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6 Simple Tips for Getting Compensated After Flight Delays

As an airline passenger, you may not be able to stop a storm from keeping your flight on the ground or prevent an error with booking from ruining your trip - but that doesn't mean you're powerless. A lot of people assume that they simply have to grit their teeth and bear it when their flights are delayed, but you may be eligible to compensation depending on the airline that you fly with and [Author: Kathleen]
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Travel Enthusiasts: Work From Home Jobs You May Not Have Considered

Do you find yourself dreaming of your next vacation ... while you're already on vacation? Is the permanent resting place for your suitcase at the foot of your bed—open and ready for your next adventure? Do you spend your free time researching ways to quit your 9-to-5 and make money traveling full-time? If so, here are a few work-from-anywhere industry opportunities you may not have considered [Author: Kathleen]
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Simple Guide for Parents Struggling with Depression

Not many people will deny that the job of a parent is hard, but this job gets harder if you are dealing with depression. This particular ailment could affect you in all sorts of ways that could get in the way of parenting or even hurt your children. The following guide will help you navigate parenting as you deal with depression. Abusing Prescriptions  It is clear that depression can affect [Author: Kathleen]
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Superbug Prevention

Superbugs are the super villains of bacteria. They've adapted and become immune to antibiotics. Killing these super germs and trying to prevent them is tough, but parents can work to protect their children and themselves in different ways. Superbug Madness  Cold and flu season is the time it seems you may be at the doctor more than your kids are at school. Many doctors take their [Author: Kathleen]
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Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

Taking a road trip puts you in charge of your vacation while helping you save money in the process. You’ll get the chance to see amazing sights, experience new places, and have an unforgettable journey. Instead of renting a car, you might decide your car is in good enough shape to brave the open road to your destination. There are some things you should do beforehand to make sure your car can [Author: Kathleen]
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How Long-Term Airport Parking Can Make Traveling More Convenient

Traveling can be both a fun and stressful time. It’s probably more stressful if you’re traveling with four kids. There are many factors to consider when traveling in a large group. It can also be a heavy financial investment. In the worst case scenario, all the inconveniences that arise could ruin the trip. That’s why planning for any trip, regardless of distance, is necessary for an enjoyable [Author: Kathleen]
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4 Possessions You Have to Keep Safe When You’re Traveling

While travelling is fun and allows us to recharge and relax, it can also make us a little vulnerable when we’re in a new place and we don’t want to lose our possessions. There are so many important things that we might choose to bring with us when we go on a cruise or take a flight to our dream exotic location. In order to have peace of mind, we have to know how to keep our valuables safe and [Author: Kathleen]
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Perfect Holiday Gifts from Teleflora Delivered Directly to Your Door #LoveOutLoud

We all have that special someone on our list who is absolutely impossible to shop for. You know the one, they either have everything they could want already, or they give you absolutely no idea what they might possibly like. After racking my brain for years on what to get these hard to shop for people, I finally made my life easier, and just decided to shower them with a delightful and [Author: Kathleen]
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Hiking the Mountain with the Family: A Great Recreational Activity

Guest Post: Hiking a mountain is a great activity for the whole family. However, there are things to be considered before taking a trip to the mountains. Making sure that these tips are followed will ensure that the trip will become a memorable event, with less hassle experienced. Check Your Bags  The first thing that you should consider would be the bags that you will be taking into the [Author: Kathleen]
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The Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatch - Get Fit and Look Good Doing It!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product. I have not shared much about my recent weight loss journey, because it has mostly been a suffer in silence sort of ordeal. However, receiving the Michael Kors Access Runway Smart watch from Best Buy for review seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the time to share. I started the Keto way [Author: Kathleen]
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The Latest Advancements in Dentistry

Guest Post: Many people tend to cringe at the very thought of going to the dentist, but going to the dentist doesn't need to be an uncomfortable experience. Dentistry has come a long way in the past 15 years, and as a busy parent, it's important to not only encourage your children to maintain good dental health, but also to practice it yourself. If you need Lehi dental restoration services, [Author: Kathleen]
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Things to Do With Your Family at the Lake of the Ozarks

The Lake of the Ozarks boasts over 1,100 miles of shoreline and is an amazing place to take your family on a vacation. Even though I’m not a fan of commercial campgrounds, I was surprisingly happy staying at the Cross Creek Campground in the Lake of the Ozarks, as it had plenty of fun-filled activities for the family, just a stone’s throw away from our site. And you’ll discover this is very [Author: Kathleen]
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3 Crowd-Pleasing Ham Recipes #ItsFrickinGood

When fall rolls around, I always gets a hankering for ham. It just screams "the holidays" to me, and I love to make all kinds of different dishes with it. When I was approached by Frick's Quality Meats and asked to be in their blogger recipe challenge, I jumped at the chance to try some of their delicious meats. I was set a few different products to test out and use in recipe creation, and man [Author: Kathleen]
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Booking a Vacation Rental? Keep These 5 Things in Mind

You always have a choice when it comes to your vacation. Some people are able to stay with family while traveling, while others regularly use a favorite chain of hotel or motel. When you travel with your family—especially if you have children—it’s always nice to stay somewhere a bit homier than a sterile hotel room. It’s also great to find a place that your children can run around in without [Author: Kathleen]
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5 Lessons For Teaching Your Teenager To Drive Safely

It might feel like yesterday that you and your child were blowing bubbles, but now they have a limited driver’s license or learning permit. Teaching your teen to drive is an important processfor their safety and others. Even if your teenager does not listen to everything you say, do your best to teach them how to drive safely. Your efforts could give them the practice and experience to become [Author: Kathleen]
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6 Reasons to Buy a House

Renting is easy. Your landlord covers your maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about pesky association fees. However, renting a home is expensive. You’re depriving yourself of equity. For some people, the advantages are worth it. They’re willing to pay for their convenience. For others, paying rent to someone else is a financial trap that they’d like to avoid. The government promotes [Author: Kathleen]
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How To Handle The Responsibility Of A Child With Medical Needs

Guest Post: Children with special medical needs can still live happy and full lives into adulthood, but to get to that point, you as a parent need to invest in both the education and expertise necessary to take care of them during those early years. Here some important things to keep in mind. For a start, one of the best things you can do as soon as learning your child may have a certain [Author: Kathleen]
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3 Helpful Ways to Keep Your Home Clean While Raising Messy Children

Trying to keep your house clean is no easy task, especially if you are raising children. Children are notorious for making messes and not cleaning up after themselves. However, if you encourage your children to help out and learn to respect their home, your job will become easier. Children should be given age-appropriate chores to help them learn how to be responsible while they do their [Author: Kathleen]
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Budgeting for the Hidden Costs of the Home

When we buy or build a house, we often develop a budget based strictly on the obvious expenses. We know what size mortgage payment we can afford, and we've talked to insurance agents and property tax officers to determine what costs we'll be dealing with there. We also look into estimated utility expenses and costs like homeowners' association dues. What we often omit is the maintenance costs [Author: Kathleen]
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7 Ways to Demolish Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist

Visits to the dentist can be terribly stressful, especially if the patient is a child. The cold chair tilted back, the glaring light beaming straight into your open mouth. Not to mention the metal tools being poked around your teeth.  It’s easy to see why kids fear dental exams. However, the reality is that most of their worries are overblown. A trip to the dentist can actually be a pleasant [Author: Kathleen]
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Three Ways to Help Cut Down Your Kid's Funky Foot Odor

If there’s one thing that kids excel at, it’s getting dirty. Sometimes it seems like they can just sit on the couch and, in the time it takes you to blink, your six-year-old has peanut butter in his hair. And it just gets worse as they get older. Then later on, as hormones kick in and puberty takes hold, your kids start to acquire a certain odor as well. But why do your normally sweet kids [Author: Kathleen]
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What to Do If You are Involved in an Automobile Accident

Automobile accidents are quite common. Most of them are minor-fender benders that result in little more than a scratched bumper and a bad morning because you had to be late to work. Some accidents are much more serious. Some might result in immediate, devastating injuries, while others might cause serious problems that are not obvious right away. You could walk away from the accident feeling [Author: Kathleen]
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5 Ways Global Corporations Benefit Working Mothers

Being a working mom is not easy. Even on your best days, you can feel pulled in a million different directions. Though more than 70 percent of women with kids under 18 are in the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, much of the stress working mothers experience is from employers who do not support their dual role. Perhaps surprisingly, more and more moms are finding the [Author: Kathleen]
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5 Blog Tweaks To Upgrade Your Visitor’s Engagement

Guest Post: In the beginning, bloggers are just happy to start a blog and publish their own content online. Then, as you start to build an audience, you realize there are plenty of areas for improvement. Even after several months or years, there are always new changes to make that can create a better experience for your visitors. If you take the time to upgrade your blog regularly, you will [Author: Kathleen]
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Give Your Teen the Tools He Needs to Rock His Confidence This Summer #AXEpressYourself

Sponsored post by Mirum. All opinions are my own. School is out for the summer, and for kids all around the country, that means a whole lot of letting loose and having fun! Every summer I try to encourage my boys to do something new, something they didn't think they could to help boost their confidence. My oldest will turn 18 this summer. I know! When did I become the mother of an almost [Author: Kathleen]
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Teaching the Kids to Make Wise Purchase Decisions

Guest Post: Guest Post: One of the things I’ve been running into a lot lately is balancing between the many new interests of the kids and the expenses that come along with those new interests. They may suddenly be interested in roller skating; that usually leads to unexpected expenses in safety gear and roller skates. This is a problem that many families face, especially since children love [Author: Kathleen]
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Wave Earrings

Give your ears a little ocean motion with Kathleen Dautel's swingy drop earrings that depict waves in cool, laser-cut stainless steel. Kathleen frames three shades of turquoise resin, one atop the other, with differently shaped steel waves. The blue shades are just translucent enough to let a little light through, resulting in some serious deep-sea charm. Handmade in the Raleigh, North Carolina.
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Petals Necklace

Flower power blooms front and center with Kathleen Dautel's necklace, which renders petals in cool, laser-cut stainless steel. Filled in with two different shades of turquoise resin, it's just translucent enough to catch a little light. The stylized botanical shape bring to mind the decorative details on the eaves of Victorian houses. Kathleen's inspiration is unpredictable patterns and innumerable colors of the flora surrounding her home. Handmade in the Raleigh, North Carolina.
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Petals Earrings

Give your ears some flower power with Kathleen Dautel's swingy drop earrings that render petals in cool, laser-cut stainless steel. Filled in with two different shades of turquoise resin, they're just translucent enough to catch a little light. Their stylized botanical shape brings to mind the decorative details on the eaves of Victorian houses. Kathleen's inspiration is unpredictable patterns and innumerable colors of the flora surrounding her home. Handmade in the Raleigh, North Carolina.
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Advice For Encouraging Siblings To Get Along

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash As any parent with multiple children knows, sibling rivalry is something that is very real and can cause complete mayhem at home. While sibling rivalry will never fully go away and can still exist even in adulthood, there are ways that you can bring your children closer together and help them to develop strong and important bonds. These are highly worth doing [Author: Kathleen]
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