Homeschooling Fight In Massachusetts

Zerohedge: A school system in Massachusetts is proving to be malicious, incompetent, or maybe both. Of course, we suspected that already. But the latest example comes from a lawsuit from a woman who pulled her 8-year-old son from Worcester Public Schools to homeschool him last January. Josilyn Goodall is suing the Worcester School Committee, Superintendent Maureen Binienda, and the state Department of Children and Families after police entered her home, handcuffed her, and arrested her over what...
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​In 1983, Isaac Asimov predicted the world of 2019. Here's what he got right (and wrong).

In 1983, the Toronto Star asked science fiction writer Isaac Asimov to predict what the world would be like in 2019.His predictions about computerization were mostly accurate, though some of his forecasts about education and space utilization were overly optimistic.Asimov's predictions highlight just how difficult it is to predict the future of technology. None Isaac Asimov was one the world's most celebrated and prolific science fiction writers, having written or edited more than 500 books over...
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Trump Boasted 10% Raises to the Troops He Visited. The Actual Raise Is Much Lower

Trump shared some inaccurate details about the raises
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More than 40 months after death sentencing, lawyers for Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev file their 1000+-page appellate brief with First Circuit

As reported in this local article, headlined "Lawyers: Tsarnaev ‘should not have been tried in Boston’," a very long appellate brief has been filed in a very high-profile federal capital case.  A federal jury handed down Dzhokhar Tsarnaev death sentence way back in May 2015, a full month before Donald Trump had even announced he was running for President.  But now, as Prez Trump heads into the second half of his term, Tsarnaev's team of lawyers has fully briefed his complaints about his trial an...
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RBG’s Cancer Treatment Going Well — See Also

Biglaw Partner Found Dead: Following allegations of inappropriate behavior. RBG Is On The Mend: She's out of the hospital, y'all. More Bonus News: Firms are getting on board. Check Out The Best Holiday Cards: Don't forget to vote! Quinn Emanuel's Bonuses: Extra cash for big billers.
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The Oldest Laws In The World

There's a whole lot in here about paying shekels for sex.
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December Deadlines: CLE Roll Call 2018 [Sponsored]

Deadlines per state. Only a few days left.
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Elon Musk’s Lawyers Appear More Competent Than Elon Musk

Elon Musk probably didn't defame anybody when he was being a jerk on Twitter.
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2018 Was A Tense Year. The Biggest Search Trends on Show Just How Tense It Was has revealed the 10 most viral lookups of 2018, and they reflect a tense era. Here's what you need to know
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Wills: Type Up My Own Will and Have Notarized

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Texas. I don't have a large estate, only a fully-owned condo, old employee retirement fund, and a couple of investment-IRA funds. Two adult children and 2 young grandchildren. I've specified both adult children are to act as co-Executors, named those who I intentionally exclude, that the Condo is to be sold, disposal and who gets what of my personal items, what funds are to be put in Trust for my 2 grand-kids (already listed as 50-50 Bene...
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Remember To Vote For ATL’s Law Firm Holiday Card Contest Finalists

Which of these law firm holiday cards is the best of 2018? Cast your vote!
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"Hello, FIRST STEP Act! Goodbye, Jeff Sessions! The Year in Criminal Justice Reform"

The title of this post is the headline of this new extended Reason piece authored by Scott Shackford. I recommend the piece in full, and here is how it gets started and its headings: With the passage of the FIRST STEP Act just before Christmas, 2018 has been a banner year for incremental reforms to our awful criminal justice system. We've seen efforts to reduce levels of incarceration and the harshness of prison sentences, particularly those connected to the drug war; further legalization of ma...
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Justice Department Lawyers Unable To Do Their Jobs Thanks To Government Shutdown

Always helpful when the government screws up the way the justice system functions.
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Why Sex-Positive Movies Like ‘Cam’ Benefit Cinema and Society

“Please. You need to do something. This is my life. This is my job.” Frantic and desperate, Alice begs policemen to track down whomever has stolen her camgirl account and online persona as “Lola”. After slyly expressing “it’s a shame” Alice does not engage in sexual activity with her clients in real-life, the officers tell her “if you don’t want to see stuff like this, then stay off the internet.” This is just one relatable example of accusatory sex-shaming women, especially sex workers, fa...
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Patents Per Year: 2018 takes No. 2 Spot

The also PTO continues to save the world from claims to pure information by asking applicants to limit information storage to non-transitory storage mechanisms.
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Patents Still Issuing Patents Despite No Wall Funding: USPTO operating status during government shutdown

The USPTO has indicated that it “remains in normal operating status” despite the Federal Government funding crisis. The USPTO remains open for business as normal. This is possible because the agency has access to prior-year fee collections, which enables the USPTO to continue normal operations for a few weeks. Should the USPTO exhaust these funds before a partial government shutdown comes to an end, the agency would have to shut down at that time, although a small staff would continue to work to...
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Quinn Emanuel Announces Bonus Scale With Bigger Bonuses For Big Billers

That's a lot of money IF you've been billing your butt off.
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The 2018 Money List: All The Law Firms That Have Announced Bonuses

Which firms are making sure their associates will have a happy new year? Find out here!
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Odds an Assault with Deadly Weapon Will Be Reduced

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oklahoma My friend got arrested back in August on a domestic charge of assault with a deadly weapon. A felony. Even though he's been violent in the past, he has no other prior felony convictions, or arrests that I know of. His court records only show two protective orders, one being from his now deceased ex, and a handful of money judgment lawsuits. Based on the fact that he's 45 yrs old with no other criminal history, what are the odds th...
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J. Walter Thompson Canada Creates a Drinkable Trend Report for the Holidays

Throughout 2018, JWT Canada noticed the popular phrase "spilling the tea" being used more frequently to describe when someone gives you the lowdown on the hottest gossip or trends. The agency decided to wrap up the year by warming clients up with its take on the year's most important trends and what they mean for the industry. Trends explored included: the power of Sonic Branding, 3D Art and its influence on social media, the redefining of motherhood, online retailers investing in bricks and mor...
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Empirical SCOTUS: 365 days of Trump and the Supreme Court

How better to wrap up the calendar year than by examining the president’s take on his relationship with the Supreme Court – especially because the court was one of President Donald Trump’s favorite topics of discussion this past year? These references ranged from the specific to the general and from praise to criticism. Many of the tropes are likely familiar. There was commentary on the Supreme Court vacancy after Justice Anthony Kennedy retired, more about Justice Brett Kavanaugh during the con...
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Why not all uncivilized people are barbarians

We often imagine that civilization was formed when people agreed to from societies together and then attracted others out of the wildreness to join them. Some historians and anthropologists argue that a huge part of Asia is filled with people who did the opposite. If true, the idea could flip our understanding of how states and civilizations form on its head. If you can remember back to high school civics or history, you'll probably recall the standard story explaining why people decided to form...
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Released From Hospital

She's home resting after her cancer scare.
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Reinstated After Conviction: Foot Injury Led To Marijuana Grow Operation

The New York Appellate Division for the Third Judicial Department granted reinstatement to an attorney suspended for a criminal conviction By July 2016 decision, this Court found that respondent had perpetrated a "serious crime" in New Jersey and suspended him... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Dancing To Suspension

The Ohio Supreme Court (per Dan Trevas) has decided a bar discipline matter The Ohio Supreme Court today suspended a Cleveland attorney for two years, with 18 months stayed, for neglecting the immigration matter of a Bulgarian ballroom dancer, then... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Biglaw Partner Found Dead Hours After Allegations Of Inappropriate Behavior Surface

His body was found at the bottom of a cliff.
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Intellectual Property Firm Hands Out Above-Market Bonuses

This doesn’t make up for not giving raises, but it’s a start.
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The Ongoing Saga of the Florida Bar’s Angst About Competitive Keyword Advertising

In August, I reported on the Florida Bar’s continued angst about regulating competitive keyword advertising by lawyers. Read my post, “The Florida Bar and Competitive Keyword Advertising: A Tragicomedy (in 3 Parts),” for the full background. The short story is that in 2013, the Florida Bar considered banning lawyers’ competitive keyword advertising, but surprisingly concluded the process by blessing it. In 2018, the Florida Bar revisited banning competitive keyword advertising–despite five addit...
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Deadline Is Tomorrow, 12/28, To Vote For Startups To Attend ABA TECHSHOW Startup Alley

The deadline is tomorrow, Dec. 28, at 11:45 p.m. Eastern time, to vote for the legal tech startups that will get to participate in Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW. Your votes will determine the 15 companies that are selected to face off in a pitch competition on TECHSHOW’s opening night and to exhibit in a special portion of the conference’s exhibition hall. To read descriptions of the 25 companies in contention, go here. To vote for your favorite,go here. or go directly to Survey Monkey. Here are...
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