ENDY 100 Night Review

When was the last time you bought a mattress? For most of us, it’s likely when you purchased one for the kids. Like most things, as parents, we tend to put ourselves last. With a recent room-switcheroo between our three kids this summer (my teenager finally achieved his goal of a basement bedroom), we had a decision to make. Finally, get a new King mattress for our bedroom and then transfer our mattress to the basement for him, or continue with the current mattresses? I figured it was a good tim...
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Say Hello to Cubby!

We have a new family member in our household. furReal Pets has a new toy to share, and we were sent our own Cubby The Curious Bear to check out! Cubby, according to the documents sent with him, was born November 7th. His talent is following his nose, and his favorite snack is honeycomb. furReal Pets are known, of course, for being interactive but there’s just something about Cubby’s size and mannerisms that makes him easy to plop on my hip when my daughter hands him to me and yes, we’ve ev...
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Toilet Paper Pedestal

We’re not saying we bring our phone into the bathroom, but we’re not not saying that. If we did, though, we’d rest it on the elegant hand-chosen sea stone surface of this toilet paper holder. With space for three spare rolls (and your phone), it’s a sleek, elegant way to save space in your bathroom. The sturdy reclaimed granite base and brushed aluminum keep essentials close at hand, so you never run out of tp—or miss an Instagram post. Handmade by Arra David and Anne Johnson and their team in...
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Say goodbye to dry hair with Phyto Phytojoba!

Phyto offers a newly updated  moisturizing care routine for dehydrated, dull and unruly dry hair - Phytojoba to intensely moisturize hair from roots to tips, without weighing it down providing lightweight softness and shine to dry hair.The formula is rich in hydrating and beautifying jojoba - a  phenomenal plant, capable of drawing moisture from the depths of the arid land; and mallow extraction - renowned for its high concentration in mucilages which are capable of maintaining hydration at the...
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Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set

Ultra rich. Frothy. Chocolate. Three words that say it all. But here are a few more, because we can’t resist. With Jules Vertrees and Jacquie Lewis’s traditional set, make real, Mexican hot chocolate as it's been done for centuries. (The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec “xocoatl.”) Pure cacao is blended with ground almonds, pecans, walnuts and cinnamon to make the authentic Oaxacan flavor. Mix and froth it with the hand-carved molinillo whisk in the hand-molded clay jug and prepare to... wh...
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Grass And Sky Puzzle

Imagine the sky on a sunny day: A vast scape of pure blue, adorned with cotton-like clouds. Now think of a lush field: blades of dewy grass, like a green blanket on the earth. It’s hard to wrap one's mind around how molecules of water, and rays of light, and plant cells can fit together to form such beautiful scenes. Pay homage to the complexity of nature with these delightfully challenging grass and sky puzzles. With the exception of one mustache-shaped bit–the designer’s signature piece–all 1,...
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Hand Embroidered Flower Scarf And Mittens

Carry summer with you into the coldest winter days with the hand-embroidered scarf. Textured crewelwork flowers bloom brightly against a soft, dark knit backdrop, reminding you that however far away it seems, sunshine will come again. Made of acrylic and alpaca wool in the US.
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Boston Tech Watch: DataRobot, IBM-MIT, Firefly, Aliro, Embr & More

More money is flowing into AI research at MIT, thanks to an expansion of the Institute’s partnership with computing giant IBM; DataRobot announces its $200 million-plus funding round; a tech startup aims to democratize access to quantum computers: these items and more in the week’s Boston tech news roundup.—Concierge medicine service Firefly Health has raised $10.2 million in a Series A funding round led by venture firms F-Prime Capital and Oak HC/FT. The company raised $4.1 million earlier thi...
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Tesco shutters parking app following license plate image leak - TechRadar

Tesco shutters parking app following license plate image leak   TechRada
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Tesco slammed for replacing salad bar with biscuits -

Tesco slammed for replacing salad bar with biscuits
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Tesco parking app hauled offline after exposing 10s of millions of Automatic Number Plate Recognition images - The Register

Tesco parking app hauled offline after exposing 10s of millions of Automatic Number Plate Recognition images   The Registe
Tags: Shopping, Tesco

Tesco store labelled ghost town as closing date looms | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk Business News - Eastern Daily Press

Tesco store labelled ghost town as closing date looms | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk Business News   Eastern Daily Press
Tags: Shopping, Tesco, Norfolk, Suffolk Business News Eastern Daily Press

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