Abuse and Neglect: Elder Law

My question involves a person located in the state of: California Mom is 92 years old with a multitude of problems but none so serious she cant be cared for at home in a hospital bed. This I have done for 10 years now. Her finances do not support hiring a caregiver more than two days a week for 8 hours. She needs 24 hr care so I am her full time caregiver and happy to do it but making ends meet financially for me is becoming impossible. I have not had a vacation in years and if I get sick t...
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Abuse and Neglect: Support or Lack of It for a Parent

My question involves a person located in the state of: California Mom is 92 years old with a multitude of problems but none so serious she cant be cared for at home in a hospital bed. This I have done for 10 years now. Her finances do not support hiring a caregiver more than two days a week for 8 hours. She needs 24 hr care so I am her full time caregiver and happy to do it but making ends meet financially for me is becoming impossible. I have not had a vacation in years and if I get sick t...
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At the Friday Night Café...

... you can talk about whatever you want. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Read these Eligibility Guidelines from the USPTO

by Dennis Crouch The USPTO has released pair of examiner guidance documents for (1) examination of patent eligibility and (2) examination for definiteness of functional claim limitations (with a focus on software patents). 2019 Eligibility Guidance focusing Primarily but Not Exclusively on Abstract Idea analysis 2019 Definiteness Guidance for Functional Limitations in Software Patents Although these guides do not have the force of law, they are quite important because they direct the bureaucr...
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More on today’s orders

This afternoon the justices issued orders from their private conference earlier in the day. In addition to the two partisan-gerrymandering cases set for argument in the March session, the justices also granted review in four other new cases, involving issues ranging from “immoral” copyright marks to  vagueness in a federal criminal law. In Iancu v. Brunetti, the justices will take up a First Amendment challenge to a federal law that bans the registration of “immoral” or “scandalous” trademarks. ...
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First Two Muslim American Women in Congress Sworn in on Quran

“It’s important to me because a lot of Americans have this kind of feeling that Islam is somehow foreign to American history. Muslims were there at the beginning."
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Shutdown for Years?

Although the PTO is permitted to spend its already collected fees.  It isn’t actually able to spend fees collected since the shutdown.  My understanding is that the Office is in cost-cutting mode based upon President Trump’s statement that the shutdown could last for “weeks or even years.” Once funds run out, the PTO is looking for ways to keep the doors open enough to continue to accept new application filings — while shutting down examination and PTAB activities.  It is likely that a special P...
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Ontario court rules that Uber can't use arbitration to keep its drivers from suing it

The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that Uber can't use binding arbitration "agreements" to stop its drivers from joining a class action suit against the company; the court held that the arbitration clause was "illegally outsourcing an employment standard." Under Uber's non-negotiable driver "agreement," drivers who wanted to sue the company had to pay up to US$14,500 to a Dutch arbitration company to seek any kind of redress. Uber plans on appealing. In California, Uber succeeded in k...
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"Why Aren’t Democratic Governors Pardoning More Prisoners?"

The question in the title of this post is the headline of this notable new piece in The Atlantic by Matt Ford. The subtitle adds "It's one of the most effective tools for reducing mass incarceration, but few are taking advantage of it."  Here are excerpts: Governors in most states have the power to pardon or commute sentences, either at their sole discretion or with some level of input from a commission. Since most convictions occur at the state level, some governors can wield even greater infl...
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What Attorneys Need to Know About Online Reputation Management

Reputation is everything for attorneys. A good one gets you more clients through referrals; a bad one pretty much dooms your practice. So it’s no surprise that attorneys tend to pay close attention to cultivating a good reputation as effective, ethical counselors. But is all your hard work toward that goal reflected in your online reputation? What do prospects see when they type your name into a search engine? If it’s not much, that can often be as harmful as something negative. The infographic ...
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Supreme Court to tackle partisan gerrymandering again

Less than six months after sidestepping a ruling on partisan gerrymandering, the justices announced this afternoon that they will once again wade into the thorny issue of when (if ever) state officials violate the Constitution by drawing district lines to favor one political party at another’s expense, this time in cases from North Carolina and Maryland. With the retirement last summer of Justice Anthony Kennedy and his replacement by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the more conservative court could be...
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January is here and we have been up against some really cold days/nights and with cold weather comes layering which can get pretty tiresome. Often you can hardly find something that can perform all the duties, but like always Rothco has got you covered. The Rothco 3-1 Balaclava is an innovated article of clothing that can adapt to the weather as it changes and can be utilized as a opened or closed balaclava, a neck gaiter, hat and face mask. We left some cool photos of the 3-1 Bala...
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Law School Is Better Without Grades Anyway — See Also

Want Your Grades? Too bad! Law school profs are too busy for that. In Case You Needed A Reminder: Don't represent yourself.  Charlotte Law School May Have Been A Terrible Law School: But at least they covered piercing the corporate veil. Turns Out: Shutting down the government is a real bummer. Don Verrilli Has A Niche: And it's defending the Affordable Care Act.
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Prospects for reduced marijuana penalties in the 86th #txlege

The Texas Legislature this year is primed for its most serious effort yet at reducing penalties for user-level marijuana possession. Legalization is off the table. This is a debate about reducing punishments. (I'm setting aside here medical marijuana proposals, which Grits doesn't track closely and are outside my area of expertise.) There are essentially two proposals for reducing pot penalties that have a chance, and each have been endorsed by prominent Texas GOP officials. Gov. Greg Abbo...
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No One Seems To Want To Go To Law School Here Anymore

Around the country law school enrollment is skyrocketing... just not here.
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Petitions of the week

This week we highlight petitions pending before the Supreme Court that address, among other things, when an “offer[] to sell” under the Patent Act occurs, the scope of the review Strickland v. Washington requires to determine whether an error rendered counsel’s representation constitutionally deficient, the validity of a foreclosure sale that violated 12 U.S.C. § 4617(j)(3), and the scope of a federal court’s jurisdiction when determining whether resolution of a state-law claim would involve a c...
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Commercial Litigation (However You Define It) Is The Perfect Way To Begin Your Legal Career

Commercial litigation provides anyone within it with unparalleled experience in the wide range of business disputes that it encompasses under its umbrella.
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Wells Fargo Will Never Secretly Sell Pet Insurance To Unwitting Customers Without Cats In This State Again!

For two years! And only then if it pays California Tim Sloan’s raise.
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Premises Liability: Shards of Glass Found Within My Toddler's Burger Patty

My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California Last night we ordered take out at a restaurant we frequent routinely. In the past we have received undercooked burgers at this location, but the manager there has always accommodated us by correcting the issue. However, what transpired last night was the straw that broke the camel's back. We ordered a burger for my 4-year old girl through 'to-go' and it arrived raw in the center despite a request for medium-well. Patty...
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France steps up efforts to prevent Channel crossings

French authorities to improve cooperation with UK and increase coastal surveillanceThe French authorities have set out plans to prevent people in small boats risking the dangerous Channel crossing to England.Measures being taken include improved cooperation between law enforcement agencies and more surveillance and security on beaches along the northern French coastline. Continue reading...
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Traffic Lights, Signs and Controls: Culver City California Red Light Camera Ticket, Not My Car

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California I got a camera ticket (right turn on red). It was mailed to me as (clearly) the driver of my spouse's car, but I am NOT the registered owner (spouse is). Does anyone know what happens in that case? I have jury duty next week and don't know if they check such things. I keep reading conflicting information that LA County will not pursue consequences, which Culver City is in, and just to ignore it. Others say CC is really strict a...
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So You Got Your Grades, Now What? (Part I: The Good News)

Take advantage of your high GPA while you can and lock in as many employment opportunities as possible.
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The Guardian view on Saudi Arabia’s jailed activists: let them go | Editorial

The Saudi regime locks up and tortures campaigners who advocate reforms it agrees with. This needs to stopSaudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, has arguably the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom, civil liberties and women’s rights. This would not have changed much if the kingdom’s 82-year-old monarch, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, seen as a conservative figure, was in charge. However, the king is decrepit and does not run the country. Since he ascended to the...
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Murder/Kidnapping Conviction Due to False Confession

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Utah This involves the conviction of Esar Met in Salt Lake City, for the murder of Hser Ner Moo in 2008. I'll copy part of a post from Reddit to give some details and links, but the basic question is what options does that person have? 1) A false confession, using the Reid Technique, was obtained by the FBI and a Salt Lake Detective. 2) At the initial investigation there was substantial evidence...
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40-8-90 Georgia Law. Blue Lights

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Georgia I received a citation for having blue headlights. The headlights have been replaced, they were bright white halogen with a slight light blue tint. I plead not guilty and requested a jury trial...What is next?
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Government Shutdown Really Messing Stuff Up If You Need To Be Admitted To The D.C. Bar

For some almost lawyers, it's a matter of money.
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