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One product brought a novelty startup back from the brink at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, Oxford Pennant has become a purveyor of perseverance for Buffalo as the Bills make a historic playoff run.

Brett Mikoll and Dave Horesh, the cofounders of Oxford Pennant, standing above their new banners hanging on Buffalo's Seneca One tower. Colton Wright/Oxford Pennant Oxford Pennant is a Buffalo, New York-based business that designs and manufactures wool felt pennants and banners. In March 2020, the company created a banner that read, "Together we will see it through." The banner became something of a beacon of hope during the lockdowns, and Oxford Pennant has sold over 5,000 of them. No...
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How to delete a Poshmark account from your computer or mobile device

You can delete your Poshmark account from the Account tab on either the mobile app or website. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images   You can delete a Poshmark account easily on either the desktop website or mobile app. Poshmark is an e-commerce website and app where users can buy and sell used or new clothing, accessories and home decor from millions of closets.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.  Poshmark is an e-commerce marketplace where users can buy and sell use...
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The best 17-inch laptop bags and backpacks for 2021

Whether you want a sleek briefcase or a tricked-out gaming backpack, skip the guesswork with these picks.
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The best data recovery software for 2021

Is your drive starting to fail? Are files suddenly missing? You need to act fast. We rounded up the best data recovery software to help you recover what's lost.
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Tips To Help Yourself Grow In Business

This post is provided by Jason Dirkham As an investor, or entrepreneur, you should always continue learning: Part of your annual spending budget should include investment in studies, courses, specialization and personal development. You are the managers of the business and therefore you need the skills of managers – and these are things that can be learned and improved. Being self-employed requires a completely different mentality from an employee mentality. Is it right for you and can you do i...
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