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Transgender men have functional ovaries after a year of testosterone injections

The ovaries of transgender men appear to remain functional even after a year of receiving hormonal treatment with testosterone, according to a small Israeli study presented Saturday in the United States. Transgender men are born female but self-identify as male. Doctors from Tel Aviv-Sourasky Medical Center studied 52 transgender men aged between 17 and 40 for a year after they began receiving injections of testosterone.

Italy endorses China's Belt and Road plan in first for a G7 nation

Italy endorsed China's "Belt and Road" infrastructure project on Saturday, the first Group of Seven industrialized power to do so, as Rome brushed off worries among its Western allies in a bid to revive the flagging Italian economy. The signing ceremony was the highlight of a three-day trip to Italy by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which has boosted ties between the two nations at a time when the United States is locked in a trade war with China. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is aimed at ...

Eisai starts phase 3 trials for second Alzheimer's drug after first's failure

Eisai Co Ltd on Friday said it has begun phase 3 clinical trials of Alzheimer's treatment BAN2401, a day after the Japanese drugmaker and U.S. partner Biogen Inc scrapped trials for another Alzheimer's drug, aducanumab. On Friday, Eisai was untraded, flooded with sell orders at 7,565 yen, almost 17 percent lower than its previous close. The demise of aducanumab came after independent experts determined the trials had little hope of succeeding, marking the latest setback in the quest to treat ...

Planned U.S. oil storage boom faces new scrutiny after tank-farm fire

Federal, state and local officials have begun investigating whether Mitsui & Co's Intercontinental Terminals Co (ITC) met safety and environmental regulations after the fire in Deer Park, Texas, spread quickly among rows of giant tanks that hold up to 3.3 million gallons of fuel each. It burned for three days and destroyed 11 tanks holding fuels used to make gasoline and plastics that sat along the nation's busiest petrochemical port and among nine oil refineries. Results from those reviews co...

Iran will boost defense capabilities despite U.S. pressure: Khamenei

"We need to take Iran to a point that enemy understand that they cannot threaten Iran ... America's sanctions will make Iran self-sufficient," Khamenei said in a speech broadcast live on state TV. President Donald Trump withdrew the United States last May from a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six major powers, saying it gave too much away to Iran, and reimposed far-reaching U.S. sanctions.
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Iran will boost defence capabilities despite U.S. pressure - Khamenei

Iran is determined to boost its defence capabilities despite mounting pressure from the United States and its allies to curb its ballistic missile programme, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Thursday. "We need to take Iran to a point that enemy understand that they cannot threaten Iran ... America's sanctions will make Iran self-sufficient," Khamenei said in a speech broadcast live on state TV.
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Trump administration forced to consider climate change impacts for the first time after court defeat over drilling permits

The Trump administration has violated federal law by failing to “sufficiently consider climate change” as it moves to boost fossil fuel promotion in the United States, a federal judge has ruled. The ruling, by US District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Rudolph Contreras, is the first major rebuke to Donald Trump’s efforts to promote American energy dominance, and puts a temporary halt to oil and gas drilling on roughly 300,000 acres of land in Wyoming. “Given the national, cumulative...
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U.S. oil prices rise above $60 per barrel on tightening supply

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. crude prices rose to a four-month high above $60 a barrel after government data showed tightening oil supplies in the United States, but gains were capped by concerns over global economic growth due to the ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute.
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Get your natural gas in Texas for a dime, prices fall to record low

The equipment failure was on El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline Co LLC's Lordsburg and Florida compressor stations. El Paso, which is a unit of Kinder Morgan Inc, said the reduction will remain in effect until further notice. The Permian is the biggest oil-producing shale basin in the United States and since much of that oil comes out of the ground with gas, it is also the nation's second-biggest shale gas producing region, behind Appalachia in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.
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Donald Trump is using Stalinist tactics to discredit climate science

A panel to promote an alternative explanation for climate change would be disastrous. Yet that’s what White House officials want ‘The creation of the new panel of climate change deniers echoes the campaign by Joseph Stalin’s regime.’ Photograph: Czarek Sokołowski/AP Americans should not be fooled by the Stalinist tactics being used by the White House to try to discredit the findings of mainstream climate science. The Trump administration has already purged information about climate change fro...
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The recent spread of coyotes across North America did not doom deer populations

Coyotes eat deer, but not enough to limit the deer population at a large scale. A new study of deer numbers across the eastern United States has found that the arrival and establishment of coyote predators has not caused the number of deer harvested by hunters to decline.
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NASA photos capture immense flooding of a vital U.S. Air Force base

In 1948, Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington stationed the United States' long-range nuclear bombers at Offutt Air Force Base in eastern Nebraska, a location safe in the middle of the nation and well-insulated from the coast. But 70 years later, the base — now home to the U.S. Strategic Command which deters "catastrophic actions from adversaries and poses an immediate threat to any actor who questions U.S. resolve by demonstrating our capabilities" — isn't safe from historic and recor...
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Trump forges bond with Brazil's Bolsonaro in White House visit

In a joint news conference in the White House Rose Garden, Trump said he told Bolsonaro he would designate Brazil a major non-NATO ally and possibly go further by supporting a campaign to make Brazil "maybe a NATO ally." Bolsonaro, a former army captain who rode to the presidency with a brash, anti-establishment campaign modeled on Trump's 2016 run, has declared himself an unabashed admirer of the U.S. president and the American way of life. "Brazil and the United States are tied by the guaran...
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Ancient Inscription Points to Lost Temple of Unknown God in Yemen

A 2,000-year-old bronze tablet from Yemen, has engraved writing that mentions a lost temple dedicated to a god named "Athtar Ḥarmān," a deity whom scholars have never heard of before.Written in the Sabaic language, in a text known as Sabaean, the bronze inscription reads:"Ilīmataʿ and Khabīʾat, the two servants of Khawliyān offered to Athtar Ḥarmān, the owner of Bana, with a tablet of bronze, their sons and those he will add, for their salvation" (translation by Christian Robin). [Cracking Codic...
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Physicist Marcelo Gleiser: 'Science does not kill God'

The annual Templeton Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to "affirming life's spiritual dimension," was awarded Tuesday to Brazilian Marcelo Gleiser -- a theoretical physicist dedicated to demonstrating science and religion are not enemies. A physics and astronomy professor whose specializations include cosmology, 60-year-old Gleiser was born in Rio de Janeiro, and has been in the United States since 1986. "Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method," Gleiser told AFP Mon...
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Abel Prize for maths awarded to woman for first time

The Abel Prize in mathematics was on Tuesday awarded to Karen Uhlenbeck of the United States for her work on partial differential equations, the first woman to win the award, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters said. "Karen Uhlenbeck receives the Abel Prize 2019 for her fundamental work in geometric analysis and gauge theory, which has dramatically changed the mathematical landscape," said Abel Committee chairman Hans Munthe-Kaas in a statement. "Her theories have revolutionised our u...
Tags: Science, United States, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Abel Committee, Karen Uhlenbeck, Hans Munthe Kaas

Bolsonaro touts 'changed', U.S.-friendly Brazil to Washington

The day before he is due to meet like-minded populist President Donald Trump at the White House, Bolsonaro told business leaders he would like to partner more with the United States. Brazil had changed, he said. "We have good relationships around the world," he added, "but I am extending my hands so that the relationship with the United States is increasingly more important." An outspoken Trump admirer, Bolsonaro took power in January, vowing to realign Brazil with more advanced economies, pa...
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Huawei leads Asian domination of U.N. patent applications in 2018

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei led the pack with Asia accounting for more than half of the international patent applications at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) last year, WIPO said on Tuesday. Huawei, which has been under pressure since the United States demanded its allies bar Chinese vendors from participating in building 5G networks due to national security concerns, made 5,405 patent applications to the U.N. body, up from 4,024 in 2017. "It’s an all-time record by anyon...
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Wastewater - private equity’s new black gold in U.S. shale

Mike Christensen strides among rows of gleaming steel tanks, pointing to pipelines that arrive from miles around to this corner of former farmland near Midland, Texas, the heart of the largest oil patch in the United States. While U.S. oil production has reached record levels on account of the shale revolution of the last decade, much of the supporting infrastructure has failed to keep up, including how to transport the large quantities of water used in the hydraulic fracturing process and the ...
Tags: Science, United States, Midland Texas, Ares Management Corp, Mike Christensen, TPG Capital Blackstone Energy Partners LP

Exclusive: As Venezuela crisis deepens, U.S. sharpens focus on Colombia rebel threat

U.S. Admiral Craig Faller, the head of the U.S. military's Southern Command that oversees U.S. forces in Latin America, told Reuters the United States had sharpened its focus on the rebels and increased its sharing of intelligence with Colombian officials.  U.S. officials see a growing threat from both Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) and factions of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that refuse to adhere to a 2016 peace agreement to end five decades of civil war. The ...
Tags: Science, Colombia, United States, Venezuela, Latin America, Reuters, U S military s Southern Command, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC, Craig Faller, Colombia s National Liberation Army ELN

OPEC's Barkindo says rebound in oil investments 'very minimal'

The investments needed to ensure stability in the global oil industry are returning after a downturn, but the pace is still slow, OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Barkindo said. Barkindo was talking to Reuters and an Azeri TV station Real on the sidelines of an OPEC and non-OPEC monitoring committee, which is meeting this weekend in the Azeri capital of Baku. Barkindo added he would welcome greater engagement with the United States to tackle industry issues.
Tags: Science, Opec, United States, Reuters, Barkindo, Mohammed Barkindo, Baku Barkindo

Here's a running list of all the ways climate change has altered Earth in 2019

Earth is now the warmest it's been in some 120,000 years. Eighteen of the last 19 years have been the warmest on record. And concentrations of carbon dioxide -- a potent greenhouse gas -- are likely the highest they've been in 15 million years. The consequences of such a globally-disrupted climate are many, and it's understandably difficult to keep track. To help, here's a list of climate-relevant news that has transpired in 2019, from historically unprecedented disappearances of...
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The B-29 Bomber: The Story of a Plane That Took Down an Empire

B-29s built in Georgia helped the United States win the war with Japan.
Tags: Science, Georgia, United States

America, the Moon, and National Memory

Three days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, the nation watched an elaborate state funeral unfold with great pomp, circumstance, and majesty in Washington, D.C. Americans, like most of the world, were in shock, and probably never gave a thought as to what it took to organize a major event like this on such short notice. Our British cousins, however, were incredulous.London had been planning Winston Churchill’s funeral since the 1950s (he would not die until two ...
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Watch the U.S. Air Force launch a new satellite live right here

It's been an eventful week for spaceflight, with the biggest news being the hotly anticipated launch of the Soyuz rocket carrying a pair of NASA astronauts going smoothly on Thursday, but we're not done yet. The U.S. Air Force is about to close out the week with the launch of a shiny new Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) communications satellite, and it's using a Delta IV rocket from United Launch Alliance to make it happen. The launch, which will be the second Delta IV launch from ULA th...
Tags: Florida, Science, Australia, Nasa, Canada, United States, Air Force, Ula, United Launch Alliance, U S Air Force, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Wideband Global SATCOM

Pompeo seen attending Finland Arctic talks amid China concerns

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to attend the May 6-7 Arctic Council meeting in Finland in a show of Washington's commitment to the region amid growing U.S. concern about China's interests there, a senior U.S. official said on Friday. Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States are members of the Council, which coordinates Arctic policy and is gaining clout as sea ice thaws to open up new trade routes and intensify competition for its oil, gas...
Tags: Science, Washington, China, United States, Arctic, Finland, Council, Trump, State, Rovaniemi Finland, Arctic Council, Pompeo, Mike Pompeo

7 Powerful Photos From The Global Youth Climate Strike

Thousands of children and teenagers across the world went on strike Friday to demand adults take action against climate change. Organizers said that young people in 112 countries were planning to participate in the strike, including youth from Australia, South Korea, Kenya, Uganda, Finland, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Argentina. In the United States alone, the U.S. Youth Climate Strike organized 400 actions across all 50 states.
Tags: Science, United States, Argentina, United Kingdom Mexico, Australia South Korea Kenya Uganda Finland, U S Youth Climate Strike

All the world a stage: Rising U.S. oil clout on show in Houston

A glance at the attendee list at one of the world's largest energy industry events in Houston this week left little question about the growing influence of the United States over global oil politics. Absent: leading Saudi and Russian officials, and most OPEC nations. As the United States weans itself off foreign oil imports - thanks to booming domestic production - the complex web of politics and business interests that have shaped decades of Washington's energy diplomacy in the Middle East an...
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U.S. youth plan Washington rally to protest climate inaction

Hundreds of youngsters are planning to skip school to join a rally in Washington on Friday as part of what organizers are calling an international Youth Climate Strike to seek action on climate change. The demonstrations, which will call on politicians to take action to combat climate change, express support for measures including the Green New Deal, an ambitious Democratic environmental proposal that has become a lightning rod for Republican criticism. "So many kids are going to be in the str...
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U.S. considers sanctions to restrict Visa, Mastercard in Venezuela: official

The United States is considering imposing financial sanctions that could prohibit Visa Inc , Mastercard Inc and other financial institutions from processing transactions in Venezuela, a senior Trump administration official said on Thursday. The move, which has not been finalized, would represent another step in tightening the financial noose on the government of President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters. The sanctions would be targeted at the elite and groups loyal to Maduro, including memb...
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