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Razer's Refreshed 15 and 17-inch Blades Are Getting New Screens and Faster GPUs for 2021

At first glance, Razer’s refreshed line of 15-inch Blade and 17-inch Blade Pro laptops might not look much different than last year’s models, but inside is a different story—this year we get faster displays and GPUs, along with a subtly revamped design. Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Windows, Laptops, Consumer Tech, Gaming Laptops, Rtx, CES 2021, Razer Blade And Blade Pro 2021 Refresh

The Revamped m17 R4 Is Alienware's First Laptop with a 360Hz Display

While Alienware hasn’t given its gaming laptops a full overhaul for 2021, like other gaming laptop makers the company is kicking off the year by refreshing its 15 and 17-inch notebooks with new Nvidia RTX 30-series GPUs. The larger m17 R4 is also getting a huge display upgrade that could make it the laptop for gamers.Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Windows, Alienware, Laptops, Consumer Tech, Gaming Laptops, CES 2021, Alienware Laptop Spec Refresh 2021, M15 R4, M17 R4

The ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga Is Lenovo's Thinnest 2-in-1 Ever

Lenovo’s ThinkPads are some of the few commercial laptops that have crossover appeal to the general consumer market, and for CES 2021, Lenovo claims its new Thinkpad X1 Titanium Yoga is not only the thinnest 2-in-1 it’s ever made, but also the thinnest ThinkPad ever. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Yoga, Lenovo, Laptops, Thinkpad, Consumer Tech, 2 In 1s, CES 2021, Lenovos Thinnest Thinkpad Ever

The HP Envy 14 Sports a Taller Display and Webcam Shutter to Better Balance Work and Play

As the line between home and work continues to blur, HP has revamped its mainstream Envy 14 laptop with a fresh new design, which includes a taller display, a physical webcam shutter, and faster components to better balance play and productivity.Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Hp, Windows 10, Laptops, HP Envy, CES 2021, New HP Envy 14

What Windows 10X is Going to Mean for Microsoft Hardware in 2021

There’s a brand new version of Windows on the way, and it’s set to change how we interact with our PCs—and even change our ideas about what a PC actually is. Here’s everything you need to know Windows 10X as it stands now, and the devices that will be compatible in 2021.Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Windows, Software, Windows 10X, Microsoft Surface Neo

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Review: Standing at a Crossroads

Right now the laptop industry is at a crossroads. Traditional clamshells aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (for good reason), and over the last decade convertible machines like Microsoft’s Surfaces, Apple’s iPad Pros, Lenovo’s Yogas, and others have helped address the needs of people who need flexible computers that…Read more...
Tags: Reviews, Science, Microsoft, Windows, Lenovo, Laptops, Convertibles, Consumer Tech, 2 In 1s, Foldables, Thinkpad X1 Fold, Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold Review

Cyberpunk 2077 Reviews Are Out, and I'm Glad I Got This MS Paint Sweater Instead

Reviews of one of the most anticipated games of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, are out, and the general consensus seems to be the game looks beautiful and has a ton of interesting content, but is marred by bugs and a lackluster story. Reviewers haven’t had a lengthy amount of time to dive into what the game really has to…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 95, Windows Xp, Ugly Sweater, CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077, Ms Paint

Keep All The Windows Down To Reduce The Spread Of COVID-19 When Sharing A Car: Study

We know that driving with the windows down is bad for you in terms of driving in an extremely polluted place, but a new study from Brown University indicates that driving with the windows up can greatly increase your chances of getting   COVID-19 if you’re sharing a car with someone who is infected. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Brown University, Driving, Coronavirus, Covid 19

19 Time-Saving Tips for Windows

Time. There’s never enough of it, so the more ways you can find to speed through the business of the day the better—and if you spend a good number of hours sat in front of a computer, then time-saving shortcuts for operating Windows can make a big difference to how much free time you find yourself left with. Here are…Read more...
Tags: Time Savers, Science, Windows, Desktop

Razer Is Trying to Break Out of Gaming with the Razer Book 13

Over the past couple of years, Razer has been gradually expanding its portfolio outside of gaming with products like the Razer Blade Studio and its Pro Click peripherals. But now Razer looks like it’s finally getting serious about general productivity with the Razer Book 13. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Razer, Laptops, Consumer Tech, Razer Is Making A Non Gaming Laptop, Producitvity, Razer Book, Razer Book 13, Razer Blade Studio

11 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Your Steam Gaming

If Steam on Windows is your gaming platform of choice then you’d be forgiven for wanting to dive straight into the action and start playing whatever games are in your library. But the Steam client has a few under-the-radar features and settings that are worth diving into, so you can make sure your gaming setup is as…Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Windows, Steam, Desktop

HP's Spectre x360 14 Ditches the Widescreen for 3:2 and I Think I'm In Love

HP’s premium Spectre x360 systems are already some of the most full-featured and eye-catching 2-in-1s on the market. But now HP is adding a new 14-inch convertible to the line sporting a bigger and taller 3:2 display along with updated specs for even better productivity. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Hp, Spectre, Laptops, Consumer Tech, 2 In 1s, Hps New Spectre X360 14 Looks Really Slick, Spectre X360 14

Microsoft's Refreshed Surface Pro X Sports a New Chip and Commitment to Arm

With its tiny bezels and incredibly thin chassis, last year’s Surface Pro X had one of the most impressive designs I’ve seen on any 2-in-1 ever, and now for 2020, Microsoft is refreshing its lone ARM-based Surface with a new processor and flashy platinum paint job. Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Windows, Surface, Tablets, Laptops, ARM, Consumer Tech, 2 In 1s, Windows On Arm, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro X Refresh 2020

Dell's Refreshed XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1 Are Getting New Intel CPUs and Thunderbolt 4

The XPS 13 is already our favorite ultraportable laptop on the market, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use even better performance, so this fall Dell is updating the XPS 13 and the XPS 13 2-in-1 with new CPUs, speedier RAM, and faster data transfer. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Intel, Dell, Laptops, Xps 13, Consumer Tech, The Xps 13 Gets A Refresh

Microsoft Can Now Make Master Chief and Doomguy Kiss If It Wants To

Microsoft is buying ZeniMax Media and its subsidiary, publisher Bethesda Softworks—giving it ownership of wildly popular game franchises including Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, and Wolfenstein, as well as others like Dishonored, Prey, and The Evil Within—for a price of $7.5 billion.Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Microsoft, Video Games, Windows, Pc, Xbox, Consoles, Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda, Bethesda Game Studios, ZeniMax Media, Wolfenstein, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox All Access, Xbox Series X

You Probably Never Found This Wholesome Windows 95 Easter Egg

The news cycle is bleak. Easter eggs are fun. And maybe it’s the nostalgia speaking (and the recent anniversary), but Windows 95 still reigns supreme in my memory as the best operating system of all time. It’s for these three very scientific reasons that the reveal of a long-hidden Windows 95 easter egg temporarily…Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Windows 95, Easter Eggs, I Miss Midi Music

Acer's Latest Under $1,000 Laptops Have Wi Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4

As with the launch of every new CPU line, new laptops appear to put that processing power into action with Acer’s new Swift 5 being the first system to use Intel’s Evo platform design. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Intel, Acer, Laptops, Ifa, Consumer Tech, Evo, Project Athena, Swift 3, Swift 5, IFA 2020, Intel EVO, New Swift 5 And Swift 3 From Acer

Driving With The Windows Down Is Really Bad For You

Well, what did you expect, that something as enjoyable as feeling the wind in your hair as you drive would be good for you? Come on. A new study from the University of Surrey found that driving with the windows down can increase a car’s occupants’ exposure to pollution by 80 percent, more during peak travel times. Read more...
Tags: Health, Science, Windows, Infrastructure, Pollution, Driving, University of Surrey

How to Create the Perfect Two-Computer Setup

For the longest time, one computer has been enough to do it all. But its never been easier to get a cheap computer, and a second machine can do everything from help you code across multiple platforms to run lots of taxing programs at once, or just give you a nice change of digital scenery throughout your day. If…Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Chrome Os, Desktop, Linux, Laptop, macOS, More Than One Computer

7 Ways to Get Your Computer Screen Up on Your TV

Maybe you’ve got friends coming over to watch a movie, or you need your family to watch this one really great YouTube video. Or maybe you’ve just got a slideshow of photos to show off to no one at all because some of us are still stuck at home in the midst of a pandemic. Whatever the reason, you’d rather put your…Read more...
Tags: TV, Science, Windows, macOS, Getting Connected

Stop What You’re Doing and Patch the Windows Bug That Took Microsoft 17 Years to Fix

Microsoft released a patch today that fixes what appears to be a major, long-standing flaw in the Windows Domain Name System (DNS). The patch, which is bundled in with the regular Tuesday Windows update, fixes the SigRed flaw, which was discovered by Israeli security firm Check Point, Wired reported.Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Windows, Security Breach, Check Point Wired

Microsoft Kills One of Its Best Windows 10 Update Loopholes

As Microsoft continues to roll out its latest Windows 10 version 2004 update to consumers and businesses, it seems like it’s taking away some key perks of having a non-home version of the OS, mainly the ability to delay major updates. First spotted by WindowsTimes, Microsoft has quietly reduced the amount of time…Read more...
Tags: Science, Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, If Its Broken Please Fix It, Windows 10 Version 2004, WindowsTimes Microsoft

You Should Really Update Your BIOS

The BIOS (or Basic Input/Output System) is what kicks into gear when you turn on your computer: It’s the most fundamental level of software there is on your machine, checking that all the system components are working and in the right place, and loading up the main OS. The BIOS is vital to the smooth running of your…Read more...
Tags: Science, Hardware, Windows, Desktop, Laptop, Bios

Lenovo's 14-inch Flex 5G Is the World's First 5G Laptop

Back at CES 2020, Lenovo promised it was going to make the world’s first 5G laptop. And now, just six months later, it appears Lenovo is ready to deliver on that promise with the new Flex 5G, which goes on sale later this week. Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Lenovo, Laptops, 5g, Consumer Tech, Windows On Snapdragon, Snapdragon 8cx, The Worlds First 5g Is Here

6 Free Final Cut Pro Alternatives for Making Your Own Movies

Video editing is easier than it’s ever been, with the barrier to entry becoming less pricey every year. As long as you have some decent footage to work with, you can turn it into something presentable—and dare we say professional—using programs that won’t cost you anything. Here are six of the best free video editors…Read more...
Tags: Apps, Science, Free, Windows, Software, Desktop, Video Editing, macOS

How to Speed Up Your Computer

Watching your computer gradually slow down seems inevitable. Your local storage space eventually fills with crap (or important files), and your installed applications become bloated and wheezy. However, you don’t have to settle for this slow-motion performance decay—speeding things up can more straightforward than…Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Computing, Desktop, macOS

How to Overclock Your CPU

Overclocking remains one of the most fulfilling hacks you can do to your home computer, but it’s not exactly something you can just jump into without any prior knowledge—though it’s certainly easier than it used to be. Here we’ll take you through the steps and resources you need to know about to get to grips with…Read more...
Tags: Science, Windows, Pcs, Gpu, CPU, Overclocking

HP's Redesigned Omen 15 Boasts a Slimmer Chassis and Supports Both Intel and AMD CPUs for Just $1,000

While a lot of other gaming laptop makers pushed out refreshed systems earlier this spring, HP took some extra time to give its flagship gaming laptop a full redesign and now HP is releasing the new Omen 15 alongside an updated line of accessories and peripherals.Read more...
Tags: Gaming, Science, Windows, Intel, Windows 10, Amd, Laptops, Gaming Laptops, Omen 15, Hps Omen 15 Gets A Refresh

iPadOS vs Windows vs ChromeOS: Which is the Best Tablet Experience Right Now?

If you’re choosing a new tablet, or a new tablet that can turn into a laptop if you attach a keyboard to it, then you’ve got three choices: iPadOS, Windows, or ChromeOS. One dedicated tablet OS, recently split from the iPhone, and two converted desktop OSes doing double duty on tablets. Which one is best for you?Read more...
Tags: Mobile, Science, Windows, Chrome Os, Tablets, iPadOS

iPadOS vs Windows vs Chrome OS: Which is the Best Tablet Experience Right Now?

If you’re choosing a new tablet, or a new tablet that can turn into a laptop if you attach a keyboard to it, then you’ve got three choices: iPadOS, Windows, or ChromeOS. One dedicated tablet OS, recently split from the iPhone, and two converted desktop OSes doing double duty on tablets. Which one is best for you?Read more...
Tags: Mobile, Science, Windows, Chrome Os, Tablets, iPadOS

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