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Harness the power of our Solar System from your desk

The DeskSpace, as beautiful as it is, had one crucial element missing. Made from polished precious minerals, the DeskSpace displayed the entire solar system on your desk, arranged in linear order, comprising every planet made from the appropriately selected gemstone. However, the biggest piece to that cosmic family photo wasn’t factored in until now. Carved out of a single piece of premium golden calcite is the very heart of our solar system, the sun. Designed to work as a mood lamp, the sun c...
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Sony’s smart-band adds smartwatch functionality to your analog timepiece

When Apple first debuted the Watch, kicking off the wearable/smartwatch trend, people (including the Swiss) thought it would spell doom for the analog timepiece industry, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. What’s worth noting is that the smartwatch could never replace the finely crafted analog timepiece, because their target audiences were completely different. A person who marvels in and pioneers the finely-tuned, hand-crafted intricate analog timepiece would never want to replace that wit...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Wearable, Band, Smartwatch, Watches, Sony, Product Design, Wena

Flectr’s Award-winning bike-reflectors are back with color variants!

You may remember the FLECTR 360 OMNI from last year. The German Design Award and Eurobike 2018 Award-winning sticker promised to make bicycling safer without any extra effort than installing these film-based, adhesive reflectors on your bicycle rim. Using a microprismatic film, these stickers reflect ambient light in all directions with full intensity, making them instantly visible. Just attach them on the rims of your bike and they enhance your visibility manifold, making your otherwise silen...
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A watch inspired by the invisible force that moves us

Normally I wouldn’t advocate for watches that solely use transparent discs with artwork to tell the time, but this circumstance isn’t a normal one. Inspired by the invisible energy of a magnetic compass, of the way the stars move around us, and ultimately of voyage, the Atlas Watch, in an effort to maintain that invisibility, uses these transparent discs instead of centrally connected hands to tell the time. Created by Trinity Time, the Atlas Watch celebrates this invisible force that drives e...
Tags: Deals, Design, Watches, Product Design, Brian-Lee, Atlas Watch, Trinity Time, Trinity Time the Atlas Watch, Trinity Time Click Here

Every dongle you’d possibly need, around your keychain

In a world full of technology that is fragmented between USB, Micro-USB, Type-C, and Lightning connectors, something as small and unsuspecting as the High Five cable helps in uniting all technology. It’s amazing that something as small as this, barely 7 centimeters in length, packs every single port combination you’d need for your smartphones, tablets, power banks, and laptops. Packed with a USB, Type-C and a one-of-a-kind Micro-USB/Lightning hybrid port. This arrangement practically works for...
Tags: Deals, Gadgets, Design, Cable, Macbook, Cellphones, Charging, Laptops, High-Five, Product Design, Emami, Dongle, Emami Design, Arman Emami, Vonmählen

The Tanuki Ninja fly-fishing rod brings the ancient Japanese art to the mainstream

Tenkara, or Japanese fly-fishing borders on pure artistry. You don’t reel a line out or reel a fish in. You rely purely on physics, mechanics, handwork, and an understanding of your gear. Just a rod, a line, and some artificial fly lure, or ‘kebari’ as the Japanese call it, and you’re set to go.Designer and Engineer Luong Tam has devoted a significant part of his life to this hobby of his, turning it into a profession of sorts. The creator behind the Tanuki Tenkara fishing rods, Tam makes some...
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We’re in awe of the TOPS Quickie Karambit’s slender, functional design

Form follows function, as the saying goes, right? The Quickie Karambit by TOPS exploits that adage in a way that gives it quite a visual advantage. Unlike most knives with thick, grippable grips and long, sharp blades, the Quickie keeps things short and sweet. The Quickie doesn’t give you a handle to grip onto, but rather fills the negative space of your hand when you close your fingers into a fist. This gives you a sense of comfort as you hold the blade, while also resulting in a karambit that’...
Tags: Deals, Tools, Design, Southeast Asia, Product Design, Edc, West Sumatra, Tops, Karambit, EveryDayCarry, Quickie

An ambient-music-playing ambient light

Now this is a purely personal opinion so don’t @ me, but when I think of a good smart-light or a good smart-speaker, I’m thinking of a product that’s ingenious and creative, not internet-connected. I personally think Alexa-enabled speakers are great, but they’re not something I’d own. I don’t need myself a speaker or a camera in my house that spies on every single thing I do or say in the interest of ‘internet connectivity’ and convenience. I’m saying, if I want to play a song, I’ll play a son...
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Re:ease doesn’t organize your desk. It redesigns it.

Here’s my desk scenario. I have a pencil holder from Amazon, a stapler from Maped, a hole-punch from Kangaro, and an off-brand planter with a mini succulent in it. It’s a collection of products I love individually, but combine them together and they end up making my workspace look like there’s a whole lot going on. That’s where the problem lies. Desk items aren’t always designed to be a part of a family. They’re just made to be good products that look wonderful on shelves, and perform well eno...
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Word of Mouth: Athens Culture + Shopping

Vintage clothing, records, art and more in our guide to adventures in the Greek city The references to Greek heritage in the Western world are endless. But zooming in on Athens culture reveals a diverse and talented group of artists, designers, shop owners and gallerists. Enlisting the help of CH friends Kiya and Demitra Babzani (experts of the area and the owners Self Edge), we have …
Tags: Travel, Design, Greece, Shopping, Museums, Athens, Retail, Shops, Galleries, Kiya, Self Edge, Demitra Babzani

The ZIN18 Reborn Clock brings skilled artisanship to technology

This year is, for all intents and purposes, the year of the retro wave. The Moto Razr is relaunching, Disney is practically remaking all their glorious movies, and nixie tubes may just be making a full comeback too!The use of Nixie tubes dates back to the 50s, being used as light-up numeric indicators in various technical equipments. These tubes were hand-crafted, and required a great deal of technical expertise to manufacture. Needless to say, the tubes were soon replaced by flipboard display...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Design, Technology, Disney, Popular, Product Design, Random, Millclock, ZIN18 Nixie lamp, Millclock Company

The Prylobite fits all your EDC-needs into one package

At first glance, you’d ask yourself why the Prylobite looks the way it does. It features a full-tang blade that swivels into the handle in such a way that the opposite end of the blade sticks out when shut. You’re bound to question its appearance, but that feeling lasts only a minute. When you begin using the Prylobite, you appreciate and acknowledge its appearance and the functionality it brings to the table, or in this case, your fingertips. You see, the Prylobite is a knife, but it isn’t ju...
Tags: Deals, Tools, Design, Popular, PANGEA, Product Design, Random, Edc, Multitool, Michael Dickson, EveryDayCarry, Prylobite

The best anti-theft backpack just got better

You may remember the Bobby backpack from the past few years. The bag singlehandedly kickstarted the trend of anti-theft backpacks, spawning an entire industry/category and a whole slew of bag designs that tried to mimic what the Bobby did best… Prevent theft through good design. Back with some highly awaited upgrades, here are the Bobby Pro and the Bobby Tech; backpacks that let you carry more, carry better, and carry securely. The bags pack a whole new set of features while retaining the icon...
Tags: Deals, Design, Tech, Bags, Popular, Solar Panel, Product Design, Random, Bobby, Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Pro, Bobby Tech, Faye Tang, HY. Jiang, Faye Tang Bobby Pro, HY Jiang Bobby Tech

The Darter Pen can help you with a stitch in time

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “ripped a hole in my pocket”? It implies that something is so expensive that it ripped through the pocket fabric to take all your money. Literal or metaphorical, the Darter Pen is neither. A compact, reasonably priced ballpoint pen, the Darter is the size of an AA battery, and aside from packing a Cross Matrix ballpoint refill for writing, the Darter even houses an entire sewing kit that packs everything you need for a stitch in time.An unusual looking and u...
Tags: Deals, Design, Stationery, Product Design, Edc, Darter, Darter Pen, Cross Refill

The Doogee S90 is basically a smartphone designed for Batman

What normal person would want a smartphone that is designed to A. be practically unbreakable and shatter-proof, B. be waterproof enough to be submerged for 2 weeks, C. work at ridiculous temperatures of -80°C (-112°F) D. dock a night-vision camera module, E. dock a walkie-talkie module with a 10km range, F. dock an external 5000mAh battery module, G. dock a gamepad module (for casual gaming when you’re not using the night-vision camera to snipe out Joker’s henchmen), and finally H. have a dual...
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Wheel-Flash’s stickers give your bike instant illumination

Crafted from a glass-powder pigment to ensure full visibility, Wheel Flash’s stickers adhere to your tires and your bike’s handlebars, making you instantly visible in low-light conditions without any battery or electronics. A simple universal add-on sticker that works with any bike, the Wheel Flash helps increase visibility and prevent accidents that occur due to the slim and silent nature of cycles.Statistics say that as many as 50% of bicycle accidents occur from the side and the front, and ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Min Hyeon Seong, THE BEAM, Wheel Flash, Hyeon Seong

The Gerber ComplEAT puts an entire cutlery set into your pocket

Gerber’s ComplEAT looks at food in the outdoors more holistically than you’d imagine. Designed to take care of literally every food-related need you’d have, the ComplEAT lets you open, cook, serve, eat, and even clean, putting every single bit of kitchenware you’d need into something that slides right into your pocket. The name ComplEAT just perfectly complements its abilities, because the kit is quite literally capable of handling all your eating needs.The ComplEAT fits the entire culinary ex...
Tags: Deals, Kitchen, Design, Outdoor, Portable, Tableware, Gerber, Cutlery, complEAT

The Lightest, Highest Energy Capacity Portable Li-ion Battery Power Stations

Power banks charge mobiles and earphones. Power stations like the EnerVision, as the word ‘station’ would imply, are capable of MUCH more. Extremely portable for the kind of utility it offers, the EnerVision200 is a 51,200 mAh battery with an output of 190Wh, and weighing at 3.2 lbs it’s light enough to carry around anywhere. Engineered to be incredibly lightweight and portable, the EnerVision200 uses state-of-the-art Li-ion cylindrical cells as opposed to its competitors that rely on lead-aci...
Tags: Deals, Design, Popular, Product Design, Random, Li, CK Kim, EnerVision Power Stations, EnerVision200, Battery Power Stations

A tear-off mini-calendar to help you keep resolutions

Statistics say that 88% of new year resolutions end up getting abandoned… most of them by the 12th of January (that’s not even two weeks in). Studies also show that it takes roughly 21 days for an action to become a habit. Do something for three weeks and you get conditioned into doing it for longer. Hit the gym for three weeks and your body shows a good deal of results, pushing you to work out. Quit smoking for 21 days and you’re less likely to crave a cigarette. The better. Pad lets you emba...
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This Hand-held Vacuum Makes Space-efficient Packing a Breeze!

The Pacum literally saves more space than it occupies. The tiny handheld vacuum allegedly packs more punch than a Dyson, allowing you to seal and store your clothes in air-tight bags, eliminating any pockets of air that may take up space in your suitcase. The Pacum comes with an attachment that lets you vacuum-pack your clothes, storing more inventory in the same space, making packing more efficient and economical. Clothes that are vacuum-packed stay wrinkle-free and fresh for longer too.The P...
Tags: Travel, Deals, Design, Dyson, Popular, Product Design, Random, Wei, Master Space, Me Wei, Pacum

The Behemoth is a small and sharp kiridashi capable of big tasks

I believe the term ‘one of a kind’ is the most appropriate to describe Det Tidkun’s work because he only makes one prototype of each of his knives. Made as a super-limited-edition, the Behemoth is one of Tidkun’s many knife designs that get showcased and finally sold on his Etsy page under the moniker Ironbone knives. A craftsman from Thailand, Tidkun makes all his knives by hand, only using power tools to craft and grind billets of steel down to the final product.The Behemoth is one of Tidkun’s...
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A Watch Fit for the Dawn of the Space Age

The Aision AN-S01 watch comes just at the right time to usher us into the space age. For a species that will, in roughly a decade, populate another planet, Aision’s watch is time-appropriate. Designed using the vast bank of science fiction as its inspiration source, the AN-S01 models itself on the design of a UFO, with a style that’s more futuristic than traditional… perfectly fitting for a species that will soon be interstellar!The AN-S01 deviates from the regular watch-face design, opting fo...
Tags: Deals, Design, Product Design, Lume, Lee Cheuk ChungClick, WatchAision AN S01 Black Rose Gold

The MOFT Builds a Laptop-stand Right into your Laptop

I don’t think companies understand how valuable a laptop would be if they built a stand right into it. Until then, designs like MOFT will always be there to save the day.The laptop’s biggest pro has always been convenience, while its biggest con usually goes overlooked. Designed, as the name suggests, to be placed on the lap, the laptop is considered to be nothing short of an ergonomic nightmare, with a screen that makes you bend your neck till it aches, and a keyboard that causes wrist and fi...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, Popular, Product Design, Random, Dieter Rams, Laptop stand, MOFT, MOFT Studio

Atech’s iPad Pro case sports a Pencil-holder for docking and charging

I’d say the new iPad Pro comes with some major UX improvements. Take the Apple Pencil redesign, for example. The previous pencil was nothing short of a design disaster. It had to be plugged into the iPad to charge, and had no place to put it when not in use, spawning a series of separate holsters/pouches/covers for the Apple Pencil. The new iPad Pro, however, fixes that nagging problem. The Pencil 2.0 magnetically snaps to the side of the iPad when not in use, and charges wirelessly as it rests ...
Tags: Apple, Deals, Gadgets, Design, Case, Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil, Pencil, Product Design, ATECH, Rin Preda

Spigen’s Classic C1 case for the iPhone is a delightful tech throwback!

The iMac G3, in its translucent, colorful, flavorful glory is considered to be the starting point of Apple’s aesthetic dominance in the tech industry, and also the product that sealed Jonathan Ive’s reputation as a designer to be reckoned with. Available in thirteen different ‘flavors’, the iMac G3 looked absolutely stunning, offering a candylike color scheme and a translucent housing that let you peer into the ‘mind of the computer’.Spigen’s Classic C1 pays tribute to that glorious phase in App...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Deals, Design, Case, Cellphones, Popular, Classic, iMac, Jonathan Ive, Product Design, Spigen, G3

The James Brand Damascus Chapter Knife looks literally and figuratively ‘sharp’

The Chapter remains perhaps one of my most favorite knives ever. This is in part because they’re designed by The James Brand, a company that gets that sharp knives don’t need to look aggressive or tactical, and that they can channel a much more dapper aesthetic. Their knives sport a much more classy, urbane design language, and look like something a secret spy like James Bond would carry in his tuxedo (that’s not why the company is called James Brand, but it would make a great story).The Chapter...
Tags: Deals, Tools, Design, Knife, James Bond, Damascus, Product Design, Edc, EveryDayCarry, Chapter, The James Brand, James Brand, James BrandClick, Damascus Steel Edition

Your smartphone’s very own bed-side single-bed

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who keeps my phone right beside my bed. Not only do I feel a strong need to browse Instagram till I lull off to a deep sleep, but my phone’s position is also crucial to my hearing the alarm and waking up in the morning.I’m pretty sure I’m also not the only one who’s felt the need to have a product like the Phone Bed. The attachable caddy fixes to the side of your bed by latching onto your mattress, giving you a convenient bedside phone-dish to keep your smart...
Tags: Deals, Design, Netflix, Cellphones, Product Design, ATECH, Chong Yong Khong, Phone Bed, Chong Yong KhongClick

Ten products that showcase the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year in full CMF glory!

Named as Pantone color of the year for 2019, Living Coral is an animating and life-affirming coral hue that signifies light-heartedness and positivity. The color is the kind that instantly makes one happy, with its touch of vibrance and warmth, and the minute you add it to a product, it stands out. Companies have, for long, used the coral color to make products look and feel youthful, and to make them add a splash of color to a space. Living Coral’s beauty especially lies in the fact that it goe...
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Pigzbe Gives Kids Financial Superpowers!

We’ve made a pretty seamless transition from hard cash to digital money, but there’s still one form of payment that hasn’t really changed yet. The allowance. Unless your kid owns an ATM card and a bank account (I didn’t until I was 18), allowance has always been handed in banknotes or coins that found their way into the symbolic piggy bank.As we move into the digital age of virtual currency and cashless payments, Pigzbe ditches the piggy bank in favor of their new ‘piggy wallet’ virtual realm ...
Tags: Deals, Design, Technology, Product Design, Primo Toys, Pigzbe, Wollo, Jon MarshallClick, Budgeting Children, Pigzbe Gives Kids Financial Superpowers, Box Pigzbe, Wollo Pigzbe

The Accessport Air brings Bluetooth 5.0 to your trusty wired headphones

The world changed as we knew it in 2016 when Apple announced that their phones would no longer carry the 3.5mm headphone jack. They were obviously pushing for wireless audio, as they also launched the AirPods that year. As with everything Apple does, the entire industry followed, dropping the jack from their smartphones, resulting in an awkwardly high amount of wired headphones now becoming undesirable. See, wired headphones may be a sort of nuisance, but some of the best headphones in the wor...
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