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How do you deal with 9m tonnes of suffocating seaweed?

Across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, scientists are developing alternative sustainable solutions to the golden tide of SargassumThe Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, first detected by Nasa observation satellites in 2011 and now known to be the world’s largest bloom of seaweed, stretches for 5,500 miles (8,850km) from the Gulf of Mexico to the western coast of Africa.Millions of tonnes of floating Sargassum seaweed in coastal waters smother fragile seagrass habitats, suffocate coral reefs an...
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The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution Is That We’re Responsible

In the midst of a mounting plastic crisis, the biggest plastic polluters keep pushing better consumer recycling behaviors as the solution. The plastic waste problem is not going to be solved by doubling down on our efforts to educate the public to recycle better. It can be solved by policies that prevent…Read more...
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The end of plastic? New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year

Carlsberg and Coca-Cola back pioneering project to make ‘all-plant’ drinks bottlesBeer and soft drinks could soon be sipped from “all-plant” bottles under new plans to turn sustainably grown crops into plastic in partnership with major beverage makers.A biochemicals company in the Netherlands hopes to kickstart investment in a pioneering project that hopes to make plastics from plant sugars rather than fossil fuels. Continue reading...
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Coronavirus Could Change Our Relationship With Trash

The coronavirus caused Lauren Singer to do something she hasn’t done in eight years: she created waste. Read more...
Tags: Science, Plastic, Waste, Trash, Plastic Pollution, Lauren Singer, Coronavirus, Covid 19, Earther Is A Trash Blog Now

Scientists create mutant enzyme that recycles plastic bottles in hours

Bacterial enzyme originally found in compost can be used to make high-quality new bottlesA mutant bacterial enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles for recycling in hours has been created by scientists.The enzyme, originally discovered in a compost heap of leaves, reduced the bottles to chemical building blocks that were then used to make high-quality new bottles. Existing recycling technologies usually produce plastic only good enough for clothing and carpets. Continue reading...
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McDonald's UK Will Stop Putting Plastic Toys in Happy Meals Next Year

A few months after celebrating the Happy Meal’s 40th anniversary by resurrecting some of its most popular toys, McDonald’s UK has announced that it will be eliminating plastic toys altogether in the the UK and Ireland.Read more...
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New form of uranium found that could affect nuclear waste disposal plans

Research shows underground storage can create new form of element which could affect groundwaterA new form of uranium has been discovered which is likely to have implications for current nuclear waste disposal plans, say scientists.Many governments are planning to dispose of radioactive waste by burying it deep underground. However, new research has found that in such storage conditions a new chemical form of uranium can temporarily occur, while small amounts of uranium are released into solutio...
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How We Turned Gulls Into Trash Birds

For most of his life, British author and BBC radio producer Tim Dee has been a birdwatcher. But it’s not finches and sparrows that have captured his heart—it’s gulls, those large, squawking sea birds with a fondness for tossed-out French fries. While many of us think of gulls as little more than flying rats, Dee is…Read more...
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Recycling Is Broken

In Philadelphia, people like to recycle. Together, all 1.6 million of us generate about 400 tons of recyclable material each day. But since last fall, roughly half of the bottles and cans my neighbors and I dutifully place curbside in our blue bins every week haven’t made their way to a sorting facility. They’ve gone…Read more...
Tags: Science, Recycling, Philadelphia, Waste, Trash, Waste To Energy

What's the Worst Trash Humans Produce?

The world is trash. Even leaving aside the garbage of regular citizens—the many stadiums’ worth of shit and piss, plastic cups and pill bottles, scrapped cars and dead dogs dispensed of every day, every hour of every day—there is the world-withering, endlessly-accumulating waste of the industrial variety, which could…Read more...
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In the future we might paint our homes with dead Christmas trees

Lots of folks celebrate Christmas by stashing their presents under the same reusable plastic and aluminum wire Christmas tree every winter: it's a thoughtful, cost-efficient way to cut down on the amount of post holiday garbage that winds up in wood chippers or the local dump every year. However, a lot of people still like to kick it old school with a cut-from-its-roots-and-left-to-slowly-die-in-a-pot-of-water conifer. They smell and look amazing...for a while. Once the presents have been unwra...
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Magic mushrooms

From making biofuels to eating up harmful plastics, fungi could help us build a greener planetFungi could not just help rid the planet of plastic by degrading it, but by making it obsolete it, too. Research in the Kew report suggests that naturally made materials using fungal mycelia are being used increasingly often instead of more harmful materials such as polystyrene and leather. Continue reading...
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Paris' Solution to Its Public Urination Problem Is Open-Air Piss Boxes

Paris officials are hoping to curb public urination by encouraging slightly less-public urination.Read more...
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This groundbreaking new machine can recycle 220 pounds of diapers in a single hour

It takes hundreds of years for disposable diapers to decompose in landfills – but this new machine can turn 220 pounds of dirty diapers into clean, raw materials in a single hour. Sz-Chwun John Hwang and a team of researchers at Taiwan’s Chung Hua University built the machine as a pilot plant – and they’re planning to build a larger facility that can recycle 10 tons of used diapers in just one day. Disposable diapers are convenient but problematic Have you ever thought about the evolution o...
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Mutated Plastic-Munching Enzyme Accidentally Created During Lab Experiment

A couple of years ago, scientists discovered an enzyme in a waste recycling center in Japan that digests plastic. During a recent experiment to understand how this enzyme works, scientists accidentally created a mutated version that breaks down plastic even better than the one found in nature. The discovery could go a…Read more...
Tags: Japan, Science, Biology, Pollution, Plastic, Recycling, Waste, Plastic Pollution, Enzymes, Plastic Recycling, So Much Plastic

Just How Big Is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is greater than we ever thought. And by greater, I mean worse.Read more...
Tags: Science, Oceans, Waste, Trash, Marine Ecology, This Is A Garbage Blog

California’s Plastic Bag Ban Appears to Be Kicking Some Major Ass

Either California’s first-in-the-nation plastic bag ban is working really well or volunteer litter hunters are suddenly doing a horrible job. Read more...
Tags: Science, California, Conservation, Plastic, Waste, Plastic bags, Thats Bagass

A Colossal ‘Fatberg’ Clogging London's Sewer Is Ten Times Bigger Than the Last One

A so-called “fatberg”—a tightly congealed mass of fat, wet wipes, diapers, and condoms—is blocking a section of London’s Victorian-era sewage network. It could take weeks for utility crews to remove the horrific mass, which, if not removed, could cause raw sewage to spill onto London’s streets.Read more...
Tags: Science, London, Cities, Pollution, Waste, Sewage, Fatbergs, Everything Is Horrible, Sewage System

The Staggering Amount of Plastic We’ve Produced—And What We've Done With It

Scientists have calculated the total amount of plastic ever made. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. But what’s even more disturbing is where all this plastic is ending up. Read more...
Tags: Science, Pollution, Plastic, Waste Management, Waste, So Much Plastic

A Staggering Amount of Fish Is Wasted Each Year

New research shows that industrial fisheries are responsible for dumping nearly 10 million tons of perfectly good fish back into the ocean each year—enough to fill 4,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This news comes at a time when nearly 90 percent of the world’s fish stocks are threatened by overfishing.Read more...
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Sophisticated edibles, supporting independent artists, why naps are good for you and more in our look at the web

1. Samsung Blends National Anthems into One Considering the current world climate—sadly an anti-globalization fear seems to be gaining momentum—Samsung's Olympics commercial is incredibly timely. The advertisement blends a bunch of national anthems...... Continue Reading...
Tags: Travel, Wellness, Food, Art, Science, Design, China, Environment, Advertising, Samsung, Tech, Cannabis, Olympics, Waste, Sleeping, Jetlag

Hong Kong's Beaches Are Suddenly Covered in Trash and No One Knows Why

Visitors to Hong Kong’s beaches have taken to various social media channels to voice their outrage about the current state of the region’s beaches. Judging by the accompanying photos, they look more like trash oases than relaxing paradises.Read more...
Tags: Hong Kong, Science, Waste, Trash, Garbage, Beaches

The State Of The Earth In 50 Years [Infographic]

What will the planet look like in 50 years? This infographic predicts the state of the Earth if we continue on our current path of consumption The post The State Of The Earth In 50 Years [Infographic] appeared first on Sustainablog.
Tags: Science, Future, Infographic, Blogging, Earth, Waste, Consumption

Has the Chernobyl disaster affected the number of nuclear plants built?

Thirty years on from one of the worst radiation leaks in history, several countries have moved to phase out nuclear energy production altogether, and experts say another accident would kill the industry Related: Chernobyl nuclear disaster 30th anniversary – in pictures This week marks 30 years since an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine led to a huge leak of radiation across eastern Europe. Continue reading...
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Doggy bags to pig feed: 10 things we learned about food waste

A panel of experts joined us online to talk about preventing and getting value from food waste. Here’s what we learnedSee who was on the panel and read the full chat hereIn the UK alone, 15m tonnes of food is lost or wasted each year, with consumers chucking away 4.2m tonnes of edible food. The foods most commonly found in British bins are bread, vegetables, fruit and milk. If food waste sent an annual bill, the average household would be looking at £470, or £700 for families with children. Cont...
Tags: Business, UK, Science, Environment, Supermarkets, Retail industry, Farming, Guardian sustainable business, Agriculture, Global development, Waste, Food Security, Doggy

White storks swap migration for a junk food diet at rubbish tips

Rather than make the winter migration to Africa the birds are finding a constant source of food at Europe’s landfill sites, research showsWhite storks are giving up on their winter migration from Europe to Africa in favour of staying near rubbish tips all year round, where they are provided with a steady source of waste food and can boost their breeding chances, research shows.Some birds have even been tracked making round trips of up to 60 miles to get their junk food fix, a study led by scient...
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Britain leads race to make nuclear waste safe for 100,000 years

Boost for UK’s power industry promised by revolutionary cementBritish scientists are designing a revolutionary cement that could withstand the impact of intense radiation for thousands of years. The project could prove vital in dealing with the challenges of Britain’s proposed expansion of its nuclear industry. Related: UK radioactive waste disposal site search continues despite opposition Continue reading...
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Full scale of plastic in the world's oceans revealed for first time

Over five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans says most comprehensive study to date on plastic pollution around the worldMore than five trillion pieces of plastic, collectively weighing nearly 269,000 tonnes, are floating in the world’s oceans, causing damage throughout the food chain, new research has found.Data collected by scientists from the US, France, Chile, Australia and New Zealand suggests a minimum of 5.25tn plastic particles in the oceans, most of them “micro plastic...
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