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The Tonga volcanic disaster shows we need to rethink telecom infrastructure

In the wake of a violent volcanic eruption in Tonga, much of the communication with residents on the islands remains at a standstill. In our modern, highly-connected world, more than 95% of global data transfer occurs along fibre-optic cables that criss-cross through the world’s oceans. Breakage or interruption to this critical infrastructure can have catastrophic local, regional and even global consequences. This is exactly what has happened in Tonga following Saturday’s volcano-tsunami disaste...
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A Pacific volcano erupted with an explosive force more than 600 times the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, scientists said

Eruption of the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai off Tonga.Tonga Geological Services/via REUTERS An underwater volcano erupted on January 15, covering Tongan islands with ash and causing a major tsunami, NPR reported.  Scientists say the eruption may be the loudest since Krakatau, which killed thousands in 1883. The volcano blast had an explosive yield of around 10 megatons, scientists said. An underwater volcano forcefully erupted near the Pacific island nation of Tonga on Sa...
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Tsunami triggered by a huge volcanic eruption under the Pacific ocean left towns across Tonga damaged, say reports

The underwater eruption near Tonga has flooded the islandBurak Arik/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images/Tonga Meteorological Services, Government of Tonga A massive undersea volcano eruption followed by a tsunami left Tonga flooded and covered in ash.  No casualties have been reported on the island nation in the south Pacific. Seismologists say this is the biggest eruption from the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha'apai volcano. Tsunami waves have flooded the Pacific island nation of Tonga after an unders...
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Dramatic footage of tsunami hitting the Pacific island of Tonga after a giant underwater volcano erupted

This picture taken on December 21, 2021 shows white gaseous clouds rising from the Hunga Ha'apai eruption seen from the Patangata coastline near Tongan capital Nuku'alofa. - A huge dust cloud spewed out when a volcano erupted in Tonga this week could result in showers of acid rain across the Pacific kingdom, emergency authorities have warned.MARY LYN FONUA/AFP via Getty Images An underwater volcanic eruption has led to tsunami warnings being issued to the people of Tonga.  Tonga's...
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Panic, lockdown and a rush to vaccinate in Tonga as first Covid case recorded

Pacific country has made it through nearly two years of the pandemic Covid-free, but a repatriation flight from New Zealand has led to the country’s first caseEarly on Monday morning, the normally quiet capital of the Pacific country of Tonga, Nuku’alofa city, was packed with cars.There were long queues outside vaccination centres, as well as banks, Western Union outlets and shops as people rushed to prepare for the tiny nation’s first proper lockdown. Continue reading...
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Covid: could Britain have been more like New Zealand?

Island nation status could facilitate border controls to eradicate virus and ease lockdown restrictionsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe UK’s physical isolation sets it apart from its continental neighbours, but could its island status have protected it from the full horror of Covid-19, had it closed borders in early 2020, as New Zealand and Taiwan did?Both have been applauded for their efficient handling of the pandemic, with just 33 Covid-19 deaths between them. O...
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Pumice arrives delivering "vitamin boost" to the reef

The giant pumice raft created by an underwater volcanic eruption last August in Tonga has begun arriving on the Australian eastern seaboard, delivering millions of reef-building organisms that researchers say could be a "vitamin boost" for the Great Barrier Reef.
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Giant, fruit-gulping pigeon eaten into extinction on Pacific islands

A large fruit-eating bird from Tonga joins the dodo in the lineup of giant island pigeons hunted to extinction.
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NASA continues tracking Tropical Cyclone Harold's excessive rainfall

powerful Tropical Cyclone Harold from the Solomon Islands to the island of Tonga in the South Pacific. Satellite data was used to calculate the rainfall generated as Harold moved through the Southern Pacific Ocean. NASA also provided infrared imagery on Harold.
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NASA finds very heavy rainfall in major tropical cyclone Harold

On April 8, Tropical Cyclone Harold is a major hurricane, a Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, as it exits Fiji and heads toward the island of Tonga. NASA used satellite data to calculate the rainfall generated by this powerful and destructive storm in the Southern Pacific Ocean.
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The Global Reef Expedition: Kingdom of Tonga

The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation has published their findings from extensive coral reef surveys conducted in the Kingdom of Tonga. Released today, the Global Reef Expedition: Kingdom of Tonga Final Report contains critical information on the health and resiliency of coral reef ecosystems in Tonga, and provides scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders with invaluable information they can use to protect these fragile marine ecosystems.
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NASA finds a weaker Sarai now a depression

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite provided forecasters with an image of Tropical Cyclone Sarai and it showed a much weaker storm near Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean.
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NASA finds heavy rain potential in tropical storm Sarai

NASA analyzed the cloud top temperatures in Tropical Storm Sarai using infrared light to determine the strength of the storm. Sarai has triggered warnings for Fiji and Tonga in the Southern Pacific Ocean,
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Mystery mud on new volcanic island baffles Nasa scientists

Island sprung up near Tonga three years ago, giving researchers a glimpse of how flora and fauna colonise itNasa scientists have landed for the first time on one of the world’s newest islands, and discovered the three-year-old land mass is now covered in a sticky, mysterious mud, as well as vegetation and bird life.The volcanic island sprung up in the ocean surrounding Tonga three years ago, one of only three new islands to emerge in the last 150 years that have survived more than a few months. ...
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Prince Harry Palled Around With Tonga's Famously Oiled-Up Olympic Flag Bearer

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met the Polynesian nation's biggest viral sta
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WHO says Zika risk low in Pacific ahead of Meghan visit

As Prince Harry and his expectant wife Meghan prepare to tour Fiji and Tonga next week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the risk of contracting Zika virus in the Pacific nations is low. The British royals, currently in Australia, arranged their trip before Meghan's pregnancy was known, sparking fears she and her unborn baby could be vulnerable in the island nations, where Zika is officially listed as a risk.
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Pacific pop-up: island that rose from the ashes might last 30 years

Tongan volcanic island unofficially named Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai was initially only expected to stay above sea level for a matter of monthsA new Tongan island formed from the ash of a 2014 volcanic eruption in the South Pacific could exist for decades, according to a study released by Nasa. The ash island, unofficially named Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, formed during a submarine volcanic eruption that lasted from late December 2014 to early January 2015. The new land mass, which has a 120m summ...
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Watch Kilauea’s Lava Gush Into the Sea Like a Waterfall

Lava flows continues to pour into the Pacific in Hawaii, creating stunning red-hot fountains. The post Watch Kilauea's Lava Gush Into the Sea Like a Waterfall appeared first on WIRED.
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Release of water shakes Pacific Plate at depth

Tonga is a seismologists' paradise, and not just because of the white-sand beaches. The subduction zone off the east coast of the archipelago racks up more intermediate-depth and deep earthquakes than any other subduction zone, where one plate of Earth's lithosphere dives under another, on the planet.
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The First People to Settle Polynesia Came from Asia

The first settlers of the far-flung Pacific islands of Tonga and Vanuatu likely arrived from Taiwan and the northern Philippines between 2,300 and 3,100 years ago, a new genetic analysis suggests. Ancient DNA extracted from skeletons at two archaeological sites on the islands helps paint this picture of how the remotest reaches of the Pacific were first colonized. "The people of Vanuatu today are descended from Asia first of all.
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Study reveals Asian ancestry of Pacific islanders

Ancient DNA has revealed the first inhabitants of Vanuatu and Tonga came from Asia, not other Oceanic populations as has long been assumed, a study published Tuesday found.
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