Copyright Law: What Are Copyright Laws Concerning Portrayal of Decorative Outdoor Sculptures

I intend to create a mixed-media work that portrays a local garden area. This garden area includes many decorative garden structures of unknown origin, such as stone floral mandalas, filigree elements, mosaic designs, animal sculptures, and a gazebo. I am wondering about any sort of copyright on the garden structure designs that I should consider before creating this portrayal. The work will not be a straight-forward representation of the garden, but rather an expressive reinvention of the space...
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This won't hold up, but in case you're fired up to talk about it.

"Federal judge in Texas rules Affordable Health Care Act unconstitutional/Ruling comes on eve of the deadline for Americans to sign up for coverage in the federal insurance exchange created under the law."ADDED: As I predicted all along, Obamacare has been struck down as an UNCONSTITUTIONAL disaster! Now Congress must pass a STRONG law that provides GREAT healthcare and protects pre-existing conditions. Mitch and Nancy, get it done!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 15, 2018 [Author: ...
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At the Friday Night Café...

... talk, talk, talk.(And buy, buy, buy — if you want — through the Althouse Portal to Amazon.)I'm bumping this so the Obamacare thing won't be at the top. Please, if you must talk about that, go to the next post. Bring up new subjects here, and try to have some fun and end the evening on a creative note. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Himachal Subordinate Allied Services Examination 2018.

Subordinate Allied Services Examination 2018 by Himachal PSC   Online Recruitment Applications (ORA) are invited by Himachal Pradesh (HP) Public Service Commission (PSC) from desirous and eligible candidates for recruitment to the following Govt. Job Sarkari Naukri job vacancies  of  in various Government Departments / Organisations, Himachal Pradesh by Subordinate Allied... Please Click on the Title to Read Full Details. [Author: [email protected] (SarkariNaukriBlog com)]
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Pelosi Will Betray California Because It is the Smart Move

The Republican Senate and the Democratic House will betray the states that are electorally safe. This will be the smart move. They will try to put extra money and programs into the battleground... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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"Speak truth, sis!" — said Rashida Tlaib to fellow congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"Some might say it was 'Shine Theory' in action — a term coined by the feminist podcasters Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow to describe women who make a concerted effort to support one another. (In Ms. Sow’s words: 'I don’t shine if you don’t shine.') In fact, in an exchange of mutual admiration on Twitter on Wednesday, Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts’s first African-American congresswoman, thanked Ms. Ocasio-Cortez for 'living #ShineTheory out loud.' (Ms. Ocasio-Cortez had tweeted that she was 'so ...
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NALP Throws In The Towel — See Also

NEW NALP STANDARDS: Well, actually, there are no standards. LAW SCHOOL ENROLLMENT IS UP: Call it the "Trump Bump." THIS JUDGE IS TIRED OF YOUR NONSENSE:And she's willing to put it bluntly. BRETT KAVANAUGH TURNS OFF ANOTHER REPUBLICAN: The chief justice of the California Supreme Court has had it with Republicans. SECRET BONUS MATCH: Well, it's not really "secret," there's just no memo.
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Settling a Debt: Can I Get Out of Bad Credit Jail by Doing Nothing

My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Oregon Since 2003, when Social Security declared me permanently disabled, I have been unable to afford health insurance to supplement my basic Medicare coverage (in spite of the useless ACA). Nor can I even pay the onerous co-payments I incur as I am passed around from one medical "specialist" to another. Consequently, I have virtually papered my home office walls with unpaid medical bills. I tried making partial payments until I disc...
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"Outside Mr. Walker’s Capitol office, protesters marched and drummed and chanted fury at what they saw as an effort to weaken unions and diminish Democrats."

"But Mr. Walker pushed through the measure, survived a recall election and went on to guide Wisconsin on a conservative path, adopting a concealed-carry law, expanding private school vouchers, enacting so-called right-to-work legislation, passing voter identification rules and setting work rules for Medicaid recipients.... The final package of legislation that Mr. Walker signed on Friday came after defeats for Republicans in Wisconsin, a swing state that Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump both won...
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"Having been shouted down and bullied at several meetings of the Madison School Board over the past several months..."

"... Blaska is uniquely qualified to expose the pusillanimous hand-wringing that passes for decision-making by those who shape educational policy in this city. He has seen firsthand how a small cadre of vocal extremists, called Freedom Inc., have cowed the current School Board with their unique brand of cop-hating venom."From about David Blaska's candidacy for the school board.Here's a post of mine from last June showing Blaska trying to speak to the school board. I embedded video and wrote:Bl...
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Got 22350 for Screeching Tires (Allegedly) and 4 Fix It Tickets, Advice Needed

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: CALIFORNIA Hey guys, this is my first post here! First off, glad to join this forum and be able to contribute and learn from all of you guys! Okay now on to the good stuff. Over a month ago I got pulled over after making a left turn. The officer lit me up and I pulled over. It was two motorcycle cops, one pulled up behind me and the other pulled up to the side of my window. The officer who pulled up to my window was “mad dogging” me (b...
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A conversation with the newest partners.
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We are extremely excited to announce that we are expanding our "5 Things About" series into video form and housing it on the Instagram platform, IGTV. The 5 Things About series is a unique segment conveying 5 dominate features that are offered by some of our products. With the series now living on IGTV, we will be delivering more information and details through  the video platform IGTV. Below you can check out our first 5 Things About video featuring the Rothco Concealed Carry Soft Shell Jacket....
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Thank you for completing our survey

A week ago we posted a survey soliciting reader feedback (which can be found here). We received many responses, and we’re grateful to everyone who took the time to answer. We will be considering your responses and suggestions in the days ahead. The post Thank you for completing our survey appeared first on SCOTUSblog.
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Podcast excerpt: Listen to TX Court of Criminal Appeals consider when it's okay to electrocute defendants at oral arguments

James Calvert is a mentally ill capital murder defendant who allegedly murdered his ex-wife on Halloween night in 2012. He represented himself at trial in Smith County, Texas and was sentenced to the death penalty. Among other remarkable elements of the case, Mr. Calvert was shocked with a 50,000 volt stun belt during the trial for refusing to obey the court's demands. In addition, Judge Jack Skeen, who presided over the trial, repeatedly made negative comments about Mr. Calvert and the evidenc...
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Competition Archery Media 2019 Schedule

Competition Archery Media is bringing the most in-depth tournament coverage ever. Here's a look at the Competition Archery Media 2019 schedule.... Read more... The post Competition Archery Media 2019 Schedule appeared first on
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DNA Testing: Getting Record of DNA Test Done on Me As a Baby

My question involves paternity law for the State of: Texas. I was born in 1995, my mom wrote someone on my birth certificate but she wasn't sure if he was the father. I recently did a 23andme test and I've been trying to find my dad's side but who I'm finding doesn't seem to be related to who my mom wrote down. I know DNA tests were done on me as a baby to at least 2 men but no one ever gave me a straught answer to who my dad was. My aunt and brother (different father) say the man on the birth...
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How To Make A Great First Impression With Clients [Sponsored]

First meetings are all about laying a foundation to build on.
Tags: Law, Thomson Reuters, Sponsored Content, Small Law Firms

From The Career Files: The Golden Age Of Lawyers

Lawyers have never had such a large and public role in how our society functions.
Tags: Law, Lawyers, Career Center, Career Files

The Only Biglaw Firm To Announce An All-Women Partnership Class

Some law firms are mindful about diversity and gender equality -- this is one of them.
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Virginia House of Delegates asks justices to intervene in redistricting dispute

Last month the Supreme Court announced that it would, for the second time, review a case from Virginia challenging the legislative districts drawn in 2011 for the state’s House of Delegates as the product of unconstitutional racial gerrymandering – the idea that legislators relied too much on race when drawing the maps. Today Virginia legislators were back at the court, in the lower court aimed at coming up with new maps for the 2019 election until the Supreme Court can rule on the dispute. Th...
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Did D.C. Bar Course Tell Attorneys It’s Totally Cool To Discriminate If That’s What The Client Wants?

Does ethics compel discrimination? No, probably not.
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Probate Court Procedure: Dad Dead 6 Yrs, No Probate of Will. Mom Just Died. Must Dad's Will Be Done B4 Mom's

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: California, Santa Clara County In 1985 mom and dad had identical wills and a revocable family trust drafted. Never modified. Wills bequeathed all tangible property to surviving spouse, and to children if no surviving spouse. Residue poured over into family trust in accordance with terms of trust. Upon death of first trustor to die, trust provides for division of "the entire Trust Estate" into two separate trusts know as the "Survivor's ...
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Federal Judge Is Sick And Tired Of You ‘Whiny’ Lawyers And She’s Going To Tell You About It

Judge Gilmore is fresh out of patience for this nonsense.
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Lawyers: Don’t Make These Client Development Mistakes In 2019

Always strive to understand your client’s business. Identify a potential problem, opportunity, or change that impacts potential clients and present them.
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BNP Paribas Executive Offers Pepé Le Pew Defense In Sexual Discrimination Trial

'Oh, mon cheri, how can you be mad when you are my ‘Princess’?'
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Moot Your Case Before You Walk Into Court

But be careful about becoming too enamored of your 'winning' argument.
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