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The first pig-heart transplant patient was denied a human heart after failing to follow doctors' orders

David Bennett Sr (right) with his surgeon, Dr. Bartley Griffith, at University of Maryland Medical Center.University of Maryland School of Medicine The first pig-heart transplant went to a man who couldn't get on the waiting list for a human heart. Hospitals deemed the patient ineligible because he had previously failed to follow doctors' orders. These subjective criteria leave room for bias — and Black and Hispanic patients receive organs at lower rates. David Bennett Sr. became the ...
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The recipient of a historic pig-heart transplant stabbed a man years ago. Ethicists say criminal history shouldn't affect who gets live-saving organs.

David Bennet (right) with his surgeon, Dr. Bartley Griffith, at University of Maryland Medical Center.University of Maryland School of Medicine A man with a life-threatening heart condition received a heart from a genetically altered pig Friday. The patient in the historic procedure had been convicted of stabbing a man, according to The Washington Post. Criminal history shouldn't be a reason to deny anyone an organ transplant, medical ethicists say. In a groundbreaking eight-hour transpla...
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Why pig-to-human heart transplant is for now only a last resort

Analysis: As doctors monitor world’s first human recipient of pig heart, safety and ethical concerns remainThe world’s first transplant of a genetically altered pig heart into an ailing human is a landmark for medical science, but the operation, and the approach more broadly, raise substantial safety and ethical concerns.Surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center spent eight hours on Friday evening transplanting the heart from the pig into 57-year-old David Bennett, who had been in ho...
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A 57-year-old man receives a pig heart in a groundbreaking transplant to save him from heart disease

In this photo provided by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, members of the surgical team perform the transplant of a pig heart into patient David Bennett in Baltimore on Friday, Jan. 7, 2022.Mark Teske/University of Maryland School of Medicine via AP For the first time, a man has received a heart from a genetically altered pig, The New York Times reported.  The patient had a life-threatening heart condition that caused him to need a heart transplant.  The 57-year-old man received...
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