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More and more Chinese medics are dying from the coronavirus. Public-health experts say this could delay the country's fight against the outbreak.

The director of a major hospital in Wuhan, China, died of the coronavirus on Tuesday. More than 1,700 medics across China have already been infected.
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Chinese Media Declares Hospital Director Dead From COVID-19, Then Alive, Then Dead Again

Liu Zhiming, the 51-year-old director of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan, China, died at 10:54 AM local time Tuesday morning after being infected with coronavirus, according to the Wuhan Health Commission. Multiple Chinese state media outlets like the People’s Daily and Global Times reported Liu’s death yesterday but…Read more...
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CDC is hopeful weather will suppress coronavirus, others unsure of weather's role

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) on Thursday confirmed the 15th case of novel coronavirus in the United States after a Chinese evacuee was flown to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. The 14th U.S. case of COVID-19, the official name for the strain of novel coronavirus that has infected tens of thousands mostly in China, was confirmed on Wednesday night.The death toll for the virus reached more than 1,300 total fatalities as of Thursday morning, the vast majority of which have occurred i...
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The largest study of coronavirus patients so far suggests it could take up to 24 days after exposure for symptoms to show

The novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, has killed at least 1,370 people and infected more than 60,000 people in six weeks.
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The Lancet: Preliminary evidence suggests that new coronavirus cannot be passed from mother to child late in pregnancy

There is currently no evidence that the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) causes severe adverse outcomes in neonates or that it can pass to the child while in the womb, according to a small observational study of women from Wuhan, China, who were in the third trimester of pregnancy and had pneumonia caused by COVID-19.
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Only 1 in 19 people who might have the coronavirus are being diagnosed in Wuhan, new research suggests

New estimates of novel coronavirus cases in the city of Wuhan, China, place the number of infected people far higher than the current reports.
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The US just completed its first successful quarantine in almost 60 years. Nearly 200 travelers have been declared free of the coronavirus.

The citizens were held at a military base in California after traveling from Wuhan, China, where a deadly coronavirus outbreak started in December.
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The US just completed its first successful quarantine in almost 60 years. Nearly 200 travelers have been declared free the coronavirus.

The citizens were held at a military base in California after traveling from Wuhan, China, where a deadly coronavirus outbreak started in December.
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A US patient infected with the coronavirus was accidentally released from the hospital after initial tests failed to pick up symptoms

The patient, who was evacuated from Wuhan, China, last week, has been sent for observation and isolation to UC San Diego Health.
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Coronavirus death toll rises over 1,000

In this Feb. 2, 2020, file photo, a military officer wearing a protective suit gives instructions to evacuees from Wuhan, China, as they travel to a hospital after their arrival at a military base in Wroclaw, Poland. Arek and Jenina Rataj were starting a new life in the Chinese industrial center of Wuhan when a viral outbreak spread across the city of 11 million. While they were relatively safe sheltering at home, Arek felt compelled to go out and document the outbreak of the new type of coronav...
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The new coronavirus may have jumped to people from endangered pangolins, some researchers now suggest

The new coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China, originated in animals, but experts are still working to pin down which.
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Evolution of Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and modeling of spike protein for human transmission

The pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China in December 2019 was caused by a novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which was found to belong to Betacoronavirus and share with SARS/SARS-like coronaviruses a common ancestor resembling bat coronavirus HKU9-1. While bats were likely its native host, modeling of spike protein showed a strong affinity to human ACE2 molecule, presenting the first evidence for human transmission throught the same infection mechanism of 2003 SARS-CoV, e.g. spike - ACE2 interaction.
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Coronavirus live updates: cruise ship cases rise to 61 as China mourns whistleblower doctor – latest news

Li Wenliang’s death in Wuhan comes as Hong Kong prepares to impose quarantine on mainland travellers. Follow live updatesDoctor who blew whistle over coronavirus has died, hospital saysProfile of whistleblower doctorFirst British national to contract coronavirus had been in SingaporeShare your stories 2.23am GMT Hong Kong has cancelled a major a major cultural and business event for the city, amid the virus outbreak. The annual Art Basel Hong Kong, which drew more than 80,000 people last yea...
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Whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang, who was censored after sounding the alarm about the coronavirus, has died in Wuhan

A doctor in Wuhan, China, who issued an early warning about the new coronavirus and was silenced by police, died early on Friday.
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Fear and Takeout: 14 Days in Coronavirus 'Self-Quarantine'

Claire Campbell expected to spend this semester studying in Shanghai. Instead, she is five days into a self-imposed quarantine at her parents' house in South Carolina.She checks her temperature twice a day. She reads. And she waits for a family friend to slide takeout meals through the front door."I am going stir crazy," said Campbell, 20, a Clemson University student who returned from her study abroad trip months earlier than planned because of an outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan, China, th...
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Drone footage shows the 11-million-person city of Wuhan, China, empty during the largest quarantine in human history

Chinese authorities have placed Wuhan — where the coronavirus outbreak began — under quarantine. The city has become a ghost town.
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How Coronavirus Fears Tap Into the Deep History of Xenophobia in Public Health

The novel coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China continues to ripple around the world. More than 20,000 cases have been confirmed across Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia, and the official death toll of 425 has surpassed that of the 2002-03 SARS outbreak. Read more...
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The first patients have arrived at the hospital China panic-built to treat the Wuhan coronavirus. Here's what it looks like inside.

The Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China, designed to treat people with the novel coronavirus, was built in 10 days.
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Photos and videos show officials in hazmat suits spraying passengers with mist as they arrive in Indonesia amid coronavirus scare

Around 245 people who flew from Wuhan, China to Batam, Indonesia were sprayed by officials in hazmat suits before being sent to isolation.
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The US just evacuated nearly 200 Americans from Wuhan, China. The passengers reportedly cheered when they landed.

The flight from Wuhan carried state department employees and their families — including a 1-month-old child.
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Airlines Announce Flight Cancelations Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As an outbreak of coronavirus that reportedly originated in Wuhan, China continues to spread, U.S. airlines are beginning to be impacted by travel advisories and a decrease in demand for flights to China.Read more...
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A teacher's videos inside quarantined Wuhan show the streets eerily deserted and lines out the door at the pharmacy

Ben Kavanaugh has been chronicling his life in quarantined Wuhan, China, for the British broadcaster Channel 4.
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Wuhan, China, and at least 15 other cities have been quarantined as China attempts to halt the spread of the coronavirus. That's about 50 million people on lockdown.

The Wuhan coronavirus has infected more than 4,600 people and killed 107. Chinese authorities quarantined its origin city and at least 15 others.
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Urban planners say China's effort to quarantine 35 million people could help contain the coronavirus outbreak — but it's impossible to seal off a city

All public transportation has been halted in Wuhan, China, including buses, metros, and ferries. No trains or planes are coming in or leaving.
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Coronavirus: 14 people in the UK test negative as China sends military doctors to Wuhan – live news

UK emergency committee to discuss outbreak as more than 33 million people affected by lockdown measures in ChinaUK universities issue quarantine warning to Chinese students What is the Wuhan coronavirus and how worried should we be?What we know so far 3.32pm GMT This interactive shows where there are confirmed cases of the coronavirus: 3.27pm GMT The person who tested positive in the US, the second person in the United States to do so, is a woman in her 60s. She returned from Wuhan, Chi...
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A new twist on quantum communication in fiber

New research done at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Huazhang University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, has exciting implications for secure data transfer across optical fiber networks.
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NIAID officials discuss novel Coronavirus that recently emerged in China

The new cluster of viral pneumonia cases originating in Wuhan, China, marks the third time in 20 years that a member of the large family of coronaviruses (CoVs) has jumped from animals to humans and sparked an outbreak. In a new JAMA Viewpoint essay, Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., director of the NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), looks back at two earlier novel CoV outbreaks that initially caused global havoc and describes steps needed to contain the current one.
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The US plans to force passengers to change routes, and potentially redirect entire flights, to make sure they get screened for the Wuhan virus

US officials described an ambitious 'funnel' system to make sure every passenger from Wuhan, China, to the US gets screened — no matter their route.
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The US is ramping up efforts to catch the Wuhan virus and stop it from spreading. But there are still gaps in the net.

Five major US airports are due to screen passengers who may be carrying a deadly respiratory infection from Wuhan, China. But the system is imperfect.
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Deadly Mystery Virus Spreads Outside China to New Countries

Health officials in Thailand and Japan have announced that a strange new virus, which has killed two people and sickened dozens of others in China, has appeared inside their borders this week. The virus, known as 2019-nCoV, was first identified in Wuhan, China in late December and questions remain about how it…
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