Two paths for 21st-century law firms: innovation or extinction

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** Two paths for 21st-century law firms: innovation or extinction When I graduated from law school in 1995, the world was a different place. Legal research still occurred in law libraries using books. Windows 95 had not yet been released and MS-DOS reigned supreme. The internet was just emerging on the scene and cell phones were few and far between.Fast forward 23 years and times sure have changed...
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Bill filed to eliminate forensic hypnosis from Texas courts

Many thanks to State Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa for filing SB 130 to eliminate forensic hypnosis from Texas courtrooms. Grits has been fascinated with this topic since we first discussed it on the podcast last year, and reporters at the Dallas News and the Dallas Observer have covered the subject as well. A recent Psychology Today column on the topic concluded that the "cons" related to forensic hypnosis outweighed any "pros." Most states' courts do not allow it. Required textbook for Texa...
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Comcast forced to provide refunds to 20,000 customers in Massachusetts

If you were living in Massachusetts a few years back, you might remember that Comcast was offering what seemed to be a screaming deal: a $99 lock-in rate plan. I say "seemed to be," because Comcast's advertised $99 price didn't include the cost of renting equipment and the fact that, as we're talking about Comcast here, there were a number of additional fees that could (and often did) appear on a subscriber's bill at the end of the month, for reasons only Comcast understood. Did I mention that ...
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Is This What They Mean By Golden Handcuffs? — See Also

Kirkland Offers A Fun New Perk: It doesn't hurt that now you'll be able to work even more. How Did Your Law School Do On The New York Bar Exam? A breakdown by school. Prosanity: Ain't no insanity like pro se insanity. Office Of Legal Counsel Shenanigans You Say? Color me surprised. Biglaw Firm Makes It Easier For New Parents: A policy we can all get behind.
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Presumption of Paternity: Man is Trying to Claim He is the Father of My 7 Year Old Son

My question involves paternity law for the State of: Oregon and Washington I have sole custody of my 7 year old son and I have been raising him since he was 10 months old. I was married to his mother when he was conceived and when he was born. She is now out of our life and has not seen our son for 5 years. In September one of her ex-boyfriends has filed in Washington Superior Court to Disprove Presumed Paternity and be declared my son's father. My son and I live in Oregon and have lived here f...
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Diesel pollution stunts children’s lung growth, London study shows

Research carried out in London also shows charging polluting trucks had no effect on healthPollution from diesel vehicles is stunting the growth of children’s lungs, leaving them damaged for life, a major study has found.The research, conducted with more than 2,000 school children in London, is the first such study in a city where diesel pollution is a significant factor, and has implications for cities around the world. It also showed that charges to deter polluting trucks from entering the cit...
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Lawyer Suicides Are Becoming All Too Frequent

No client, no case, no partnership, no failing to make partner, no promotion, no demotion is worth the price that some lawyers have paid.
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Why Law Firms Need a Strong Brand

One of the most effective ways you can distinguish yourself in the legal marketplace is by creating a brand that positions you as a leading authority in your area of practice. Without a strong brand, you run the risk of becoming a commodity — and as we all know, commodities typically have minuscule profit margins. Building a strong brand for your law firm will provide you with five key benefits: Attract clients. Given a choice, we would all choose to work with a specialist rather than a gener...
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Borrowing Money To Pay For Law School? You Aren’t Alone — Far From It, Actually

Saddled with student debt? You're in good company at this law school.
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Foto Fair Use Defense Rejected In Fortune Mag Copyright Spat

A rare look at a court’s application of the fair use defense in the context of an online photography case.
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"We Have No Defense"

A stipulated reprimand has been accepted by an Illinois Hearing Board for misconduct in a bankruptcy matter. By December 1, 2015, Respondent calculated that, in addition to producing copies of their tax returns, the Stantons needed to increase their monthly... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Black Sheep Michigan Contemplates Reversing Its Draconian Surrogacy Stance

Several recently proposed bills would be serious game changers for surrogacy in the state.
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Conservative Lawyers, Long Promoters Of Racist Policies, Bemoan Loss Of Dog Whistle

Breakaway FedSoc group wants to go back to pretending we don't know what they're about.
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Relist Watch

John Elwood reviews Tuesday’s relists, er, relist. For the longest time, to be called “national,” a thing had to be either really good or really bad. A trip through the alphabet reminds us of such noteworthy things as the national anthem, the National Book Award, National Car Rental, a national disgrace, the National Enquirer, the National Football League, National Geographic, a national holiday, the NIH, the National Journal, the National Mall, national news, NPR, the National Review, national ...
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Enforcement of Judgments: Pension Administrator Won't Accept the QDRO From the Time of Divorce

My question involves a marriage in the state of:Texas I am posting this for a friend of mine and thank you in advance for any advice. My friend was married in the early 1980's in California. Husband and wife worked for a company that transferred them to San Antonio. In 1998 they filed for divorce in Texas, San Antonio. In her final divorce paperwork she was awarded $15k of his 401k retirement and was given a check. She believed that everything was final, he paid child support for the two chi...
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Another Biglaw Firm Gets On Board With Gender Neutral — And Longer — Parental Leave

Kudos to the firm, and we can only hope all of Biglaw gets on board.
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Best Weapons for a Successful Boar Hunt

The post Best Weapons for a Successful Boar Hunt appeared first on
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Estate Assets and Debts: Paying Expenses Before Estate Released to Beneficiaries

My brother and I are inheriting our parents home but only he is inheriting the family cottage. How are the required expenses (i.e. property tax, insurance, utilities) typically covered for the estate in this scenario until the properties are released to the beneficiaries. In short, i don't want to be paying for maintaining an asset i will not receive (cottage) from a common pool of money. Any help?
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Book Of Business: Meet A Milbank Tweed Partner

Learn about the rewards and challenges of building and maintaining a major international corporate practice.
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This Could Be a Huge Lifeline for Access to Justice and Low-Income Legal Tech

Major news this week regarding the use of legal technology to enhance access to justice. The Pew Charitable Trusts, an independent nonprofit with over $6 billion in assets, announced that it is launching an initiative to focus on the use of technology to modernize the civil legal justice system, meet unmet legal needs, and make courts more efficient. The announcement was music to my ears, particularly because it hit on many of the key points that I’ve seen as obstacles to innovation in the legal...
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Mid-Level Bank Finance Associate Attorney [Sponsored]

Biglaw firm is looking for a transactional financial services associate for the firm's New York, NY or Washington, DC offices. 
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A Breakdown Of New York Bar Exam Results By Law School (July 2018)

Which law schools’ pass rates climbed, and which law schools sank like stones?
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Determination of Fault: Backed into a Car Illegally Parked in My Driveway (in My Blind Spot)

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Kansas Hello. I backed out of my garage, and my right rear fender/bumper hit a car that was parked (but still running) on the side of my driveway. He was parked in my blindspot, so I was unable to see his car there as I backed out. It was a high school kid helping his girlfriend scrape her car. He readily admitted it was his fault and thought no one was home at my place--this is a duplex with an adjacent driveway to the duplex next door...
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The Latest In Biglaw Perks? Concierge Service. Oh Good, Now You Have More Time To Bill.

The firm says they want their attorneys to be able 'to spend their very precious downtime on what they want to do.'
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Spain plans to ban alternative medicine in health centres

Government aims to avoid ‘harmful effects’ caused by acupuncture and homeopathy The Spanish government has announced plans to eradicate alternative medicine such as acupuncture or homeopathy from health centres.The proposal, unveiled by the science and health ministers, aims to avoid the “potential harmful effects” of the practices when they are used as an alternative or a complement to treatment that is itself based on “proof and scientific rigour”, the government said in a statement. Continue ...
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Fox News backs CNN in lawsuit against Trump Administration

On Tuesday, CNN filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for allegedly violating the First and Fifth Amendments when it revoked Jim Acosta's press badge.Opinions on Acosta may vary among media professionals, though the general consensus seems to be that administrations shouldn't bar journalists from the White House based on the content of their reporting.White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who had tweeted a doctored video of the heated exchange between Acosta and President Donald ...
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