The Life And Death Of A Mexican Hitman

Falko Ernst writing for International Crisis Group: Grillo is here to kill. Why? He can’t express a reason beyond that he’s been given a name and a face. Maybe he doesn’t need to explain any further than that. Maybe he just needs to be able to take orders from the cerro, the hills overlooking Tierra Caliente, the Hot Land, as this Michoacán region is known. Up on the cerro, the crime lords decide life and death for the people below. Philosophy aside, Grillo kills because he’s paid for it, micha ...
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Is Facebook the AOL of the 2010s? A Skeptical Examination of Social Media Network Effects.

The Law In economics, a network effect is a positive benefit created by a new user buying a product or joining a service. In the context of computer networks, these benefits are commonly believed to scale quickly with the number of users. In technology circles, perhaps the best known instantiation of network effects is Metcalfe’s Law, named for Ethernet co-inventor Bob Metcalfe, who was likely inspired by similar theories developed at Bell Telephone in the early 20th century. This law concer...
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Opinion analysis: Frogs and humans live to fight another day

In a mixed-bag ruling, a unanimous Supreme Court returned Weyerhaeuser Co. v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit to decide several questions not answered on the first go-round. Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion for the court appears calculated to decide just enough to justify shipping the case back to the lower court. The case involves the Fish and Wildlife Service’s designation, under the Endangered Species Act, of property in Louisiana as “critica...
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At the Tuesday Night Café...

... keep talking.(And please remember to use the Althouse Portal to Amazon.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Despite push by Prez and VP and support of at least 70 senators, odds of a Senate vote on FIRST STEP Act still reportedly "less than 50/50"

Politico has this lengthy report, headlined "White House makes last-ditch push on criminal justice reform bill," on the state of debate among Senate Republicans concerning the FIRST STEP Act.  Here are details: The Trump administration and a bloc of Republican senators are making a last-ditch attempt to pass a criminal justice reform bill in the lame duck session. In a closed-door party lunch on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence made a strong endorsement of the bill to Senate Republicans, sena...
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Bonuses And Biglaw And Booze — See Also

Have A Drink On Above The Law: RSVP to our annual holiday party here. Speaking Of Holiday Cheer: Some RBG gifts to splurge on. Magic Circle Firms Start Bonus Season: Clifford Chance and Freshfields announced bonuses. What's Really Going On In The Manafort Case? Only Mueller knows. Freshfields Gets Raided... AGAIN: The German tax scandal continues. Who Cares? Not the SEC.
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Slander: Fiance Made Disparaging Comments About His Colleague/Related to My Business

My question involves defamation in the state of: Texas I have a start up business. One of the verticals I serve is healthcare. My fiance is a doctor. He introduced me to a higher up doctor in his hospital and tried to help me get business. The first couple of meetings started well, but my fiance kept calling it "our business". it's not. And my co-founder/developer/initial investor became very angry that he was stating this. It got under his skin so much, he claims that is the reason he p...
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The Thanksgiving Break Cast

Some short announcements before we closed up shop for the holiday.
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"Because insects are legion, inconspicuous and hard to meaningfully track, the fear that there might be far fewer than before was more felt than documented."

"People noticed it by canals or in backyards or under streetlights at night — familiar places that had become unfamiliarly empty. The feeling was so common that entomologists developed a shorthand for it, named for the way many people first began to notice that they weren’t seeing as many bugs. They called it the windshield phenomenon.... But the crux of the windshield phenomenon, the reason that the creeping suspicion of change is so creepy, is that insects wouldn’t have to disappear altogether...
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No, You Can’t Go To Law School Here

There are lots of law schools in the U.S., just not everywhere.
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Argument analysis: Justices dubious about ramifications of broad Indian reservation in Oklahoma

This morning brought the justices a capital case of a different kind. Carpenter v. Murphy doesn’t raise issues of actual innocence, ineffective assistance of counsel or permissible methods of execution. Rather, it presents the justices with a different kind of question: whether the location in eastern Oklahoma where Patrick Murphy is alleged to have committed murder still lies within the borders of a reservation granted to the Creek Nation when it was forcibly relocated to that territory in the ...
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Termination: Proper Reasons for Restraining Order Appeal

My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Ca So basically, the judge that saw my case clearly hadn't read anything I wrote. She gave a summary of the situation that both sides knew was clearly wrong. Then the judge sided with the petitioner about whether or not I had been given my documents I was demanding, even though she had no idea. She just sided with the petitioner on everything. I told the petitioner, "prove it" regarding the documents. The petitioner held up the documents...
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The Recordable Hour: Don’t Stop Believing

There's never a bad reason to record your time.
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The CLD Playbook: Drawing Time And Value From Negotiated Terms

Machine learning for contract negotiations? It's a serious idea that can save money in the long run.
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Checking in at the CCA: TX high criminal court hasn't posted oral-argument videos in nearly six months, and other stories

Since your correspondent left the Innocence Project of Texas, I haven't tracked the Court of Criminal Appeals hand-down lists nearly as closely as at times in the past. But here are a few recent items that merit Grits readers attention. Hiccup in publishing CCA arguments video Last year, the Legislature mandated that oral argument videos from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals should be recorded and posted online. But the last ones available as of this writing are from June, and court staff don...
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Is Your Legal Operations Team ‘Litigation Ready’?

In the end, being 'litigation ready' means knowing what information an organization has and what needs to be done to preserve and collect it if necessary.
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Attention Legal Industry Decision-Makers: Before You Spend On Legal Tech, Read This!

It’s no longer as hard as it once was to make a case for legal tech spending. The hard part now is choosing from all the terrific options.
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Argument preview: Justices to consider social security disability claimants’ ability to scrutinize data on which benefits denials are based

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly payments to more than 10 million people. Supplemental Security Income disability benefits reach a partially overlapping group of roughly seven million. Testimony of vocational experts is central to a large number of the hearings that help allocate these benefits. Yet, remarkably, the Supreme Court has had almost nothing to say about how vocational experts operate. That is about to change. On December 4, the Supreme Court will hear argument ...
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Argument transcripts

The transcript of oral argument in Nutraceutical Corp. v. Lambert is available on the Supreme Court’s website; the transcript in Carpenter v. Murphy is also available.   The post Argument transcripts appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Associates At Cravath Make More Money Than Partners A Dozen Biglaw Firms

Firms tell associates they appreciate them with money.
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Transfer of Title: Can't Locate Owner of Title

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: South Carolina I bought a motorcycle from a private individual with no title and neither of us can locate the original title owner. I can only trace it back to the last time the vehicle was titled. South Carolina does not allow third party title documentation I believe. What can I do? Someone please help
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Transfer of Title: Can

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of:
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$100 Savings on Sony Digital Paper through Dec. 1

I’ve written several times here about the Sony Digital Paper, a unique tablet for taking digital notes and for reading and annotating documents. I am currently evaluating the new 10-inch version of this device, and I’d previously reviewed the 13-inch version. I hope to post a review of the 10-inch version soon. In the meantime, I wanted to highlight a soon-to-expire deal. Sony is currently offering $100 off either version of the Digital Paper. The 13-inch version, usually $699, is $599. The 10-i...
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New York Court of Appeals rules noncitizen defendants have Sixth Amendment jury trial right when charges carry potential penalty of deportation

The top court in New York issued an interesting opinion today concerning the application of the Sixth Amendment's jury trial right, as reported here via Courthouse News Service:  Since noncitizens can be deported after convictions on mere misdemeanors, they are entitled to have those charges decided in jury trials, New York’s highest court   5-2 Tuesday. The ruling stems from the 2012 prosecution of Saylor Suazo with numerous assault and harassment crimes.  Suazo, who remained in the United Sta...
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The Struggle To Pass The First Step Act Is A Continued Disgrace

The bill is extremely modest in its reforms, yet the opposition remains uncompromising and committed to a campaign of false, fear-mongering rhetoric.
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Previewing SCOTUS consideration of civil forfeiture in Timbs v. Indiana from many sources

On Wednesday morning, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Timbs v. Indiana to consider whether the Eighth Amendment's prohibition of excessive fines applies to the states.  I am reasonably confident that the Justices will decide that the Excessive Fines Clause does apply to the states, but I am not so confident about what more the Court will say about the application of the EFC to the interesting (and fairly simple) facts surrounding the forefeiture of Tyson Timbs' Land Rover.  Because ...
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Steve Bannon at Oxford (on November 16th).

I started watching this and ended up sitting through the entire thing, so check it out: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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