Is It Legal for State to Destroy Repeated 911 Calls in a He-Said-She-Said

My question involves police conduct in the State of: Iowa I tried to restate a problem to another board after an expression of incompetence, and that was deleted. So I will try to further boil it down here. Does relevant evidence include prior 911 calls by a complainer stating that a lawful resident has no right to be in the same neighborhood and must be arrested at his nearby residence for appearing threatening? This complainer made these unilateral claims for years and sheriff once came t...
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Jurisdiction and Venue: Housing Court Jurisdiction

My question involves court procedures for the state of: Ohio I'm residing in Cleveland Ohio. I'm having some landlord problems. The landlord is harassing me with threats of unlawful eviction. My question is -- What is typically the jurisdiction of a municipal housing court in a city? For instance, Cleveland Municipal Housing Court. Over what defendants would they have jurisdiction? Is it just people in Cleveland? Or could people from another municipality have jurisdiction? Also, over what...
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Inside the Federalist Society

David Montgomery at the Washington Post has written the best piece I’ve read on the Federalist Society in a long, long time. For example: 99% of what the society does isn’t about judicial selection. I’ve been active in the Society since not long after its founding, and Montgomery keeps hitting the target. For example: if you make the rounds of the society’s events, you will get exposed to a stellar array of liberal and left legal talent, because the organization is serious about bringing in ...
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The swearing in of Kyrsten Sinema — beautifully distinctive — I approve!

kyrsten sinema swearing-in is a mood — Paddingtweets (@DaneBernardo) January 3, 2019 So, my brilliant AZ fellow residents elected Dem Kyrsten Sinema to a 6-yr term in the U.S. Senate. Ms. Sinema has now demonstrated her bisexual lifestyle as well as her openly anti-religious stance during her swearing in ceremony. Another example of a Dem fooling the electorate. — Jim Loe (@JimLoe) January 4, 2019 Why not draw attention to yourself with...
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2H 2018 Quick Links, Part 2 (Trademarks)

*  Chanel, Inc. v. Wgaca,  2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 158077 (SDNY Sept. 14, 2018): Chanel’s amended complaint plausibly alleges that WGACA’s use of the hashtag #WGACACHANEL infringes Chanel’s trademarks. It alleges that WGACA conjoined its acronym with the Chanel trademark to create the impression that WGACA is affiliated with Chanel or is an authorized Chanel retailer…. WGACA’s Chanelbranded items would be readily identifiable as Chanel without the #WGACACHANEL hashtag and the multiple uses of Cha...
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Birthday Parties And Funerals

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommends that a disbarred attorney be readmitted on three years probation Petitioner, an elected member of the Monroe City Council at the time, was convicted in federal court of racketeering by accepting bribes from a... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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Not Ordinary Circumstances

The Alaska Supreme Court reversed an order of summary judgment, costs and the grant of a motion to withdraw in a civil case involving joint representation of a mother and daughter Plaintiffs/appellants are an adult daughter believed to be incompetent... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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The top-rated comment on the WaPo column, "A freshman, a viral video and a profanity revive Trump impeachment talk."

"Kanye called himself a 'lazy mfer' in the Oval Office and trumpy and all his lackeys smile and giggle. trumpy uses vile, vulgar, smutty language and all his lackeys smile and giggle. Rep. Rashida Tlaibs [sic] says it and everyone gets the vapors! Can you say f-ng hypocritical?"Link. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Efficient Institutions and Effective Deterrence: On Timing and Uncertainty of Punishment"

The title of this post is the title of this paper recently posted to SSRN authored by Johannes Buckenmaier, Eugen Dimant, Ann-Christin Posten and Ulrich Schmidt. Here is its abstract: This paper presents the first controlled economic experiment to study celerity, i.e. the effectiveness of swiftness of punishment in reducing illicit behavior.  We consider two dimensions: timing of punishment and timing of the resolution of uncertainty regarding the punishment.  We find a surprising u-shaped rela...
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Isn't it to Trump's credit that only 3 have died in the National Parks during the shutdown?

The anti-Trumpism of The Washington Post is on display in "Three dead in national parks as shutdown wears on":Three days after most of the federal workforce was furloughed on Dec. 21, a 14-year-old girl fell 700 feet to her death at the Horseshoe Bend Overlook, part of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area in Arizona. The following day, Christmas, a man died at Yosemite National Park in California after suffering a head injury in a fall. On Dec. 27, a woman was killed by a falling tree at Great Smoky ...
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Coddo Woddo.

My new favorite pronunciation of "Colorado." But only usable out loud by very young children. In my mind I'm pronouncing it "Coddo Woddo." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I didn't do it, but anyway, it's no big deal and Obama did it too.

Many people currently a part of my opposition, including President Obama & the Dems, have had campaign violations, in some cases for very large sums of money. These are civil cases. They paid a fine & settled. While no big deal, I did not commit a campaign violation!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 5, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I lost 13 stone – now I know the truth about obesity

For years, I swallowed all the theories about fat, believing I could be obese and fit. Here are five dangerous myths, debunkedAs far back as I can remember, I was overweight. My parents were morbidly obese, just like three of my grandparents (my maternal grandmother was “only” obese – in other words, just fat). In my teenage years, I tried every diet going, and would sometimes lose weight, only to put it all on again. Eventually I concluded that so-called “normal” weight just wasn’t realistic fo...
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Legal Tech in the Heartland, Episode 2: John Walker, Walker Law PC, Houston, Texas

In October 2018, I recorded a series of 18 interviews with solo and small firm lawyers about how they use technology in their practices. For an introduction to the series, see this post. A special thanks to the Law Firm 500 conference for hosting us to record these videos, and to Ben Ambrogi for the videography and editing. Lawyers attending the conference volunteered to be interviewed. The videos were completely unscripted and I knew virtually nothing about the lawyer before we turned on the ca...
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Divorce: Is Divorce the Only Solution

Married in FL, 14 yrs, been together for 27 yrs. Own house & bank accounts jointly. I do have a few bank accounts in just my name, no joint credit card but am an authorized user on his (never used it though). No debts except current expenses, all paid in full monthly. Husband retired with pension, I still work but plan on retiring in 5 yrs. Husband sufferes from mental illness & lately worsen. He felt the need to get rid of all of our money, I even found some crumbled cash in the trash one nigh...
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Custodial Refuses Visitation What Can I Do

My question involves a child custody case from the State of: N Two weeks now I dont see my child since custodial is not bringing him at designated pickup location. She wants me to go to another address not included in the court. Just because she “has family emergency”. I told her Im only going where the court ordered to not another location. How can I make her enforce the order?
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