Auto Insurance: Car Hit While Parked Under Service Garage Supervision

My question involves insurance law for the state of: Washington I got into an accident damaging the front of my Audi A7. The accident was my fault so I filed a claim under my insurance and agreed to take my Audi to the shop at the Audi dealership to get repaired. The agreement was that they would fix my car and I would only have to pay my 1000 dollar deductible. So the body work gets finished and the dealership parks it in the lot while it awaits alignment work to finish the job. That’s when I...
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A Democrat House Is Ready To Push Universal Background Checks

The Atlantic: During the November elections, a number of Democratic House candidates made gun control a central theme of their midterm campaign, and dozens more gave the issue strong emphasis on the trail. Next month, they might have a chance to follow through on their campaign promises with legislation requiring federal background checks on all gun sales. The legislation isn’t likely to become law. It will be a bit like Republican House efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act back in 2017, s...
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At the Wednesday Night Cafe...

... you can talk all night. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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White House School Safety Report Recommends Gun Confiscation Orders

Breitbart: The White House School Safety Commission’s report will be released this week, and it will include calls for such confiscatory laws. On December 18, 2018, Breitbart News quoted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s  preview of the report, saying, “Our report endorses states adoption of extreme risk protection orders, which temporarily restrict access to firearms to individuals found to be a danger to themselves or others.” DeVos stressed that the White House wants the confiscatory orders s...
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The U.S. Will Withdraw From Syria. No One’s Sure What Comes Next

President Donald Trump has directed the U.S. military to withdraw all 2,200 American ground troops from Syria within 30 days, marking a swift end to the four-year-long conflict against ISIS there. “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,” Trump said Wednesday on Twitter. But pulling out…
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Sexual Assault at Work

Last February, I was sexually assaulted in the course of my work duties. I am a psychiatric nurse that makes home visits to patients. A patient who was under the influence of alcohol did the assault. He has a prior history of violence toward staff but I was still assigned to go alone. I immediately called my supervisor and her supervisor and was told to go home. I was in shock amd not until later discovered that police should have been called then and report taken. My supervisor went out...
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This Is How Heart Attack Symptoms Look in Women — Hint: It’s Very Different Than Men

Chronic stress, anxiety, and anger can raise your risk of heart issues.
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The Bizarre, Historical Reason White People Refuse to Season Their Food

White Americans love their meat, and hardly ever use seasoning, and after reading these studies, everything makes a whole lot of sense.
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Are We Feeling Festive Yet? — See Also

THE KAVANAUGH MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE CONTINUES: All 83 ethics complaints against him have been dismissed. THIS PODCAST IS HOT: Just trust us. HOLIDAY PARTY STRESS: Office politics makes the eggnog spicy. YOU MUST RESPECT CARLTON: If you are going to use the Carlton Dance. VOTE IN OUR HOLIDAY CARD CONTEST: There are some great entries this year.
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Remembering A Biglaw Firm’s Midwest Roots

The firm's global footprint is much bigger now.
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Defamation/Cease and Desist

Hi, I have a question pertaining to defamation and if we have any legal options to make it stop. I live in a small town of around 4,000 people. My family owns a small local business. My father also serves on the town's city council and has done so for nearly 30 years. Over the past year a man, angry with the city, has created a Facebook group now with over 700 people that he uses to defame the city and make false claims. He attacks the mayor, city clerk, city council, fire chief, even the city a...
Tags: Facebook, Law, Defamation, Slander And Libel

Singapore High Court Reverses Terrible Ruling, But Wants To Be Clear That It Isn’t Saying It’s OK To Be Gay

The country has a long way to go for its gay citizens and reproductive rights. But this was a pretty significant positive step.
Tags: Law, Singapore, Family law, Surrogacy, Singapore High Court, LGBTQ rights, Ellen Trachman, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART

Massachusetts Seeks New Bar Counsel

An announcement National Organization of Bar Counsel: Following over thirty-eight years of service in the Office of Bar Counsel, the last twelve as Bar Counsel, Constance V. Vecchione will retire effective January 4, 2018. The Board of Bar Overseers of... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Massachusetts Seeks New Bar Counsel, National Organization of Bar Counsel, Office of Bar Counsel, Constance V Vecchione, The Board of Bar

And So Does Maine

Longtime Maine Bar Counsel Scott Davis is retiring The Board of Overseers of the Bar invites applications for the position of Bar Counsel to oversee the State of Maine’s attorney discipline system. As chief prosecutor, Bar Counsel maintains an active... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Five Questions With… Sarah Poriss: Crumbling Foundations and Employers

The holidays are here and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions. I recently caught up with Attorney Sarah Poriss who I’ve known for many years and realized she had an interesting perspective for employers and how to start the year off right. Sarah runs her own small firm focusing, in part, on foreclosures for individuals.  Recently, she’s been handling matters for homeowners impacted by the crumbling foundation crisis happening in eastern Connecticut.  What follows is an edited online...
Tags: Google, Law, Connecticut, Employer, Sarah, Foreclosure, Dan, Homeowner, Sarah Poriss, Mediation, Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Featured Content, Crumbling Foundation

#FirstStep Act an early Xmas present for reformers; prison, jail guards' on-the-job lies; reformer DA politics, and other stories

A browser-tab clearing roundup of items Grits has been following this week that merit readers' attention: First Step Act an early Christmas present for #cjreformers Here's a couple of good analyses of how it passed and a summary of what's in the bill. Critics say the reforms are modest and we're at the "ten yard line." True enough. But as with a football team, winning drives in politics require stringing together small, sequential victories. Gain four yards per play and you move the ball down th...
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Trust Administration: Attorney/Trustee Refuses to Distribute Trust Over a Google Review of His Business

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Texas Thank you all in advance! I am the only beneficiary. This is the short version. I can and will answer all questions. 2015... Father passed away. I was not informed about a trust at this time. I did not even receive a copy of the will. 2016... My mother called and said, my father left me a trust fund. She said I can't have it until his wife passes away and all debts are paid if any, and property sold if any. I still have not seen ...
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Should Christmas Eve Be A Firm Holiday?

Is this a perk or something we should be doing as a default?
Tags: Podcasts, Law, Diversity, Biglaw, Paul Weiss, Jones Day, Labor / Employment, Thinking Like A Lawyer

US Sentencing Commission provides latest "Sentence and Prison Impact Estimate" for FIRST STEP Act

Back in March of this year, as reported in this post, US Sentencing Commission posted on its website this letter from the USSC's Director of its Office of Research and Data to an analyst at the Congressional Budget Office.  This document included a detailed "Sentence and Prison Impact Estimate Summary" of the impact of S.1917, the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017.  That analysis not only detailed the expected impact of an array of provisions in the SRCA, but also confirmed my sense ...
Tags: Law, Senate, USSC, Douglas A Berman, US Sentencing Commission, SRCA, Office of Research and Data, Congressional Budget Office This

Germany Sues Nintendo: “Let People Cancel Pre-Orders!”

Nintendo is being sued by a German government agency over “unlawful” consumer practices regarding its refusal to allow pre-order cancellations. German consumer protection authorities are suing Nintendo for infringing the rights of its eShop customers by not allowing them to cancel pre-orders. The German lawsuit comes soon after Norway accused Nintendo of violating consumer rights […]
Tags: Games, Law, Germany, Nintendo, Courts, Norway, Anime, Digital Distribution

The $31 Billion King Stallion Helicopter Is the Latest Military Program That Won’t Be Combat-Ready on Time

Its development phase is 'taking longer than planned'
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Do New Lawyers Need To Be Scared Into Being Perfect And Devoted To Their Job?

Every law firm should demand perfection and loyalty from its attorneys -- but not in a way that will scare and demoralize them.
Tags: Law, Uncategorized, Success, Perfection, Work/Life Balance, Small Law Firms, Steven Chung

Evicted for Having Guest Overnight

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of California. I was recently evicted from a room I was renting for having an unauthorized guest overnight. I did not have a written lease agreement and my landlady told me prior to moving in that I could have guests over occasionally but this time I was denied permission and had a guest overnight anyway, mainly due to extenuating circumstances (bad weather and car trouble, which I explained to her when I requested that the guest stay over). ...
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"The outburst was too much even for the lawyers for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who had to tell the judge that Mr. Flynn did not represent any foreign entity while at the White House."

"Judge Sullivan later apologized, sort of, telling the courtroom not 'to read too much into' his outburst about 'treason.' But that came after the falsehood made global headlines." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Biglaw’s Last Hope For Better Bonuses Just Let Associates Down

Maybe next year this firm will stop following the leader?
Tags: Money, Law, Bonuses, Biglaw, Sullivan & Cromwell, 2018 Associate Bonus Watch, Better Bonuses Just Let Associates Down

Carlton Sues Over Carlton Dance

It's not unusual to win this kind of lawsuit.
Tags: Law, Copyright, Courts, Intellectual Property, Fortnite, Carlton Sues Over Carlton Dance

Biglaw Firm Whose Latest Partnership Did No Favors For Diversity Pledges To ‘Do Better’ Next Time

The firm's chairman hopes this PR nightmare won't 'erase the firm’s diversity achievements over the past 75 years.'
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