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Twitter Hides Official White House Tweet Calling for Killings of Protesters, Too

The White House taunted Twitter on Friday by reposting Donald Trump’s tweet calling for the outright extrajudicial slaughter of Americans protesting police brutality in Minneapolis, which the social media site on Friday hid behind a label for “glorifying violence.” Twitter has now responded by doing exactly the same…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Minneapolis, White House, Social Media, Protests, Donald Trump, First Amendment, White Supremacy, Twitter Hides Official White House

CEO of Surveillance Firm Banjo Resigns After Past Involvement With KKK Comes to Light

The CEO of surveillance firm Banjo, one of the many firms pitching law enforcement agencies across the country on artificial intelligence and big data-backed predictive policing, is leaving the company after an April report outed him as a former neo-Nazi skinhead who was involved in a 1990 Ku Klux Klan drive-by…Read more...
Tags: Utah, Science, Technology, Privacy, Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Racism, Kkk, Mass Surveillance, Ku Klux Klan, White Supremacy, Banjo, Algorithmic Bias, Damien Patton

Creepy Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Sure Has a Lot of Ties to the Far Right

Clearview AI, the dystopian face recognition company that claims to have amassed a database of billions of photos, signed contracts with hundreds of law enforcement agencies, and shopped its app around to the rich and powerful, has extensive links to the far right, according to a Huffington Post investigation. In…Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Privacy, Law Enforcement, Chuck Johnson, Huffington Post, Face Recognition, Far Right, White Supremacy, ClearView, Neo Nazis, Hmmm, Wesearchr, Clearview AI, Creepy Face Recognition Firm Clearview, Hoan Ton That

Something Awful Shuts Down Infamous FYAD Board Due to Infestation of 'Nazi Shit Everywhere'

Something Awful’s notorious Fuck You and Die (FYAD) board, one of the early indicators of just how horrifying a place the internet was going to become, has now gone to that big web archive in the sky.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Nazis, Social Media, Internet Culture, White Supremacy, Neo Nazis, Forums, Something Awful, FYAD

Airbnb Bans Over 60 White Supremacists After Iron March Forum Database Leak

Short-term apartment rental site Airbnb has banned over 60 users of Iron March, the defunct white supremacist web forum that recently had its entire SQL database leaked to the internet, the company told Gizmodo.Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Technology, Airbnb, Extremism, White Supremacy, Gizmodo Read, Neo Nazis, Iron March

Watchmen's Latest Twist Shouldn't Be a Surprise to Anyone

The story taking place in Watchmen’s present is informed by that world’s past—one similar to ours where groups of white supremacists have terrorized black people across the world for centuries. At times, the show assumes you know this fact to be true but in others, like the opening moments of this week’s episode, …Read more...
Tags: Hbo, Science, Police, Dc Comics, Racism, Terrorism, Police Brutality, Warner Bros, Oklahoma, DC Entertainment, Damon Lindelof, TV Recap, Ku Klux Klan, White Supremacy, Tulsa, Watchmen

Gab and Twitter Served With Search Warrants Over Neo-Nazi Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Federal authorities served search warrants to social network and white supremacist haven Gab as well as Twitter in an investigation into a neo-Nazi arrested for child pornography in Boulder, Colorado.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Technology, Police, Social Media, Law Enforcement, Child Pornography, White Supremacy, Neo Nazis, Gab

HBO's Watchmen Wants to Dig into the Heart of American Making You Like Cops

The first 15 minutes or so of Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen are some of the most agonizing moments of television this year. They squarely focus on the brutalization of multiple black Americans during the infamous Tulsa race riots—a day when mobs of crazed white people descended upon, attacked, and murdered black…Read more...
Tags: Comics, Hbo, Science, Police, Race, Alan Moore, Dc Comics, America, Racism, Terrorism, Warner Bros, DC Entertainment, Damon Lindelof, Robert Redford, White Supremacy, Tulsa

Millionaire Fox News Host Says Twitter Has Made Some People Rich While Dividing America

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says that Twitter has harmed America by spreading hatred and division in the U.S., something that he insists wasn’t common 10 years ago. Carlson also says that Twitter is making people rich while dividing America. Seriously.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, America, Fox News, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, White Supremacy, Carlson, Devin Nunes, President Trump, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Twitter Nazism

Lawmakers Demand Social Network Execs Reveal What They Spend Fighting Terrorism

The head of the House subcommittee on intelligence and counterterrorism is on a quest to find out precisely how much money YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter are spending each to combat extremism across their myriad platforms. Since representatives of the companies seemed unequipped to answer that question…Read more...
Tags: Science, Social Media, House, White Supremacy, Online Extremism, YouTube Microsoft Facebook

Lawmakers Demand Social Network Execs Reveal What They Spend to Fight Terrorism

The head of the House subcommittee on intelligence and counterterrorism is on a quest to find out precisely how much money YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter are spending each to combat extremism across their myriad platforms. Since representatives of the companies seemed unequipped to answer that question…Read more...
Tags: Science, Social Media, House, White Supremacy, Online Extremism, YouTube Microsoft Facebook

YouTube Shuts Down Chats After Streams of House Hearing on White Nationalism Are Flooded by White Nationalists

YouTube shut down numerous chat rooms being flooded for over an hour by racist comments when thousands of people tuned into YouTube on Tuesday to watch a House Judiciary Committee congressional hearing on the rise of white nationalism.Read more...
Tags: Science, Youtube, Hate Speech, White Supremacy, House Judiciary Committee, White Nationalism, 8chan

Here's 40 Pages of Facebook Trying to Figure Out What to Do About White Nationalism

In the process of reporting a related story, a Facebook spokesperson provided Gizmodo with the company’s internal slides discussing its position on white nationalism and white separatism, adopted in late March. What follows is a glimpse into the confusing, often contradictory thinking of one of the most powerful and…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Gizmodo, White Nationalists, White Supremacy, Moderation, Facebook Trying

It Still Takes Almost No Effort to Find White Nationalists on Facebook

To weary enthusiasm, Facebook announced last month it would ban white nationalists and white separatists from the social network, dissolving the company’s bizarre distinction between those ideologies and white supremacism. The policy change, first reported by Motherboard, felt like progress. But as with all things…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Hate Speech, White Supremacy, White Nationalism, Content Moderation

ABC News Helps Mark Zuckerberg Peddle His Bullshit

ABC News aired an exclusive interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this morning on Good Morning America. And instead of asking Zuckerberg tough questions, interviewer George Stephanopoulos lobbed softball after softball so that Zuck could deliver his prepared talking points.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Social Media, Public Relations, Pr, Terrorism, Good Morning America, Abc News, George Stephanopoulos, Free Speech, Christchurch, Zuckerberg, White Supremacy, Zuck, Genocide

Facebook and Instagram Finally Ban White Nationalism and White Separatism

Facebook and Instagram will finally ban white nationalism and white separatism on their networks in a move that will be implemented next week. The decision, first reported by Motherboard but announced by Facebook on its website, comes after the social media giant spent years splitting hairs about the difference…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Instagram, Terrorism, White Supremacy, Richard Spencer, White Nationalism, Life After Hate

Microsoft's Brad Smith Calls for 'Industrywide' Plan to Fight Extremist Content After Christchurch

Microsoft has called for the tech industry to set a uniform approach to violent, extremist content following the sickening massacre of Muslims attending mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand by a white supremacist earlier this month. At least 50 people were brutally murdered, scores of others were injured, and footage…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Youtube, Terrorism, Streaming, Extremism, Christchurch, Platforms, White Supremacy, Brad Smith, Christchurch New Zealand, Moderation, Content Moderation

Facebook Exec Gets New Title as 'VP of Integrity' for Less Than a Day

Guy Rosen is Facebook’s vice president of Product Management. But when the company published an update about the Christchurch massacre in the middle of the night on Wednesday, Rosen got a shiny new title: VP of Integrity. That is, until a journalist called Facebook out on the switch.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Terrorism, New Zealand, Christchurch, White Supremacy, Rosen, Facebook Exec, Jacinda Ardern, Our Garbage Facebook, Guy Rosen, New Zealand Shooting, Christchurch Massacre, Vp Of Integrity

The Gritty City Antifascist Committee

PHILADELPHIA—They certainly picked a place that made the symbolism easy. Read more...
Tags: Science, Republicans, Protests, Philadelphia, True Stories, Trump, White Supremacy, Fascists, Fascism, Proud Boys, Gritty City Antifascist Committee

Judge Refuses to Throw Out Lawsuit Against Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer

A federal judge refused this week to throw out a lawsuit against neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer alleging it led a “terror campaign” against a Jewish real estate agent, Tanya Gersh, and the Southern Poverty Law Center tells the New York Times it expects the civil case to now proceed to a trial.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Nazis, New York Times, Lawsuits, Courts, First Amendment, White Supremacy, Alt Right, Southern Poverty Law Center, Neo Nazis, Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, Tanya Gersh, Neo Nazi Website Daily Stormer

White Supremacist Who Called Synagogue Shooting a 'Dry Run' Arrested On Illegal Gun Charges

Jeffrey R. Clark Jr., a 30-year-old living in the D.C. area, was arrested last week after his relatives alerted the police about his alarming violent, white supremacist statements. Clark has since been arrested and charged with illegally possessing a firearm and a high-speed magazine, according to the Washington Post.Read more...
Tags: Science, Nazis, White Supremacy, Clark, Alt Right, Washington Post Read, The Tree Of Life Synagogue, Synagogue Shooting, Jeffrey Clark Jr, Clark Brothers, Jeffrey R Clark Jr

Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Out a Neo-Nazi Dog Whistle

Perhaps because they are running scared, the Trump family—and Republicans in general—are going all-in on a campaign of overt racism and white supremacist dog whistles to rally MAGA voters across the country as Tuesday’s midterm elections approach.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Republicans, Racism, Maine, Donald Trump, Trump, White Supremacy, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Brakey

White Supremacist Group Targets Stacey Abrams and Oprah with Racist Robocall

The same Idaho-based white supremacist group that recently targeted Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum with extremely racist robocalls is now targeting Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Oprah Winfrey, who has been canvassing for Abrams.Read more...
Tags: Florida, Science, Georgia, Racism, Idaho, Oprah Winfrey, Oprah, White Supremacy, Brian Kemp, Voter Suppression, White Supremacist, White Supremacist Group, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum

Pro-Trump ‘Proud Boys’ Mob Beats Up Protesters Outside NYC Club

Several members of the extremist hate group Proud Boys kicked and pummeled a small group of antifascist protesters Friday night outside an Upper East Side Manhattan club where Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes had delivered a speech.Read more...
Tags: New York, Science, Republicans, Racism, White Supremacy, Gavin McInnes, Upper East Side Manhattan, Fascism, Proud Boys, NYC Club

Tiny Group of ‘Unite the Right’ White Supremacists Outnumbered by Anti-Racism Counterprotesters in DC [UPDATING]

Update, Sunday, 5:33 p.m.: Reporters on the ground say that the rally is over already. Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, Racism, Protests, Dc, Black Lives Matter, Charlottesville, White Supremacy, Unite The Right

 ‘Unite the Right’ White Supremacists, Counterprotesters Set to Face Off in DC [UPDATING]

On the one-year anniversary of the violent clashes in Charlottesville, VA, which ended in the murder of peaceful protester Heather Heyer, white supremacists and neo-Nazis are set once again to confront each other at the “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington, DC.Read more...
Tags: Science, Washington, Racism, Protests, Dc, Black Lives Matter, Charlottesville, White Supremacy, CHARLOTTESVILLE Va, Unite The Right, Heather Heyer

Judge Rules Discord Must Turn Over Account Data of Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville Planning Server

A subpoena against chat service Discord could reveal the identities of many of the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other far-right organizers involved in the planning of the disastrous 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that resulted in widespread violence, three deaths, and scores of injuries.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Privacy, Courts, Charlottesville, White Supremacy, Alt Right, Neo Nazis, Discord

DC Organizers Say Anti-Racist Rally Facebook Took Down Is Real, Not Foreign

DC organizers are angry after Facebook took down what it said were 32 pages and accounts engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” on Tuesday, as one of the events was a local-backed counter-rally to the upcoming August 12th white supremacist “Unite the Right 2.0” rally in the nation’s capitol, DCist reported.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Technology, Cybersecurity, Protests, White Supremacy, Internet Research Agency, Unite the Right Rally, Russian election interference, No Unite The Right 2, DC Organizers Say Anti Racist Rally Facebook

Judge Rules White Supremacist Can Sue Twitter for Banning Him

A California judge decided Thursday not to throw out a lawsuit filed against Twitter that accused the company of violating the free speech rights of white supremacist Jared Taylor when Twitter banned him from the platform late last year.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Lawsuit, Science, California, Jared Taylor, White Supremacy, White Nationalist, Racist Assholes

It's Sure Weird That the Russia-Linked Firm That Paid Michael Cohen $500,000 Also Registered Alt-Right Websites

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen is starting to take heat from the big guy himself over a brewing scandal involving a shady front company that bears every outward appearance of a thinly veiled pay-to-play scheme peddling whatever influence Cohen had on the president.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, White House, Russia, Donald Trump, Hmm, White Supremacy, Cohen, Viktor Vekselberg, Michael Cohen, Alt Right

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