Antarctica is losing ice 6 times faster today than in 1980s

WASHINGTON (AP) — Antarctica is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s, a new study shows. Scientists used aerial photographs, satellite measurements and computer models to track how fast the southern-most continent has been melting since 1979 in 176 individual basins. They found the ice loss to be accelerating dramatically […]
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This is the first plant grown on the moon

A cotton seed has germinated on the moon. The sprout is inside a canister on China's Chang’e 4 lander that touched down on the far side of the moon earlier this month. From The Guardian: Plants have been grown previously on the International Space Station, but this is the first time a seed has sprouted on the moon. The ability to grow plants in space is seen as crucial for long-term space missions and establishing human outposts elsewhere in the solar system, such as Mars. Harvesting food...
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China just grew the first plant on the moon

That's one small leaf for the moon, one giant leap for moon colonies.
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SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launches 10 communications satellites

Using its Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX on Friday launched the final group of next generation communication satellites, known as Iridium NEXT, completing a decade-long project. The 10 satellites, which are part of a 75-piece constellation, were launched at 10:31 a.m. ET from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Successful deployment of 10 @IridiumComm NEXT satellites to low-Earth orbit confirmed.
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Cool beans? Far from it: Global warming is helping to wipe out coffee in the wild

More than half of the world's coffee species are at risk of vanishing in the wild because of climate change and deforestation, new research has found.
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Hitachi Ends U.K. Nuclear Power Bid 

The company will book a loss of about 300 billion yen ($2.8 billion) after suspending indefinitely plans to build reactors in the U.K. and writing down the value of its British nuclear business, according to a statement. The decision is a blow to the future of nuclear power, both leaving in doubt the U.K.’s ambitions to replace its aging nuclear fleet and driving a nail in the coffin of Japan’s nuclear technology exports.
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Viacom in Talks to Sell Majority Stake in China Operations

The discussions involved the potential sale of a majority share in Viacom’s channel brands, such as MTV and Nickelodeon, in China. The move, which was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, comes as the media conglomerate runs into trouble trying to scale its operations in the country after more than two decades of business there. The arrangement would be similar to the company’s joint venture with India’s Reliance Industries Ltd., the person said.
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Antarctica's melt quickens, risks meters of sea level rise: study

Overall, the scientists said that the melt of Antarctica added water equivalent to 13.2 millimeters (0.5 inch) of sea level rise over the past four decades. "As the Antarctic ice sheet continues to melt away, we expect multi-metre sea level rise from Antarctica in the coming centuries" with continued man-made global warming, he wrote in a statement. Global sea levels have risen about 20 centimeters (8 inches) in the past century and many other studies have shown a faster thaw from Greenland to...
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Monday's Best Deals: Refurbished Dyson Vacuums, Arlo Security Cameras, Office Furniture, and More

Popular supplements, Anker soundbars, and USB-C chargers lead off Monday’s best deals.Read more...
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President Trump can't stop U.S. coal plants from retiring

In total, more than 23,400 megawatts (MW) of coal-fired generation were shut in 2017-2018 versus 14,900 MW in 2009-2012, according to data from Reuters and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). One megawatt can power about 1,000 U.S. homes. The number of U.S. coal plants has continued to decline every year since coal capacity peaked at just over 317,400 MW in 2011, and is expected to keep falling as consumers demand power from cleaner and less expensive sources of energy.
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China has culled 916,000 pigs as of January 14 due to African swine fever outbreaks: agriculture ministry

China has culled 916,000 pigs as of Jan. 14 due to outbreaks of African swine fever since the first case was reported in early August last year, the country's agriculture ministry said on Tuesday. "China has always followed the principles of 'being timely, open and transparent' when reporting the cases," Guang Defu, spokesperson of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said, according to a statement on the ministry's website. China has reported about 100 outbreaks of the highly contagi...
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2 former patients at New Jersey surgery center test positive for hepatitis B, lawyers say

More than 3,000 former patients at HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, were told they may have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis.
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Exclusive: PG&E in talks with banks on multibillion bankruptcy financing - sources

PG&E Corp is in touch with large banks about so-called debtor-in-possession financing that could total between $3 billion and $5 billion, though the exact figure remains in flux and could end up being higher, the sources said. PG&E Corp declined to comment.
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America’s most stunning jerks are flocking to your national parks. Who are they?

Like an unlocked museum, national parks have been left largely defenseless during the most recent government shutdown, allowing scoundrels and cheats to tramp over unstaffed lands. While much of the federal government is funded during the longest-ever shutdown, the national parks aren't. Yet in 2018, the Trump administration made the unusual — and possibly illegal — decision to keep many of the nation's crown jewels operating with skeleton crews. Destruction, mounds of litter, and vand...
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President Trump's Government Shutdown Is Breaking Federal Websites

Dozens of federal government websites are not working correctly due to the ongoing government shutdown, BuzzFeed News reported on Friday, including ones for the Seventh Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals and some NASA and Department of Justice webpages. According to BuzzFeed, these sites and others appear to be…Read more...
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ACWA considers supporting solar panel manufacturing in Saudi

ACWA Power is considering supporting the manufacturing of solar panels in Saudi Arabia, its chief executive said, as the power and water plants developer seeks to facilitate Saudi Arabia's plans to develop its renewable power industry. Riyadh-based ACWA Power, partly owned by Saudi's Public Investment Fund (PIF), does not plan to become a manufacturer of solar panels, but is "open to the idea of supporting and enabling the right environment in the Kingdom to welcome in manufacturers," a spokesm...
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Want your kid to cut down screen-time? Put away your phone, study suggests

A recent study tracked the media habits of families with preschool-age children.The results found that the screen-time of mothers was positively associated with the screen-time of their children, and that offering screens as a reward for good behavior is also linked to increased screen-time among kids.It's important to study the effects of technology on preschool-age children because they're at a stage in development when it's especially easy to form habits and routines that carry on into adulth...
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10 science photos that made history and changed minds

Science has given humanity an incalculable boost over the recent centuries, changing our lives in ways both awe-inspiring and humbling. Fortunately, photography, a scientific feat in and of itself, has recorded some of the most important events, people and discoveries in science, allowing us unprecedented insight and expanding our view of the world. Here are some of the most important scientific photos of history: 1. Hubble's "eXtreme Deep Field" This photo, released on September 25th, 2012, c...
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SpaceX Launches 10 Iridium Satellites Into Orbit, Then Sticks Rocket Landing

Update for 11:45 a.m. EST: All 10 Iridium Next satellites were successfully deployed. A used SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lofted 10 final Iridium Next satellites into orbit today (Jan. 11), completing a two-year, eight-launch contract between the two companies. The rocket lifted off from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 7:31 a.m. local time (10:31 a.m. EST, 1531 GMT) during an instantaneous launch window. If all goes well, satellite deployment will begin about an...
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E-Scooter Startup Bird: We're Sorry for Sending Wild Legal Threats to Media Over Scooter Hacks

On-demand electric scooter startup Bird has backed down from its legal threats against Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow for publishing a piece detailing how a $30 kit from China could be used to rewire the hoards of abandoned Bird scooters sitting around city impound lots, the BBC reported on Monday.Read more...
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The Worst Pain in the World, Bendable Phones, and Joshua Tree: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

Ten hut, Gizmodo readers! Do you have a New Year’s Resolution you should be working on? Do not answer that rhetorical question, because yours are the feeble dreams of weaklings and mine is to whip this sorry, good-for-nothing blog audience squad into shape!Read more...
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Chevrolet Pulls 'Most Reliable' Ad After Being Challenged By Toyota 

In a recent ad campaign, Chevrolet made the claim that their cars are “more reliable” than Honda, Toyota, and Ford. This claim is based on some very selective survey data that Chevy sponsored. Toyota has disputed Chevrolet’s claim—and now the ad’s been pulled from the rotation.Read more...
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Mother of All Breaches Exposes 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords

There’s no shortage of data breaches these days, but this one should make you sit up and pay attention. The newly discovered “Collection #1" is the largest public data breach by volume, with 772,904,991 unique emails and 21,222,975 unique passwords exposed.Read more...
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Cancer-Free

But the justice is missing oral arguments to rest.
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Meet the Fighter That Could Replace the F-22 Raptor (A Hint: Study This Photo)

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Britain pledges legislation in 2019 to combat deadly air pollution

Britain on Monday pledged to fight air pollution and introduce new legislation this year on air quality to save lives and billions of pounds for the economy. The government said Britain would become the first major economy to adopt air quality goals based on World Health Organization recommendations regarding people's exposure to particulate matter. "Air pollution continues to shorten lives, harm our children and reduce quality of life.
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Iran satellite fails to reach orbit in US-criticized launch

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian satellite-carrying rocket blasted off into space on Tuesday, but scientists failed to put the device into orbit in a launch previously criticized by the United States as helping the Islamic Republic further develop its ballistic missile program.
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Steve Carell, ‘Office’ Creator Reunite for Netflix Workplace Comedy ‘Space Force’ – Right, That Space Force (Video)

Steve Carell and Greg Daniels are reuniting — but not to reboot “The Office.” The star of the workplace comedy and the creator of said workplace comedy are reteaming to bring you a new workplace comedy for Netflix called “Space Force.” Per the project’s official logline, “Space Force” is a “workplace comedy centered around the people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services…Space Force.” Yes, they’re talking about that Space Force, created by the Trump administration. Also Re...
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Rare condition makes woman unable to hear men — and stress may be to blame

Here's what you need to know about reverse-slope hearing loss.
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PG&E prepares bankruptcy filing after California wildfires

PG&E faces widespread litigation, government investigations and liabilities that could potentially reach $30 billion, according to the company, accounting for damage from fires last year and in 2017. PG&E, the biggest power company in the United States with customers, said it planned to file for bankruptcy protection around Jan. 29, and was giving a 15-day notice to employees to comply with California law. PG&E said on Sunday its chief executive was leaving and being replaced by General Couns...
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