Perfect Pacing: Sjur Røthe Claims Ski Tour 2020 Stage 1 Win

The pacing master of Stage 1 of the Ski Tour 2020: Sjur Røthe. (Photo: NordicFocus) The six-stage Ski Tour 2020, which runs from Sweden to Norway over the next week, began Saturday in Östersund, Sweden with the men’s 15-kilometer individual start skate. The race began with twilight immersing Östersund with the sky eventually morphing into black as the seeded group of skiers looped around on what FIS called a 4.71 k course. This much can be concluded after a single day of what will be a hotly c...
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Johaug Takes the Stage 2 Win: Brennan in 10th, Diggins 11th

Therese Johaug (yellow bib) with enough time at the finish to gather skis and watch 2nd, 3rd, and 4th come across the line. (NordicFocus) The early evening show, under the lights of Östersund, Sweden’s ski stadium, Stage 2 of the Ski Tour 2020 – a 10-kilometer classic pursuit – got underway as the plentiful moisture falling from the sky transitioned from steady rain to big snowflakes. This was a 10 k race with three discrete tales. First, the story with the least tension.  That would be No...
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The Devon Kershaw Show: Ski Tour 2020 Stage 1

It was all Norway in both the men’s and women’s Stage 1 of the Ski Tour 2020 from Östersund, Sweden. Sjur Røthe on the men’s side was pacing perfection while Therese Johaug simply steamrolled. This was clear, Norway had the best skis, and perhaps by default, the fastest skiers almost across the top-10 board. Yet, it is a long week ahead, and we are one stage into a six-stage event. Here’s the debrief from Devon: post 15 k/ 10 k interval start skate.       The post The Devon Kershaw Show: Ski...
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Down to the Wire, Golberg Out Sprints Bolshunov for the Pursuit Win

Picking up where we left off in Östersund, Sweden: a pursuit start 15-kilometer classic. Unlike the women’s field where Therese Johaug “administered a beatdown” , creating a large time gap for herself, the margins for the men were much smaller.  A glance at the start list shows yesterday’s winner and Tour leader Sjur Røthe of Norway starting only two seconds ahead of his teammate, Simen Hegstad Krüger, and 17 seconds ahead of Finn Hågen Krogh and Martin Johnsrud Sundby.  This y...
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Johaug Tops an All-Norwegian Podium; Diggins 8th, Brennan 9th

An all-Norwegian podium in Östersund, Sweden. Therese Johaug won the day ahead of Heidi Weng and Ingvold Flugstad Østberg. (Photo: NordicFocus) Here we go again. A new Scandinavian Ski Tour takes the spot of a World Championship or Olympic Games during this off-cycle year. Six stages working east from Östersund, Sweden to Trondheim, Norway, beginning with today’s 10-kilometer individual start freestyle event.  Under clear skies, light fading and shadows lengthening as the sunset looms ...
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Alice Robinson Claims World Cup GS in Kranjska Gora

Today's Women Giant Slalom has been very demanding with icy and bumpy conditions that have made the race exciting and very tight. With those conditions, Alice Robinson put together two solid runs with a few many mistakes during the first run but almost perfect for the second and claimed her second victory of the season in the Giant Slalom of the 56th Golden Fox Trophy held at Kranjska Gora.18-year-old New Zealand sensation Alice Robinson offered a new demonstration of its potential at today’...
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Petra Vlhova Wins Slalom in Kranjska Gora

Petra Vlhova won her third slalom in a row with a nearly perfect second run posting the fastest that permit her to climb the rank from the fourth to the first place.Anna Swenn Larsson could have snapped the three-year-long winning streak of Mikaela Shiffrin, and Petra Vlhova, who combined have won the last 25 slaloms. She was skiing the second run extending her lead to a massive 1.17 seconds at the final split, but she lost her balance a few gates from the finish and fall over, making the dream ...
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Kranjska Gora Preview

Due to bad weather conditions and lack of snow on Pohorje slope in Maribor, the organizers of the Golden Fox have agreed with the organizers of the Vitranc Cup to carry out the Golden Fox for the 8th time on the Vitranc slope in Kranjska Gora. [Author: Ski Paradise]
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