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REVIEW: Sprite Lymonade

Sprite Lymonade is the classic lemon and lime-flavored Sprite mixed with some lemonade. Okay, not exactly lemonade because the beverage itself isn’t an ingredient. It gets its elevated citrus flavor from, according to the bottle, clarified lemon juice from concentrate. I imagine Sprite Clarified Lemon Juice From Concentrate would’ve been a horrible product name. It has ONE PERCENT real juice. And, somewhere, Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel is laughing because it’s made with five percent juice, which is s...
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REVIEW: Starbucks Vanilla Almondmilk Frappuccino

What is the Starbucks Vanilla Almondmilk Frappuccino? Imagine a bottled Starbucks Frappuccino with, instead of reduced fat and skim milk, a liquid made from almonds that are treated as if someone is trying to extract top secret information from it. They’re drowned, chopped into tiny pieces, and then drowned again. Besides this vanilla flavor, there’s also a mocha version. How is it? Full disclosure: I drink almond milk. More specifically, organic Silk Almondmilk from Costco that comes in a...
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REVIEW: Starbucks Frappuccino with a Splash of Cold Brew

What are Starbucks Frappuccino with Cold Brew? Bottled beverages that mostly contain brewed Starbucks coffee with a splash of Starbucks cold brew coffee, reduced fat milk, skim milk, and sugar. The line debuted with three flavors — Salted Dark Chocolate, Toasted White Chocolate, and Caramelized Vanilla Honey. The review below is for the first two. How are they? The good news is that they taste like bottled Starbucks Frappuccino, which is perfectly fine because I happen to like the line as a...
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REVIEW: Monster Energy Ultra Paradise

What is Monster Energy Ultra Paradise? Monster Energy just released “Paradise” as the newest addition to its sugar-free Ultra line of energy drinks. According to the back of the can, Monster Ultra Paradise delivers “Pure, Crisp, Invigorating Island Flavors.” The question is, what exactly is an island flavor? How is it? I’m a frequent consumer of Monster Ultra, so I know the flavors can be difficult to place. Sure, Ultra Red kind of tastes like fruit punch, and Ultra Sunrise tastes vaguely ...
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REVIEW: Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola

What is Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola? As the first new flavor of Classic Coca-Cola to be released stateside in over ten years, Orange Vanilla Coke sets itself apart by combining smooth vanilla and bright orange flavors with the cola’s nostalgic original blend. How is it? Let me set the record straight here: no flavor of Coca-Cola is terrible. The worst variation of Coke is still arguably better than anything Pepsi has ever put out. Even so, I can’t say this variation is unforgettable in the sa...
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REVIEW: TruMoo After Dark Mexican Style Chocolate Milk

What is TruMoo After Dark Mexican Style Chocolate Milk? It’s part of TruMoo’s decadent line of flavored milk that has a name that I only say using a seductive whisper. The line also includes Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel and Vanilla & Chai Spice. This spicy flavor is dark chocolate milk with notes of cinnamon and a kick of chili pepper. The dairy base is whole milk, and it’s sweetened with real cane sugar. How is it? The chocolate and cinnamon in the ultra-pasteurized milk help create a del...
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QUICK REVIEW: Coca-Cola Clear (Japan)

What is Coca-Cola Clear? I’m in Japan – the mecca of novelty junk food! Of course, I sought out some new and quirky offerings. Coca-Cola has introduced a colorless version of its signature pop – trailing a quarter of a century behind Pepsi in the clear soda arms race. Without all that pesky caramel-y cola, it’s billed as lemon-flavored and is a zero-calorie drink. It is currently only available in Japan. How is it? Right out of the bottle, the aroma veers away from the usual Coke. It’s mild...
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QUICK REVIEW: Mtn Dew Merry Mash-Up

What is Mtn Dew Merry Mash-Up? Replacing the famed Mtn Dew Holiday Brew from holidays long past, the new limited edition Mtn Dew Merry Mash-Up, with its seasonal cranberry-pomegranate flavor, has arrived on store shelves with such a clatter, that I had to spring from my bed to see what was the matter. How is it? I have always wondered what Christmas would taste like if you could capture its essence in a much-loved soda pop, and the Merry Mash-Up does, I believe, come pretty close. Imagine, ...
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QUICK REVIEW: Monster Pacific Punch Energy Juice

What is the Monster Pacific Punch Energy Juice? It’s a tropical fruit punch-flavored Monster Energy Juice that comes in a can that looks like the textbook margins of that person in the back of the class who’s great at drawing, but not good at paying attention in class. It has more fruit than a Carmen Miranda hat (Google her). There’s orange juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, raspberry juice concentrate, guava puree, cherry juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, and passionfr...
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QUICK REVIEW: Mtn Dew Ice Cherry

What is Mtn Dew Ice Cherry? The latest concoction from Mountain Dew’s burgeoning “Ice” line, Ice Cherry takes everything you love about cherry soda, mixes it with a little of that Mountain Dew magic and then turns up the ice, I suppose. Oh, and it’s clear too, which is a bit weird. Kinda makes you wonder what its larger gameplan is with all this Ice stuff, doesn’t it? How is it? Like a cherry Laffy Taffy that’s been your pocket for way too long or an illegal helping of pure ICEE white cherr...
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QUICK REVIEW: Red Bull Summer Edition Coconut Berry Energy Drink

What is it? Red Bull’s latest summer edition variety. It follows last year’s Grapefruit Twist. It combines artificial coconut and berry flavors into an energy drink that gives you wings. How is it? If you dislike artificial coconut because it smells and tastes as if you’re applying sunscreen with your tongue, then this is not for you. It’s a little surprising that coconut water wasn’t used. The coconut hit my nose and tongue hard enough that I was taken aback by it a little. But by the th...
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REVIEW: Sparkling Ice Mystery Fruit Flavor Sparkling Water

Flavor innovation is all the rage recently. From mystery Peeps and Oreo to the ever-popular public vote or creation like Lay’s and again Oreo. Now enter Sparkling Ice’s new Mystery Fruit Flavor Sparkling Water. With so many of the recent mystery entries being food it’s nice to see a beverage brand decide to follow this trend. This mystery sparkling water has a cloudy-white appearance as to not offer any hints to the correct flavor. A trick color would have been pretty fun, though, as it would ...
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REVIEW: Starbucks Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Latte (Bottled)

Is there any doubt Starbucks’ proprietary Pumpkin Spice Latte isn’t the single most influential fast food/junk food item of the 21st century? One look at the seasonal goods section of any grocery store in America ought to be all the proof you need. Pumpkin spice cookies. Pumpkin spice marshmallows. Pumpkin spice cereal. Pumpkin spice vodka. For crying out loud, there are even pumpkin spice cough drops, and I’d be shocked if we aren’t a few years away from somebody selling pumpkin spice deodoran...
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Why You Should Be Drinking Boxed Wine

Boxed wine has a bad rap. People look down on it because it doesn’t come in a fancy bottle, and assume the contents are nasty and cheap. While that may be true for some brands, a lot of boxed wine is just as good or better than the stuff you drink with a nice dinner. Plus, it’s easy to transport, stays fresh longer,…Read more...
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QUICK REVIEW: Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Organic Green Tea with a Hint of Fuji Apple & Ginger

Pure Leaf’s Tea House Collection Organic Green Tea with a Hint of Fuji Apple & Ginger has an aroma that makes me think the ginger is going to burn and a name that’s so long it makes me parched. But thankfully the ginger was mild enough that it didn’t burn and I could take a sip of the tea that made my mouth dry after saying its name. The ginger flavor is front and center with every sip. The apple gets lost with the ginger, but it does seem to give the tea a sweetness. Perhaps the apple is there...
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REVIEW: Mtn Dew White Label

Gather ‘round, kids: it’s time for a Choose Your Own Adventure story! You are Mountain Dew Pitch Black, a heroic soda knight whose early 2000s Halloween conquests — and recent 2016 revival — made him the sugary stuff of legends and memories alike. But although you’re a more mythic Mountain than Olympus, people aren’t as charmed by radioactively purple syrup as they used to be. So if you don’t want to join Heinz EZ Squeeze in Violet Valhalla, you’ll have to grow up. Which path will you take at ...
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REVIEW: Coca-Cola Plus Ginger (Japan)

For most of my life I’ve thought of ginger as more of a medicine than an ingredient. When I felt nauseous playing DOOM, I sucked on ginger candy. When I felt something funny in my tummy while watching someone play DOOM, I drank ginger ale. And when it felt like the room was spinning around every time I closed my eyes after playing DOOM, I hung out next to the toilet. While ginger ale is quite possibly the most popular beverage with ginger, more drinks are being offered with it, like ginger bee...
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REVIEW: Ripple Chocolate Milk

If you told me a decade ago I’d be drinking pea milk and enjoying it, I’d laugh and tell you I’m not into that gross stuff. Then after explaining it’s p-e-a and not p-e-e, I’d again laugh and tell you I’m not into that gross stuff. I don’t care for the pea’s texture, flavor, and ability to affect a princess’ sleep. I avoid chicken pot pies because of the chance I’ll eat one and I always throw out that one freeze dried pea you get with every Cup Noodles. So it’s odd I ended up buying a bottle o...
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REVIEW: Nestle Nesquik Protein Plus Vanilla Milk

Protein. We need it for body stuff. Yeah, I don’t know what body stuff exactly. I have an English degree and got C’s in every class that ends with -ology or -ience. What I do know is that protein is big. A big money maker. Everywhere you look in the grocery store, companies are putting the stuff into everything they possibly can. And I guess Nesquik Protein Plus Milk, is Nestle’s way to get a little bit of that sweet, sweet protein drink money. Some of you might be thinking, regular Nesquik i...
Tags: Reviews, Shopping, Beverage, Nestle, Nesquik, 7 Rating

QUICK REVIEW: Glaceau Breeze-e Strawberry Watermelon VitaminWater

Glaceau’s Breeze-e Strawberry Watermelon VitaminWater is the best tasting VitaminWater I’ve ever had. Okay, I might be exaggerating and the previous sentence could be the heat talking. It’s frickin’ hot. I’ve gone through my second shirt of the day. I’m sweating like I’m guilty of something I don’t want to admit, like murder, fraud, or enjoying TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. My body is at the point where it will say anything to get some fluids into it to replace whatever was in those two shirts....
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QUICK REVIEW: Limited Edition TruMoo Cookies ‘n Cream Lowfat Milk

I’m sure Home Depot has in stock a color that’s similar to the Limited Edition TruMoo Cookies ‘n Cream Lowfat Milk. I’m not sure what the various paint companies call this color, so I shall give it my own name — Underground Villain Hideout Gray. It’s a depressing color. But it’s an appropriate color for a slightly depressing beverage. According to its carton, “TruMoo Cookies ‘n Cream Lowfat Milk is more than just delicious. We start with white lowfat milk that provides everyday nutrition. Next...
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