turteltaub talks the grisly deaths that got cut from the film. Story beats first planned for Justice League could live on in the Cyborg movie. Plus, new looks at Predator and Bumblebee. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Halo, Supernatural, Justice League, Batwoman, Birds Of Prey, The Landing, The Twilight Zone, Lucifer, Shadowhunters, The 100, Meg, Riverdale, Cyborg, Bumblebee

Updates From the Men in Black Sequel, Agents of SHIELD, and More

Emma Thompson is returning for Men in Black’s spinoff sequel. Jude Law dances around discussing his role in Captain Marvel. Christopher McQuarrie still wouldn’t mind directing the ephemeral, intangible Man of Steel 2. Plus, Peter Dinklage hits the post-apocalypse of I Think We’re Alone Now, and what’s to come on the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Emma Thompson, Snowpiercer, Man Of Steel, Arrow, Men In Black, Killjoys, The 100, Peter Dinklage, Christopher McQuarrie, Captain Marvel, Man of Steel 2, Avengers 4, The Outpost, Wonder Woman 1984, The Dead Dont Die

Even More Intriguing Casting Rumors for Joker

Yet another Stephen King novel is getting the movie treatment. At least one familiar face will not return in Legends of Tomorrow’s next season. Jane Levy teases a major King connection for her Castle Rock character. Plus, Don Cheadle heads to Duckburg, and what’s to come on The 100. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, Stephen King, Gotham, Supernatural, Don Cheadle, Legends Of Tomorrow, Joker, The 100, Castle Rock, Jane Levy, Ducktales, Duckburg, The Happytime Murders, Enter the Dragon, The Meg, Bobcat Goldthwaits Misfits Monsters

Comic-Con Updates From The Lego Movie 2, The Good Place, and More

Chris Pratt has more than one role in The Lego Movie 2. Arrow has found its Longbow Hunters. Slow but steady process has been made on the Judge Dredd TV show. Plus, Geoff Johns teases Green Lantern Corps, and an amazing look at King of the Monsters’ Gidorah in action. Comic-Con may be over, but spoilers are forever!Read more...
Tags: Science, Cats, Agents Of Shield, Supernatural, Archer, Chris Pratt, American Horror Story, The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Colony, The Man In The High Castle, Killjoys, Preacher, The 100, Iron Fist

New Spider-Man: Far From Home Casting Gives Hints of a Classic Comic Book Villain

Kevin Feige promises the end of the MCU as we know it in Avengers 4. The Walking Dead’s incoming showrunner says the next season will see female characters step up. Plus, our first look at Shazam!’s kid-version of Billy Batson, some timey-wimey Flash set photos, and a new look at Nic Cage’s cult movie Mandy. Spoilers…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Glass, Avengers, The Flash, Aquaman, Supergirl, Shazam, The 100, Iron Fist, Mandy, Kevin Feige, MCU, Billy Batson, Rabid, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Updates on Aquaman, Shazam, and More

Christopher Lloyd is game for a fourth Back to the Future film. The Walking Dead recruits another time-skip character from the comics. Danielle Panabaker will head behind the camera for The Flash’s next season. Plus, a new look at Fear the Walking Dead’s return, and what’s to come on The 100. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Charmed, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, The 100, Fear The Walking Dead, Christopher Robin, Christopher Lloyd, Danielle Panabaker, Wynonna Earp, Black Lightning, The First, The Orville, Good Manners

A Black Panther Star Could Join Star Trek 4 or Godzilla vs. Kong

Duncan Jones is heading to the world of comics for his next film. Joaquin Phoenix talks about the long road to his Joker origin movie. Capcom wants to bring Monster Hunter to the world of animation. Plus, a look at young Newt Scamander in The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Legends of Tomorrow heads to the ‘60s. Behold,…Read more...
Tags: Science, Doctor Who, The Joker, Legends Of Tomorrow, Duncan Jones, The Grinch, Dune, The Originals, The 100, Newt Scamander, Kong, Toto, Capcom, Grindelwald, Stranger Things, Monster Hunter

Updates on Black Adam, Quantum and Woody, and More

Dwayne Johnson has another update on just where the Black Adam movie is at. The UglyDolls film is still happening. The Russo brothers’ Valiant Comics show has found a home. Jason Momoa joins Apple’s ginormous and vague slate of genre shows. Plus, new footage from Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and Stranger Things set…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Dwayne Johnson, Snowpiercer, Jason Momoa, The 100, Mara, Adam, Riverdale, Woody, Russo, See, Stranger Things, Uglydolls, Black Adam, Expiration Date

More Intriguing Additions to the Cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home

The first Game of Thrones spinoff is set to start filming sooner than you’d think. New set pictures offer an early look at Chris Hemsworth in action for Men in Black. Casting calls reveal a very lengthy list of potential kombatants in the Mortal Kombat movie. Plus, new pictures from Cloak and Dagger, and what’s to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Game Of Thrones, Chris Hemsworth, Men In Black, The 100, Obi Wan Kenobi, Dagger, The Predator, Mortal Kombat, Avengers 4, Cloak Dagger, Teen Titans Go To The Movies, Mission Impossible Fallout, Bobcat Goldthwaits Misfits Monsters, Spider Man Far From Home, They Hear It

Updates on Spider-Man: Far From Home, Child's Play, and More

Don’t expect one Infinity War team up to make another appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The new Child’s Play movie reboot won’t feature the classic voice of Chucky. There’s more casting rumors for DC Universe’s Titans and Doom Patrol shows. Plus, updates on the Doctor Who Christmas special, and what’s to come…Read more...
Tags: Science, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Childs Play, Supernatural, Patient Zero, Lucky Man, The Originals, The 100, Titans, Black Lightning, Cloak Dagger, The Outpost, Doom Patrol, Spider Man Far From Home, Nutcracker And The Four Realms

Another Valiant Comics Hero Is Heading to the Big Screen

Kevin Feige says a sequel to Doctor Strange is in the works. HBO’s Watchmen show adds a few more mysterious members to its cast. Jordan Peele’s new scifi anthology series is heading to Youtube. Plus, behind the scenes on Wonder Woman 1984, Chloe Grace Moretz on the Suspiria remake, and more. Spoilers get! Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Faith, Chloe Grace Moretz, The Originals, The 100, Prodigy, Titans, Kevin Feige, Grudge, Jordan Peele, Suspiria, Future Man, Watchmen, The Gifted, Doctor Sleep

A Familiar Legends of Tomorrow Hero Is Returning for Season 4

Sony confirms Tom Holland’s exclusive leak about Spider-Man: Far From Home. Drew Goddard talks Cloverfield and balancing the drama of X-Force with the comedy of Deadpool. Original Blue Ranger David Yost wants to stage a Power Rangers reunion. Plus, what’s to come on Humans and The 100. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Star Wars, Science, Doctor Who, Sony, Humans, Power Rangers, Legends Of Tomorrow, Jessica Jones, The Originals, The 100, David Yost, Riverdale, Tom Holland, X Force, Alfred Pennyworth, Assassination Nation

More Rumors About Patrick Stewart's Potential Return to Star Trek

Todd McFarlane wants a wild Spawn/Venom crossover movie. Laurence Fishburne offers an intriguing connection between his Ant-Man and the Wasp character and the film’s villain. HBO’s Watchmen has cast a huge star. Plus, what’s to come on The 100, more hints about Arrow’s new status quo, and teasers for Nightflyers.…Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Animals, Star Trek, Patrick Stewart, Arrow, Laurence Fishburne, Legends Of Tomorrow, The 100, Riverdale, Venom, Todd McFarlane, Watchmen, Crowded, Spawn, Space Jam 2

Arrow's Next Season Could Borrow Some Ideas From the Canceled Green Arrow Movie

It: Chapter 2 keeps casting its adult heroes. Gemma Chan gives us a sneak peek of her Captain Marvel character. Kevin Feige hints at the possibility of the Young Avengers coming to the MCU. Plus, what’s to come on The 100, and more casting for Amazon’s adaptation of The Boys. To me, my Spoilers! Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Young Avengers, Arrow, The 100, Kevin Feige, MCU, Gemma Chan, Captain Marvel, The Predator, Swamp Thing, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Reverie, The Boys, Avengers 4, Bond 25

Terminator 6 Set Photos Reveal Our First Look at Sarah Connor's Triumphant Return

New set pictures from the next Terminator give us our first look at Linda Hamilton back in action. Zachary Quinto offers a brief hint on the next Star Trek film. George Clooney could direct a new scifi movie. Plus, Swamp Thing casting rumors, and Cheo Hodari Coker on the villains of Luke Cage season two. Spoilers,…Read more...
Tags: Echo, Science, The Walking Dead, Humans, Westworld, George Clooney, Luke Cage, The Originals, The 100, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, Swamp Thing, Wynonna Earp, Cheo Hodari Coker, Star Trek 4

James Gunn Reconfirms Just When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Take Place

There’s even more wild rumors about how the Joker origin movie will tie into the wider DC movie slate. New Wonder Woman 1984 set footage could give a sneaky hint at a certain comic book vehicle. Plus, Justin Roiland says Rick and Morty’s new deal with Adult Swim should mean less waiting for new episodes. Spoilers,…Read more...
Tags: Science, James Gunn, The Joker, Supergirl, Preacher, The 100, Morty, Rick, Rick And Morty, Justin Roiland, Castle Rock, Lovecraft Country, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, Ant Man The Wasp, Terminator 6, The Meg

More Rumors About the Return of an Old Hero in Star Wars: Episode IX

There’s wild rumors abound for a surprising supporting role in the Joker origin movie. Michael Douglas spills the beans on how Janet Van Dyne returns for Ant-Man and The Wasp. Jeff Goldblum is already teasing Jurassic World 3. Plus, more set footage from Wonder Woman 1984, and another look at Preacher’s return.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Game Of Thrones, Humans, Jurassic World, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Joker, The Flash, Supergirl, Lucifer, Michael Douglas, Preacher, The 100, Jeff Goldblum, Suspiria, Janet Van Dyne, Pet Sematary

Updates From Aquaman, Captain Marvel, and More

Ryan Murphy says American Horror Story’s big crossover is happening this year. Could Lucasfilm be reviving Seth Green’s weird Star Wars comedy shorts? Plus, Brie Larson hypes up the strength of Captain Marvel, what’s to come on Cloak & Dagger, and our first look at the new Rocketeer animated series. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Twin Peaks, David Lynch, Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story, Aquaman, Brie Larson, The 100, Seth Green, Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, The Rocketeer, Cloak Dagger, Bloodshot, Star Wars Detours

Kevin Feige Offers More Hints About a Ms. Marvel Movie

Lea Thompson has a bold plan for a Howard the Duck reboot. There’s a glimmer of hope for Lucifer’s future, courtesy of Amazon. Lewis Tan teases a Bat-family role at DC. Plus, new pictures from Cloak & Dagger, and a new look at the Supergirl season finale. Spoilers, away!Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Science, Ms Marvel, Westworld, DC Entertainment, Supergirl, Lucifer, Away, The 100, Fear The Walking Dead, Howard, Kevin Feige, Howard the Duck, Red Notice, Lea Thompson, The Outsider

Peter Jackson Discusses His Involvement With Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show

Get your first good look at Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Get a tiny look at the new Halloween movie. That creepy viral Twitter ghost story you’ve probably read is being turned into a movie. Plus, what’s to come on The Originals, and more hints of Avengers 4's connection to the original Avengers movie.…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Halloween, Science, Mulan, Avengers, Lord Of The Rings, Peter Jackson, The Originals, The 100, Bumblebee, Janet Van Dyne, The Predator, Zombieland 2, The Unseen, First Man, Ant Man The Wasp

More Wild Rumors About the Costumed Looks of Avengers 4

The new Willy Wonka movie has apparently narrowed down its list of potential stars. Get a first look at the new Halloween movie. Legends of Tomorrow is losing a recent series regular. Plus, Stranger Things is getting summery, and what’s to come on Legion’s finale. Spoilers, assemble!Read more...
Tags: Halloween, Science, Doom, Cupid, Aquaman, Legends Of Tomorrow, Jessica Jones, Legion, The 100, Willy Wonka, Stranger Things, Gears of War, The Gifted, Avengers 4, Cloak Dagger, Needle In A Timestack

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