Actual Suspension Required For Systematic Practice While Administratively Suspended

The Louisiana Supreme Court rejected the sanction of a public reprimand and imposed a six-month suspension with all but 30 days deferred for an attorney's practice while administratively suspended. The attorney had appeared as counsel in a juvenile detention hearing... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Child Support Arrears and SSDI Benefits

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Florida Years ago Dept of child support closed my case in FLA when my ex moved to Tennessee and then went to jail. After he got out, I gave up trying to persue support for a number of reasons. Suddenly, I hear from my now 26 year old daughter that my ex went and filled for SsDi and got it. A check was cut to his attorneys and then one was supposed to be put in the mail for me to pay back the arrears which were substantial. I was to...
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At the Tuesday Cafe...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Recruitment of Officers in SPMCIL

Recruitment for Officer vacancy in  SPMCIL     Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) with its  headquarters at  Janpath, New Delhi,  is a Miniratna Category-I CPSE, and wholly owned Schedule ‘A’ Company of Government of India, is engaged in the manufacture of security paper, minting of coins, printing of currency and bank notes,... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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It’s Too Damn Cold — See Also

WHAT IS A GUNNER? I mean, if you raise your hand to ask that question... IF YOU ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT VOTER FRAUD: You'd care about North Carolina, not voter ID. REMEMBER WHEN HE SAID THIS? Professor embroiled in #MeToo issues had some things to say about #MeToo. HERE ARE THE FIRMS THAT HAVE ANNOUNCED BONUSES: What in God's name is everybody else waiting for? GIFTS FOR THE LAWYER ON YOUR LIST: Please, not a freaking briefcase... ooh, but this one is TSA compliant.
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Special Counsel says non-incarceration sentence for Michael Flynn is "is appropriate and warranted"

As reported in this Politico article, headlined "Mueller: Flynn gave ‘substantial assistance’ to probe, recommends little to no prison," the Special Counsel tonight submitted a memorandum in aid of sentencing defendant Michael Flynn. Here are the basics: Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, provided “substantial assistance” to the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and should be sentenced to little if any prison time for makin...
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Woman gives birth using womb transplanted from dead donor

Patient in Brazil who had been born without uterus gives birth to baby girlA woman in Brazil has successfully given birth after receiving a womb from a dead donor, the first time such a procedure has been successful.While researchers in countries including Sweden and the US have previously succeeded in transplanting wombs from living donors into women who have gone on to give birth, experts said the latest development was a significant advance. Continue reading...
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Finding Your Way In The Legal Tech World

Colin Levy reviews Legal Tech: A Practitioner's Guide, a definitive overview of legal tech throughout the entire legal industry.
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Sentencing Project launches campaign to "End Life Imprisonment" with new book and other resources

The folks at The Sentencing Project this week officially kicked off what they are calling here a "Campaign to End Life Imprisonment." The website for the campaign has a facts, figures and stories about life imprisonment, and has lots of data and graphs and includes these particulars: While people of color are over-represented in prisons and jails; this disparity is even more evident among those sentenced to life imprisonment, where one of every five African American prisoners is serving a lif...
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Argument analysis: Justices debate revised language in patent-priority statute

This morning’s argument in Helsinn v. Teva Pharmaceuticals brought the justices their first patent case of the year. As expected, this argument included little of the technical concerns that so often dominate patent cases.  This case comes to the court as a simple and confined question of statutory language, and the argument suggested that the court will resolve it from that perspective. The dispute involves provisions of the Patent Act that “bar” an inventor from obtaining a patent if the inven...
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Justices call for more briefing in dispute about Oklahoma prosecutions of Native Americans

Now that the justices have had a few days to consider last week’s oral argument in Carpenter v Murphy, it appears that they are looking for creative ways to resolve the dispute. As explained in my earlier posts, the case as presented to the Supreme Court asked whether the reservation previously afforded the Creek Nation remained in place after Oklahoma’s statehood more than a century ago. The premise of the briefing was that if that reservation remained in place, then it would constitute “Indian...
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Winter is only but a couple of weeks away, but it already feels like we've endured the worst and it will only get colder. Anticipating those really cold days ahead, we have released our 2018 Cold Weather Gear Catalog. The 32-page digital booklet features everything from heavy snorkel parkas, M65 Jackets and Tactical Soft Shell Jackets to Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirts, Gloves and Hand Warmers. We left no stone unturned when it comes to staying warm this winter, make sure you check out the ca...
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Guardianship: Report Of The Senate Special Committee On The Aging Reveals Need For Reform In Management Of Guardians

We need to do better for our elderly and disabled population. Our presence is needed to spot issues, resolve problems, and keep them safe.
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Petitions of the week

This week we highlight petitions pending before the Supreme Court that address, among other things, the reasonableness of an officer’s suspicion that the registered owner of a vehicle is the person driving the vehicle, a public school’s interest in authorizing students “who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex” to use locker rooms and restrooms reserved exclusively for the opposite sex, and whether a federal court should abstain from resolving a request to compel arbitration when...
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Law Firm Management: 12 Tips to Inspire Peak Performance in Your People

Having outstanding people working at every level of your law firm is one thing that can truly differentiate you from your competitors and keep clients coming in the door. Unfortunately, I hear from many attorneys that finding and keeping good people is a major challenge when it comes to law firm management. This is something that bedevils a lot of businesses, not just law firms. After 25+ years of running several successful businesses, I know the importance of dedicating real effort every day to...
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Attorney Suspended For Violation Of Court Sanction Requirements

The Rhode Island Supreme Court suspended an attorney for failure to make full restitution and submit a plan for 25 hours of community service as the court had ordered as a sanction She paid all but $50.75. The facts giving... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Maps reveal how each U.S. state enforces drug laws differently recently published maps that use the latest government data on drug use and arrests to show how enforcement varies across the country.Marijuana arrests remain significantly high in many states, even in some where pot's legalized.Methamphetamine is, by far, the drug most commonly involved in drug-related offenses across the country. None American law enforcement agencies made 1.63 million arrests for drug law violations in 2017, according to FBI data. That's nearly a 4 percent increase ...
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Of Brownies and Other Nutty Desserts: Supreme court considers whether the “on sale” bar is limited to public sales

Guest Post by Dmitry Karshtedt, Professor at GW Law.  Prof. Karshtedt attended the Supreme Court oral arguments in Helsinn v. Teva, and provides the following discussion.  A transcript of the arguments is available here: Helsinn Transcript. The oral argument in Helsinn Healthcare v. Teva Pharmaceuticals had a little bit of everything. First, the Court extensively aired the statutory interpretation question whether the phrase “otherwise available to the public” in the America Invents Act (AIA) ex...
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Why Hasn't Congress Passed Its Sexual Harassment Legislation?

After the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein blockbuster sparked a reckoning about sexual harassment and power across the country, members of Congress faced their own set of allegations, leading to the resignations of male lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. Before the dust began to settle, women representatives began to work on legislation that would address Congress' archaic system for dealing with sexual harassment complaints.In the midst of the #MeToo movement and the midterm elections, th...
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Commercial insurtech is like an exclusive club — and Google and Amazon aren’t invited

Chris Downer Contributor Share on Twitter Chris Downer is a principal at XL Innovate, focusing on insurtech investments in North America, Europe and Asia. Tech companies and VCs in the insurance space have probably read many of the news articles about Amazon and Google entering insurance (here, here and here). Given their nearly unlimited resources, this may be intimidating to some in the industry. Whether one views these moves...
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The Need for a Systematic Approach to Provision of Legal Services

Over the past few weeks, @Erin Durant42 has done yeoperson’s service in responding to the anticipated closing of the Pro Bono Legal Help Centres to the extent that the Centres will now be funded for another year. This is good news, but it also highlights one of the serious problems we have in trying to provide access to justice to those who cannot afford a private lawyer. The past years have seen the springing up of a variety of responses to the lack of access to justice (in the sense of access ...
Tags: Law, Canada, Ontario, Justice Issues, National Self Represented Litigants Project NSRLP, Provision of Legal Services, Pro Bono Legal Help Centres, Pro Bono Ontario, Community Legal Aid Ontario

Bloomberg Report Reveals That The #MeToo Movement Has Created A Cooties Pandemic For Wall Street Men

Months of self-examination have led men in finance to the mature realization that talking to girls is dumb.
Tags: Law, Finance, Bloomberg

Who Remembers When It Cost $2500 Per GB To Process ESI?

Legal operations professionals may not always process ESI themselves, but here are a few pointers that everyone in eDiscovery may benefit from.
Tags: Technology, Law, Ediscovery, ESI, Legal Operations, Mike Quartararo

What The Law School Professor Facing A Title IX Investigation Has To Say About #MeToo

He said his response is 'cowardly' and he wants to avoid getting called out for saying the 'wrong stuff' about sexual harassment.
Tags: Law, Title IX, Sexual Harassment, Law Schools, Ian Samuel

"What’s novel about 'Friends,' or what must seem so to a certain subset of New York teenagers of whom so much is expected, is the absence among the six central characters of any quality of corrosive ambition."

"The show refuses to take professional life or creative aspirations too seriously. What does Chandler Bing actually do? I was never entirely sure. In the series’ ninth season he is an advertising intern. On 'Girls”' you have writers who are trying to be Mary Karr; on 'Friends' you have actors who want to be on 'Days of Our Lives.' The dreamscape dimension of 'Friends' lies in the way schedules are freed up for fun and shenanigans and talking and rehashing, always. 'In the back of our minds we kn...
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The Right to Criticize Police Distinguishes A Free Society From A Police State

The government is asking for a rule that functions as a bar on retaliatory arrest claims. That should frighten you.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Police, Free Speech, Constitutional Law, Tyler Broker, Nieves v. Bartlett, Retaliatory Arrests

Empirical SCOTUS: Differences between “Obama” and “Trump” judges, while sometimes subtle, can’t be denied

Justices of the Supreme Court rarely give public comments on words or actions of members of the elected branches of the federal government. This made the recent spat between Chief Justice John Roberts and President Donald Trump over the role of partisanship in the federal judiciary all the more surprising and powerful. Although phrased in terse sentences (Trump’s were via Twitter), their words left much to unpack. What began as Trump decrying the decision of an “Obama judge” (a judge appointed b...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Obama, Congress, Barack Obama, Department Of Defense, Chicago, District Of Columbia, Donald Trump, National Labor Relations Board, Clinton, Trump, Bush, Lewis, Morris, John Roberts

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