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Content for the Customer Journey – Phase III: Conversion

At this point in our customer journey, you have a grasp on awareness, we’ve covered consideration, and now we’re here at the moment of truth: conversion. This is goal of so many marketing efforts… getting the consumer to make the purchase or other measurable action. Let’s dive a little deeper into what we learned about conversion content for the customer journey with client Discover Boating.    Creating customer-first content All content should be tailored to each stage of the custome...
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The Traditional Marketing Funnel Is Dead—Use This Model Instead [Infographic]

  An experienced fisherman will tell you that some fish will bite a baited hook when they are hungry, some bite it because they are curious, and some bite it because they are angry. The fish’s motivation can literally change with the wind, water temperature, cloud cover, air temperature, and a myriad of other reasons that most of us will never care to understand.  But, the fisherman just keeps trying different areas of the lake, and different baits and lures until they find the right combinatio...
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The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Link Building - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfishThe final episode in our six-part One-Hour Guide to SEO series deals with a topic that's a perennial favorite among SEOs: link building. Today, learn why links are important to both SEO and to Google, how Google likely measures the value of links, and a few key ways to begin earning your own. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard F...
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Voices in AI – Episode 85: A Conversation with Ilya Sutskever

[voices_in_ai_byline] About this Episode Episode 85 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Ilya Sutskever of Open AI talk about the future of general intelligence and the ramifications of building a computer smarter than us. Listen to this one-hour episode or read the full transcript at Transcript Excerpt Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm and I’m Byron Reese. Today my guest is Ilya Sutskever. He is the co-founder and the chief scientist at ...
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The Dummies Guide to Facebook Native Ads for Hotels

Have your Hotel tried Facebook Ads and failed? No worries, you are not alone. A lot of Hotels and brands have a misperception of Facebook Ads. It is not your fault. There is a lot of individuals and brands online today that take advantage of Hotels that have not taken the time to educate themselves on the power of Facebook Native Advertisement. Obviously, there is a demand from Hotels that need help with their Facebook Native Advertisement campaigns. Facebook Native Advertisement can be as sim...
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How Search Engines Display Search Results by @beanstalkim

Let's look at how Google displays search results and the main components of a generic search engine results page (SERP).The post How Search Engines Display Search Results by @beanstalkim appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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4 Unconventional Ways to Become a Better SEO

Posted by meagar8Let’s get real for a moment: As much as we hear about positive team cultures and healthy work environments in the digital marketing space, many of us encounter workplace scenarios that are far from the ideal. Some of us might even be part of a team where we feel discouraged to share new ideas or alternative solutions because we know it will be shot down without discussion. Even worse, there are some who feel afraid to ask questions or seek help because their workplace culture do...
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Think Tank Photo Stand Manager 52 Review Studio photographers know that lighting stands are heavy, cumbersome and hard to transport. In fact, transporting light stands is as much about protecting your car and your fingers as it is easily moving them. The Stand Manager 52 rolling case is an ideal solution for storing and transporting stands of any kind. KEY FEATURES: Crush resistant ABS twin-wall provides end-to-end reinforcement Oversized, shock-absorbing wheels roll smoothly and hold up under the toughest condi...
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4 Reasons Why Your Blog is Struggling to Find an Audience

We live in a time where it seems like everyone and their mother runs a blog. In the United States alone, it’s estimated that there will be nearly 32 million bloggers by 2020! Whether it’s corporate business owners, food bloggers, fashion gurus, movie commentators, etc., anyone can write blog posts that can potentially be seen by the masses.  While so many hopeful bloggers have grand plans for what they will write about, many struggle with the crucial task of getting people to visit the ...
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SEO Hacks for Beginners: Quick Tips to Get Started Today

by Robert Clough Bogged down by dense SEO guides and high-level tips from experts? Never fear! Here's a simple explanation of SEO and how to get started. In this post, you'll get some quick tips and easy-to-understand advice that will reveal: What SEO is Why you need SEO for your website Quick SEO tips for beginners that you can get started with SEO fast! Keep reading to learn more.  Why SEO? In order to understand why you need SEO, you probably should first learn exactly what SE...
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Google AMP Kimonos At AMP Conf

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How to Get Your Church Website to Rank for “Easter Service Near Me”

Easter is the second most attended service of the year after Christmas Eve. Most churches recognize this and put extra effort into reaching people in their community and inviting them to their Easter service. As I’ve said many times, most people start their search for a church online, so one of the best ways a church can connect with people looking for a church to worship with on Easter is through search engines like Google. So, how does a church show up in the search results for “Easter service...
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5 of the Best Online Law Firm Marketing Strategies in 2019

by Robert Clough There are more than 47,000 law firms currently operating in the US and 1.1 million licensed attorneys. This makes winning clients seem like a daunting task. However, with the right law firm marketing strategies, you can cut out the competition. When done right, you'll have dozens of clients knocking at your door. Effective SEO on your website and correct use of social media platforms like LinkedIn can take your business to the next level. To learn about three of the most ...
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Everything Old Is New Again: Why & How to Refresh B2B Content

Content creation —it’s the linchpin of our B2B content marketing strategies. And have upped their investment in content creation over the past year—more than any other spending area. Without a steady cadence of fresh, quality content we can’t proactively adapt to our audience’s changing needs nor consistently reach, inform, engage, entertain, or inspire action within them. And for most content marketers, this effort is often grounded in creating net-new content. But freshness is the ey...
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Some cheers, a few sneers for Google’s URL solution for AMP

Solution addresses one of the most prominent AMP criticisms, but its implementation doesn’t come without controversy.     Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: George Nguyen]
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Clean Road iPhone iPad – Ouvrez la Route en Chasse-Neige (gratuit)

Source : Clean Road iPhone iPad – Ouvrez la Route en Chasse-Neige (gratuit) Ouvrir la route avec un chasse-neige de tout ce qui l’encombre, c’est ce que vous allez devoir faire sur iPhone et iPad The post Clean Road iPhone iPad – Ouvrez la Route en Chasse-Neige (gratuit) appeared first on
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Why storytelling is good for SEO

Once upon a time, there was this woman – let’s call her Mia – and she wanted to write beautiful stories for her blog. Mia noticed she was not getting much traffic from Google, while other bloggers seemed to attract a lot of visitors. She wondered what she was doing wrong. One day, at a blogging conference Mia heard about a wonderful thing called SEO. She learned that she should use the words her audience was using, she learned she needed to think about the words she wanted to be found for. And s...
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Is link building dead? Depends on who you talk to

Some SEOs argue any form of proactive link building is a waste of time. Some say it should be apart of any SEO strategy. So which is it? Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: George Nguyen]
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Using Keyword Stemming to Enhance your Organic Traffic

Last updated on April 18, 2019 at 04:34 pm Keyword research is a fundamental SEO practice that enables us to find the best set of keywords that will allow our websites to grow their organic search traffic. Along with the service of the brand, keywords are also the basis for how content will be formulated, along with how link building and social media campaigns would be managed. When tracking and choosing keywords for Google, context is important, as any variation to the keyword is treated a...
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E-book Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size and 2025 Future Opportunities - Gadget247News

   Gadget247News E-book market research report provides the details about Industry Chain structure, Market Competition, Market Size & Share, SWOT Analysis, Technology, Cost, ...
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Fully-fledged Smart Factory to be unveiled at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2019

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 18, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – Smart factories are fast becoming mainstream in the manufacturing industry, offering a new level of efficiency and productivity. Factories are no longer simply a mass of machinery operating as a series Read more… The post Fully-fledged Smart Factory to be unveiled at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2019 appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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Innovative transition to new age of computing

Industry experts discuss how to effect a digital transformation HONG KONG, Apr 18, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – Leading technology experts came together on the first day of the HKTDC International ICT Expo on 13 April to discuss how advances Read more… The post Innovative transition to new age of computing appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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iPhone XI à Clapet, l’Etrange Brevet Révélé en Images (video)

Source : iPhone XI à Clapet, l’Etrange Brevet Révélé en Images (video) Après l’iPhone XI pliable que l’on a récemment découvert dans un concept inspiré par le dernier smartphone de Samsung, voici le énième The post iPhone XI à Clapet, l’Etrange Brevet Révélé en Images (video) appeared first on
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Digital Marketing News: Influencers Try Escapex, Gating B2B Content, YouTube’s Quality Watch Time, & Pinterest Conversions

The post Digital Marketing News: Influencers Try Escapex, Gating B2B Content, YouTube’s Quality Watch Time, & Pinterest Conversions appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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Why Content ‘Tactics’ Fail You & How to Become Relevant by @jamarketer

Content tactics promise game-changing results. But most die hard and fast. Here's how to become relevant without them.The post Why Content ‘Tactics’ Fail You & How to Become Relevant by @jamarketer appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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A content strategy is not a marketing strategy

Content is not marketing. Your content strategy is not a marketing strategy.  It isn’t your fault. We’re still not sure what the deal is with the internet. We’re all growing. This blog has posts from years ago talking about “content marketing strategies” and how you can fill channels. I once did a Facebook post for […]
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TrackoMeter iPhone – Trace en Temps Réel vos Trajets (gratuit)

Source : TrackoMeter iPhone – Trace en Temps Réel vos Trajets (gratuit) Que ce soit pour des raisons professionnelles ou pour le fun avec GPS Tracker de TrackoMeter sur iPhone, vous allez pouvoir tracer The post TrackoMeter iPhone – Trace en Temps Réel vos Trajets (gratuit) appeared first on
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Google to offer browser, search-app choices in Android Europe set-up flow

Users will be asked to choose from among five search and browser apps in randomized order. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Greg Sterling]
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