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A future mono vaccine may have a shot at defeating multiple sclerosis, a new study suggests

Particles of the mononucleosis virus (dark circles) inside a cell.CDC A study provides the strongest evidence to date suggesting the Epstein-Barr virus may lead to multiple sclerosis.  Scientists disagree about whether EBV definitively causes MS. Experts hope a vaccine may one day prevent some MS cases, but it may take decades. Scientists have found the strongest evidence to date that an infection from the Epstein-Barr virus could significantly increase the risk of developing multiple scleros...
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The CW's 4400 First Look Teases an Intriguing Connection

In USA’s The 4400, which premiered in 2004, thousands of people from throughout various points in recent history—who were all thought to be abducted—suddenly returned as a group in the present day, with no real recollection of what had happened to them. Initially, there was little rhyme or reason to the 4400's mission…Read more...
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Wikipedia’s Surprising Power in Shaping Science: A New MIT Shows How Wikipedia Shapes Scientific Research

If you were in high school or college when Wikipedia emerged, you’ll remember how strenuously we were cautioned against using such an “unreliable source” for our assignments. If you went on to a career in science, however, you now know how important a role Wikipedia plays in even professional research. It may thus surprise you to learn that students still get more or less the same warning about what, two decades later, has become the largest encyclopedia and fifth most-visited web site in the w...
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J.J. Abrams Really Thinks That Portal Movie Is Still Happening

Hellraiser and Predator’s next films have started taking big steps. Zack Snyder already has ideas for more . Plus, new looks at The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and what’s to come on Fear the Walking Dead’s finale. Spoilers, go!Read more...
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Why Schools Should Be the Center of a Green New Deal

One of the main things Terriq Thompson remembers about Benjamin Franklin High School, where he graduated in 2019, is that it was hot. In particular, he remembers his first day of his senior year. It was an unusually warm September, and that day, it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2 degrees Celsius) out. But inside, he…Read more...
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A Johns Hopkins professor predicts the US will reach herd immunity by April, but many experts aren't so optimistic

People wait in line in a Disneyland parking lot to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Johns Hopkins professor Martin Makary wrote that COVID-19 would be "mostly gone" in the US by April. The US's drop in coronavirus cases suggests it's close to reaching herd immunity, Makary said. But many doctors and scientists say herd immunity is still a long way off in the US. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The US's...
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Tessa Thompson's 11 Best Genre Roles (So Far)

Tessa Thompson is a versatile actress who’s done way more than just sci-fi and fantasy stuff—you’ve probably seen the Creed movies, and you should check out Little Woods if you haven’t yet. But she sure is in a lot of genre projects, which is a big reason why we love her so much. Behold, our favorite tales of Thompson!Read more...
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Weekend storm to bring end to record heat, but not to expanding drought in California

The end of a brief stretch of record heat will not come with any meaningful rainfall across California this weekend, as the state continues its need for a thorough soaking.In what has been a lackluster wet season, this month is set to become the driest February on record in several locales, including Redding, Sacramento and Ukiah.The latest outlook from the United States Drought Monitor shows that abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions are affecting around 1.35 million California resident...
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Mathematicians Edge Closer to Solving a 'Million Dollar' Math Problem

Did a team of mathematicians just take a big step toward answering a 160-year-old, million-dollar question in mathematics?Maybe. The crew did solve a number of other, smaller questions in a field called number theory. And in doing so, they have reopened an old avenue that might eventually lead to an answer to the old question: Is the Riemann hypothesis correct?The Reimann hypothesis is a fundamental mathematical conjecture that has huge implications for the rest of math. It forms the foundation ...
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Viral study suggests an approach that may decrease kidney damage in transplant patients

Sunnie Thompson's study of BK polyomavirus replication may lead to less failure of kidneys following organ transplant. The virus is silently harbored in most humans; when transplant recipients receive drugs to suppress their immune system to prevent graft rejection, the virus can reactivate and damage the kidney. Thompson's research points to a new way to reduce BK polyomavirus levels in transplant patients without reducing immunosuppressing drugs.
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Emma Thompson, weeping teenagers join peaceful climate protest in London

Organisers Extinction Rebellion have called for non-violent civil disobedience to force the British government to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025 and stop what they call a global climate crisis. Extinction Rebellion has blocked several locations in central London this week after staging a semi-nude protest in parliament earlier this month. "Our planet is in serious trouble," Thompson told reporters.
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Splinter Bret Stephens Tried to Teach Me How the World Works Because I Called Him Remarkably Dumb |

Splinter Bret Stephens Tried to Teach Me How the World Works Because I Called Him Remarkably Dumb | Deadspin  | Jezebel Tristan Thompson Is a Real Piece of Shit | The A.V. Club Ian McKellen on what led to Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey’s…Read more...
Tags: Evening Favorites, Science, Bryan Singer, Kevin Spacey, Ian Mckellen, Thompson, Bret Stephens

Scientists study the psychology of death metal

Psychology professor William Forde Thompson of Australia's Macquarie University and his colleagues have published a series of scientific papers about the appeal of death metal. The scientists were surprised to learn that death metal fans aren't particularly angry or violent people and actually in a happy place whilst head-banging to the likes of Morbid Angel (above) and Cannibal Corpse (below). The research reminds me of how my dad was always so surprised by my love for goth music even though I...
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Even More Rumors About Who Could Star in Birds of Prey

Get a new look at Agents Hemsworth and Thompson in behind-the-scenes pics from the new Men in Black. Brie Larson talks Captain Marvel. Alan Tudyk is joining another comic book adaptation. John Carpenter teases that a Prince of Darkness show is on the way. Plus, HBO’s Watchmen finds some intriguing musicians for its…Read more...
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Why Two Guys Are Building a Massive Island Out of Fat

Just north of Amsterdam’s most famous canals, there’s an island of fat bobbing up and down in the sea by a wharf in a former shipyard. Right now it’s the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and weighs a metric ton, but its creators, Mike Thompson and Arne Hendricks, say it will be big enough to walk on one day. Thompson and…Read more...
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Widow of Hunter S. Thompson Plans to Clone Late Husband's Legendary Weed

Over a decade after the death of famed author and psychonaut Hunter S. Thompson, a small part of his legacy might find new life—and a spot in a dispensary near you. On Sunday, Anita Thompson announced that she was partnering with a cannabis company to clone her deceased husband’s favorite strains and sell them to the…Read more...
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If a Skier Falls in the Forest, Does the Sound Scare the Birds?

Serenity is being alone on the ski trails — but are we truly alone? Research shows that even a low-impact sport like cross-country skiing can have negative effects on wildlife. Those conflicts are likely to increase with climate change. Schuss, schuss, schuss as you skate through the woods. The occasional slap of your classic skis as you head up a climb. Laughter as you chat with your training partner. As cross-country skiers, we think of ourselves as fairly quiet out in nature: aside from the ...
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