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Baby's First Game Boy Teaches Your Kids the Joys of Gaming With Physical Buttons

Unless you’re a staunch advocate for your kids having zero screen time, at some point you’re going to distract them with a mobile device. But instead of putting your expensive, fragile smartphone in their hands, LeapFrog’s new RockIt Twist is like a baby’s first Game Boy that makes gaming more accessible with a bunch…Read more...
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I Actually Have a Chance of Solving This Motion-Sensing Rubik's Cube Handheld That Gives You Hints

Did the Rubik’s Cube, one of the world’s most deceptively simple puzzle games, need to be turned into a handheld gaming device? I initially thought Super Impulse’s new Rubik’s Tilt game was a gadget the world didn’t need, but it turns out there’s one feature a cube-solving amateur like myself is happy to finally have:…Read more...
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That Toilet Paper Spitball Blaster Gets a Much-Needed Rapid-Fire Upgrade

Despite being one of the many poop-themed, gross-out toy reveals at last year’s New York Toy Fair, Jakks Pacific’s toilet-paper shooting Skid Shot turned out to be a fun alternative to traditional toy blasters that just shoot foam ammo. For 2019, Jakks is releasing an improved version called the Sheet Storm that fixes…Read more...
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Hasbro Updated Battleship for the Beer Pong Generation

Following up on a bouncing ping-pong ball version of Connect 4 released last year, Hasbro is updating another one of its classic board games to appeal to a generation that spent most of its college years bouncing plastic balls into beer-filled Solo cups. Alcohol isn’t required to play Hasbro’s new Battleship Shots,…Read more...
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This Ridiculous Slow-Motion Racing Game Penalizes the Speedy

Even awkwardly tripping and stumbling on a throw rug would look super cool when played back in slow motion, as YouTube channels like The Slow Mo Guys have shown us time and time again. But with Hasbro’s new The Slow-Motion Race Game players don’t need a $100,000 high-speed camera to create a slow-motion effect; just…Read more...
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My Favorite Childhood Gadget of the '80s, the Speak & Spell, Is Back

I can’t remember when exactly the Speak & Spell first entered my life—it was sometime in the very early ‘80s when I was four or five years old—but I do remember being amazed that my parents allowed me to touch and play with this marvel of technology, when other devices, like the VCR and the stereo, were strictly…Read more...
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