Podcast: Adversaries over Austin police-union contract sit down; when is it okay for courts to electrocute mentally ill defendants?; pythons as stocking stuffers?; and other stories

When is it okay for a judge to electrocute a mentally ill defendant?What leverage did a Texas civil rights activist say enabled Austin advocates to force reforms into the city's police-union contract?How many pet pythons are too many, and are they appropriate to give at Christmas as stocking stuffers?These and other questions are answered on this month's episode of the Reasonably Suspicious podcast. As always, you can subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or SoundCloud, or listen to it here:Here's ...
Tags: Texas, Law, Austin, Chris Perkins, James Calvert, Gritsforbreakfast, Chas Moore, Ron DeLord, Austin Justice Coalition, Interview Police

Hit-and-Run Accidents: Going to Court for a Hit-And-Run Charge

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California. Back in May, I received a citation for a hit-and-run accident I was in a month prior. Since then, I hired an attorney to help with the issue. I have a pretrial hearing scheduled for next Wednesday. What should I expect from here? Thanks!
Tags: Law, California, Moving Violations, Parking And Traffic Tickets

S&W Model 629 .44 Magnum Review

Josh Wayner writing for Ammoland has the scoop.  A couple of comments. First, I notice that the Buffalo Bore does the best concerning muzzle velocity.  Second, if you shoot the Sig Sauer 240 grain at 1213 FPS, that doesn’t give you much advantage over the 450 SMC (Short Magnum Cartridge) which I carried to Colorado in a 1911 with backup magazines, and which I’ve discussed before (230 grains at around 1120 FPS published muzzle velocity). Second, what I’d really like to see is Josh cover the Perfo...
Tags: Guns, Colorado, Military, Firearms, Josh, Ammoland, Buffalo Bore, Josh Wayner, Magnum Review

Nevada's Boyd School of Law celebrates 20 years

Alaska remains the only state without a law school. [Author: Brian Leiter]
Tags: Law, Alaska, Nevada, Brian Leiter, Boyd School of Law

This Is Why The U.S. Military Uses 5.56mm Ammunition Instead Of 7.62mm Ammunition

We Are The Mighty: In the wake of World War II, the United States of America commanded over 30,000 overseas bases, marshaled over half of the world’s manufacturing capacity, and owned two thirds of the world’s gold stock. In 1949, the Greatest Generation proposed a strategic solution: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. N.A.T.O. was created in response to failing relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, especially in the case of the reconstruction of Germany. The countries of Belgium...
Tags: Germany, America, Military, United States, Middle East, Portugal, Belgium, South America, Kremlin, Mikhail Gorbachev, United States of America, Soviet Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Ammunition, AR-15s, Netherlands Norway

Motions: Urgent: Can I File a Motion to Compel Payment

My question involves court procedures for the state of: California Hi, We filed a lawsuit against the state government for refusing to pay a tax rebate if we opened a business in a destitute area. There was absolutely no reason to deny payment as we met every single requirement and it was triple-vetted. Can we file a Motion to Compel payment of the rebate now? The lawsuit could drag on for years and we desperately need the money or we will sink. Thank you and promise to PAY IT FORWARD!
Tags: Law, California, Civil Procedure

How to Love Hard People at Christmas

The annual run-up to Christmas crashes with waves of “joy” at every turn. Society balks at giving God credit for such joy, but has few qualms sending out generic positive vibes and wishes. Christians too celebrate joy at Christmas, but with a world of difference from the world. Our joy comes as part and parcel of a distinctly Christian way of seeing everything — revealed by the God who is, and who made us, and who designed our rescue. We sing “Joy to the World,” and open to the Christmas st...
Tags: Religion, Society, Jesus, Christ, Matthew, Corinthians, Jesus Christ, PAUL, Luke, Christ Jesus, Matthew 2:10 Joy

Pilot Survives After Crashing Plane Into the Ocean Near Hawaii, the Military Says

A spokesperson said it was a military-affiliated plane, but it may be civilian
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At the Wednesday Café...

... you can talk about whatever you like.And think of buying whatever you like through the Althouse Portal to Amazon. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
Tags: Law, Ann Althouse, Althouse Portal to Amazon

Consumer Law Issues: Defaulting on a Mortage

My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Pennsylvania. I believe I may have to default on my mortgage loan. I'll try to be as brief as possible. I am 79 years old and have a decent pension with some social security and have an excellent credit rating of over 750. I have maintained a high rating all my working and retired life. I was living in an apartment until I had a visit from my niece. She told me that she had to move out of her neighborhood due to increasing crime but lack...
Tags: Law, Pennsylvania, Consumer Law

Title Ownership: How to Gain Legal Possession of an Abandoned Vehicle in Kentucky

My question involves gaining a legal title of a vehicle left abandoned on my property. I am being told by the dmv in Kentucky that only towing companies can file for the title. Is this true?
Tags: Law, Kentucky, Vehicle Registration and Title

Law: Lynn, Roark solid additions for Rangers, Reds

Texas and Cincinnati both clearly needed to bolster their rotations, and both got good value with a pair of smart moves.
Tags: Texas, Law, Baseball, Cincinnati, Lynn Roark, Rangers Reds

Heirs and Beneficiaries: Change of Beneficiary Form

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Utah I am a same sex married black man, just so happen to be married to a white-Italian man at time living in Utah. While there is more to what I am posting, to get to my question I will attempt to type what I think is prevalent to subject. My husband passed away last year in November. (Note: I say husband now because I was legally married to him after he passed away. My husband and I lived together for 29 years. Utah doesn't...
Tags: Utah, Law, Estate Planning, Administration And Probate

Personal Care Facility Expenses

My question involves a person located in the state of: Pennsylvania My grandma lives in a personal care facility. She just received a printout from the facility stating that beginning January 1st each PC resident is being charged $25/month for cable TV, $2 each for travel sized bottles of mouthwash and shampoo. $2 for travel sized toothpaste, $2 for a single shaving razor, $2 for a small box of tissues. My personal opinion is that that they are robbing the residents blind. It can't be legal...
Tags: Law, Pennsylvania, Disability and Elder Law

When Partnership Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be — See Also

The Holiday Season Is Also A Time For Raises: Well, for associates in non-major markets, anyway. Still Thinking About That Absurdly Offensive Simpson Thacher Email? We've got more details and there hasn't been an apology in sight. Michael Cohen Sentenced: 3 years. So, Fortnite Is A Thing: This lawyer testimonial is the best. What Happens When You Get The Brass Ring: ...And it isn't all that great.
Tags: Law, Michael Cohen, See Also, Simpson Thacher Email

The Law School With The Largest Tuition Hike

This law school must really think a lot of itself.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Trivia Question of the Day

Defandants Should Be Hidden

Got into a heated debate with a colleague who feels defandants should never be in a courtoom and should have their voices altered as a way to remove bias from jurors. Legally, why SHOULD defendants appear in person?
Tags: Law, Debate the Issues

Dance, Dance, Litigation: Can Copyright Protect Your Funky Get-Down?

The issue of whether intellectual property law offers protection for dance routines has pop-locked its way into courtrooms for decades.
Tags: Law, Copyright, Intellectual Property, Dance Moves, Scott Alan Burroughs

Noting possible Miller follow-up cases on the latest SCOTUS relist list

I continue to wonder when the Supreme Court will take up a new case to clarify (or, ideally, extend) its Eighth Amendment jurisprudence limiting extreme prison sentences set forth in Graham and Miller.  The latest Relist Watch from John Elwood at SCOTUSblog spotlights a few cases that might be in the works as the next possible Miller follow-up: Newton v. Indiana, 17-1511, and Mathena v. Malvo, 18-217, both raise the same issue involving the lawfulness of imposing a discretionary life sentence o...
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Virginia, Indiana, Graham, Louisiana, Newton, Montgomery, Miller, Muhammad, U S Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit, Douglas A Berman, John Elwood, Red Onion, Red Onion State Prison

God Bless The Child (Support)

The Minnesota Supreme Court has ordered the administrative suspension of an attorney for failure to pay court-ordered child support. He may apply for reinstatement with proof that he is no longer in arrears. (Mike Frisch) [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Minnesota Supreme Court, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Mike Frisch

Law: Rays deserve credit for going after Morton

Despite facing long odds in the AL East, Tampa Bay invested in free agent Charlie Morton, who should be a good fit on its pitching staff.
Tags: Law, Baseball, Morton, Charlie Morton, AL East Tampa Bay

Tax Attorneys: How Are Your Research Platforms?

Tax lawyers devote more of their time to research than their peers in other practice areas.
Tags: Law, Research, Surveys, Tax Law

Stop Comparing Donald Trump’s Campaign Finance Fraud With John Edwards’s Case

The agreements today should forever end this stupid connection between Donald Trump's alleged crimes and John Edwards's acquittal.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Campaign Finance, John Edwards, Election Law

Dad Gets Out Of Parental Obligations Thanks To Quirky British Law On Embryo Donation

Yet another reason why you need a lawyer before having a child through assisted reproductive technology.
Tags: Law, Spain, Family law, United Kingdom / Great Britain, Ellen Trachman, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART

Auto Insurance: Total Loss Settlement

My question involves insurance law for the state of: Arizona Accident loss occurred: 11/19/2018 My daughter rear ended a pickup truck. The other driver indicated no damage to the company vehicle (No claim being submitted). Only a 1st name and telephone number's were exchanged at the accident. Daughter called the guy several days later and the driver indicated his company agreed no damage to their vehicle. Geico has accepted the claim. The adj...
Tags: Law, Arizona, Insurance Law, GEICO, Comp

Symposium: Three establishment clause paths

Luke Goodrich is Vice President and Senior Counsel at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which filed a cert-stage amicus brief in support of the petitioners in The American Legion v. American Humanist Association. The most interesting thing about the Maryland Peace Cross case won’t be who wins. (The Supreme Court will almost certainly uphold the cross.) The interesting part will be which path the court takes to get there. There are three main possibilities: the “Lemon test,” a historical app...
Tags: New York, Featured, Maryland, Supreme Court, Greece, Law, Court, Lemon, Great Britain, American Legion, Perry, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Galloway, Larkin, Watkins, Engel

How In The World Can We Solve The Problems With The California Bar Exam?

How can we stop so many people from failing the bar exam?
Tags: Law, California, Law Schools, Bar Exams, Jill Switzer

Mid-Level Litigation Associate Attorney [Sponsored]

White collar defense associate needed in LA.
Tags: Asia, Law, Job, Sponsored Content, Job Posting, Kinney Recruiting, Asia Chronicles

Third-Party Funding In Asia: Arrived, And Set To Thrive [Sponsored]

Over the last few years, third‑party funding has become a hot topic in Asia.
Tags: Asia, Law, Arbitration, Marla Decker, Sponsored Content, Litigation Finance, Lake Whillans

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