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... you can talk all night.(And remember the Althouse Portal to Amazon.) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Russian journalist seen 'behaving suspiciously' at UK military base

London-based Timur Siraziev was reportedly filming at 77th Brigade’s Berkshire barracksA Russian journalist was monitored for “suspicious behaviour” close to a British military base, the Ministry of Defence has said.Timur Siraziev was seen repeatedly passing the 77th Brigade’s barracks in Hermitage, Berkshire, the Mail on Sunday reported. The newspaper said he had been recorded by the base’s security cameras and had been seen filming close to the perimeter fence. Continue reading...
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Lena Dunham is a hugely original writer. Who cares if she’s a good person? | Martha Gill

Abusing the comedy writer is now an online sport. Behind it lies something truly uglyLena Dunham is preposterously talented. She was just 25 when Girls premiered on HBO, a sitcom about a familiar crowd of narcissistic privileged young New Yorkers, but doing something so entirely new that it spawned a whole genre of television: Fleabag, Bridesmaids, Search Party.A new species of show was born – that of cringey, confessional female honesty. Girls was, in its way, as big a groundbreaker as The Offi...
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New word, just learned: "Euhemerism."

"Euhemerism is an approach to the interpretation of mythology in which mythological accounts are presumed to have originated from real historical events or personages. Euhemerism supposes that historical accounts become myths as they are exaggerated in the retelling, accumulating elaborations and alterations that reflect cultural mores. It was named for the Greek mythographer Euhemerus, who lived in the late 4th century BC...."I got to that Wikipedia article from Samson, where I had gone to read...
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I'm talking about paralipsis over at Facebook with my son John. He'd posted this fascinating Trump clip...Reporter: Do you regret any of your comments about George H.W. Bush or the Bush family? President Trump: "Thank you very much everybody."— NBC News (@NBCNews) December 1, 2018 ... and this discussion ensued (click to enlarge and sharpen):At that Wiktionary link:paralipsis... A figure of speech in which one pretends to ignore or omit something by actually mentioni...
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Analyzing idiolects.

So much great stuff in that, including John Wayne not even trying to talk like Genghis Khan but just doing what I assume is the only reason they made that Genghis Khan movie, being John Wayne. Virtually everything else is actors doing a fantastic job, and Erik Singer (a dialogue coach) talks about exactly what they are doing. Personally, I dislike biopics, and I find accurate copying of speech patterns too distracting. I'd rather see documentary footage of the real person. That is, I find it imp...
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Invisible fruit that I've encountered in the last few days, reading 2 of my favorite writers.

This is from Jonathan Franzen's novel "The Corrections" (2001):His body was what she’d always wanted. It was the rest of him that was the problem. She was unhappy before she went to visit him, unhappy while she sat beside him, and unhappy for hours afterward. He’d entered a phase of deep randomness. Enid might arrive and find him sunk deeply in a funk, his chin on his chest and a cookie-sized drool spot on his pants leg. Or he might be chatting amiably with a stroke victim or a potted plant. He ...
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We ban cannabis but let people eat as much meat as they want. That makes no sense | Sonia Sodha

If our goal is to limit social harm, we should reassess what we allow and what we rationFor any tourist visiting Seattle, there’s the standard bucket list: ride the monorail, ascend the Space Needle, pay a visit to the world’s largest building, and, if you’re not squeamish about tax avoidance, check out the first-ever Starbucks and the Amazon Spheres.But, as I discovered on a recent visit, there’s a new attraction in town: the cannabis shops peppered through its downtown since Washington state l...
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The Appointments Clause and the acting AG

What are the implications of the Constitution’s Appointments Clause for the tenure of acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker? Thomas Berry, recently a legal associate at the Cato Institute and now at the Pacific Legal Foundation, takes up the question in the Yale Journal of Regulation. More: Michael Rappaport; and earlier at Overlawyered on other Appointments Clause controversies. Tags: constitutional law, Department of Justice
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"The passing of the former president had raised the thorny question of whether Mr. Trump would come to the funeral."

"Senator John McCain, another stalwart of a past Republican generation, made a point of excluding Mr. Trump from his funeral in September, but Mr. Bush was known for New England gentility and seemed less likely to want to make such a statement. It is traditional for the incumbent president to speak at services for a former president, although there have been exceptions."From "Trump Offers Praise for Bush and Will Attend the Funeral" (NYT).I can't believe this was a question at all, let alone a "...
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"The 1988 campaign was anything but kind and gentle. There was the racially charged Willie Horton ad, in which Bush attacked Michael Dukakis’s furlough program for Massachusetts prisoners."

"Bush’s opponents—and some of his friends—thought that he had cheapened himself in the bare-knuckled grasp of his young campaign manager, Lee Atwater. The opponents acted surprised, claimed they were disappointed in him, as if anyone ever got that far in the game without playing rough. (Al Gore had first gone after the furlough program, albeit without mentioning Horton, when running against Dukakis in the primaries.) Bush’s foes derided his résumé as a sort of gilded joke, reciting all the appoi...
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Bristol Stomp

A former juvenile and domestic relations court judge has been suspended for nine months for improper contact with potential witnesses in a federal case in which his spouse was under indictment. The spouse was the CFO of the Bristol Virginia... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Roundup: Lawsuit alleges cronyism and corruption at DPS; murder indictment of Dallas cop no aberration under outgoing DA; informant testimony makes for messy innocence claims; Pam Colloff's favorite #cjreform podcasts, and other stories

Here are a few browser-clearing odds and ends of which Grits readers should be aware: Dallas cop indicted for Botham Jean murder In Dallas, former DPD Officer Amber Guyger has been indicted for murder in the shooting death of her unarmed neighbor, Botham Jean. You've got to hand it to outgoing Republican DA Faith Johnson: She's been more willing to charge officers in wrongful shooting episodes than any Democratic elected prosecutor in Texas, or for that matter, as she boasted in this 13-second c...
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Mathews Vertix: Proving Ground [Video]

Check out this exciting film where Brad Christian and Brett Seng put the new Mathews Vertix to the test on the Proving Ground.... Read more... The post Mathews Vertix: Proving Ground [Video] appeared first on
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"The prospect of genetically eliminating crippling diseases is certainly appealing, but this promise masks a darker reality."

"First, there is a difference between genetic engineering and the extremely promising field of gene therapy, in which doctors use CRISPR technology to repair the DNA of defective nonreproductive cells -- allowing them to treat cancer, genetic disorders and other diseases. In gene therapy, the genetic changes affect only the patient. In genetic engineering, scientists alter the entire genetic structure of the resulting human being -- changes that are then passed on to future generations. Playing ...
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Peterborough council apologises over 'waster' recycling stickers

Residents insulted by red, sad-face emoji placed on rubbish bins in botched campaignPeterborough city council has apologised for offending residents after thousands of stickers reading “waster” were put on bins as part of a recycling campaign.Dozens of households said they were insulted by the stickers depicting a red sad-face emoji on their black wheelie bins. Continue reading...
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Law: Gomes gives Nationals an upgrade at catcher

The former All-Star catcher could be worth as much as four wins for the Nats. But what about the return for the Indians?
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Amber Guyger Indicted for Murder

It's been too long for the original thread to stay open but Amber Guygen was indicted for the murder of Botham Jean yesterday. She had been originally booked on manslaughter charges.
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Title Lien

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Indiana I bought a car and didn't have a license so I put the car in my aunt's name.( Same last name). I didn't know she had tax problems so the fed. Put lien on title. She is in a senior home now. How can I get the title
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President George H.W. Bush has died.

(Screenshot from Drudge.)ADDED: I have a feeling that tributes to H.W. are going to say negative things about Trump — those were the days, when Republicans had class and kindness — but here's Trump:President George H.W. Bush led a long, successful and beautiful life. Whenever I was with him I saw his absolute joy for life and true pride in his family. His accomplishments were great from beginning to end. He was a truly wonderful man and will be missed by all!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) ...
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"Unlike Unesco’s World Heritage List, which includes sites considered important to humanity like the pyramids of Giza in Egypt or the Taj Mahal in India, the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity..."

"... documents elements and practices of different cultures that are deserving of recognition. Another, Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding, includes endangered elements of a culture that are at risk of fading away. Reggae, which rose to prominence in the 1960s, often celebrates Jah, or God; ganja, or marijuana; and Ras Tafari, also known as Haile Selassie, the former Ethiopian emperor, whom Rastafarians revere as the messiah. It is also meant to put listeners in...
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Employee Personnel File

My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: ca My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: ca Does the employer decide what documents they want to send? I compared my personnel file that workers comp carrier sent and my personnel file and they are very different. The file I requested from the employer doesn’t have much information. There’s just the notice to change relationship that says I’ve been discharged from my position. There nothing about wh...
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Bonus Episode of LawNext: Panel on Savvy Podcasting for Lawyers

In this special bonus episode of LawNext, listen to a panel discussion on savvy podcasting for lawyers. Recently, at the 2018 Northeast Regional Conference of the Legal Marketing Association, I participated on a panel of legal marketing and media experts to discuss podcasting for lawyers and law firms. The panelists shared their tips and experiences on starting, producing and promoting legal podcasts. The panel was moderated by Susan Peters, president of Greybridge PR in New York. In addition...
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AAUP investigation of Vermont Law School for "eviscerating tenure" could jeopardize Vermont's reaccreditation (Michael Simkovic)

The American Association of University Professors recently authorized an investigation of Vermont Law School following a restructuring that stripped most of Vermont's tenured faculty members... [Author: Michael Simkovic]
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Rightwing thinktank deletes offer of access to ministers for donors

Adam Smith Institute offered £1,000 donors invites to ‘power lunches and patrons dinners’One of the UK’s most influential rightwing thinktanks has deleted passages from its website promising access to government ministers in exchange for donations after the Guardian began making inquiries about its funding.The Adam Smith Institute, a neoliberal thinktank credited with inspiring some of the most controversial privatisations of the Thatcher and Major governments, offered invitations to “power lunc...
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Assult Between Couple

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Minnesota An assault happened between a couple. She didn't call the cops. She went to the hospital. She didn't report to the hospital who hit her. She told her brother. He called the guys probation officer. The assult happened 2 days ago. The probation officer told the brother he couldn't do anything as she didn't report it to the cop. Today now 2 days later he was arrested for assult. And a probation violation. The brother told his po he w...
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