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Bloomberg May Be Taking Hits in the Polls, But He's Crushing the Social Media Cringe Finals

Former New York City mayor and billionaire oligarch Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign hasn’t had the best week since the Feb. 19 Democratic primary debate in Nevada, where he was more or less mechanically separated into meat byproducts by the rest of the field on everything from his support for stop-and-frisk…Read more...
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In True Star Wars Style, a Very Silly Hashtag May Have Just Revealed an Intriguing Clone Wars Secret

Only a franchise as gleefully dumb as Star Wars could drop a major tease via the medium of...secret emojis?Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Star Wars, Science, Disney, Animation, Streaming, Emoji, Lucasfilm, Hashtags, Darth Maul, Star Wars The Clone Wars, 100 Soft, Mandalorians, Disney Plus

Max Q: How to build a Starship

Max Q is a new weekly newsletter all about space. Sign up here to receive it weekly on Sundays in your inbox. Busy week for SpaceX – across funding, space tourism, and next-gen spacecraft. There’s also a space station resupply mission coming up that it’s getting ready for, and signs (this time literally) continue to suggest that its first human spaceflight mission is imminent. Lots of other news, too, including our own: We announced this week that NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is goin...
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Twitter Suspends Dozens of Pro-Bloomberg Accounts for “Platform Manipulation and Spam”

Twitter began suspending 70 accounts supporting Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg on Friday, claiming that the accounts violated its rules against “platform manipulation and spam.” The social media company stated that some suspensions would be permanent. In other cases, Twitter will ask account…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Social Media, Michael Bloomberg, 2020 Presidential Election, Pro Bloomberg

A Quarter of All Climate Tweets Come From Bots—and They're More Likely to Peddle Denial

The bots are taking over, man. Researchers have found that bots are largely fueling climate denial propaganda on Twitter. Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Research, Bots, Climate Denial

Twitter Update Makes It Easier to Continue One of Your Awful Threads

A new Twitter update makes it easier for users to follow up their dumb, old tweets via a “Continue thread” menu, allowing users to continue a thread without actually having to navigate to the tweet in question.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Technology, Social Media, Platforms

Twitter Ran Ads for Human Organs Because Money Is Money

Aside from pockets of overt racism, one of the more weirdly unpleasant corners of Twitter comes from its “promoted” content. What ostensibly started as a tool for big-name brands to drive the of whatever message they might be promoting, it’s since devolved into another kind of marketing tool…
Tags: Twitter, Science, Scams, Organs

Shitty Person Wins Case Against UK Police Who Warned Him About His Transphobic Tweets

A high court in the UK ruled on Friday that police should not have visited a man who sent out “transphobic” tweets at his place of work and that they had a “substantial chilling effect” by doing so, the Guardian reported.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, UK, Science, Technology, Social Media, Courts, Lgbtq, Trans, Hate Speech, Free Speech, LGBTQA, Shitty Person Wins Case Against UK Police

Britain Appoints Content Cops for Social Media

Social media is a content minefield, and Britain’s had it. Today, the British government announced it will appoint its media watchdog Ofcom as a regulator for social media content in a bid to rein in platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, among others.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, UK, Science, Youtube, Social Media, Britain, Ofcom, Facebook YouTube, Content Moderation, Internet Regulation, Tiktok

Amazon Exec Jay Carney Cites Sanders Praise Out of Context, Promptly Melts Down on Twitter

Jay Carney, the former Obama White House press secretary, has worked as Amazon’s senior vice president of global corporate affairs at Amazon since 2015. That factually makes him a paid voice for the company that controls around half of online commerce and which is owned by the world’s richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff…Read more...
Tags: Amazon, Twitter, Science, Technology, Media, Labor, Social Media, Minimum Wage, Pr, Bernie Sanders, Obama White House, Jay Carney, Amazon Exec, Fightfor15

Facebook and Twitter Refuse to Take Down Donald Trump’s Edited Nancy Pelosi Speech Ripping Video

Facebook and Twitter declined to take down a modified video posted to President Donald Trump’s accounts on both platforms that creates a questionable mash-up of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s viral speech-ripping moment during the State of the Union address. The dispute with the social networks was made public by Drew…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, House, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Misinformation

Facebook's Twitter Account Just Got Hijacked (For Like 2 Seconds)

Facebook’s twitter account was temporarily taken over Friday night by a group of hackers that, mostly according to rumor, may be Saudi teens.Read more...
Tags: Security, Facebook, Twitter, Science, Account Takeovers

Would Facebook Save Your Life If It Could?

If you were on trial for a murder you didn’t commit, it’s possible that Facebook has evidence that could set you free. But it is extraordinarily unlikely that Facebook would hand it over. Facebook would not only refuse to help you, but it will pay exorbitant legal fees to fight your subpoenas through appeals courts as…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Privacy, SCA, Stored Communications Act, Omar Ameen, Facebook Save Your Life

That Video of Farts Captured by Thermal Cameras Looking For Coronavirus is Totally Fake

Have you seen that viral video of people farting in public, captured by China’s thermal imaging cameras that are on the hunt for coronavirus? It’s completely fake.Read more...
Tags: Health, Twitter, Science, Youtube, China, Social Media, Chinese communist party, Thermal Imaging, Airlines, Flights, Fake, Fakes, Ccp, Global Times, Outbreaks, Thermal Cameras

Twitter Admits to Helping Spread Election Disinformation During Iowa Caucuses

The Washington Post’s Tony Romm reported on Monday night that Twitter has decided it will allow certain right-wing accounts to spread disinformation about the Iowa Democratic Caucuses, including tweets that suggest the results are being “rigged.”Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Washington Post, Iowa, Tony Romm, Disinformation, Election Interference

President Stable Genius Congratulates Wrong State After Chiefs Win Super Bowl

Donald Trump, the dumbest president in modern American history, congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs last night after they beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl, tweeting, “You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well.” Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Usa, Science, San Francisco 49ers, 49ers, San Francisco, Social Media, Missouri, Super Bowl, Kansas, Kansas City Chiefs, Lies, Kansas City, Donald Trump, Chiefs, President Trump

How Online Platforms Are Tackling Coronavirus Misinformation

As the deadly coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in China and around the world, several social media kingpins are fighting the outbreak on a different front: By curbing the spread of misinformation and fake claims online amid a public health emergency.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, China, Social Media, Snapchat, Reddit, Who, World Health Organization, Snap, Coronavirus

Scientists unveil highest resolution images of the sun ever captured

In new videos from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the sun's surface can be seen close-up in the highest resolution yet.The footage was taken with the NSF's Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, one of the federal agency's most powerful telescopes that is perched at the top of Haleakala Observatory on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It shows details of the sun's surface that are as small as Manhattan Island -- the most granular features to ever be captured of the sun's surfac...
Tags: Twitter, Texas, Science, Accuweather, Maui, Galileo, NSF, Manhattan Island, NSO, National Science Foundation NSF, Daniel K Inouye, National Solar Observatory NSO, DirecTV Frontier, Thomas Rimmele, Rimmele, Haleakala Observatory

HBO Invited Us to a Westworld Dinner Party, Where We Were the Ones Roasted

“Ms. Cranz, would you prefer a tequila or vodka shot? Don’t worry. We know the difference.” With one question a Westworld “robot” had roasted me to a cinder and brought into relief everything cool and terrifying about HBO’s Westworld “activation” at CES. Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Hbo, Science, Technology, Privacy, Robots, Westworld, Data Privacy, LARP, Cranz, Privacy And Security

White House Tweets 'First Snow of the Year' On Same Day It Hits 70 Degrees in Washington D.C.

The White House tweeted out this photo last night, declaring “First snow of the year!” The tweet confused a lot of people, to say the least, largely because it didn’t snow at all in Washington, D.C. yesterday. In fact, it reached 70 degrees on Sunday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Weather, Science, Climate Change, Washington, White House, Snow, Social Media, Washington Dc, Lies, Donald Trump, President Trump

Twitter Built a New Feature for Chris Cillizza

Suppose you get ratioed all the time on Twitter for likely exaggerating your salary and spitballing logical fallacies on a news site and complaining about the temperature live from a White House briefing, and your name is Chris Cillizza. Today is your luckiest day on Twitter! The platform has announced a new function…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, White House, Chris Cillizza, Fix The Godforsaken Site

The Anatomy of Online Bullshit in the Fog of Impending Doom

On early Friday local time, the U.S. assassinated high-ranking Iranian official Qassem Soleimani and multiple other people with a targeted airstrike at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq. Or they were killed on the battlefield in a totally legal, non-assassination, depending on who you believe.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Technology, Iraq, Social Media, Iran, War, Cybersecurity, Propaganda, Misinformation, Irgc, Baghdad International Airport, Qassem Soleimani, Disinformation, Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps

Trump Tweeted Twice as Much Bullshit This Year

If it’s seemed like America’s toilet-challenged chief of state has been ranting on Twitter more often than usual, it’s not just your imagination. In 2019, President Donald Trump tweeted 7,700 times to his 68 million followers, nearly doubling his count from the previous year, 3,600, according to a recent New York Post…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, New York Post, Science, Tweet, America, Donald Trump, President Trump, Trump Tweeted Twice

ExxonMobil Wishes Australia a 'Fun' New Year as Country Burns in Climate Crisis

ExxonMobil sent out a heartwarming tweet yesterday, wishing the good people of Australia a “safe” and “fun” New Year. Well, maybe heartwarming isn’t the right word. Perhaps “idiotic” is more appropriate, given the fact that large parts of Australia are currently on fire thanks in part to ExxonMobil’s history of…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Climate Change, Australia, Social Media, ExxonMobil, Wildfires, New South Wales, Bushfires, Rural Fire Service, Climate Emergency

Open Channel: The Best Tweets of the Decade That Still Haven't Been Deleted

Over a decade in, the value proposition of Twitter as a medium is murky, not easily defined—though one area it undoubtedly excels is allowing important people to show every embarrassing contour of their entire ass to the rest of the world. Albeit buried under months or years of less interesting posts, miraculously,…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Bad Tweets, The Decade That Was Bad

Words of the year 2019: Fritinancy edition

Goodnight decade! Goodnight year! Goodnight words that made us cheer—or jeer—and which summed up the stories of 2019. So far, Oxford Dictionaries has selected climate emergency as its #WOTY19, Collins Dictionary—clearly tapping into the same zeitgeist—picked climate strike, and Cambridge Dictionary chose upcycling. In Australia, Macquarie Dictionary singled out cancel culture from a longlist of 75 words (see my own take on canceled below). Here in the US, chose existential (as...
Tags: Google, Twitter, Florida, Politics, Science, Australia, Senate, White House, US, Cnn, Current Affairs, House, New York Times, House Of Representatives, Jennifer Aniston, Linguistics

Sharon Stone Was Blocked From Bumble, Just Like Us

Proles were enthralled to discover in the wee hours of this morning that Sharon Stone is on Bumble, the dating app where ~ladies~ make the first move. Around 1 AM EST, she tweeted a screenshot showing that her account had been disabled; after what must have been a furious few hours for the Bumble customer service team…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Dating Apps, Bumble, Sharon Stone, Sharon, Sharon Stone News

Twitter Warns Millions of Android App Users to Update Immediately

If endlessly scrolling through Twitter on your phone is part of your daily ritual, you’re going to want to update the app as soon as you can if you’re an Android user. This week, Twitter confirmed a vulnerability in its Android app that could let hackers see your “nonpublic account information” and commandeer your…Read more...
Tags: Android, Twitter, Science, Privacy, Hacking, Privacy And Security, Twitter Apps, Twitter Warns Millions of Android App Users

President Trump's Facebook Ads Keep Getting More and More Fascist

Yesterday, Donald Trump became the third president in the history of the United States to get impeached, and Trump is obviously not happy. But as things get worse for the president, his message becomes more and more extreme, especially on social media platforms like Facebook. The Trump campaign buys new Facebook ads…
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Politics, Science, Social Media, United States, Extremism, Donald Trump, Sacha Baron Cohen, Online Advertising, Trump, Impeachment, President Trump, 2020 Election, 2020 Presidential Election

CEOwned: Jack Dorsey Just UNFOLLOWED Mark Zuckerberg

Jack Dorsey is sitting, plotting, thinking about how much he hates his enemy Mark Zuckerberg for reasons unclear to the public but apparently very clear and ever-present in Jack Dorsey’s mind. Mark Zuckerberg was doing other stuff today, possibly work, probably thinking about bigger-picture nefarious schemes like…Read more...
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