12 best gifts for skiers and snowboarders 2020

We've compiled some of the best winter gear that will wow even the most well-equipped terrain park junkie.
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Resort Review Of Les Gets And Chatel In France

Portes du Soleil is a vast ski area that spans over France and Switzerland. Having experienced the bigger resorts of the area that are Morzine and Avoriaz, I was eager to experience the smaller French resorts of Les Gets and Chatel. Les Gets Nestled in the valley next to Morzine, Les Gets is a beautifully compact village with genuine French charm.  On one side the local slopes are shared with Morzine, and on the other is the isolated slopes of Mont Chery. Both sides can be reached by the free ...
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Resort review of Le Gets and Chatel in France

Portes du Soleil is a vast ski area that spans over France and Switzerland. Having experienced the bigger resorts of the area that are Morzine and Avoriaz, I was eager to experience the smaller French resorts of Les Gets and Chatel. Les Gets Nestled in the valley next to Morzine, Les Gets is a beautifully compact village with genuine French charm.  On one side the local slopes are shared with Morzine, and on the other is the isolated slopes of Mont Chery. Both sides can be reached by the free ...
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Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin, Australian Olympian, drowns on Gold Coast

The two-time world snowboarding champion, 32, has died after he was pulled unconscious from the water at Palm BeachThe Australian Olympian Alex “Chumpy” Pullin has drowned on the Gold Coast.Police said a 32-year-old spearfisher had died after being pulled from the surf at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Continue reading...
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Panda RS1 ski goggle review

I have always had a problem with finding ski goggles that fit. They are either too big (I have a slim face) or it looks like I am wearing kids goggles! I have been wearing Panda Optics Cobalt goggles for the last few years and have been extremely happy with them. I was intrigued to review the Panda RS1 goggles to see what, if any, improvements have been made. Panda RS1 goggles review Looks are not everything but the Panda RS1 ski goggles are aesthetically stunning! Especially with the mirrored...
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How Skiing Through a Pandemic Can Create a Community Crisis

North American ski resorts have closed in response to the coronavirus, but mountain sports have still drawn crowds, alarming public safety officials.
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When Are Contracts of Adhesion Binding?

In the Internet age, contracts of adhesion are common. Consumers routinely confirm their acceptance to terms and conditions that they have not read or understood. In Apps v. Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd., 2020 BCCA 78, the court addressed when contracts of adhesion are binding. In this case, a snowboarder from Australia was injured in the terrain park. He brought an action for negligence, the failure to warn, and for breaching the Occupiers Liability Act. The BC Court of Appeal found that the tri...
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Free snowboarding on A Day For Jake

Burton, the snowboard and clothing brand founded by the “father of snowboarding,” announced Wednesday that it will host a memorial for Jake Burton on Friday, March 13. As the man who brought snowboarding to the masses surely would have wanted his memorial to happen, it’s going to take place on slopes all over the world. Thirteen ski resorts will welcome riders with free lift tickets and a commemorative wristband on March 13, in an event dubbed “A Day For Jake.” “Jake Burton Carpenter’s visio...
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How skiers can reduce their impact

For skiers and snowboarders, a good day on the slopes is something to appreciate and look forward to. But visiting ski areas has an environmental impact, and it’s often up to the skier to ensure theirs is as minimal as possible. Follow these tips to keep your footprint small without sacrificing those epic turns. Research gear before you buy. Photo: gorillaimages/Shutterstock Here, we’re referring not only to how the gear performs but to how the company performs on a sustainability level. ...
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An Avalanche Almost Killed This Snowboarder. Can He Win Again?

Brock Crouch was buried alive for five minutes before being rescued in 2018.
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How to prepare for avalanches

In January of this year, a 34-year-old skier was killed inbounds at Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Alpine Resort, skiing a piste off of Alpine Meadows’s Scott Chair. That followed another avalanche that trapped eight skiers at Idaho’s Silver Mountain Ski Resort. Tragically, three of those skiers died. We already know that even more skiers and snowboarders are hitting up the backcountry — a reported 1.4 million two seasons ago, with continued exponential growth since then — and that they are putting thems...
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36 Hours in Niseko

Sublime skiing, snowboarding and “snow-surfing” are only part of the story in this Japanese resort. Culinary adventures abound, local whiskey flows and hot springs are the perfect après-ski option.
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Why you should visit Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies during the winter

This post is in partnership with Ski Canada and Travel Mindset.  Why you should visit Banff and Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies during the winter When you think of winter in Canada, what images come to mind?  Do you see giant snow-capped peaks and big fluffy snowflakes falling on a frozen mountain lake? Do you see yourself sitting beside a crackling fire inside a cozy ski lodge? While some people choose to escape winter’s chill and head south, we look forward to the snow. We embrace wi...
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US Sports Camps Announces Summer Ski and Snowboard Camps in 2020

US Sports Camps (USSC) and Mt Hood Ski & Snowboard Camps (MHSSC) recently announced a new marketing and logistics arrangement, creating the newest category in the USSC network. SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- US Sports Camps, founded in 1975, recently crossed over the 100,000 camper milestone in 2019 and is looking to new and exciting segments like ski and snowboard camps at Mt Hood to offer to its customers.
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Easily haul your winter gear with the best ski racks and snowboard carriers

Whether you’re road tripping for a ski vacation or heading to your local hill, you need a way to get your skis and snowboards up to the mountain. Here are the best ski racks to haul your equipment to the slopes.
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Everything you need to know about Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Sasquatch Mountain Resort, British Columbia As part of our quest to visit every ski resort in British Columbia, our goal is to visit at least one new ski resort each winter. This season, we spent 5 nights at Sasquatch Mountain Resort over the holidays. If the name of this ski resort is not familiar, that’s because it’s new. Well, the name is new. The alpine resort has actually been around since the 1970’s under the name Hemlock Valley Resort. It re-branded to Sasquatch Mountain Resort ...
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23 Awesome Things to Do in Whistler in Winter and Summer

There are so many things to do in Whistler that you'll need two seasons to do it all! Whistler, British Columbia is Canada's mountain playground. With great summer and winter activities, it is the perfect year-round vacation destination. The moment you arrive in Whistler, you feel the laid back mountain vibe. Everyone in the village […] Read the original post 23 Awesome Things to Do in Whistler in Winter and Summer on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Architecture from Manhattan to Svalbard, protest art, artificial intelligence, cannabis laws and more from around the web Yaara Nusboim’s “Alma” Therapy Toys Israeli designer Yaara Nusboim created these wooden therapy toys in collaboration with child psychologists for kids to work through various struggles (including trauma) during play therapy. This kind of treatment was developed by psychoanalyst Melanie Klein some 80 years ago, and encourages children …
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Jake Burton Carpenter, Who Ushered in Snowboarding as a Sport, Dies at 65

After his fascination with the Snurfer, a crude version of a snowboard created in the 1960s, he built the first successful snowboard company.
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Founder of Burton Snowboards dies

Snowboarding is about exploration. It’s about adventure. And it’s about creating memories. For riders both young and old, their first memories of the sport typically involve trying to glide their way down a sheet of crusty snow without numbing their butt or watching the stars of the sport chuck themselves off cliffs and up the walls of pipes in videos or in a broadcast of the X-Games. Regardless of how one was introduced to the sport of snowboarding, one name has undoubtedly been a part of th...
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Farewell to Snowboard Pioneer Jake Burton Carpenter

Founder of Burton Snowboards, Jake Burton Carpenter has died at 65 years old from complications relating to cancer. In 1977, Carpenter left NYC for Vermont to develop what was then inventor Sherman Poppen’s rudimentary snowboard. Four decades later and the Burton name (by now making much more than boards) is synonymous with winter sports. Carpenter pioneered the sport, lobbied for snowboarder rights at resorts and …
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Getting our snow fix at Big White Ski Resort

This post was originally written in January 2015. Given that the upcoming ski season is upon us, we thought we should re-post this story about our trip to Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, British Columbia. Big White Ski Resort, Kelowna This Vancouver winter has been one of the warmest on record. As I write this, the sun is shining and the temperatures are in the double-digits (Celsius). Do you remember how warm it was during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? This winter has been much wa...
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Skullcandy Vert review: Wireless buds for the mountain

They're the perfect solution to the hand-in-glove control problem, but not everyone will like how they fit or how they sound.
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Whistler, BC by the numbers

S kis or snowboards. Snowshoes or snow tubes. For snow fans of any variety, all lift tickets up the slopes of Whistler Blackcomb are golden. This is, you might say, the best winter on the planet. Whistler sits high in the Coast Mountains north of Vancouver — you may recall that the two teamed up to host the Winter Olympics back in 2010 — and you can get from one to the other in under two hours via the Sea to Sky Highway. If gorgeous views are your thing, budget extra time for photo stops along...
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Powder sharing agreement: plans to create Italy’s biggest ski area

The small Alps resort of Champoluc, with its famed off-piste, is set to be linked with mighty, pricey Zermatt. So go now, while it’s relatively untouchedIs there such a thing as too much snow? The week I arrived in Champoluc, in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, the whole village seemed to be buried. Trees resembled sticks of candyfloss, huge mounds hid cars that would take days to dig out, and the air itself was laced with a diaphanous glittery frost.Each morning a fresh set of hastily printed warning pos...
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Testing the iPhone 11 Pro with Snowboarder Mark McMorris

The athlete puts the new phone's camera to the test on the slopes in New Zealand In the iPhone’s 12-year history, few updates have completely changed its intention or overall appearance. But,with the iPhone 11 Pro (and Max), Apple introduces a first-ever, the triple-camera system—consisting of “mega wide,” (13mm) “wide,” (26mm) and “telephoto” (52mm) lenses. They claim it “combines cutting-edge technology and the legendary simplicity …
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New stylish and sustainable ski kit – in pictures

A new wave of skiwear uses recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing to produce snazzy but practical gear, from mittens to customised skis Continue reading...
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20 of the best Alps ski resorts by train

Think skiing in the Alps has to mean taking a flight? Think again: our rail and ski expert picks resorts to suit all abilities – all accessible by train from LondonSWITZERLAND Continue reading...
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Pistes in our time: What’s new for the 2019-20 ski season

From cool hotels to fun, budget skiing trips for young people and some welcome green initiatives, there’s plenty happening on the slopes this winterThe past few years have seen a boom in tourism to Georgia: its cities for their fashion and food; and the Caucasus for hiking and mountain life. Things aren’t slowing down for winter, with several operators offering pricey but enticing new ski adventures to intrepid intermediate-plus downhillers. Mountain Heaven has a nine-night guided group tour dep...
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30 Photos to get you stoked for the ski season

This post has been sponsored by ATG Runway Lighting Solutions. Photos to get you stoked for the ski season! Ski season is officially upon us! With snow on the brain, we thought we’d dig into the photo archives and share some of our favorite photos from previous snowboarding trips. This winter we plan to visit a new ski resort as part of my quest to visit every ski resort in British Columbia. I’ve made little progress on this list over the past few years, so it’s time to start planning my next...
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