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The newest, most efficient, and oil-saving way to lubricate your bike-chains

Ever tried painting a wall? If you had to choose between using a paintbrush and a roller, chances are you’d choose the latter, right? It’s incredibly fast, does a uniform job, and is just simply mess free. Paint doesn’t trickle or spill from a roller onto your hands, the floor, or worse, your clothes. The roller’s sponge holds the paint, distributing it in a perfect coat on the wall without any hassle. You end up wasting less paint, coating your wall evenly, and staying mess-free. Now imagine ...
Tags: Automotive, Deals, Product Design, Chain Oil, FLECTR, FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE, LUBRI DISC

This RFID-blocking key-fob case works like a faraday cage to protect your car from theft

Just like your contact-less payment cards stand a chance of being tapped into by a miscreant with a POS device, your car’s key-fob stands a risk of being hacked into, its signal being boosted or duplicated, and used to unlock your car. Ever since the introduction of remote-controlled key-fobs, car theft hasn’t decreased, but rather has seen a 56% spike according to the office of national statistics.The problem with key-fobs is that security for this is easy to compromise. People have been know...
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The popular travel pants that are forcing the fashion industry to make comfort a priority

For the longest time, the Fashion Design Industry eluded the entire approach of designing through problem-solving. Infamously enough, the fashion business is known for setting trends, creating aesthetics, and developing styles, but not solving problems… why else would women’s pants still not have pockets? (P.S. The real answer is so that women continue to buy purses. Create pockets and purse sales will immediately tank.)The minute you ask the public what they want in the clothes they wear, the...
Tags: Deals, Fashion, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Baubax, Hiral Sanghavi, Travel Pants, Yoganshi Shah, Hiral Sanghavi Yoganshi Shah, Bamboo Baubax

The EVA Cushion turns any surface into an ergonomic, comfortable seat

There’s a pretty big chance you’re reading this while sitting down. On a seat at work, at a restaurant, in the subway or the bus, at home, why heck, perhaps you’re on the crapper. Last example aside, we’ve descended into a majorly sedentary lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, and anyone who does a lot of sitting (basically everyone) knows that after a while your spine, neck, and tailbone start telling you to have mercy on them. You get up, take a walk around, and after a 3-4 minute break...
Tags: Deals, Design, Furniture, Posture, Popular, Eva, Product Design, Random, DK Lim, EVA Cushion

The World’s First All-Terrain Drone!

The X-Tankcopter may just be the ultimate toy for all of us big-kids! As the name would suggest, this device is more than just a drone… it’s the highly capable combination of both a drone and a tank. This unusual hybrid gives it seemingly limitless capabilities when it comes to negotiating obstacles; whether you choose to scamper along rough terrain or gracefully fly over it, the X-TANKCOPTER has you covered!You can capture your action-packed mission via the onboard HD camera, allowing you to ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Drone, Automotive, Product Design, Witold Mielniczek, X-Tankcopter, Witold MielniczekClick, Drive Drive

The world’s tiniest bottle opener and multitool is deceptively small

The TiBO is small enough to be underestimated. Roughly the size of your thumbnail, it’s easy to dismiss the TiBO as something that’s too small to be useful… but it’s also a wildly inaccurate thing to do, because at just 21.5mm in length, the TiBO is the smallest multitool, packing a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and a prybar into its deceptively tiny footprint.Conceived in 2016, the TiBO went through its share of design iterations before it reached what it looks like today. Optimized ...
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This elegant grater comes with its own wood container, and I can’t contain my joy!

There’s something so simple, and elegant about The Kitchen Shop’s Wood Grater that I can’t get myself to stare away. It has a simple design that uses two materials, neither of them being plastic. The grater packs a grating surface, a handle, and a container into a form factor that looks simple enough to make you wonder, why don’t ALL graters look like that?!The Wood Grater comes made from Oak and Stainless Steel, and boasts of an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean design. Store the grater with the gr...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Design, Product Design, Grater, Cheese Grater, The Kitchen Shop, Veggie Grater, Wood Grater

Wingback’s hip-flask explores a radically different pocketable form

Hear the word hip-flask and you immediately picture a curved, rectangular metal container with a lid. The hip-flask’s design is surely archetypal, and most would say that it isn’t a design to be reinvented or toyed with, but that’s not how the design industry works. Deciding that it’s time to give the trusty old hipflask a functional and aesthetic facelift, Alasdair MacLaine created the 100ml Hip by Wingback, a novel-looking flask that opts for a more secure, machined-to-perfection cylindrical...
Tags: Deals, Europe, UK, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Stainless Steel, CNC, Flask, Drinkware, 100ml Hip, Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback

The must have lighting tool for filmmakers and photographers

If you’re a budding filmmaker or photographer, you will know the challenges that come with capturing a dark and poorly-lit scene. And whilst an external flash or lighting set-up will solve this, they can be impractical and often inaccessible, as well as a carrying a hefty price-tag! This is where the Crack Light really shines, leading it to become a must-have tool to keep on your person!Blind Spot Gear are no strangers when it comes to lighting solutions, with this being their sixth Kickstarte...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Billy Campbell, Blind Spot Gear, Crack Light, Crack Light First Review Demos

Meet the Nowa Superbe, a smartwatch that never needs charging

You’d never guess that the Superbe was a hybrid smartwatch. With its incredibly fashion-forward aesthetic, the Superbe is a gorgeous looking wristwatch with a unique dial and a simple yet classy design that’s fitting of its Parisian roots… but the Superbe is more than just a gorgeous looking wristwatch. It’s a hybrid smartwatch too, with a world-clock, activity tracker, sleep tracker, Bluetooth controls, and probably its biggest feature, its ability to work without needing to be charged. This ...
Tags: Google, Deals, Design, Bluetooth, Watches, Smart Watch, Popular, Product Design, Random, Ronda, Apple Health, NOWA, Eric Gizard, Superbe, Hurry Super Early Bird, NOWA Superbe

This captivating portable fireplace can be used indoors and outdoors

I’d be compromising my journalistic integrity by using the term ‘lit’, but that’s precisely what the SPIN is. A portable fireplace that ditches the age-old flame for a fiery vortex, the SPIN is absolutely alluring to look at. The portable fireplace, or fire vortex if you’re the technical kind, can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with a base that holds the fire-starter, and an optional glass hood that helps expand the flame to make the vortex bigger and more visible.The SPIN works by usin...
Tags: Deals, Design, Outdoor, Product Design, Approx, Thomas Kaiser, Christian Wassermann

The Union is hands-down the most versatile pocket-toolkit I’ve seen

If your question is ‘how many tools in a multitool is too many tools?’, let me tell you, that answer changes practically every month. Each time I see a new multitool EDC, I’m convinced that there’s no such thing as too many tools as long as the device remains portable. However, I’m now convinced that we’ve reached what I call “peak multitool”, and there’s no getting better or moving forward from here. The Union by Toler Tools is a pocket-sized product that puts tools into your pocket that you ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Union, Product Design, Edc, Multitool, Phillips, Allen, Michael Newman, EveryDayCarry, Toler Tools, Toler ToolsClick

Milan’s The Manzoni Restaurant by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio

A permanent destination to dine or shop the most recent collections For years now, acclaimed designer Tom Dixon has had a presence in Milan—especially during the annual extravaganza Salone del Mobile. With The Manzoni, he’s established a permanent position. Functioning as both a restaurant and showroom, The Manzoni space is a collaboration between Dixon’s Design Research Studio and JLK Design Studio. To enter means stepping from …
Tags: Design, Milan, Shopping, Restaurants, Dining, Interiors, Shops, Decor, Collaborations, Dixon, Tom Dixon, Milan Design Week, Manzoni, Tom Dixon Studio, Design Research Studio, Milan Design Week 2019

A lubricating roller for your bike-chain that lets you ‘grease with ease’

Grease, as many of my white shirts will stand testament to, is an absolute nightmare when it gets on your person. Even a drop or so on your fingers can require multiple scrubs to get rid off, because that’s precisely the nature of the liquid. It’s supposed to lubricate, but it’s also supposed to stick around, eliminating friction between moving parts for a long time, before they need a second coat of lubricant.Ideally, the grease you apply on mechanical moving parts isn’t supposed to get on yo...
Tags: Deals, Design, Automotive, Popular, Product Design, Random, FLECTR, Chain Oil, FLECTR BIO CHAIN LUBE, LUBRI DISC, Jorg Neugebauer Kai WiehagenClick

The Cavalier Air is a hipster-looking smart-speaker that also wirelessly charges phones

Cavalier’s approach to audio is best described as classic. It uses classic materials and styles to create audio devices that don’t look particularly uber-tech. The Air, Cavalier’s latest offering, much like its ancestor, the Maverick showcases an absolutely retro-hipster attitude by ditching the boring plastic for knit fabric, wood, and leather.The Air is essentially a combination of three things. A smart-speaker, a clock, and a wireless charger. Its unique shape allows it to be all three, as th...
Tags: Amazon, Deals, Music, Design, Bluetooth, Audio, Speakers, Wireless, Speaker, Air, Qi, Alexa, Hipster, Product Design, Cavalier, Wireless Charger

This limited-edition kitchen essential comes with a PANTONE Living Coral handle!

Let not the name scare you! Symbolic of how sharp their kitchen knives are, we’re here to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Cut Throat Knives. Centered around the principle that the knife is perhaps mankind’s oldest culinary instrument, and that as an instrument that’s been with us for over a million years, knives deserve utmost reverence. Cut Throat therefore makes knives that aren’t just top notch, they’re quite literally cutting edge… and to ensure that these incredibly high standards a...
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Stay cool and sleep well with this incredible Weighted Blanket

How well you sleep at night can have a direct impact on our mood the following day… and nobody likes a cranky co-worker! So, a good night’s sleep can set us up for the day ahead? But how do we achieve this? Well, the Hush Iced Weighted Blanket is here to assist in the achievement of a deeper sleep, all year round!Hush Iced provides all the benefits of a weighted blanket without the sometimes unbearable heat; the outside layer is made up of a Bamboo and Cotton blend that helps keep sweat at bay...
Tags: Deals, Design, Living, Blanket, Product Design, Hush, Weighted Blanket, Hush Blankets, Hush Iced, Lior Yaacov Ohayon, Lior Yaacov OhayonClick

The minimal and emission-free electric Scrooser has hidden horsepower!

Part bike, part moped, the Scrooser’s minimal looks belie its inner strength! Designed in Germany as a pure and simple electric scooter, Scrooser (how cute is that name, though!) can be configured to use on sidewalks and or private or public streets with ease. Visually speaking, Scrooser stands out with its iconic wide and fat tires and the sleek steel-framed body but hidden underneath the footboard is a portable and mobile 36-volt, 500-watt, Lithium-ion battery that can be easily removed and ...
Tags: Deals, Transportation, Design, Germany, Eu, Product Design, E-scooter, Electric Sccoter, Scrooser

This backpack with built-in Bluetooth speakers can start parties anywhere

It’s usually a privilege (and an incredibly high honor) to be given aux-cable rights in a car. The person with the aux-cable is usually the person who’s musical tastes everybody respects the most. This person takes ownership of playing music that everybody loves, turning a long road-trip into a long-and-fun road-trip.The Speaker Backpack extends this privilege, giving this person (with great taste in music) the ability to start parties anywhere. Built right into a pretty sleek and stealthy loo...
Tags: Deals, Design, Backpack, Popular, Product Design, Grey, Random, Stealth Labs, Tao Design

This handy piece of limited-edition EDC is made entirely from Damascus Steel!

Barring the pivot and the two screws that hold the handle and blade together, the Boker Merlin is entirely made from the legendary marbled metal. Created as a special edition, the variant is based off one of Boker’s classic designs by Wilfried Gorski. Partnering with Chad Nichols, a trained steel-smith who’s perfected the art of making corrosion-resistant Damascus Steel, Boker spared quite literally no effort by building every component of the knife from the marbled metal, right from the blade t...
Tags: Deals, Europe, Usa, Design, Damascus, Product Design, Edc, Damascus Steel, Boker, EveryDayCarry, Wilfried Gorski, Boker Merlin, Chad Nichols, Damascus Steel Boker

Dango watches quick-release lugs & straps means you sport a unique watch everyday!

A lot of care and curation goes into the outfit you wear everyday. From your shirt, all the way to your shoes, everything is picked compliment one another in order to look great as a whole. The Dango Modular Watch takes on a similar approach.Split a watch into three key details, the face, the lugs, and the band, Dango’s watch comes with interchangeable parts, allowing you to easily build a watch the way you build an outfit…with care, consideration, and a sense of style. The Dango Watch’s dial ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Watches, Product Design, Edc, Ronda, Chrono, Horween, Dango, Swiss Ronda Movement, NATO Stainless Steel Silicone, Thuan Tran Binh Tran Charlie CarrollClick, Dango Modular Watches

Recycled cork, bison fiber, rice rubber are just some of the eco-friendly elements used in this shoe!

We go out of our way to be more considerate of the environment, whether this is by wasting less produce or being conscious of the products we consume, however something that we often overlook is the shoes on our feet. The Jasper Wool Eco Chukka is here to change this, as it provides an environmentally conscious alternative for city-dwellers and adventurers alike!At the base of the footwear is the sleek and supportive midsole that is ReCork Recycled Cork; the naturally cushioning and lightweigh...
Tags: Deals, Usa, Design, Green, Canada, Cork, Shoe, Product Design, Merino Wool, Sole, Jasper Wool Eco Chukka, United Blue, Brian LintonClick, United By Blue Jasper Wool Eco Chukka, Jasper Wool Eco Slip

This portable armrest makes working on computers much more comfortable

The Mouzen is a product that previously never existed in a category that previously never existed. However, it’s one of those products that should pretty much instantly catch on, given how incredibly valuable it is in terms of upping comfort, and productivity.The Mouzen, and I find it weird even saying this, is a portable armrest. Why would you need one? Because it’s designed specifically to support your arm as you work on a computer. Think of it as one of those padded mousepads, but less of a...
Tags: Deals, Design, Mouse, Desktops, Popular, Product Design, Random, Armrest, Gašper Kumprej, Mouzen

The TIMIO is a toy designed by a father concerned about tech-addiction

I heard something extremely interesting the other day. Children in homes with smart speakers had gotten so used to talking to the AI that they would often begin projecting human-like behavior on these voice assistants. Saying please, saying thank you, etc. While at first, I thought about how lovely that sounded, my second reaction was quite the opposite. These are artificial lines of code! They aren’t humans! They shouldn’t be humanized, and more so, children shouldn’t have to live in a world ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, Product Design, Basile Fattal, TIMIO, Peter GalClick

The SSD Chair proves that more designers should take to crowdfunding

If IKEA pioneered the flat-pack furniture industry, the SSD Chair brought it to crowdfunding. You see, a lot of designs get abandoned as concepts because there’s no easy way to manufacture and sell them without having distribution channels, marketing teams, and retail partners. IKEA is what it is today only because it’s a phenomenal force of retail and has warehouses and brick-and-mortar stores in a number of countries… most independent designers do not. Creating a chair is easy. Selling it is...
Tags: Deals, Europe, Design, Ikea, Solid State Drive, Popular, Product Design, Random, Seating, Herman Miller, PEFC, SSD Chair, TIPTOE, Oak Walnut, Graphite Black Cloudy White Ash Pink

Nordgreen’s watches are all about Scandinavian simplicity, symmetry, and social responsibility

I remember first getting a glimpse of Nordgreen’s watches when I saw Sam Gwilt (our buddy, Sam Does Design) wearing them. Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordgreen’s watches spoke of true Nordic minimalism, with design details that omitted everything complex, retaining just the elements that were necessary. A clean dial, three hands, and a date window. Together, these three elements were all that were needed to build a beautiful watch that’s outwardly simple, sophisticated, and minimal to the...
Tags: Deals, Design, Watch, Earth, Watches, Copenhagen, Sam, Popular, Product Design, Random, Danes, Infinity, Wagner, Native, Jakob Wagner, Sam Gwilt

This Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated pen is machined for perfection

“What we experience, and what we remember about what we’ve experienced are two totally different things.” – Jeremy Finch.That’s what the Twist Pen is all about. Creating a UX that’s so good it instantly gets etched in one’s memory. Whether it’s the pen’s satisfying twist-and-click actuation, or the textures around the grip and the twisting knobs, or even the pen’s weighted, cool metallic feel. The Twist is a modern classic. It isn’t edgy, it doesn’t over-innovate, and it isn’t disposable. It’s...
Tags: Deals, Japan, Design, US, Stationery, New England, Dlc, Product Design, Edc, Parker, Jeremy Finch, Adam Ryan, Diamond Like Carbon DLC, Twist Pen, Brass Stainless Steel and Black DLC, Itoya Aqua Roller

The Perfect Tripod for Vloggers

When it comes to vlogging or capturing memories whilst on the go, the key to successful equipment is convenience and usability, and so it’s only right that a tripod must also meet these criteria! That’s just what the SwitchPod was designed to do, as it puts versatility and simplicity first.SwitchPod allows you to shift between handheld and tripod mode in one smooth, and extremely satisfying, motion; the speed at which this can be carried-out lends itself to the fast pace of a vlogger, ensuring...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, Product Design, Tripod, Pat Flynn, Peter McKinnon, Caleb Wojcik, Dave Altizer, SwitchPod, Pat Flynn Caleb WojcikClick, Levi Allen VanderKwaak

The Kershaw Barricade knife also packs a seatbelt cutter and emergency glass-breaker

The Kershaw Barricade is EDC that’s absolutely worth carrying, especially while traveling. Its design doesn’t just pack a nice, black-oxide-coated 8Cr13MoV steel blade with a drop-point edge, it also packs two other potentially life-saving features. Built into the Barricade’s practically unbreakable glass-filled nylon handle (that’s also colored fluorescent orange, making it easy to spot in emergencies) are a Seatbelt Cutter, and a Glass-breaker, two exceptionally handy things to have on you n...
Tags: Deals, Tools, Design, Safety, Outdoor, Knife, Product Design, Edc, Kershaw, Barricade, Glass breaker, Seatbelt Cutter, Kershaw Barricade

Teaching coding in the easiest way possible… through tech-embedded puzzle pieces!

“Kids want to play a lot more than they want to learn” is perhaps the greatest elevator pitch for the ActivePuzzle toy set. It teaches kids how to build robots without the complexities of wires, hazardous parts, soldering, etc, and also allows them to learn to code without actual lines of code. The ActivePuzzle introduces these concepts and these abilities to children in the form of puzzles, a perfect way to get them to learn, given that children possess the ability to solve problems far befor...
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