Police Seize More Than 450 Guns Under Florida’s New ‘Red-Flag’ Law

Outdoorhub: Hundreds of gun owning Floridians have been ordered to surrender their firearms under a new ‘Red-Flag’ law signed by the governor just three weeks after a gunman entered Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire. The Risk Protection Order, signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, essentially strips a person’s second amendment rights if a task force team and a judge believe it is warranted – meaning if the person shows any signs of being a threat to themselves or others. According to WFT...
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China thinks it can arbitrarily detain anyone. It is time for change | Michael Caster

The lack of global outcry over the detention of two Canadians virtually guarantees the next such caseCanada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, has called China’s detention of Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor a “worrying precedent” but for many China watchers it is all too familiar.It reminds us of the detentions of other foreign citizens, such as Canadian Kevin Garratt, Briton Peter Humphrey, Sweden’s Gui Minhai, or Taiwanese Lee Ming-che, and that over the years China has...
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China thinks it can arbitrarily detain anyone. It is time for change

The lack of global outcry over the detention of two Canadians virtually guarantees the next such caseCanada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, has called China’s detention of Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor a “worrying precedent” but for many China watchers it is all too familiar.It reminds us of the detentions of other foreign citizens, such as Canadian Kevin Garratt, Briton Peter Humphrey, Sweden’s Gui Minhai, or Taiwanese Lee Ming-che, and that over the years China has...
Tags: Human Rights, Sweden, Law, China, Americas, Canada, Asia Pacific, Gui Minhai, Chrystia Freeland, Michael Spavor, Lee Ming, Michael Kovrig, Kevin Garratt Briton Peter Humphrey

Exculpatory Russia Evidence About Michael Flynn That U.S. Intelligence Kept Secret

The Hill: Before Flynn made his infamous December 2015 trip to Moscow — as a retired general and then-adviser to Donald Trump ’s presidential campaign — he alerted his former employer, the DIA. He then attended a “defensive” or “protective” briefing before he ever sat alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Russia Today (RT) dinner, or before he talked with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The briefing educated and sensitized Flynn to possible efforts by his Russian host t...
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Reach out, listen, be patient. Good arguments can stop extremism

Many of my best friends think that some of my deeply held beliefs about important issues are obviously false or even nonsense. Sometimes, they tell me so to my face. How can we still be friends? Part of the answer is that these friends and I are philosophers, and philosophers learn how to deal with positions on the edge of sanity. In addition, I explain and give arguments for my claims, and they patiently listen and reply with arguments of their own against my – and for their – stances. By excha...
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At the Front Row Café...

... come in and sit down.(And may I remind you of the Althouse Portal to Amazon, where you can buy what you might happen to need?) [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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FIRST STEP Act leads to release of Matthew Charles from federal prison after remarkable re-incarceration

I discussed in this post from last May the remarkable case of Matthew Charles, who a few years ago had his 35-year sentence reduced thanks to lower crack sentencing guidelines, but thereafter was reincarcerated when the Sixth Circuit concluded he was not eligible to benefit from guideline changes.  Now, as this local article details, Charles today has been freed thanks to the FIRST STEP Act: Matthew Charles, a man who was forced to return to prison after a court reversed a judge's ruling that h...
Tags: Sixth Circuit, Law, Congress, Sharp, Charles, Donald Trump, Trump, Matthew Charles, Kevin Sharp, Douglas A Berman, Nashville Public Radio, Aleta Trauger

Depression in girls linked to higher use of social media

Research suggests link between social media use and depressive symptoms was stronger for girls compared with boysGirls’ much-higher rate of depression than boys is closely linked to the greater time they spend on social media, and online bullying and poor sleep are the main culprits for their low mood, new research reveals.As many as three-quarters of 14-year-old girls who suffer from depression also have low self-esteem, are unhappy with how they look and sleep for seven hours or less each nigh...
Tags: Health, Media, Children, Social Media, Society, UK News, Mental Health, Digital Media

Naval ship deployed to Channel to intercept refugee vessels

HMS Mersey’s mission follows request for military assistance from the home secretary, Sajid JavidThe Royal Navy patrol vessel HMS Mersey has been deployed to the Channel to help deal with people attempting to cross to the UK from France, ministers have confirmed.The move came after a formal request for military assistance from the home secretary, Sajid Javid. The deployment will be financed by the Home Office. Continue reading...
Tags: Politics, UK, France, UK News, Immigration and asylum, Military, Defence policy, Migration, Refugees, Sajid Javid, Home Office Continue, Gavin Williamson, Sajid JavidThe Royal Navy

Jerk Lawyers Are Nothing New — See Also

This Attorney Was Way Outta Line: Don't call opposing counsel a b*tch. Just don't. Lawyer Gets To Work While His Wife Is In Labor: Sure, it was at the Supreme Court, but still. Get Ready For The Future: Of no privacy. Internet Trolls Never Die: They just make their way to the ABA Journal. Nancy Pelosi Is Keeping Everything On The Table: Including impeachment.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Nancy Pelosi, ABA Journal, Don, See Also

How to Emulate the Top 7 Habits of Successful Law Firms

There are certain traits successful law firms share.  I call them habits, since they must be deeply ingrained in an organization to bear full fruit.  A few years ago, Forrester Research — a global business research and advisory firm — studied the successful habits of small businesses, and it is uncanny how those habits match up with the ones I’ve observed (and help put in place) at highly successful law firms: An emphasis on online over offline marketing strategies. A focus on new business le...
Tags: Law, Las Vegas, Forrester Research, Scottsdale, Michael Gerber, Miami FL DoubleTree Ocean Point Resort

This Biglaw Firm’s Supreme Court Legacy

This Biglaw firm has some 'Supreme' roots.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Supreme, Trivia Question of the Day, Biglaw Firm 's Supreme Court Legacy

Virgin Islands Supreme Court Rejects Akin Gump Claim That "Cross- Jurisdictional Litigation Practice" Was Permissible

The Virgin Islands Supreme Court denied pro hac vice admission to three Akin Gump attorneys and referred their conduct to disciplinary authorities Mark Eckard, Esq., moved for the pro hac vice admission of Jindal, Roush, and Schmitten—all affiliated with the... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Virgin Islands Supreme Court, Mark Eckard Esq, Jindal Roush, Schmitten

Pillow Talk

The United State Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit remanded a civil claim brought by a whistleblower who was terminated for reporting police misconduct, albeit to his spouse, who worked for a television station In the early morning hours... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Current Affairs, Fourth Circuit, Legal Profession Prof, United State Court of Appeals

A Reciprocated Lack Of Interest

An attorney's probated 30 month suspension in Texas and by the United States Patent and Trademark Office has brought an actual suspension as reciprocal discipline by the New York Appellate Division for the Third Judicial Department Turning to the issue... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Texas, Law, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, New York Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department

Evisort’s New Document Analyzer Offers Out-Of-The-Box AI To Mine All A Company’s Contracts

Document Analyzer, is a cloud-based AI and text-mining application that helps companies mine contracts for data.
Tags: Technology, Law, Evisort

Regarding "Royalties"

This might seem like a strange question and maybe it doesn't belong here, not sure. This is regarding "royalties" I guess. When I worked in radio years ago, we had to pay a percentage of our sales to ASCAP and BMI I guess toward royalties for the talent. How is that enforced? I am thinking, given the cruel way some performance horses are treated when they are no longer useful and they end up in the slaughter pipeline rather than humanely euthanized. Unless they are a Secretariat, things s...
Tags: Law, Intellectual Property, Ascap

Social Security Issues: Can I Refuse to Give Bank Statements to SSI After Being on SSI for a Few Years

My question directly is, what is the worst that could happen of I refuse to provide bank statement my caseworker while I am trying to voluntarily end my SSI? I called to voluntarily to end our SSI because are now financially over our asset amount in our bank account as of a few days ago due to an inheritance. There are some issues I can see with them viewing my bank account and me doing some things wrongly in the past that I did not mean with Mal intent, nevertheless, I was not legally in the...
Tags: Law, Social Security, Social Security Law, Mal, Give Bank Statements

Collection Lawsuits: Medical Bill Pending Still However a Debit Collector Went Ahead and Reported Me Anyw

I have more than one health insurance company. Anyways what happened is they took my primary for the my secondary. So I had a to call a few companies everything got revised and fixed! However I have this one annoying company. That kept telling me I owe them $300.00 I told them that is incorrect. I even had both health insurance companies call this lady and tell her that its pending on both right now. So it has to go through the primary then through the secondary. AS OF RIGHT NOW!!! The lady w...
Tags: Law, Debts and Collections, Anyw

Top 10 ‘New Rules’ For 2019

Think of these new rules as a sort of aspirational wish list for legal operations and technology specialists.
Tags: Technology, Law, Legal Operations, Mike Quartararo

Celebrating Public Domain Day 2019

What notable works entered the public domain in the United States this week?
Tags: Law, Copyright, United States, Intellectual Property, Public Domain, Krista L. Cox, Public Domain Day

Deranged Cranks With Law School Degrees And Too Much Time On Their Hands Find A Home

This is, unfortunately, why we can't have comment sections.
Tags: Law, Law Schools, Biglaw, ABA Journal

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Meets With Afghan President in Surprise Visit

(KABUL, Afghanistan) — The U.S. Army’s chief of staff made a surprise visit to the Afghanistan’s capital, where he met President Ashraf Ghani to discuss prospects for a peaceful end to the country’s 17-year war, the United States’ longest. In a statement late Thursday, Ghani’s office said Gen. Mark A. Milley supported Afghan-led talks with…
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Arrest Procedure: Sheriff Avoids a Landlord Residence Call in Favor of Breaking in to Next-Door Tenant

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Iowa. Is it abusive of the law for a Sheriff to agree with the landlord (co-resident in multi-unit compound) of a private residence to never return to a tenants residence, for trespass claims against a tenant (by a homeowner at the end of that public road, who conceals his property from the public instead of marking or protecting it), or any other motive, and then go ahead and saunter past lawfully parked tenant vehicles up the landlord-owned ...
Tags: Law, Iowa, Criminal Procedure

Bristol-Myers Squibb To Acquire Celgene In $74B Deal

The acquisition brings together two of the largest drugmakers in the country, both of which are major players in biopharma, particularly oncology.
Tags: Law, Biglaw, Bristol Myers Squibb To Acquire Celgene

Private Sales: Lawn Darts Jarts

I have a couple of sets of lawn darts from the late 60s. I know they have been banned from sale since 86 I believe. Private ownership is fine and use by adults is fine selling is not. What about parts? If I disassemble the jarts and sell the heads apart from the rest is that legal?
Tags: Law, Consumer Law

‘I Am The Greatest’: A Powerful Marketing Secret That Shouldn’t Be Secret

Be like Muhammad Ali and people will never forget that you are the 'greatest' in your niche as an attorney.
Tags: Law, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Stachenfeld, Boutique Law Firms, Lawyer Marketing, Power Niche Marketing

One More State Adopts Duty of Technology Competence (Sort Of)

I’m adding another to my list of states that have adopted the duty of technology competence for lawyers, although this state has done it in a somewhat different way. Louisiana has amended its Code of Professionalism for lawyers to add two provisions related to lawyers’ use of social media. The two provisions related to technology provide: “I will use technology, including social media, responsibly. My words and actions, no matter how conveyed, should reflect the professionalism expected of me a...
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Trump said, "The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there."

I'm reading that at "Warren Endorses Afghanistan Withdrawal As Trump Spews Soviet Propaganda About the Country" (Reason). Is anyone defending Trump's statement? I'd like to hear something substantial. It's Soviet propaganda seems to be a kneejerk reaction. I'm withholding judgment other than to say maybe Trump means "They were right" from their own perspective, taking their national interests seriously, which seems to be generally what he says other countries should be doing as he puts his own c...
Tags: Rachel Maddow, Law, Russia, Elizabeth Warren, Syria, Afghanistan, Trump, Ann Althouse, Trump and foreign policy, Trump And The Military, Warren Endorses Afghanistan

Nancy Pelosi Isn’t Taking Impeachment Off The Table For Donald Trump

The House Speaker isn't afraid to flex some legal muscle against the president.
Tags: Law, Government, House, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Quote Of The Day, Impeachment

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