Episode 23: The Technology Twilight Zone

On this mini-episode of The Geek In Review, Greg talks about three eerie/interesting/scary instances where the technology seems to be ahead of us humans. Can Amazon be tracking us in a craft store? Are automated computer game players AI? Should guidance apps like WAZE, create a dangerous situation? Well, all three happened. Is it purely happenstance, or is it the technology going beyond our understanding. Probably happenstance… but still eerie. Marlene explored a number of unique holiday dri...
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Separation: Family or Litigation Lawyer Co-Parenting Under the Same Roof Has Gone Wrong

My question involves a marriage in the state of: I am in the process of having the mother of my child move out of my house. We have an 11-year-old boy together; however, we were never in a romantic relationship other than as co-parents when she moved into the house with our son 3 years ago. It was a fling that turned in to an unplanned pregnancy. We all use separate rooms while the house, utilities, internet, and car lease are all under my name. Due to her circumstances (financial difficult...
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Websites for Public Arrest Information

I'm sorry if this isn't' the correct forum but my question didn't seem to fit in any of the other forums. In my internet experience I"ve been able to find online criminal public arrest/court proceedings for most any state I needed. A simple google search and maybe a little navigating on a state or county website was all I needed. I've been looking for info on an arrest in North Carolina and I am not finding anything. I've searched at the state level and the county level for a few dif...
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Banks Won't Open Account in Name of Living Trust

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: California Several years ago my attorney created a living trust for me and we placed all my properties and bank accounts in the name of the trust. I now wish to open two new bank accounts. The local brick and mortar banks offer a fraction of a percent in interest, while the internet banks are offering almost 2.5%, However, when I contact them, they will not open an account in the name of a living trust and instead, wish to put the acco...
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More On The Benghazi Coverup

Via David Codrea, see this post at Gateway Pundit.  It’s slam full of information, including why he deep state attacked General Michael Flynn.  I always told you it was a hit job. One of the allegations (I take to be true) is that there was weapons trafficking conducted on behalf of John McCain and The Clinton Foundation.  We already knew this, as there was not only weapons but precious gems, oil, money and children being trafficked due to the failed states in North Africa. The only thing I ques...
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The TSA Is An Irredeemable Clown Show

Remember when I said this? ” … the TSA is an irredeemable clown show.” To see yet more examples of just how bad it can get, and just how inconsistent it is from station to station, and just how badly they don’t even know their own rules, see this Reddit/Firearms discussion thread. And then linked in that thread is another article I had missed, along with this video. Remember folks, the most ignorant among us will gravitate towards control and rulership.
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Stormy Daniels Will Fold Laundry in Her Underwear Tonight as Alternative to Trump’s Address

Do you think she'll be using the KonMari method?
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Federal Judges Get Snippy — See Also

This Judge Knows The Truth About The Government Shutdown: And he isn't afraid to say it. Speaking Of The Shutdown: Courts squeak out another week of funding. Tensions Rise: This judge and Biglaw partner go at it after a brief makes fun of the Mueller investigation. Law Prof Uses His Exam To Make A Point: It's a dumb point, but here we are. Some Unexpected Consequences For Going Viral In A Racist Video: Malpractice lawsuit! 
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Thoughts on Advanced Directives for Assisted Dying

The enactment of Canada’s medically assisted dying legislation in June 2017 left three areas in particular outstanding: whether mature minors could seek a medically assisted death, whether medically assisted death would be available when the reason for seeking it is mental illness and whether an individual could provide for an advance directive for a medically assisted death when they were no longer able to consent. Here I make some remarks about advance directives, using the report from the Co...
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At the Backflip Café...

... keep your spirits up!I know Trump is going to speak tonight, but I'll deal with it in the morning. Talk all you want here in the café. Go crazy! [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Leading This Biglaw Firm Used To Be A Family Affair

This family left a real mark on the legal profession.
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We've been seeing so many bald eagles around here.

And here's a news report on the subject: "Bald eagle nests in Wisconsin for 2018 tops record." [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Happy New Year! Everything’s Awful.

We discuss some top stories of the top of the year.
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Trump's Border Speech

Here is the text of Donald Trump's prime time border speech to the nation. Repeating anything Donald Trump says just spreads his fear-mongering agenda and keeps it alive. I'm done with that. Just as I'm done with hearing his voice (the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Criminal Law Issues: Need Help Badly Re Mexico Border Crossing

In just a few days my girlfriend and I have a vacation planned to Cancun Mexico. We're both US citizens living in San Diego. I made plans to fly out of Tijuana because of the money savings and have since found out that my friend has three outstanding misdemeanor bench warrants. We fully expect that she will be detained upon re-entering the US. My question is...will she be able to leave the US and enter Mexico without being arrested so that I don't end up wasting a bunch of money AND we can have ...
Tags: Law, Mexico, US, San Diego, Immigration Issues, Tijuana, CANCUN Mexico

Rajat Gupta Still Guilty Of The Thing He’s Been Guilty Of For Almost 7 Years

We can’t turn the clock back to June 14, 2012, and neither can the former McKinsey chief turned insider trader.
Tags: Law, Finance, Mckinsey, Rajat Gupta

Opinion analysis: Social Security cap on attorney’s fees applies separately to successful representation before a court

According to a unanimous opinion released today, Social Security law does not impose an aggregate cap of 25 percent on attorney’s fees for successful representation of a Social Security disability claimant before both the Social Security Administration and a court. Instead, a 25 percent cap applies separately to representation before the court. This is a win for attorney Richard Culbertson, who represented a disability claimant both before the Social Security Administration and in court. He may ...
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Florida Supreme Court confirms Sixth Amendment rights still of sentencing consequence

Though decided a few weeks ago, I just recently saw the notable Florida Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Florida, No. SC18-323 (Fla. Dec. 20, 2018) (available here). Here is how it begins: We review the Fifth District Court of Appeal’s decision in Brown v. State, 233 So. 3d 1262 (Fla. 5th DCA 2017). In Brown, the Fifth District expressly declared valid section 775.082(10), Florida Statutes (2015), which requires that a qualifying offender whose sentencing scoresheet totals 22 points or fewer be ...
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"Trump’s Best Shutdown Move Is to Fold Now/It’s time for the president to quit while he’s behind."

So says Bill Scher at Politico. He calls the shutdown "boring."Here we are in Day Whateverteenth of the shutdown, and it’s much like the day before. Congressional leaders meet and get nowhere. Democrats insist Trump will never get his wall. Trump treats “steel slats” over concrete as a magnanimous gesture of compromise.... Trump is losing this shutdown—which is why his best strategy is to fold without demanding any concessions from Democrats. He needs to move his presidency onto another subject ...
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Provoked, Nate Silver calls the Hillary 2016 campaign "huge dumbasses."

Notice the conspiracy thinking he's responding to:The 538 model, which was based on publicly-available polling data, said the campaigns should target WI and MI. You didn't have to have any proprietary info to know they were important states. You just had to look at the data and not be huge dumbasses like the HRC campaign was.— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) January 8, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Estate Planning Resolutions For 2019: How To Be A Grown-Up In The New Year

From an estate planning perspective, here is a punch list that every adult should look to achieve in the new year.
Tags: Law, Estate Planning, Small Law Firms, Trusts and Estates, Cori A. Robinson

Spotlighting criminal-justice debt and its profound impact on the poorest Americans

The New York Times magazine has this lengthy new article about criminal justice debt under this full headline: "How Cities Make Money by Fining the Poor: In many parts of America, like Corinth, Miss., judges are locking up defendants who can’t pay — sometimes for months at a time." I recommend the piece in full, and here is a snippet: No government agency comprehensively tracks the extent of criminal-justice debt owed by poor defendants, but experts estimate that those fines and fees total tens...
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Do Legal Tech Conferences Leave You Feeling Flat? Come Tell Us About It Over Drinks!

Explore how we can make conferences better.
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Tennessee And Taxes

An oral argument scheduled tomorrow before the Tennessee Supreme Court John O. Threadgill v. Board of Professional Responsibility- This case involves a disciplinary action against an attorney, Mr. John Threadgill. Mr. Threadgill was found guilty of evading taxes. This Court... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
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An announcement from the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Paul Burgoyne, Deputy Chief Counsel, Retires Harrisburg, PA | January 7, 2019 On December 31, 2018, Paul J. Burgoyne retired after 37 years with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, 25 of those years... [Author: Legal Profession Prof]
Tags: Law, Rosebud, Legal Profession Prof, Bar Discipline & Process, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board Paul Burgoyne, Paul J Burgoyne

The Disrespect Of Property Rights Has Accelerated

The use of ‘military eminent domain’ is just the latest in a series of egregious legal and policy encroachments upon private property rights.
Tags: Law, Constitutional Law, Property Rights, Tyler Broker

Recovery of Premises: Tenant Accusing of Retaliatory Action when Served with 60 Day Notice to Vacate

My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California This is my old house that was underwater due housing crisis and I decided to rent it when I needed to move. Tenant is renting for 5+ years. No issues ever except this recent incident. The property had multiple roof leaks recently (one after other within 5-6 days due to heavy rains) and it took around 2 weeks to complete everything (roof, dry walls, painting and flooring in affected area) due to immediate contractor availabilit...
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Trusts: Recorded Deed

My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: CA Living trust was created as “ABC Living Trust”. However, when property was recorded with the county, it was recorded under “Abc Living Trust”. ABC was not all capitalized. Estate planner says that whether or not ABC is all capitalized does not matter and it is good. True?
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3 Questions For A Biglaw Challenger (Part I)

Recently, I was fortunate to have had a chance to conduct a written interview with a prominent IP attorney, David L. Hecht, co-head of the IP Group and New York office of Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP (“Pierce Bainbridge”). I have known David for a few years, having first met him while he […]
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‘From The Inside Out’ With Nancy Saltzman Of EXL Service [Sponsored]

Nancy discussed with us the value of law firm experience and what she looks for when working with outside counsel.
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