The Answer Is No

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit affirmed a decision to deny access to the tax records of a person in the news The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects more than money. It acquires and... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Text Messages Call For More Than A Verbal Rebuke

The Oklahoma Supreme Court suspended an attorney for one year because a standalone verbal rebuke from this Court risks being too easily brushed aside. The facts Dunivan was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) in 2002. In recent years,... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Zealous Representation

The Michigan Attorney Discipline Board has vacated an interim suspension. In accordance with MCR 9.120(8)(1), the Attorney Discipline 80ard must set aside an attorney's automatic suspension upon conviction of a felony if that conviction is subsequently vacated, reversed, or otherwise... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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TX forensic commission punts on drug-field test evaluation

The Texas Forensic Science Commission has completed its legislatively mandated report on the validity of field tests for controlled substances, and it was released today. Here's a first-cut look at what they found.Let's be frank. Lynn Garcia has led the commission to perform some of the most able and erudite investigations of flawed forensic practices of anyone, anywhere in the United States. She is my friend and I am a fan of hers. This is not their best work.In the past, when the Commission ha...
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Libel: Mädchen Supreme Nike Streak Spectrum Pl Nicht Konnte S Schuhe Werden

besser als eine Konsequenz der Schwäche Ihrer Ex-alleinerziehenden Mutter. Das Mädchen wählte die Firma Ihres Ex-Vaters, dennoch kann es niemandem passieren, dass das Mädchen Ihre Ex-neue Mutter im Interesse Ihrer Ex vergessen hat Papa. bacwgaoy201812 Früher wurde das Mädchen bei Female At wenig über Ihr Ex-Partner erklärt. Das Mädchen wurde zunächst über ihre neue Mutter informiert, woraufhin es über Ihre ehemalige Mutter aus zweiter Hand aus zweiter Hand erhalten wurde, die Missbilligung Ihre...
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Aggressive Coyote Packs In Urban Areas

First, there is Texas. Two joggers were attacked by a coyote in Frisco, Texas on Monday morning, police confirmed. Sheri Devore and Marcia Foster were heading home from their 45-minute run around 5:30 a.m. Monday when the animal allegedly approached the two women and “lunged” at Foster, according to Fox 4. “It knocked her down. I was like trying to grab her to get up. And the overwhelming thought in my head was: ‘just stay up.’ If you go down, that’s it,” Devore told the news station, adding th...
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At the Tuesday Night Cafe...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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For One Colorado Rancher, An AR-15 Is A Tool To Protect His Herd That day, Scott had laid out some of his guns on the kitchen table. He isn’t sure how many he owns. “I’d have to count them all,” he said with a chuckle. “Twenty-five to 30 I’m guessing. Just off the top of my head.” Scott goes through his collection of firearms, some family heirlooms, some purchased, from hunting rifles to handguns, describing how they work and what kind of ammunition they take. And then, the gun that scares everybody in the world,” Scott said as he unzipped a soft bl...
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Get Ready For The Gross Kozinski Comeback — See Also

You Always Knew Alex Kozinski Would Try To Come Back After Retiring From The Bench Amid A Sexual Misconduct Scandal: But you don't have to like it.  Judge O'Connor's Decision Overturning The ACA Actually Got Liberals And Conservatives To Agree: No one likes his ruling. Bad Law Schools: A ranking. Don't Follow The Law School Crowd: Lessons from the first semester of law school.  Hate The Melange Of Mediocrity And Date Rape That Is "Baby It's Cold Outside"? Good news, a former federal judge sa...
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Judicial council tosses misconduct claims against Brett Kavanaugh

Judges said scores of complaints accusing justice of improperly conducting must be dismissed since he is now confirmedScores of complaints accusing US supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh of improperly conducting himself during his contentious Senate confirmation process have been thrown out by a panel of eight federal judges. Related: Christine Blasey Ford to give donations to charity for trauma survivors Continue reading...
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Academic highlight: Epps and Sitaraman on how to save the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court faces a crisis of legitimacy. The process of selecting new justices has become both contentious and overtly partisan, as illustrated by the Republican-controlled Senate’s refusal to hold hearings or a vote for President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, followed by the fractious hearings and party-line vote to replace “swing” Justice Anthony Kennedy with Brett Kavanaugh. Now that Kennedy has retired, all nine justices are expected to cast votes in line with the preferences ...
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On cusp of enactment of FIRST STEP Act, a brief trip to the archives via the (not-so-)way back machine

I am so full of ideas and thoughts and ways to celebrate the Senate passage of the FIRST STEP Act, I am not sure what to blog first and in the immediate future.  So, rather than do too much looking forward to what the FIRST STEP Act means when it becomes law (especially because I do not want to jinx anything), I figured I would close out my blogging tonight by doing a little looking back.  Specially, I looked at some archives of posts after Prez Trump got elected, and found these interesting pos...
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Time for Some Fishing and R and R

Well, I’m off for some fun in the sun and on a boat for a week with my family (it being one of the few times of year that I have them all home) so I won’t be posting any new Musings this week.  In the meantime, peruse the other posts on Virginia mechanic’s liens, bond claims and the like.  Also be sure to check out my Guest Post Friday posts for different perspectives on the world of construction. Thanks again for continuing to read and I’ll be back musing again after the holidays. As always, I ...
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CEO’s All Sectors: A Few Thoughts on Lowering Risk…

Originally posted 2016-08-22 11:32:39. For this week’s Guest Post Friday at Construction Law Musings, I am happy to welcome Greg George.  Greg (@gtiadvisors on Twitter) is managing partner of GTI Advisors Threat Management Practice Group. A senior advisor to executives, business owners, private equity investors, M&A teams and transaction lawyers, Greg provides guidance on matters of enhanced due diligence research, threat analysis, actionable intelligence, fraud avoidance, and espionage realiti...
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Legal Frames Of Reference

Law can mean many things depending on your certain point of view.
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The Law Schools That Are The Hardest To Get Into

It's a tough road if you want to attend these elite law schools.
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Cleaning and Repairs: Security Deposit and Approved Alterations: Commercial Lease

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Georgia My business is renting a commercial building. In our lease it says that we needed to get approval from the landlord for all improvements or alterations. We did get approval via email to make some changes to some of the rooms like adding walls, etc. We are getting ready to leave that building and they are saying that we need to change everything back to the way it was before in order to get our security deposit back even though we...
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Can 24002(B) Be Correctable

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California I was asked by a friend of mine to drive his truck and a gooseneck trailer to the landfill for him. When I was leaving I was stopped by the CHP for having a taillight out on the trailer. The officer was friendly and I believe cut me a break. The trailer, empty at the time of the stop, had a GVWR of over 10k lbs. The CHP officer informed I needed a class A to tow it. The officer cited me for 24600(a), 24603(a) & 24002(b). ...
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When It Comes To Legal Operations, Survey Says…

With advances in technology, much deeper insight into operational and financial performance has been gained.
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After rejection of contentious proposed amendments, FIRST STEP Act passed by Senate by vote of 87 to 12!!!!

In this post back in August I wondered "Could enhanced FIRST STEP Act get more than 90 votes in the Senate if even brought up for a vote?".  Well, it seems I was off by three votes, as tonight the the US Senate voted 87 to 12 to enact the FIRST STEP Act.  With a vote in the House scheduled for later this week, this bill should be on Prez Trump's  desk before the end of this week and law before Prez Trump heads down to Mar-a-Lago for the holidays.  This USA Today article, headlined "Senate passes...
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Join Rothco on Facebook Live!

Get ready for the holidays , with Rothco! Tune in to our Facebook page on December 21st, at 4pm (ET) as Rothco goes LIVE with our #EpicHolidayGiveaway ! We will be giving away up to $1,000 worth of prizes!! Viewers who join us will have the chance to win some awesome Rothco gear while playing a fun game with us! What better way to kick off the holidays than with winning some great gear?! Like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on everything Rothco and be sure to share our event...
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2 Critical Numbers Every Law Firm Must Know

Do you know how much money each lead is really costing you? How much does it cost you to get a new client? Knowing the answers to these questions can mean the difference between a profitable firm and a struggling one.  These numbers are known as “KPIs” — Key Performance Indicators. They are the critical numbers or metrics that run your law firm. Two of the most important KPIs that every law firm should be tracking include: (1) your Cost Per Lead (CPL) and (2) your Cost Per Client (CPC).  There a...
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New Year’s Resolutions For Legal Tech

Learning from mistakes and moving forward.
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Judge Berates Flynn for Attempt to Minimize his Crime

The Atlantic is correct: Michael Flynn's lawyers badly miscalculated when they filed their sentencing memorandum claiming the FBI's failure to warn Flynn that it was a crime to lie to the FBI during a voluntary interview was mitigation for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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After Judge Brings Up Treason, Will Michael Flynn Be Getting Jail Time?

This hearing got really weird, really quickly.
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Remembering Why a Non-Partisan Police Force Matters

One of the fundamental premises of a liberal democracy operating according to a particular view of the rule of law is that the police apparatus, while part of the executive branch, must be free of inappropriate political interference, although they may be subject to political direction within acknowledged bounds. Canada is neither a police or military dictatorship; we have civilian governments at all levels. Police have a certain discretion to act; the executive can determine how police resource...
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Background Checks: I Am Being Told My Name, Birth Date, and Social Don't Match Up

My question involves Background Checks for ride sharing apps. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but I am applying for a job as a lyft driver and I was submitted to a background check after like two days the company Checkr contacted me (this is the background check company being used) to tell me that my name, my birthdate, and my social security number do not match up resulting in a suspension from lyft for 6 months, which I have no idea why since the discrepancy was in no...
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